How do online casinos work?

How do online casinos work?

This is to discuss a bigger topic of how online casinos work, which might be interesting to players who want to know the other side of the online casino business. I am going to build this discussion by a “mirror approach”, so I am going to compare what you as a player with what actually goes on on the part of an online casino. 

So, I am going to touch the following issues

  • What actually happens as you signed up with an online casino?
  • What is the internal bookkeeping of an online casino and what KPIs does a casino have and use on you?
  • How actually things look different to you as a player and the operator internally?
  • What gimmicks and tracks a casino uses on you (or may use on you) to fulfil their KPIs?

So, this is a lengthy discussion, so for the first part thereof, I will focus down to three large things:

  1. Sign-up process
  2. Depositing
  3. What happens after you deposit (how you are “guided” by a casino to play different games)

Now that we are going to discuss Sign-up, Depositing and Playing slot machines games, I am going to give you a list of topics straight away. Likewise, I am going to discuss -- on a part of a casino the following list of questions. 

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