Inclusion Policy

MyCasinoIndex includes reviews with scores from prefessional iGaming publications. If you wish to apply (as a publication) or suggest a review to be calculated into your MetaScore (as a casino operator or game producer), please see the guidance below.

Contribution minimums are outlined in the eligibility guidelines, but we also look for overall consistency and demonstrated commitment to the field. Publications have to offer perspective on a game/ casino operator, etc, not just a gameplay summary, etc. We look for engaging content that has a distinct voice. We also look for impartial and balanced reviews based on facts. We do not tolerate plagiarism, discrimination, score manipulation or other breaches of conduct.

Eligibility guidelines

To be included into our list of editorial reviews that are used to calculate a casino operator or slot game's MetaScore, a publication has to satisfy reasonable eligibility requirements in that their review article:

  1. contains an editorial opinion (authored),
  2. contains a score in a clear format (numerical, from 0 to 5 / 10/ 100) that can be easily identified on a page,
  3. the score is given according to a clear methodology, and 
  4. the publication itself demonstrates a consistent output of articles for at least 1 year to date and has already done at least 100 reviews in the past.

Global or country focused. Demonstrated social media presence and engagement with the audience.