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Speculations on loose slots are infinite. It is logical, as finding a loose slot is every casino player's Holy Grail. There is only one way to know if the slot is loose or tight and that is to check the RTP (Return to Player). A slot machine's RTP is the single number which determines what the player's average return is. The stronger the RTP - the individual slots looser. Fortunately, many developers of online slots are forced to publish the RTP of every slot they make, so you have no reason to search for different signs and follow ridiculous creeds. You just need to check the number and that's it. only as plain as that. in general terms, 97% and above is called loose when it comes to internet slots. On average, 95%-96% is. The slot should be considered as tight under 94%.

Loosest Slot Games

If you're searching online for the loosest slots, you may be hunting for unique fruit machines that pay off the highest win. The only problem with this method is that payouts can be changed from time to time, so if you have outdated information, you may not always get the best deal. The easiest way to search online for decent games is to find online gaming platforms that return to players regularly. It would be easy to select a slot machine with decent pay-out percentages from there.

Important to consider 

Progressive Slots

Be careful with Progressive Slots. Progressive slots sound amazing. Who wouldn't like to become a millionaire in one spin, but in a progressive slot, the chances to win the jackpot are similar to winning in a lottery. In order to attract players, the casinos promote them and their huge jackpots, but for every player that hits the jackpot, 1,000,000 players lose all their bankroll. Our initial advice: stay away. If you need to, just limit yourself to 10% or less of your bankroll.

Offline Online Slots

Generally land-based focused software publishers like Amaya, SG, Bally, Aristocrat tend to have lower RTPs than online focused developers (NetEnt, Microgaming, Rival, BetSoft, Thunderkick, etc).

The main reason for this is that monsters like Bally or Amaya are aware that their slots are being played throughout the globe at all brick and mortar casinos, and they assume players will stick to the familiar names. Even then, online interpretations have higher returns – for example, online Cleopatra slot can offer a return of 95%, while in land-based casinos the returns are usually less than 90%.

Understanding The Payback Ratio

If you're newbies to the online casino games, you may wonder what an expected payback or percentage payout is. An expected payback is how much you expect to win when you bet a theoretical amount of money back. Let's take a standard amount of $100. When a casino has a percentage payoff of 98% so you can hope to win back $98 for every $100 you wager. When you see a percentage payoff of 93.5%, you'd hope to win $93.50 on each $100 bet. If you saw a percentage payout of 101%, you'd expect to pocket $101 for every $100 you play. Anything at or above 100% is of course unrealistic because the edge of the house is how a casino stays in business. You should note that the edge of the house is the amount of a $100 bet that the casino expects to win. In previous examples, to get the amount you expect, you subtract the expected payback from one hundred percent. So in the examples, you'd have a 2%, 6.5% house edge and no edge at all

Of course the average payoff rate will be worlds away from what happens in a true slot game. The variance is always high on most slots. One person with an estimated return of 96% may win $50, while another loses $58. That will add up to the predicted return of 96% which would produce radically different outcomes for these two teams. The more a person plays, and the more spins that occur, the closer you'd expect the outcomes to be to the edge of the room. The higher the number of players in both live casinos and online casinos, the more likely they would be made wealthy by the house edge of the casino management. If you're a gambler who likes to play the odds, then you want to find the games and casinos that most pay out. Which through your winning odds, but nothing is ever guaranteed.

Official Payout Data to Help Find the Loosest Slots

Online casinos are sometimes forced to report their payouts to the public. That helps gamblers to learn which online casinos deliver the loosest slots–or any other game, for that matter. Once, that will deviate greatly from one day to the next, from one month to the next, and from one year to the next. That said, considering the amount these various gaming platforms see in a single month or year, evaluating the numbers is a reasonable way to see which games deliver the best. Some of the casinos that I'm going to think about bringing in tens of thousands of gamblers every month, and although these guys have given up big progressive jackpots that trigger significant numerical anomalies, that will be a pretty decent indicator of which ones sell loose fruit machines and which ones don't.

Loose Slot you need to check right now: Himalayas: Roof of the World

Not all slots appear at the front pages of online casinos, in particular the ones with a good mix of volatility and RTP come from underdog software producers. And Himalayas: Roof of the World published by Barcrest, a producer that hasn't received a lot of media attention.

Himalayas: Roof of the World gives strong odds of winning! The game has a RTP 97.75% which is a lot of above average. In addition to middle volatility, dreams of most gamblers come true.

Our top picks of Loose Slot Machines:

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