Inclusion Policy

MyCasinoIndex includes reviews with scores from written and video publications. If you wish to apply, please provide the guidance below.



Contribution minimums are outlined in the eligibility guidelines, but we also look for overall consistency and demonstrated commitment to the field.


Publications have to offer perspective on a game, etc, not just a gameplay summary. We look for engaging content that has a distinct voice.


We look for impartial and balanced reviews based on facts. We do not tolerate plagiarism, discrimination, score manipulation or other breaches of conduct.

Eligibility guidelines


Demonstrated consistent output for at least 1 year to date. Available are reviews of a minimum of 100 casino operators and/or 200 gamblings games. Global or country focused. Demonstrated social media presence and engagement with the audience.


Consistent output for a minimum of 1 year. A minimum of 2K subscribers on a video publishing platform. The show / channel should feature multiple reviews. Demonstrated social media presence and engagement.