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The Big 5 of Big Time Gaming: Comparing Outlaw, Wild Flower, Lil' Devil, Danger High Voltage and the Final Countdown

The Big 5 of Big Time Gaming: Comparing Outlaw, Wild Flower, Lil' Devil, Danger High Voltage and the Final Countdown

Software: Big Time Gaming



[1] Max Win
[2] Volatility
[3] RTP

- All five games reviewed are highly volatile slots that will require that you can comfortably allocate at least 200€ budget to play them to reveal their full potential. Among these 5 games, WILD FLOWER has the biggest win potential (114,000x) and the highest RTP (96.52%).

  • OUTLAW™ has a Max Win of 64,400x your stake and the RTP within a range of 96.1%-96.16%. 
  • WILD FLOWER is a very volatile game with a max win of 114,000x your stake and the RTP of 96.52%.
  • LIL DEVIL is an extremely volatile slot that has a Win Potential of up to 100,504x stake and the RTP of 96.31-96.43%.
  • DANGER HIGH VOLTAGE potential to win is 15,756x your bet, the game's RTP is 95.67%
  • THE FINAL COUNTDOWN has a Max Win of 25,228x stake with an RTP range of 96.56-96.65%.


[1] Game matrix: rows, reel, paylines (ways to win). 
[2] Principal board & Exchangers

- Whereas OUTLAW uses the Megaways™ feature that awards a varying number of winlines per spin, all of its predecessors have fixed 4096 ways to win each spin. These 4 games have 6 reels and 4 lines grid and the same structure of paylines, where symbols pay left to right, on adjacent reels. Apparently, game boards of OUTLAW, WILD FLOWER and LIL' DEVIL look very much alike.


    The OUTLAW game has a Megaway mechanic with 117,649 ways to win, with 6 reels and a changing number of lines, as the can be from 4 to 7 symbols in line: symbols may differ in size too. OUTLAW uses the same rule of awarding winning combinations of other games reviewed here, but as the symbols get 'broken' into smaller ones to provide more potential win lines on the reels, it is often hard to trace winning combos.
    WILD FLOWER slot has 6 reels and 4 paylines with 4'096 ways to win on a game board that has been borrowed from Lil Devil. Yet, here symbols except on the Central Reels look smaller, as if they are farther from a viewer. 
    LIL DEVIL has 6 rows and 4 rows with 4'096 ways to win, all symbol cells have equal size. The game's board has central reels (reel 3 and 4) where, for example, a special substitution symbol - Angel WILDs - will only apear. The game has 3 backgrounds and one game board.
    DANGER HIGH VOLTAGE and THE FINAL COUNTDOWN too have 6x4 game screen with cells of the equal size and only one principal game board whereas backgrounds are multiple: there are 3 types of backgrounds as per a base game and each type of FS feature. LIL DEVIL, DANGER HIGH VOLTAGE, THE FINAL COUNTDOWN have game boards with columns and cells of identical size.  


High Symbols, Low Symbols

    - All five games have quite similar paytables, except for in OUTLAW High Symbols will pay less on average. DANGER HIGH VOLTAGE and WILD FLOWER pay the most on their winlines. 


    OUTLAW slot's 4 High Symbols are Purple Skull, Red Flower, Blue Bottle of liquor and Green Cactus that pay at maximum (for a combination of 6 symbols in a win line) the amount of 10x, 1.2x, 0.5x and 0.5x times your bet respectively. There are also 6 Low Paying Symbols - Royals - that pay 0.4x (A,K,Q) and 0.3x (the rest) times your bet for the same combination. 

    WILD FLOWER also has 4 High symbols: Wolf, Girl, Wolf's Paw and Green Star, that pay 10x, 5x, 2.5x and 1.5x respectively when 6 of them are collected on consecutive reels. WILD FLOWER also has 6 Royals that work as Low Symbols that pay: 1.2x (Ace and King), 0.8x (Queen and Jack) and 0.5x (10 and 9) for the same combo on adjacent (consecutive) reels.

    LIL DEVIL also has 4 high paying and 6 low paying symbols that pay as follows (starting from 4 High Symbols): Heart Amulet pays 10x, Red Scorpion - 5x, Salamander and Crocodile - 1.5x each for a combo of 6 on a winline. Low symbols are Royals alike that pay: 1x (Ace and King), 0.6x (Queen and Jack) and 0.5x (10) and 0.4x (9 symbol) for the same combo on a winline.

    DANGER HIGH VOLTAGE has 5 High and Low paying symbols: Skull, Bell, Disco Ball, Taco and Ace (high symbols) pay: 25x, 5x, 1.5x, 1.5x and 1.2x respectively. Low paying symbols (Royals) start from King as follows: 1.25x (K), 0.75x (Q), 0.5x (J), 0.5x (10) and 0.4x (9 symbol).

    THE FINAL COUNTDOWN has 4 gems (high paying ones) that award 25x (Purple), 2.5x (Red), 1.5x (Blue) and 1.25x (Green) as well as 6 Royals: 1x (Ace), 0.75x (King), 0.6x (Queen and Jack) and 0.5x (10) and 0.4x (9 symbol) for the same combo on a winline. 

WILD symbols

    -  OUTLAW, WILD FLOWER and DANGER HIGH VOLTAGE all have the identical treatment of WILDs: Full Reel Wilds + Full Reel Wild Multiplier. The difference is in OUTLAW the multiplier is x7, in WILD FLOWER it's x8 while in DANGER HIGH VOLTAG the wild multiplier is x6 (all appear on reels 2 to 5 only), 
    LIL' DEVIL takes it a bit differently:  the Full Reel Wild Multiplier has a random value between x4 and x12m and occurs only on reels 3 and 4. Plus, the game has a standalone (one symbol) WILD. THE FINAL COUNTDOWN uses standalone WILDs as well as Cloned Wilds (derived from Cloned Reels). 


    OUTLAW slot neither has standalone WILD symbols, nor Winning Wilds: only Full Reel Wilds. Both types of Wilds occur on reels 2 to 5 only: Wild Outlaw, a regular WILD, and a Wild Sheriff, a Full Reel Wild Multiplier, that makes all wins gained in that particular spin multiplied by 7 (x7).

    WILD FLOWER has the same two types of Full Reel WILDs that both too land on reels 2 to 5 only, none of them is a Winning WILD just the same: Wild Ice (a regular Full Reel Wild) and Wild Flower, a Full Reel Wild Multiplier x8. 
    *LIL DEVIL has both standalone (one symbol) WILD - a Devil Wild - that appears on reels 2 to 5 only and a Full Reel Wild Multiplier - an Angel Wild - that only occurs on central reels, i.e. 3 and 4. LIL DEVIL slot's Full Reel Wild Multiplier has a random win multiplier between x4 and x12. Importantly, two of these Wild Multipliers can occur on adjacent reels for a combined multiplier of up to x144.  

    DANGER HIGH VOLTAGE has the same idea of WILDs: it's Wild Fire is regular Full Reel WILD whereas Wild Electricity is Full Reel Wild Multiplier x6 times your bet for every win where Wild Electricity substitutes. 

    *THE FINAL COUNTDOWN treats WILD symbols differently: the game does not use Full Reel Wilds, but standalone Wilds as well as Cloned Wilds: the slot itself has a Cloned Wilds feature when there's a chance during a spins a Reel Clone will produce between 2 and 4 identical reels (also within the range of 2 to 5 reels only). So, in this case, a Reel with a WILD symbol (if cloned) will make x4 Expanded Wild, etc. 

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