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Vrai ou Faux (True or False)? Betting brokerage is for rich Asian players who do sure bets

Vrai ou Faux (True or False)? Betting brokerage is for rich Asian players who do sure bets

This is our new rubric which is called Vrai ou Faux, i.e. True or False where we would like to interrogate some obvious things or things are thought to be obvious.  

Now, let's talk about betting brokerage. The common myth is that:

“This is for Asian players who cannot deposit in their currency or for other reasons, who are actually wealthy and who use it in a way to circumvent all the difficulties of their location.”


  1. first question is that this is for Asian players or the place who cannot deposit the currents from their local currency or local residence area,
  2. second question is this is for those who make Arbitrage or Sure betting and 
  3. finally the the last one is about this is a kind of privileged or concierge-like service for for the rich 

So let's take them one by one.  

The first claim that: 

1. Betting brokerage is for Asian players who cannot really deposit in their currency and from their locations and so on. FALSE.

That's not true, in fact it's usually quite the opposite. It's for:

  1. Europeans or even Americans  who CAN usually deposit in their local currency (in the US states or the UK) and  
  2. who HAVE a relatively wide access to all bookmakers in the local area, including the USA, but 
  3. who actually WANT THE OTHER kind of thing. 

So the idea of betting brokerage is not rooted in the restrictions that come from the player's location or currency, but rather in the availability of additional opportunities that come from Asian bookmakers or Asian exchanges. So it is vice versa. 

Betting brokerage for Europeans and Americans who want higher odds, higher stake limits and a wider range of options to choose from.


These are the sites that would also have some geo-restrictions, for example, some of them would not allow UK, some would not allow US, etc. France is not allowed most of the time, but the idea is not for Asians is for Europeans in the UK and US citizens want to take advantage of opportunities that are inherent in some of the Asian bookmakers and exchanges.

In is also true that Some clients from Asia, for example, for the Middle East can use their services of betting brokerage but it is not just for Asians for Chinese and who cannot do this because of the local currency, of their location and so.

All right the second question:

2. Betting brokerage is those for sure (arbitrage) betting and value betting. TRUE. 

Let's take Value betting first. Betting brokerage is something that provides opportunities to be able to see the whole picture of the best odds to compare it with those of local bookmakers. This is mostly for nearly professional or nerdy players who have the idea of possible outcome and they would try to find the most valuable bets in order to realise the inherent price difference, which is a reason for Value betting.

Also if this software says that is a 'sure bet' that you can make money notwithstanding your bet (by placing a bet and simultaneously covering your risk position with a contrary bet), it means that there are really good opportunities for arbitrage in betting brokerage too. 

Likewise, you can do it effectively: with one click you can make bet and cover your position too and it's done it can be done for a large amount of money.  Consider if for example there's a spread that would give you five percent a return: if you place 100 euros to five percent is just five euros, so it's you you can buy a beer, but if you put 10 000 Euros, so the five percent is a more considerable amount of 500 euros. It's really something to have in the day.

So it means that most of the time it's made for Sure bettors and for Value bettors, i.e. for people who acts like Professional Investors or Sports Traders.


And final question is about the idea:

3. Betting brokerage is a privileged service of the likes of the like of concierge service. WRONG. 

Yet, many may think that it's neither right, not wrong.. It is something in between. I come from the observation that it started as a brokerage service with a privileged touch but now as I look at these platforms they have lots of information analytics there too. 

So it's not just a service, it's a sort of a tool too: they have a programmatic interface there, they are doing lots of information analytics, so I think it's now more of a product than a service.


Or maybe 50/50 which means that these things are evolving fast and 

  • not only provide you with the opportunity to make a huge bet fast 
  • but they also give you access to lots of lots of bookmakers
  • they have their own exchanges when you don't even need a bookmaker you can make bets against each other, etc. 

So it's now both a service and a product.

So these were the three basic questions about the betting brokerage and I hope these were good answers for them. If you have your questions you can find my email here. 

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