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Slot Reviews by Affiliate Sites

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  • Negative: 0
  • No rating: 2

Dead or Alive 2 is a 9 payline 5x3 reel slot game with wilds, scatters and 3 free spin bonuses with sticky wins and multipliers.Sounds familiar? It should. This has all the qualities of the original version that you know and love, except with better graphics and sounds.Add two extra kickass free spin features that can give you both a high-risk kick, or a little extra cash in your wallet, and it gives you the kind of balance that we truly enjoyed.The game on mobile is still for those who like their real money games risky though, so don't ...

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Play Dead or Alive 2 free online slot with RTP 96.8%. Read Dead or Alive 2 review (CGSCORE 98) or try this Net Entertainment slot free play demo to learn all features or just for fun. Find the best Dead or Alive 2 casinos and play with real money. ...

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The original Dead or Alive hardly needs an introduction. Released in May 2009, the slot has gained almost legendary status and is still to this day one of the m ...

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Players on the lookout for the best online slots won’t want to miss out on Dead or Alive 2, the Wild West slot from NetEnt. ...

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Read extensive review on Dead or Alive 2 Online Slot ✅ High 96.8% RTP ✅ Win up to 729 000 ✅ Lots of Special Features ✅ ...

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Review of game by NetEnt, including real players' reviews and ratings, free play mode, winning screenshots, latest bonus codes and promotions. ...

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Try game online for free in demo mode with no download and no registration required and read the game's review before playing for real money. ...

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Slot Reviews by Users

  • Positive: 4
  • Mixed: 0
  • Negative: 2
6 reviews by users Write Review

- Monotonous gameplay
- Rare nice wins
- Impossibly difficult to win big (even above 100x)
- In my two day session of 12k spins (all on second lowest bet € 0.2) I didn't have a single win above x100 including base and bonus rounds


10 pay lines absolutely sucks too, sometimes I can see a pattern on the reels which should match but it doesn't because of the low amount of pay lines.

I don't ever play this game anymore because the bonus mode barely ever triggers (my last session was over 3000 spins without 1 single bonus). This game is on my personal ban list now.

I've had sessions of putting £3000 - £5000 into this game, playing several bonuses which yeild x12, x10 and x5.

My advice is to avoid, there are much better games out there.

Por Powellwalker

So this slot is fantastic for streamers, however, a person who plays just occassionally and not for a living will probably find this slot dull and boring because base game is boring, bonus rounds are rare and even when you get them, they don't pay much in order for the slot to be able to provide huge wins. I like volatile games, however, this one is bit too much even for me. I ended up playing on autoplay set to maximum spins which is 1000 on my tablet and during that I played a game on my phone, had a chat with friends or surfed the web because the game is so predictive (nothing happens). At least the graphics are not painful for the eyes in long sessions and sounds are not too hard to listen to either. If I could pick the perfect gameplay game, it'd be Jurassic World from Microgaming even though it suffers greatly from bad RTP that rips you off and amateur graphics but the actual game experience is otherwise so nice. DoA 2 is a slot for streamers, not usual players unless you are willing to play in all or nothing style. For me, I will stick with games where I can sometimes win x1000 bet, withdraw and be happy and not feed a slot indefinitely so someone can win x100 000 bet. However if you like small jackpot games, they have a really bad RTP and this slot can compensate that with a nice return of 96.8% and similar big win potential.

Pontiwell Rodriguezanic

High Payouts but extremely rare, nice graphics and sound effects. Overall seems like a really well polished slot that is visually pleasing to play and overall a fun experience.

The high volatility of this slot is also attractive with the chance to potentially get a huge payout amount.
Reel payouts can also be quite good because of the low pay lines (but of course rarely hits)

I like how landing 2 scatters anywhere on the reels gives you a small payout. It makes the 1000's of near misses more tolerable.


Being a fan of Netent, I was definitely interested to see if I would enjoy this release more than the original one.

Dead or Alive 2 is a 5 reel and 9 payline slot and visually it looks like more elevated version of the firs Dead or Alive. But I have to admit, I prefer the design of this release much more than the first one. One thing I have to say though, the game play is still very slow so unless you're up for a grinding, long session, you probably shouldn't be playing this slot.
I can't recall the times I've seen other players hitting big on this game as there's just too many. Without a doubt, this is  a very highly volatile slot and yes you can win big on it or it can go bust easily, especially if you're playing with high bets. I rarely play higher than 0.18€ per spin as it usually takes a lot of features to get a good win. My best win so far was a 1000x bet win however it was during a tournament. 

The game comparing to the first Dead or Alive features 3 bonus rounds and allows you to pick the bonus based on how volatile feature you want- there's train heist feature, regular bonus round and max volatile free spins. Almost never I go for the old saloon as I never was lucky with it. When I'm playing with a low balance I've sometimes gone for the heist bonus- for every wild symbol you get an additional free spin and the multiplier for free spins can go up to 16x. A few times I've managed to collect enough for the max multiplier but usually I get empty spins then so not much point of it. My favorite, as for most players, is the max volatility free spins. They work the same as old saloon with 5 extra spins for wild on each reel, the difference is that if you get wild on the same reel but different position, the wild will be twice multiplied, or stacked wild reel would mean 3x multiplier. 

Except for my tournament win I've yet to chase a big win, but it's definitely possible. I've had a few smaller wins and I have to say this is one spectacular game. Is it the most entertaining during base play? No. But the bonus round always keeps me on my toes and that's what we're here for. I give it 9/10 simply because the gameplay can be very slow even with quickspin option.


do like the Train Heist feature the most to be honest, as it's something completely different from the traditional "12 spins of mystically disappearing wilds" that make up the Old Saloon/High Noon Saloon features.

The potential is awe-inspiring, but will be reserved for the lucky few. And a word of warning: I've done >2000 spins on DoA 2 and only had 4 bonuses, paying between 4x and 100x, For me, this is A LOT harder to bonus than eg. Bonanza, having up to 750 spins between bonuses.

Luckily, DoA 2 doesn't rip hard in my experience, unlike many other high volatility monsters. Base game can have a quite decent RTP (I'd say around 65-75%). But it rips nevertheless, except if you are very, very lucky.

Of course, traditions are there to be kept; I never did good on the original DoA: Never came close to that illusive wild line or anything else worth mentioning. And I have a sinking feeling DoA 2 won't change that, as someone has to pay for those >50.000x wins, that are already circulating various casino media out there.

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Top 10 Wins 2019 - Dead or Alive 2 slot

So, just a little quick one upstream off camera wasn't recording just watching football in the background. Look at what paid so far look at it holy fuck, two grand a pop, Oh My gods, what the fuck a 90 p au, lait, fuck man! I did that things that much this is insane Kraig tommy was playing it. I thought uploading a little deposit, oh man, oh my god same Afghan.

I wasn't recording wow, I mean there. We go. You know it's! My bitch, I told you - I was gon na, make you my bitch what that fuck honestly, that is insane all this time. I don't have to point erina, [, Laughter, ]. I just wanted to see that the savings means an evil world no fucking way.

Meanwhile, there we go, there sits a five spins left without as well. This might be bigger than slot spinners. When guys look, how much she's people look, how much she's paid already anymore? Oh, my god, is it's crazy, holy shit.

I cannot believe this guy's. Oh I'm! So hotdon't fuck, you see, I just I don't want to click. That brings your brain, no gigabit.

No, I'm not gon na click thatNIC's feet! No. Why would I be few minutes amazed in this? An awesome win. I'M happy for her she's, a good lass.

I'Ve met I've met des a few times, she's, really really nice. No I'm chill for his brilliant. It'S a fucking awesome win.

I don't get jealous, I'm happy for people to win so far. It'S an amazingly cold Iain! Oh my god. Should I kick it.

Nowi is not so hard 96,000, it's gon na, be my headlet's get never Oh. What is this balance? Energy spins on 1990? 6401? Well, guys! Well guys some party tomorrow 378 bonuses on stream and 200 of 325 thousand nine around 95 it!

Oh, my god. I cannot believe that Jesse is absolutely smashed. It is how much smoke isn't much point we even played it know he is it like a poop fruit machine, this game's fucking empty for at least a week onare you ready yesare y'all, ready, dude yesdid. He tell you about that.

Half-Million he's got it yesyou're a wizard HarryI'm a lot, a wizardoh, my god. Okay, it's happening. Everybody stay calm, everyone!

What'S the procedure down now, that's pretty huge for this oneAnish, madam, is in traditional Irish beer again, which give in Kahaluu massive objects on nine chap OH Chava card, which combined Kaito Ahmed on one carbon initiative our product. This is ancestors Educare shop. Here we interrupt this program to bring youit's a record win here on better life, Leo Vegas $ 239,000 ain't. Nobody got that much money.

Ladies and gentlemen, we fucking out after 50 bonuses blades, I got it. Finally, yes man. This is gon na, be fucking huge, eight spins left.

Oh, this is going to be a fucking ketchup, home Wow 3000 to spin your fuck, you got ta be kidding all the print lab snow, serve them in the hole, thousands but see WowyesOh boy that escalated quicklyI mean that really got out of hand. Fastyou jumped up a notch, it did didn't itit's time for the moment you've been waiting, foroh, my fucking god, it's crazy. This is pointless.

We'Ll move Emilio! Oh that just happened. Oh my gosh, oh Jesus Christyesshit!

Here we go again what the fuck would fuck

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Dead or Alive 2 slotby NetEnt RECORD BIG WIN×ХХ.ХХХ

Dead or Alive 2 slot av NetEnt RECORD BIG WIN × ХХ.ХХХ

Dead or Alive 2 slot av NetEnt RECORD BIG WIN × ХХ.ХХХ

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