The Dark Knight Rises
RTP: 96.41%

The Dark Knight Rises Слот

к Microgaming
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Описание слота

Microgaming The Dark Knight Rises Slot Features

The presented game slot The Dark Knight Rises is a typical five-drum model typical for Microgaming. There are three rows of characters on the playing field. The size of the bet must be a multiple of thirty. The gambler also has the ability to adjust the value of the game credit.

The video slot is just chock full of interesting options. Among them there are many very unusual characters. The player will be able to meet special pictures with special functions, additional multipliers, free spins, a unique Symbol Scramble function, bonus rounds, etc.

Like other original HTML5-slots Microgaming, this slot does not provide for the presence of game lines in the classical sense. The paid combination is formed by identical pictures, which are located next to each other, regardless of position. The main thing is that the combination begins with the leftmost drum. This means that in the game, in fact, 243 active lines. Note that only Microgaming slot machines can boast of such a function.

In order to get detailed information on the coefficients, the user can open a special section in which this information is described to the smallest detail.

The game from Microgaming does not provide for a round of doubling, so each win is instantly credited to the player’s account.

The Dark Knight Rises Microgaming slot machine: symbols

The thematic focus of the Microgaming machine is directly disclosed in its symbols.

On the field you can see the main characters of the game:

Of course, the values ​​of the cards, which are used as ordinary basic pictures in most modern video slots, are also present.

Unique characters:

Wild - performs its classic function, that is, replaces another element for making a prize combination.
Expanding Wild is an original symbol. It falls exclusively on the third reel and fills the entire vertical plane.
Scatter - is also a typical scatter symbol that makes up a combination, regardless of where it appears on the playing field. If three of these symbols appear, the participant is automatically redirected to the bonus game.

Microgaming original bonus game

The game provides an original feature called Free Spins Accumulator. It runs randomly during any spin that did not bring prizes. Batman and Bane appear on the screen and start a fight. After the match is over, the player is awarded several free spins and additional multipliers.

Symbol Scramble is able to mix images on the screen and thus allows you to earn some additional successful combinations. There are many other unusual functions in the slot machine that will appeal to all lovers of quality gambling.

How much you can win on The Dark Knight Rises

A few years ago I think, is about 2013 new slot came. It was made by Microgaming and called The Dark Knight Rises and there were problems with it to say the least, and you can still look up a thread of casino sites. People were talking about this slot and they thought those may be selling hot with it, and then certain people had won quite a lot of money.

The operators were refusing to pay and yeah a lot of the time people didn't get paid out. But when things like this happen, operators are often they don't want to admit, there's a problem, because then that could mean anyone. That'S played the slot could start claiming or there's something wrong in the slot. I love like money back so was there something wrong with it?

Wasn't that I'm gon na explain exactly what happened so anyway. In case you didn't know it's one of those 243 slots and all the rest of that nothing new. They are just on use concept, so you can't actually play this game at the minute. So that's why?

I'm using this YouTube video of it to show you. I have no affiliation with these. People have no idea who they are. So it's just a video like fighting over. I mean it's, so I got 80 views from the minute.

It'S just one. I find it shows a bad line to show you, so what you would do is you would play the slot on the lowest stick. You could so that would be 30 pence if you're playing in British pounds and so you'll play along okay, the wheels would spend then at random times. What would happen as our fight sequence would trigger.

I think one's a way to come off in just a second. Should just be about you know, I thank we'll see is an exponent yeah. Here we go. This would further on to do the animation there.

You go so next to free spins out at the Batman and a few extra added, the big okay. So what does that mean? Well, it means that if you trigger the feature, you would get more free spins now, so you can pick your your side when the feature triggers you get the feature by three skaters, which is again in just a common so as you're playing it at random times. You might care to learn, try to stop that now.

You might took up more fights and then your free spins would go up here, and your free spins would go up here and also eventually, once you've got the right 33 spend your multiplier would go up too. So, okay, great, but how can we exploit this? Well, all you had to do was once your free spins and your multiplier go a bit higher. You will just increase the stake and the free spins would be triggered at some point when the three scatters dropping in and you would get paid on those free spins at the twiddling. Stick if you have a look at this graphic, this was the original pay table and here it says all bets played the same as those that started the feature.

So if you were playing three pounds and you've got the feature, you know, you'd have three pounds free spins. The thing was, though, you're adding to your free spins in a multiplier. You were only playing on 30 pence, so I wasn't costing you much at all. Obviously, occasionally the feature would trigger before you want it to, and if that happened you just collected it and then went back to the start.

But what would happen sometimes is you know your free spins go up, but not to get to 30 and 40, and your multiplier would start going two times three times four times five times and that this happened. You'D want to increase the stakes even more another time. I think the maximum stake was at 750.

Probably this is just old. I think I don't know this is free credits, this guy's using whatnot, but doesn't matter and autoplay table. I showed you that I said dollars, not a lot matters. So what would happen? Is you had a feature eventually trigger and then you might end up with like forty five free spins at a times for multiplier that you took out this on for first day of 750, you could run a huge amount of cash and now the bet that seemed To trip people up was they don't understand random feature trigger? It was random, it was three scatters so when you were waiting on it to happen, so you just increase your stake.

It could it could happen next spin. They could happen to hundreds pencil now. So some people actually suggested this exact strategy in the forum, but then, when they didn't get the feature for 300 spins or whatever they just assumed. Oh yeah, that's not going to work, or perhaps they got the free spins and got an extremely you know. Bad set.

Haven'T got very unlucky and they cost them more together than the free spins paid method or yeah that that's fixed, that's not going to work, but that that was just unlucky, and this is a thing. You'Ve got to understand random. So, of course, when you're trying this out, you have to play this again. Free, you have to you, know, try, okay, is this just unlucky, I unwrap them or it has this being weighted. Has this been fixed, and so you know a little bit of experimentation.

You could come to the conclusion that no, it was just random, so you know if you get bad luck, you get back bad luck, you're not necessarily guaranteed to make money on every cycle, but it doesn't make money. No. They did realize this, obviously until a fix, especially to which I'll show you, if you have a look at the tea-table here on this one is no change to all winds within the feature will be multiplied by a weighted average bet. So what does that mean? That means, if you started playing all from 30 pence, then increased your stake and so on and so forth. It'S not going to trigger.

When you get the feature, it's not going to pay out your triggering, but it's going to average out. You know what you've been playing outside and playing out 30 pence a lot in all that's going to take the average debt so hence this would. This would stop the strategy from working.

So you know, obviously they realize that I are trying to make it get both fours up at the same time for you, so you can see the difference. Yes, a hero says all bets played at the same as well as it started to feature the Sun says. All winds within the future will be multiplied by average. Rated bet so this was there affects. Obviously the fact something has changed on the pay table here shows you they've done.

They'Ve done something to the game. Something has definitely changed, but it's not something they wanted to advertise, because obviously anyone that played this lost money on this could then start saying here on the money back and now quite a few people that didn't teeth. You know do this at casinos and get large withdrawals which will never ever paid, and you know just told tough and how is that, and even though they've submitted, what's known as a picture, bitch of casino master about even you know, didn't break any towns. Nothing like that because they were just played with all of cash.

It'S building get paid, and I don't really know if many people really know what happened to your. But it's you know, it's just goes to show you. These things do happen on online slots. It did not really, it was pretty obvious. It didn't take a genius to work live by any stretch of the imagination, but if it happens, the opposing will keep your eyes peeled for new games or under any strategies that are going to work, are going to give you an edge or ever been any mistakes.

You would think there would be all sorts of testing you would. You would think there would be, but nope there wasn't it's still working. This is just showing one of the features here and I don't think anyone's really talked properly about it and what happened on this, as I say, was if it was a few years back 2013 but yeah. Oh one, more thing: this was a bit odd.

They obviously realized something was up, and so they issued a fix, but something even stranger happened. If you had played this game at casino after the first release of the fakes, it actually still worked while Mumbai die is say: you'd play this game at Ladbrokes. They should the fix it would still actually work it didn't the initial fix or some reason it didn't work, but if you'd go, if you went to play this game, a new casino, what you hadn't played that before or went to play this game like AC, where You hadn't played that before after the fix was released, it would be fixed, so you had the actual scenario where the game would be working with the empty r1 casino and fixed, but another casino at the same time, so they released effects. Also so that's the problem solved no need to worry, but it hadn't actually worked properly. Somehow I don't know why, but I certainly had this and I knew other people who had the same.

I had this trick working at one casino and at the same time I had this trick fix to the other casinos and the only thing that was different was. I had already played this game and i said casinos and i was still working out and asked the same for the people. I knew they played the game already. Some casinos and the trick was still working so again.

They had to obviously do something else, and that really saw release effects and eventually also did dead, but yeah it was for a while. I made quite a lot of cashes. You didn't you couldn't guarantee, you know, profit each cycle whatever. Overall, no events that you got that big hit when you're you know you're playing for 50 or 60 islands of 750.

You end up with 53 spins or times 4 times 5 and it dropped you're a monster and you I get few thousand and that would cover all all losses and more until you well and profit. So I thought I would explain what really happened in the Dark Knight Rises, as I don't think anybody has up to this point and event. I am probably going to be doing some stuff that still works today, but I got a watches and door on it.

Obviously, I don't want, like hundreds of people, sudden like pilot and nasarah casinos and trying something that's Pia, it's gon na be obvious people. You know the casino or know something is up, and these days the terms and conditions that was so much tighter than they used to be even in the past year or two I've tightened everything up and yeah. If you keep an eye out for my next videos and also the appreciative recheck all right Peter and I will put stuff on there, I will post up for free as well so see you next time.

The Dark Knight Rises Stacked Wilds Big Win

Часто задаваемые вопросы об игровых автоматах The Dark Knight Rises

❓ Каков возврат (RTP) The Dark Knight Rises?

✅ The Dark Knight Rises предлагает игрокам возврат в размере 96.41%.

❓ Каковы особенности игрового автомата The Dark Knight Rises?

  • Барабаны: 5,
  • Линии выплат: 243,
  • Макет: 5 x 243,
  • Диапазон ставок (€/$/): 0.3 - 7.5 Ставка.

❓ Кто создал слот The Dark Knight Rises?

✅ Это один из самых широко известных слотов от Microgaming. Это часть 
отличной коллекции фантастических игровых автоматов казино Microgaming, которые вы можете попробовать онлайн прямо сейчас.

❓ Есть ли у The Dark Knight Rises бесплатные вращения?

✅ есть функция бесплатных вращений, которая может активировать бесплатные вращения на доступных уровнях игры.

❓ Могу ли я сыграть в The Dark Knight Rises на реальные деньги?

✅ Вы можете играть в The Dark Knight Rises на реальные деньги почти во всех крупных онлайн-казино, поскольку это известное Microgaming слот. Посетите наше рекомендованное казино, чтобы помочь вам выбрать подходящее.

❓ Где играть The Dark Knight Rises?

✅ MyCasinoIndex составил рейтинг онлайн-казино со слотами Microgaming. Исследуйте проверенные казино с самым высоким рейтингом с помощью игрового автомата The Dark Knight Rises.

❓ Как играть в The Dark Knight Rises на мобильном устройстве?

✅ Вы можете просто получить доступ к этой мобильной игре  через удобный для мобильных устройств сайт казино. На своем мобильном телефоне или планшете просто используйте браузер, посетите сайт казино и зарегистрируйтесь.

Особенности слота
  • Программного обеспечения: Microgaming
  • The Dark Knight Rises RTP: 96.41%
  • Бонусная игра: Нет
  • Бесплатные вращения: да
  • Монеты на линию: 5
  • Катушки: 5
  • Стоимость монет: 0.01 - 0.05
  • Линии выплат: 243
  • Мин. - Макс. Ставка: $0.30 - $7.50
  • Максимальное количество выигрышей в монетах: 5000
  • Максимальный выигрыш: $250
  • Дикий символ: да
  • Множители: Нет
  • Символ разброса: да
  • Опция автозапуска: да
  • Прогрессивный: Нет
  • Тип слота: Видео слоты
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Игра является продолжением успешной игры Microgaming с прогрессивным джекпотом, Dark Knight. Этот обзор слота даст вам историю создания слота, причины, по которым он больше не распространяется, и выбор игр, в которые можно играть вместо этого. Взаимодействие с другими людьми ...


Мобильный слот Dark Knight Rises разделил многих онлайн-игроков. Некоторые играют и обнаруживают, что это не дает им достаточно выигрышей достаточно быстро, другие получают крупный выигрыш в течение первых 30 вращений. Как правило, мы думаем, что если вы собираетесь играть в этот мобильный игровой автомат, убедитесь, что он надолго . Он действительно нас покорил, но для того, чтобы по-настоящему оценить этот игровой автомат для Android, требуется тщательное планирование бюджета и любовь к различным функциям. ...


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