How it works?

Casino Operators & Publishers is a iGaming reviews aggregator that gives a snapshot of the media opinion of everything in the industry: slot games, casino operators, affiliate programs, and also casino owner companies and even publications. We use a MetaScore, an average of all eligible reviews online, to create our analytics and rankings. The website does not contain affiliate links, neither website owner makes money from Revenue Share or any other type of affiliate or partnership marketing.

Game providers and iGaming publications allows game studios consolidate their online image and reputation:   

  1. Claim your provider's profile and fill in the gaps in your online identity by building your full Metascore, a format that's easy to use and show to partners and investors.
  2. Streamline your reviews and correct mistakes of fact through our facilitation.
  3. Reach out to new publications and streamers through us.
  4. Create a constant delivery of fresh brand-related content. Let's connect on LinkedIn

How it works?

iGaming reviews aggregator

We scan 3rd party promotional information published online pursuant to Affiliate Marketing Agreements between the publisher (affiliate site) and advertiser (online casino). This includes ‘paid for’ or ‘endorsed’ online casino reviews, casino bonuses reviews, slot game reviews, etc and contain affiliate links.

We do this to ‘Reverse Engineer’ the data, i.e. extract actual data (initially provided by advertiser) from adverts as well as create a new bit of information - the aggregate MetaScore.

3rd party adverts are used to 1) populate our database with data, 2) organize these data into profiles, and 3) to rank all items against each other on the basis of their MetaScore. 

How A MetaScore Works?

MetaScore is the aggregate of all reviews with score brought to a single standard. We consider our Index an epitome of ‘Objective Subjectivity’. 

When aggregated from a plethora of sources, reviews that are subjective by nature make a fairly objective numerical representation of the value of each item. From consumers perspective, we compile reviews with scores from leading online publications (according to our Eligibility Guidelines) to nicely show at glance how each casino or game was reviewed by the corpus of gambling sites.   

How do we discover and compile reviews?

We take gamblings reviews from 3 types of sources: 1) Google search results, 2) suggestions by our clients, and 3) publications who are willing to feed in data to us directly.

We crawl the Google search results on online gambling related queries to find casino affiliate publications. Further, we form them in batches and push to our editorial team for manual check-up against our Eligibility guidelines. Once cleared, they are put in queue for weekly or bi-weekly publishing on our website. Once new reviews are published, the aggregate MetaScore of each item is re-calculated and updated.  All sources that we take from search are showcased here (by countries). 

Casino brand representatives that subscribe to our services have an option to suggest reviews they want to be scored to their Index. We acknowledge that they would  suggest reviews that are generally favourable to them. Yet, we crawl and aggregate all reviews on a suggested publication (not only one suggested page). Obviously, if taken from different casino clients, these suggested sources will not benefit one casino, while detriment another. Plus, our editorial policy as well as inclusion eligibility guidelines serves as additional safeguard against score manipulation.

Publications that are willing to participate in our Index may directly apply and submit their reviews to us subject to our Inclusion policy. We showcase their reviews alongside eligible reviews discovered elsewhere on our website. As per specific slot machines or online casinos, these reviews are shown under ‘Slot or Casino Reviews by Publications’ header on respective pages. Order of appearance of their snippets: from highest to lowest score.

We do not:

  1. Impact 3rd party reviews,
  2. Provide reviews by ourselves or through our partners,
  3. Impact the calculation of MetaScore.

What makes a casino or slot machine profile page?

We produce our content the basis of actual data that we gathered from 3rd party affiliate adverts. This includes online casino profiles and online slot machine profiles, etc. 

These casino profiles are compiled from 3rd party data available on the web and are not verified against actual performance, etc. These casino profiles are showcased on our website for the sake of analytics. They shall not be deemed as such that point to any kind of affiliate or other marketing relations between us as a publisher and a casino owner as advertiser. 

In the same way, online slot machine profiles are not verified by respective software officials and can’t be considered as actually correct.

If a company claims their profile and verifies their data, such profile is labeled as ‘Verified’. Since developing and maintaining our platform takes money, we charge a yearly fee from our clients to be able to own, update as well as monetize such profiles. In case we use affiliate advertising in addition to a yearly subscription fee (as we generally do with online casinos), we state this on a respective casino page.

As described above, online casino operators that verified their data and have claimed their profile with our site, may suggest publications sources that contain reviews of their casino brands. This option is included as part of a paid yearly subscription fee. Suggested publications are reviewed by our editorial team against our Guidelines and the qualified ones are added to the queue. 

What does a Verified Casino Status mean?

Online Casino Operators that have verified their data are given a ‘Verified’ badge. Verified casino brands are marked accordingly in all rankings where they participate. We don't have commission between us and the casino representatives.  

A 'Not Verified' Casino Status

What you see on many of the online casino pages of our platform is information gathered from 3rd party resources, which we consider is not necessarily correct. Therefore, we mark these listings as ‘Not Verified’. Not verified casino profiles are not advertisements, since casinos do not control the content of it. We don't have commission between us and the casino representatives. These listings are kept in our database for analytics and rankings purposes.    

How Rankings work?

Rankings are an essential part of our analytics. We produce rankings as per online casino brands, slot machines as well as casino affiliate programs, owners, etc. Listings are ranked by the Index of thereof, or where listing combines several items -- by the aggregate Index of their items. Apart from the Metascore, the ranking table includes the Monthly Median as well as Weekly Change of the MetaScore.