Understanding slot machine paylines

Understanding slot machine paylines

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Welcome to slots guide to playing slots. We're looking at how betting and pay lines work, the aim of slots is to spin reels to make rows of the same symbols. 

What Are Paylines?

Pay lines are the way slot machines work out, if you've made a row of symbols or not imagine the old version of a slot where the player tried to make a line of three symbols across the middle row. This would be one pay line. Modern slots can calculate many more pay lines and different games offer from ten to several hundred pay lines.

After each and every spin, a check is made to see if there is a line of three or more symbols along any of these lines. Payouts are made based on the value of the symbols and how much was bet on each blind pay line. Don't just have to be straight lines anymore. They can be a straight line anywhere across the rails as the exact up and down the rows, or even a diagonal line right across the swap. The pay lines are usually shown by hovering over the pay line number to the side or detailed in the pay table menu.

What else should you know about slot paylines?

The total bet place doesn't apply to every payload on a slot. A wager is made for an individual pay line and then how many lines to bet on is chosen, it's possible to choose anything from one pay line to all of them. A win on a pay line, wins money for that particular line. If the bet is ten pence across ten lines, then the total bet reaches the pay line. Is one penny the payout for a win on any of the pay lines will be calculated based on the 1p bet on that line.

So now you know how betting on pay lines works in slots check out our other guides to learn the basics of slots, what the symbols mean and all about slot bonus rounds. 

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