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GambleAware Launches Campaign for Gambling Care

GambleAware Launches Campaign for Gambling Care

Gambling risk reduction charity GambleAware has announced it will launch the next step of its advertising strategy for the National Gambling Treatment Service program.

The latest promotional campaign will air on radio, streaming channels and in the regional press during January to increase money for the charity's recovery program.

The advertising campaign named 'Start to regain control', reflects on how gambling can take over, summed up by the 'when you're there but not there' theme, and relies on people with gambling disorders who feel isolated from friends and families. The commercial supports the National Gambling Treatment Service as one to aid gambling problems among individuals.

GambleAware conducted study to analyze the effects of last year's COVID-19 lockdowns, showing people with a higher Problem Gambling Severity Index (PGSI) trouble score were more likely to increase gambling between March and May 2020.

The charity said those ratings were also at risk of rising as consultations with mental health providers were limited after the pandemic, which it said "highlights the continuing need to raise awareness of the National Gambling Treatment Service".

GambleAware Communications and Engagement director Zoe Osmond said:

“So far the campaign has proven to be successful in encouraging people to contact the National Gambling Treatment Service for support, but there is still more to be done.

During the pandemic and this extremely difficult time for people, it is vital that we continue to ensure those in need of help understand what services are available to them, which is why we are taking this targeted approach to help reach those high risk areas across Great Britain.”

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