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Poker Champion was Disappointed with the Decision of the WSOP

Poker Champion was Disappointed with the Decision of the WSOP

51st Annual WSOP Main Event Winner, Stoyan Madanzhiev, responds to the decision by WSOP to abolish his title and create a new, 'real' Main Event.

Madanzhiev Opposes The Decision Of The Wsop

Bulgarian player Stoyan Madanzhiev rejoiced as he rose to the top of the poker pecking order in September, winning the 51st WSOP main event. Owing to the seriousness of the COVID-19 epidemic, WSOP had to change its format to an online poker tournament but the cloud has its own silver lining winning over $150 million from the whole series.

To Madanzhiev, it was a dream-come-true to have the chance to take part in the biggest poker showdown of the year without having to fear flying overseas or putting up with all the hassle of making his way to the USA. He faced off against the likes Phil Hellmuth, Doyle Brunson and reigning champion Hossain Ensan, to emerge triumphant in the world's largest poker crucible.

Now, however, it turned out that Madanzhiev may not have won the Main Event at all, but a sequel to a 'Hybrid' Main Event that will have two different tournaments contested simultaneously in the U.S. and abroad, putting together the winners for one final clash at Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino for both.

So if I won the “51st Annual World Series of Poker Main Event” What will the December one be?
The 52nd
51 2.0
51 alfa
Just wondering ?#wsop

— Stoyan Madanzhiev (@Stoyan_Mad) November 14, 2020

Madanzhiev was not entirely satisfied with the news and he went to Twitter to share his annoyance with the hosts who were more or less silent on the matter. Madanzhiev posted a picture of a certificate (picturede) which complimented him on winning the "51st Annual World Series of Poker Main Event."

Poker Players With Madanzhiev Back 

If he had won the 51st major event, what it was that would be in December, Madanzhiev asked rhetorically. Canadian poker pro Sam Greenwood seemed to react similarly to the situation, claiming it would be impossible for anyone to fly for such an event.

He said the whole event should be held online instead. Speaking to Madanzhiev earlier today, he said travel restrictions and the recent rise in COVID-19 cases across his home country and Europe had left him nervous about participating in the upcoming international GGPoker WSOP bout with a final table showdown held at King's Casino in Rozvadov, Czech Republic.

Making people play an online tournament where the FT might take place somewhere people aren't allowed to travel instead of just playing the tourney out online is stupid.

— Sam Greenwood (@SamGreenwoodRIO) November 13, 2020

He further noted that a fortnight was scarcely adequate to warn players about a major event, not to mention the additional pressure of both winning and not winning the 51st Main Event as it is now according to WSOP.

Madanzhiev took one more dig at WSOP in another tweet, claiming that WSOP had pulled off the best bluff of the year – "for bluffing the whole world successfully that we were playing the 51st WSOP in the summer…"

Madanzhiev tagged @RealKidPoker, best known as Daniel Negreanu, claiming that he and Ty Steward already knew they were planning another main event. He then quoted Thomas Keeling who pointed out that pundits would refer to the event as the 2020 Main Event Championship even during coverage.

Negreanu immediately stepped in and said he acknowledged Madanzhiev's anger, but went on to say that he himself had always been truthful that the online platform was not a substitute for the conventional arena, the $10,000 WSOP Main Event in Las Vegas.

For Madanzhiev, What's Next?

He said that WSOP and GGPoker should feel sorry to players who had joined the tournament specifically because they had a chance to compete in the Main Event without having to deal with travel constraints or obtaining visas.

The whole event was declared as the WSOP Main Event and Madanzhiev said that they should consider him as the winner. Even if Madanzhiev were to take on the current case, he would have to find out how to get to the United States on time, a procedure that would extend much longer than today's time frame. He assumed such an occurrence unfairly affects our teams.

One thing is clear though - at the World Series of Poker, many fans would like to see him taking another chance.

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