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Interview with Bohdan Lytvyn on how the Affiliate Marketers Club work

Hi, community. This is an interview with Bohdan Lytvyn, owner and Editor-in-Chief of and also a founder of the Affiliate Marketers Club. This is to explain how the Club works.  How Affiliate Marketers Club and connected? Obviously, is a centre-piece of the Affiliate Marketers Club. It all started from here. ...

Toni Karapetrov (Habanero): Our goal is to deliver high-quality titles with the best underlying mathematics on the market

This is an interview with Toni Karapetrov, Head of Corporate Communications at Habanero, conducted in August 2022. To date, Habanero's portfolio includes over 130 slots... How can you describe the average game from Habanero? What do you think distinguishes your studio? At Habanero, our overall goal as a business is to deliver ...

Robert Swan, head of game dev at Bally's Interactive: "our games truly put the players at the centre of everything"

How would you describe the 'average' game from Golden Hero? What do you think distinguishes you as a developer? We have two main types of games. The first type is smaller and more relaxing. We quickly built up a portfolio of around 10 of these as we initially developed our technology ...

Natalia Chiaravalloti, Head of Content at Giochidislots: "How the Dignity Decree Transformed Gaming in Italy"

The Dignity Decree, introduced in 2018 to ban all forms of advertising in the gambling sector, marked a new era in Italy’s iGaming industry.  According to Natalia Chiaravalloti, chief editor of Giochidislots, the Dignity Decree dealt a major blow to gambling operators throughout Italy. Not only did it suppress the industry’s ...

Renata Banyar, CMO at BetSoft: "Betsoft games are instantly recognisable due to the energy and the detail we put into them"

How would you describe the 'average' game from Betsoft Gaming? What do you think distinguishes you as a developer? I don’t think there is such a thing as an ‘average’ Betsoft game. Betsoft deliberately chose to go down the quality not quantity route. That is why, after 16 years in business, ...

Anna Serheieva, BDO and Marketing Manager at Onlyplay: ”A nice joke today becomes a great game tomorrow.”

Right amidst Onlyplay’s showcasing at CasinoBeats Summit in Malta on May 24-26, 2022, Anna Serheieva, the innovative games provider’s BDO & Marketing Manager, has kindly agreed to give an interview to MyCasinoIndex’s Marketing Manager, Olena Androshchuk.  First of all, Mycasinoindex team wants to say thank you for this interview, now that ...

Will Burrows, VP, Design of Crazy Tooth Studio: "We like to give each game plenty of things to explore and root for"

This interview of Will Burrows, VP, Design of Crazy Tooth Studio was conducted through the participation of Michelle Perez, Operations Manager, via the email by Bohdan Lytvyn, Editor-in-Chief in May 2022.   How can you describe the average game from Crazy Tooth? What do you think distinguishes your studio? At first glance, a ...

Niko Mazger, CEO at Fugaso: "Do whatever is in your power to immediately stop this war..."

Following our recent call to stop sponsoring the online gambling business in Russia and funding military intervention on the territory of Ukraine, Bogdan Lytvyn, CEO at MyCasinoIndex, has reached out to Niko Mazger, founder and CEO at Fugaso. The offices of this reputable multinational game development company are located in ...

VP Growth & Strategy Americas SBC Talks About Difficulties and Transformation in US Gambling Industry

2020 has been a challenging year for the entire world. There were also global changes in the iGaming industry that were supposed to happen due to the coronavirus pandemic. MyCasinoIndex team would like to summarize the professional result for the gambling industry in 2020, as well as a forecast for 2021 ...

“We are building a new game line for more demanding players, something more innovative, something more interesting to grab a younger generation”: Anastasia Rimskaya from Mancala Gaming Exclusively for MCI

Maria: Hello at MyCasinoIndex Channel. My name is Maria and I'm glad to welcome you again at my new interview video series. Today I have a very special guest and finally it's a woman - and this is Anastasia Rimskaya. She is a Head of Account Management in Mancala Gaming. ...

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