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Felicia Campbell, UNLV professor who studied gambling and pop culture, dies at 89

Felicia Campbell had been employed as an English teacher, a young PhD student in english from Wisconsin and a former marine but she became intrigued by the gamblers, particularly the older ones. She wondered why they were playing, and what did they reap from it because they didn't intend to ...

Mexico President Opens Review into Casino Licensing Process

Casinos in Mexico will not be allowed to work lawfully with Manuel López Obrador, the country's President, issuing an order to allow a study of how licenses have been issued so far. Mexico's President Postpone Casino License Mexico's push for legalization has just hit a hurdle with President Manuel López Obrador ...

Spain has taken the lead in the battle against gambling damage

Spain aims to encourage attempts to reduce the effect of gambling on the society's most disadvantaged population. Minister of Consumer Affairs Alberto Garzon, speaking to the Spanish Parliament, explained that the Council of Ministers would ratify the new earlier gambling commercial restrictions within weeks. Restriction On Gambling Advertisements Back in February, in ...

BGC Releases New VIP Reward Program Standards with UKGC

The Betting and Gaming Council and the UK Gambling Commission have issued a revised code of ethics for VIP Reward Programs in reform of the gaming industry in the UK. BGC And UKGC Announce A Code Of Ethics For VIP Services The Betting and Gaming Council (BGC) has partnered with the UK Gambling ...

Brandenburg Makes Slight Touches to Gambling Framework

Both federal states have scrambled to amend their own legal vocabulary with the German Gaming Treaty coming into force in 2021. Brandenburg Provides Swift Gambling Update To Conform With The Treaty With the quickly coming new Glücksspielneuregulierungstaatsvertrag (GlüNeuRStV), German federal states were willing to fall into line. The German state of ...

Casinos Austria layoffs loom as rivals seek end to online monopoly

Casinos Austria is expected to lay off up to 600 employees as the scandal-plagued company tackles the COVID-19 pandemic's effect on its activities. Casinos Austria AG (CASAG) told public jobs service Austria (AMS) this week that it could turf as much as 600 people – nearly one-third of its workforce ...

Northern Ireland casino legalization hope; Republic bookies face tax hike

Northern Ireland's gamblers are just fine with allowing casinos while the Republic of Ireland's bookmakers are all but upset with yet another tax hike. Last December, the Department for Communities in Northern Ireland (DFC) conducted a survey to gage public attitudes about gambling. The public was invited to weigh in on ...

Online gaming collections for philippines administrative fees dropped by 80%

Online gaming operators based in the Philippines do not leave the country in droves but online golden goose from the government seems to have flew the coop, probably for good. A Philippine presidential spokesman, Harry Roque, attempted on Thursday to downplay the finance secretary's remarks on Wednesday that Philippine Online Gaming ...

Kimihito Kamori sentenced to 10-month jail time in Japanese bribery trial

In a Japanese trial based on lawmaker Tsukasa Akimoto and, former tourism chairman Kamori Kanko Co, Kimihito Kamori, was sentenced to a 10-month prison term. On behalf of Chinese casino company Kamori has been found guilty of bribing legislator Akimoto. The 77-year-old conspired to the gambling business with two ...

Primorsky Resort Could be Welcoming a South Korean Bid

Casinos became a successful affair in South Korea. But evenJapan's possibility of becoming Asia's next gaming center isn't enough to deter local entrepreneurs from dreaming big and spreading to the unlikeliest destinations. However, this is precisely what s on the mind of K international Incorporated. According to Asia Gaming Brief (AGB), South ...

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