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Bohdan Lytvyn, author at mycasinoindex.com

I am a SEO expert and iGaming enthusiast with 10 years of experience. MyCasinoIndex.com is my website where I personally write Reports, conducts Interviews as well as hold Google Meet discussions with players. You can reach me by email: [email protected] 

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About Mycasinoindex

MyCasinoIndex.com is an online gaming reviews aggregator. We compile review scores from a number of leading gambling publications to produce an aggregate score that will show how each item was reviewed.

Critics reviews

Based on a number of different sources MyCasinoIndex score is aimed to serve as a single reference as to the quality of specific game, publisher or casino operator. Our goal is to educate a gambler using product reviews and their aggregate score as a tool.

Score calculation

Our aggregate score is an average of all review scores that we compile. We do not weigh reviews whatsoever. Once a publication is included in our list of critics, we will treat them all just the same. Similarly, we will not omit any of its reviews where possible.

No score

If a specific publication does not provide a score for their reviews (or has not posted a final score as yet), we may also include them into our compilation but these reviews do not influence the score calculation.

How to read score

Scores range: from 0.0 to 100.0. If a publication provides scores in a different format, we transform.

Scores distribution chart shows the number of Positive, Mixed and Negative reviews for a specific item. Positive: score larger than 70, Mixed: larger than 40 lower than 70, Negative: lower than 40.

Order or reviews: highest to lowest score.


If you wish to have your publication included into our compilation, please use our Contacts. Criteria for inclusion: consistent output, at least 100 casino operators and 200 gambling game reviews published, global or country focused; underrepresented geos may qualify for exception.

User reviews

In addition to critics reviews provided by gambling publications we also have user reviews provided by users of MyCasinoIndex. User reviews are classified accordingly and contribute to user reviews-based rankings, awards etc. User reviews require registration, T&C applies.

Our standards

  • We do not impact the score calculation.
  • We acknowledge that an aggregate score is only an epitome of a larger corpus of reviews and we encourage you to read them all.
  • We make efforts to prevent ratings manipulation by users and critics.
  • We support divisive reviews (where the same item has gained positive and negative reviews) by giving them extra coverage on our website where possible

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