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UFC to Open Event Centre's Live Betting

UFC to Bring Live Betting with UFC Event Center Launch

MMA promoter UFC has provided the go-ahead for a live betting gaming app that will aim to build on the league excitement and provide an easy and safe way for viewers to gamble on games.

In the light of the new UFC Event Center IMG Arena the promoter is planning for the move. Thanks to official UFC info, UFC aims to bank on the interest in fights and specifically claw traffic from sportsbooks by marketing its bid as the most credible out there.

UFC will focus on a full package to improve its bid, which will come with comprehensive rundown of fighter battle experience, photos, and other related figures. But UFC won t do it alone absolutely, and the organization will focus on betting companies to integrate the tech solution into their own sportsbooks and applications instead.

This comes at a time when the company is being investigated by ESPN and Disney Studios for their broadcast rights arrangements.

Tying Up Betting Relationship And Brand Alliance In One

Any sportsbook that takes up UFC on its bid will also sign a sponsorship deal, saving the company the difficulty of maintaining different deals in betting and branding. Usually this has been the case up to now for other major American leagues including the NFL, NBA, NHL, and MLB that have formed different agreements.

If it has been difficult to locate betting markets on UFC fights in the past, there will be 50 different wager styles per individual fight going forward, including the 20 in-play wagers changed in real time.

For Bloomberg, UFC COO Lawrence Epstein had to say this, speaking on the emphasis on live betting: "In-game betting is the fastest-growing part of the sports-gaming industry. Some of the stuff we’re doing is stuff that hasn’t been done with respect to UFC in the past.".

UFC Fans Limit In-Play Options

UFC s forays into the section of in-play are not a mistake. IMG arena recorded that after a game begins, just 8% of all UFC bets are made – a relatively low figure. The figure, the company says, is 70% for sports like tennis.

Often this is attributed to a shortage of choices. Mainstream sportsbooks don't bother creating a robust UFC bid, an concern UFC has opted to fix itself rather than draw sportsbooks.

UFC has added unique betting tools to boost all of this, such as which boxer will win by a knock-out, how many hits will be traded combined or per player respectively, and how long a player will last on the mat.

Knowing that MMA has some of the youngest audiences of sports – with the average fan between the ages of 21 – 44 – UFC will not sell their commodity free of charge. Any sportsbooks who want the in-play betting suite feature will need to pay a premium.

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