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Rankings of 4 casinos operated by Bellona N.V. Casinos

Bellona N.V. casinos: Footprints & Connections

Bellona N.V. is a road that leads to lots of casinos. The connections are really not obvious, so let's get down to it together and let's go through the results of my investigation. Likewise, I have found at least 14 casinos that have mostly identical design and are connected or owned by Bellona N.V. and people behind it. It's going to be interesting if you consider partnering with them or as a player to play with their products. 


Corporate check

So, first of all I want to say that according Curaçao Commercial Register (must to slove a Captch to access the page) Bellona N.V. enterprise is registered in Curacao for 13 years already (incorporated in  October 28, 2010) and it also uses another company as the payment agent, a company that's located in Cypress, in Greece and called Arzella Limited with yet another company that's called eMoore N.V. as the managing director thereof. 

As we said, Bellona N.V. company has been around for 13 years already and, obviously, they have their own Turnkey casino that has been using a sub-license for over 14 brands that we found to the date.  Let's go through them. 

Brands owned by Bellona N.V.

So, we found that they have two very close or mostly identical types of designs, by which go the most popular brands: Zodiac bet and Dachbet. Zodiac Bank traces probably back to four five years ago while Dachbet is two plus years ago. Also they have the same design on such websites as: 

  • (under maintenance)
  • Slotimo
  • Thrilsy (don't work)
  • Betonic (don't work)

So they have also yet another design that's been put on:

  • Weltbet

Apparently, this is a whole bunch of websites that look just the same and it poses a question why the people behind Bellona N.V. would need such a large array of websites using the very same design targeting the very same geographies and we discuss it later on. 

Some websites would wrongfully accredit as belonging to Bellona N.V., while in reality it belongs to Winner. 

Ownership structure of Bellona N.V. and connected companies

We also found that Bellona N.V. has a connected company called NewEra B.V., incorporated recently in June 17, 2021, to which belongs such websites as:

  • Pribet

It's apparent that this is a continuation of Bellona N.V., its new era, which is the very name of the company itself. Newera B.V. is identical in name to the yet another company incorporated in the Netherlands (Newera B.V.) as well as Newera Holding B.V., also incorporated in the Netherlands. So, I can imagine the whole structure of their companies, with 

    ✔️ Bellona N.V., the oldest one,
    ✔️ NewEra B.V., the new one, 
    ✔️ the EU company with the same name, and
    ✔ a holding company, Newera Holding B.V. to pay the dividends and so on. 

So the whole idea looks quite clear to me. Yet another thing that I think is worth mentioning is that there's an affiliate program called Z Partners, which is closely connected to Bellona N.V. and serves their interests by bringing players to Zodiac Bank, Pribet and other brands.  

Which countries do Bellona N.V. casinos target and what's particular about them all? 

These 14 Brands Target the very same set of countries with Germany being the largest of them. Yet, Bellona N.V. don't even have a Malta licence, so they target German players using the Curacao licence, which is not obviously fully legal, if I put it in the mild tone. Except for Germany, their historical regions are Austria and Italy: the biggest ones. So, this forms a historical "zone of responsibility" of Bellona N.V. as including Germany, Austria and Italy. 

Apart from these countries they would also target (or try to target) Sweden, which is not obviously legal in full terms, just the same with Finland, just the same Canada and just the same New Zealand, where it's a kind of legal because there's no regulation in place. 

Also, apart from this Tier one countries they would now focus on the central European countries like Hungary, Greece (Southern Europe), also Slovakia, Poland, Slovenia, Croatia, Estonia (they don't have Estonia licence by the way), Czech Republic, Albania and also Georgia, Belarus (online gambling prohibited) as well as Turkey, etc. 

So, we see the whole array of countries with Germany and Austria in the avant-garde of it, then Italy and also Turkey, which is a big one right now, as well as some well-off countries like Norway, Finland, Sweden, Canada and New Zealand. 

If you look in Google and try to find what people say about Bellona N.V. you can see some complaints that look exactly like this: these operators have many casinos that are just the same and they only have different names. These are things behind the player's screen and they all notice it. 

Bellona N.V. and Dela (Delasport & Delacasino) connection

Bellona N.V. casinos use Dela as their platform. It is not a very well known casino platform provider that apparently originates from Bulgaria. They offer 

  1. White label, 
  2. Turnkey casino as well as 
  3. Plug & Play Sportsbook iFrame. 

Delasport's (official name of the company) strongest side is sports betting. So, Belona N.V. is the company that's used by unknown licensees of Delasport platform (casino owners) just in the same fashion as Dama N.V. are used as a whitelabel enterprise by Softswiss. Yet, the difference here is that Delasport probably has been less variative in their website designs, so they look quite identical as we have noted. 

If you have questions or your own ideas or comments on this article, please submit your ideas to me by email that can be found in the Contact sections of the website.

Rankings of 4 casinos operated by Bellona N.V. Casinos
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