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The Dark Knight Rises is the follow up game to Microgaming?s hugely popular slot The Dark Knight. This online slot machine boasts more of the epic graphics and sound effects that you might expect from one of the world?s leading software providers. There?s a generous jackpot up for grabs, and the chance to win four different levels of progressive jackpots, too. Not only that, the game is packed full of fun bonus features, including a fight between Batman and Bane. ...

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The Pogg

game Review games game can be found at Microgaming casinos. Microgaming as a standard do not publish the slots house edge information of their games. However they lease their slots games out to casinos using other software, some of which do publish this information. So far we’ve only found one casino – RedBet – that has published this information for The Dark Knight Rises and they list the house edge as 3.57%. When playing at any other venue, this information should be used as a guideline only as the game may be configurable.A broken Batman ...

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Casino Online Rating

“The Dark Knight Rises”, a 2012 superhero film directed by Christopher Nolan featuring the DC Comics character Batman, was the final installment in Nolan’s Batman film trilogy and it was the sequel to “Batman Begins” (2005) and “The Dark Knight” (2008). In the movie Christian Bale reprised the lead role of Bruce Wayne aka Batman, with a returning cast of his allies: Michael Caine as Alfred Pennyworth, Gary Oldman as James Gordon, and Morgan Freeman as Lucius Fox. The film introduced Selina Kyle (Anne Hathaway), a sly, morally-ambiguous cat burglar, and Bane (Tom Hardy), a mercenary bent on ...

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Microgaming struck gold with Batman Begins and The Dark Knight video slots. They've now worked their magic on the third installment, The Dark Knight Rises. It includes 5 highly detailed reels that make full use of 243 win-ways and a collection of all new features. Rise! ...

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game is a sequel to Microgaming’s successful Progressive Jackpot game, the Dark Knight. This slot review will give you the history of the slot’s creation, the reasons why it is no longer being distributed, and a selection of games to play instead. ​ ...

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The gambler bay

Play 【 The Dark Knight Rises Microgaming Online Slot Machine Game 】 ➦ ✅ Free (DEMO 2000)/Real Money ✚ ✅ Best Microgaming Online Casino List! 🚫 No Download! ...

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The Dark Knight Rises mobile slot has divided many gamblers online. Some play and find that it doesn't give them enough wins quickly enough, others get a big win within the first 30 spins.Generally, we think that if you are going to play this mobile slot machine, make sure it's for the long haul. It did win us over, but it requires careful budgeting and a love of different features to truly appreciate this Android slot game. ...

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Quotation Forthcoming

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Try game online for free in demo mode with no download and no registration required and read the game's review before playing for real money. ...

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Slot Reviews by Users

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22 reviews by users Write Review
Bathter Bagbell

Personally I like the Bane spins the best but I have a bit of a thing for the Rolling Reels feature so that is not too surprising!

I really think this game is something of a missed opportunity though - it would have been interesting if they had linked this game back to the Mega Moolah jackpot fund considering that "The Dark Knight" removed this feature which had been part of the original Lord of the Rings slot, but Microgaming chose not to do this. I also can't help but wonder why more features were not included considering most other 243 ways games include at least four - this was a huge license and it really just seems to have been sold rather short in my opinion.

A decent enough game, but unremarkable in pretty much every way - I've not gone back to playing this one again since around a month after it's initial release and cannot imagine myself wanting to play it again in the future either.


Hmm for sure it is little too low payout setting for this video slot and it should be much better.


“The Dark Knight Rises” is maybe more medium-variance, and as such not for me – I much prefer the original – but I do recommend you give it a try sometime all the same, its definitely a fun slot machine.


Each of the has a separate amount of spins that come with a different feature. batman free spins give you a choice of a random wild or even a double wild in a heat seeking mode, and bane feature gives you rolling reels feature or stacked wilds in a supper stacked wilds mode. I myself never had the heat seeking mode or supper stacked wild mode but i am sure that they are awesome.

The pays on this game are very small, and that is the reason why i dont play this game much. Once i got 55 free spins with 4x multiplier on a €0.30 bet and only won €28. Maximum i ever got on this game was €37 and that was on a €0.60 bet. Other times i could be playing for ages and not see batman fight bane. Or get alot of free spins and not get any multipliers. Annoying at times:)

In the normal mode if wild comes out on the third reel it turns the whole reel wild. Im not sure if it does it in the free spins mode because i never got it, but i think it probably does. If i was to rate this game i would give it 6 out of 10. It does have nice graphics and it is interesting ti play, but the small pays let this game down. Hope you enjoyed my review:)


Okay here's the reason why i didn't play this slot again first is the graphics of slot the graphics was very poor and i think that the quality is medium and need to improve. When you play the bonus feature of the game you'll see that it's like a cartoon animation level and that's i know that it's uninteresting to play i don't say that the graphics should be 3D or must be on high specs 'm just wanted to say that the must upgrade and improve that kind of style. The old version of "Dark Knight" is better in graphics that's what i'm talking about why does they can't make that as they did on the old version?

Winnings from this slot is okay but dull and slow winnings sometimes (based from my observation when i played this slot) the winnings were so elusive that your credits need to dissipate to 1/2 before you win unless you're strategical. The slot characteristics that they have are wild symbols, Scatters, i won $37 from their scatter! Of course Free spins, and other bonus features. First bet a low amount and try to understand how this slot works then increase your bet when you won nice amounts.

Placing bets here is very risky when you don't know how to handle it like me i always max my bets and lost it quickly be aware that you used coins instead of currency or cents you must know how to calculate it.. Symbol scrabble and the duel between Batman and Bane is the best feature of this slot. Just enjoy playing and control the risk while playing.

Codelia Firemurray

My biggest winning from Dark Knight Rises is 79000 coins at once when there appeared 3 complete lines of Wild-icons and whole screen completed with Batman and Bane-icons. Main goal in this game is to collect as much as much as possible free-spins, with multipliers. And you will collect these free-spins when Batman & Bane fight against each other. When i triggered last time free-spins, i had 35 collected with 3x multipliers. I won total 12400 chips from these spins and i had a chance to win much much more, but i missed few good possibilities to have many Wild-icons on the lines. There is also possibility to have extra winnings, when for example Batman brings whole line of Wild-icons.

Dark Knight Rises is extremely entertaining, but needs to be controlled by player. If you play this Slots without stopping the spins time to time, most likely you lose in the end. Best way to get high winnings from Dark Knight Rises is to get involved to the spins, be tactical, use correct timing and hunt down Wild-icons and trigger-bonuses. Of course movie-sounds and themes are perfectly integrated to the game and it is one of the best slot-games that is available at the moment. I enjoyed every moment and after i learned all the tricks, i understood that Dark Knight Rises is very profitable slots-game. I liked the movie and game is equally interesting and cool.

I recommend everybody to try Dark Knight Rises-game. If you don't win at the beginning, don't worry or get frustrated, it needs some time, before you learn correct tactic to stop the spins and hit the triggers on right time.

Good luck for everybody and have a steady hand and focused mind. If you think big, you can win big. There is always something bad in this wold, and then there is Dark Knight...

Mrs Fran The Mitt

I had some money on my account so I decided to try at the minimum stake maybe this time I will more luckier than the past.

The Dark Knight Rises slot has 243 winning lines so I didn’t hesitated too much. I started the game but like on the many other high designed slot with many video cut and animations it was very slow. The spins were really slow too. I think they could do some optimization on those video slots. The minimum bet is only 0.3 euro here so I had some spins.

To get the free spin feature is a bit hard here, first in the base game when you don’t get a winning combination the Batman and Bane come out to fight and they gives extra free games and multipliers to their special free spins. This feature is worth nothing if you don’t trigger the free spin scatter to start the feature. I was lucky and stopped the scatters when I had 24 free games and 2 times multiplier on the Batman free spins so I picked it. I picked an extra wild symbol but from the free spins I won a small amount. Even I played on smallest stakes I hoped much more income from it.

My biggest win was made on the base game when the expanding wild appeared on the middle reel and I get some high value symbols in a row. It has many other feature but you have to play more on it if you want to unlock those modes. I didn’t like this slot too much so I didn’t play more on it because it was too expensive and the bonuses are don’t good enough.

Walotus Glengonzale

" The Dark Knight Rises " is a slot having as theme the battle between Batman and Bane , in which there are depicted also several other characters from the movie. I can say that I played over 500 spins here in less than an hour and a half until I made my opinions that will be presented below.

With 243 ways to win, a first opinion would be that it is easy for everybody to win here.However, most gains (made up from 3 or even 4 consecutive symbols on a payline) are generally small and do not compensate for the total loss, if you play only a short time here. There is indeed the „Wild“ symbol that expands on the 3rd reel and even more, a rearrangement of symbols on reels and lines for maximum winnings (which occurs once in a random number of spins), but these two new features fail to compensate the short term losses. The winnings come here from the 3rd feature of this slot, namely that (from time to time) normal spins are interrupted by a fight between Batman and Bane (which outcome is again random) . During these fights "Free Spins" and "Multipliers"are granted for the Free Spin round which is to come. Considering that the free spins are triggered once in about 100-200 normal spins, usually the player is receiving between 15 and 50 free spins (gathered during the battle mentioned above) with a multiplier somewhere between 1x and 3x. During these free spins the player can win indeed much, even very much, because now one can choosethe wild-symbol from any of the figures of characters present in the theme of this slot.As an example, if during the normal spins for a total bet of 30 coins (say 30 cents), a won has approximately the same value (30 coins) and is offered once about every 5 to 10 spins (there are of course very rare winnings of some hundreds coins), during the "Free Spins“ roundwith a 2x multiplier one can win on overall an average between 1000 and 5000 coins!Five symbols on a payline during the normal game (which happened to me 4 times) brings an average win of about 100-300 coins.

On the overall the slot is captivating due to its theme (although the fight scenes between Batman and Bane seemed to me to be a little too violent) and due to the fact that both wins and losses are somewhat limited here (I have not lost more than 1,200 coins in about the 500 played spins, i.e. more than 12 USD for a value of 1 cent per coin).

Hayen Pring Lem

ething you can expect from this kind of video slots. Massive paylines but minimum payout.
Watching bane and batman fighting was excited thou and I must say they really did a great job making this video slot.

Features games are one of a kind. Microgaming knows how to entertain online gamblers, that i am sure. High graphics resolution although you need a fast cpu computers to play this game. if your computer older than 10 years I think you wont enjoy the game like i did.

Honestly i didn't play this game very often and one of the reasons is what i have mention before, low payout and the layout is too dark. You will be bored within an hour and maybe less as the first hour the game is nice but after that it became simple and dull.

The previous batman video slot with the jackpot features seems a little bit nicer than this one. i wonder why this game doesn't have jackpot feature. I bet that would make the game more interesting thou. The highest payout single line was 700 credits (5 banes or batmans). that''s a little bit low for my opinion.

The scramble feature only pay the lowest prizes. seems that batman free spins pay more than bane's and that's why I from now on only choose batman free spins.

If you are a die hard batman fan, I do recommend this game. Play this game just for fun because if you play to win you will be disappointed. No USA player unfortunately for you guys and I hope in the future USA can enjoy microgaming casinos as we do.
Playing this game will never make you rich as Bruce Wayne but i doesn't mean you cant enjoy playing it. Give it a try just for fun


But let see more deep on it.

This slot comes to us without any jackpot, which means higher % of RTP ( return to player, probably someone did not know what does it mean, so i will better explain this, than left you with questions after reading my review). I was excited to know that slot without jackpot, and i already thought that i will had amazing wins on this slot, like i had some super hits on dark knight.

But imagine my disappoint when slot was released and i try it out? My first game session was terrible, with RTP around 30%. But i thought to myself that this is probably just swing of variance, and i just should play it more to see nice wins. Okay, i made few deposits and played this slot. And i found it really, really, unbelievable boring if you start to see at original dark knight. Yes, per my opinion dark knight original slot was MUCH MORE better, in one million times better. I do not know what about microgaming thought when they creating idea of this slot, but it is absolutely not interesting, even more it is absolutely boring. Its hard to trigger free spins, wilds that you choose on free spins never drop. And i can tell this many, many times. Original dark knight amazing slot, but dark knight rises is just stupid game and i even can not imagine who will like to play on this slot.

Sorry microgaming, but in my opinion this slot does not worse such big title, and you can do much more better slots, much more ( just look on playboy). I do not like this slot, and i will never play it.


It's good to know for the price of $0.30 minimum for all paylines, it's easy to get carried away for a long time.

The fight scene that randomly triggers on a spin increases the amount of spins for Bane's feature and Batman's feature. I would decide what feature would work out best for me on a bet of $0.90 a spin but I always go for Bane's feature knowing that symbols roll inside for newer wins despite Batman's feature that allows me to select an extra wild. Usually the extra wild I choose doesn't appear often, making it hard for me to win. My choices can change from one feature to the next based on how many spins I accumulated from each counter.

What I do love to anticipate are symbols scrambling from a non winning pull that I really like when an expanding wild shows at the same time this occurs. I made a 5 of a kind combination of "the cat" during a scramble along with an expanding wild. That was one of the juiciest moments I've ever experienced!!! There are progression bars to make things interesting, I'm still in the process of going through it all just to find out what the hype about each feature is about. On Banes feature, aside from the rolling reels, has "Super Stacks" available when I make it to the end of the progression bar. Rolling reels and super stacks sounds like a lighter lighting away a bunch of dynamite, making a sparking noise then BANG!!!!!! On the other hand Batman's feature after unlocking the bar sounds just like the Split symbol on the Playtech slot Blade but seems to sound more interesting on The Dark Knight Rises slot!!! I would like to get the chance to unlock them both so I will keep triggering features until such time comes.

I will rate The Dark Knight rises for an amazing 10 out of 10!! It's really worth spending long hours and bets on it :)

Sir John Long

I always been a fan of the Batman movies, and Christian Bale is one of my favorite actors. Especially the Christopher Nolan produced Batman movies were very high in quality and entertainment in my opinion. That's what I always been happy with the presence of these contracts that Microgaming has with Hollywood studios to turn these branded superheroes into online slots.

I've played The Dark Knight slot a lot and had many big wins on it, followed by a long period of drought. TDKR is a slot I haven't tried much though, since it's not able to compete with its predecessor in terms of big wins. TDKR is a 243-ways-to-win slot as well and has 5-reels, and several bonus features to pick from once they are all unlocked.

The symbols consist of all familiar characters from the movies. Good guys like Batman and of course bad guys like Bane are featured over it. The game has a stacked wild symbol on the 3rd reel and the number of free spins and multipliers you're competing for will increase, while you're playing this game. Batman and Bane will randomly pop up to fight each other and with each hit, the free spins and multipliers will increase.

3 or more scatters are needed to activate the free spins. Once you get those, you'll be able to choose from Batman's Extra Wild feature or Bane's Rolling Reels feature. The other features need to be unlocked first. I haven't played this game that much to have experienced the other features. What I do can tell though is that the Extra Wild feature was quite disappointing, since the symbol I would choose to act as an extra wild would barely come up in free spins mode.

This would be the case not just once but multiple times. My biggest win on this slot is 50x my bet size on a €0.30 bet. Although the graphics are superb and the brand could carry the slot a long way, I don't feel like this is the best slot. I liked The Dark Knight more in my honest opinion.

That's the reason why I haven't played this game much. My final rating for TDKR would be 6.5/10.

Clarkola Ohmsdon

That game was immensely popular and there were a great many players very sad to see it go, despite the fact that "The Dark Knight" was supposed to be more or less the same game.

With that heritage this game was always going to struggle to live up to peoples expectations - in one very specific way though, it did infact far exceed many peoples hopes and dreams! In simple terms this game allows you to build up free spins and multipliers from "fight scenes" which occur randomly inbetween spins. When the game was first released Microgaming made the enormous mistake of forgetting to factor in the bet level at the time these events occured allowing savvy players to gather up a great number of free spins and multipliers playing at very low bets, then increasing their bet significantly to take advantage of these earned rewards at a far higher stake.

Of course it did not take long for the scammers and bonus abusers to find out about this flaw and Microgaming issued a fix relatively quickly but those lucky players who managed to take advantage of this mistake could easily have made vast profits from this game in the meantime! It seems unbelievable that a company as experienced as Microgaming would make a mistake like this, but nevertheless it really did happen!


I liked the graphics on that game and enjoyed every time when I see, batman & bane fight. Every once when they start fight and for every “shot” they adding a random amount of free spins /multiplier. Each of the has a another amount of spins what comes with a different type of feature.

Batman's free spins can give to you a some choice of a random wild or even a double wild in heat seeking feature, next bane feature is giving to you rolling reels feature or stacked wilds at a super stacked wilds feature. I personally didn't had the heat seeking feature or super stacked wild feature but probably they are very cool.

The pays in this slot are very low, and this is that reason why i don't like this game so much. When i received 40 free spins with 4x multiplier on a 0.30e bet and only won 21e. Maximum i ever got in this video slot it was 28e and this was when I played on a 0.50e bet.

Next times i could be playing for long time but not seeing batman fight. Or receive many of free spins but not receive any multipliers. It is frustrating sometimes.In the main game when wild appears on the 3's reel it turns the full reel wild.

I am not sure but if it does that in free spins mode because I never receive that, but I think that probably yes. If I had to rate this slot i could give 7/10. It surely have nice graphics and this is interesting to play, but this little pays are destroying this game. I hope you will have more luck on this slot, good luck! :).


I think The Dark Knight Rises offer better features.

The minimum bet is set to 0,30€. This is great, because I played mostly on minimum stakes. The Dark Knight Rises has 3 features. First is free spins which is starts when you receive at least 3 scatters. What I like at this is that Batman and Bane fight and reward you with number of free spins and multiplier. After you hit 3 scatters you can choose which features you want. You can choose between Bane free spins or Batman free spins. Bane offer rolling reels and super stacked wilds while Batman offers extra wild blast and heat seeking wilds.

The second feature is expanding wild, which can expand anywhere on reel 3. And the third is symbol scramble which offers a chance to win by scrambling all symbols into the best positions, combination. I got scrambling symbols a couple of times, but the symbols were weak – only J or Q.

This game surprises me with graphics. It looks so amazing, but not only graphics even sounds and audio effects. While I played it I really enjoy, I didn't saw many slots with this kind of sounds and everything. When I played it, it seemed like I was into it just because of this outstanding audio effects. Mostly I played video slots with quick spin mode, but at this I was playing at normal speed.

I received free spins feature few times, but it seemed like every time I got it too early, when the multiplier was only on x1 or x2. This game is better than the first one - The Dark Knight.

Mrs Fran The Mitt

The minimum bet that can be place in this slot is 0.30$. The music of this game is nice and dark and the graphics of this slot ain't too shabby as well. Also I love the animation on it especially the random fights between Bane and Batman.

So those fights that happen between Bane and Batman can occur on any non-winning spin and during the fight free spins and multipliers will be awarded. That is one of the features that this slot possesses. Another feature is the expanding wild that can only happen on reel 3 for extra winnings and the last feature that this slot has is the scramble feature. This feature will occur on a non-winning combination just as the first one and it will scramble reels in search of the best possible combination to payout.

According to my experience the most luck I had is on the first feature that just accumulated my free spins, and then the wild and the last would be the scramble which really occurs rarely. Then there is the scatter symbol, 3 or more give the FS bonus. This bonus is also really hard to achieve, but there is also a bright side to that since you will be accumulating FS and multipliers by the time you do manage to achieve it you will have quite of a bonus round. So once you do manage to hit the bonus you will be asked to pick between Bane FS and Batman FS. With bane FS you got the rolling reels and with batman FS you get to choose a high symbol to act as a wild and some other things as well.

Overall this is a very good and exciting game once you do manage to hit the bonus round since in the main game I had no luck what so ever. But I do encourage you to try it and 7/10 from me.


came as no surprise to me that they went with the 243 ways style yet again, but I didn’t expect them to ditch the progressive jackpot – this makes this sequel a very different game to the original, and I’m not sure if it was a great decision – the two games are effectively targeted at very different types of slot player.

It’s inevitable that any Batman fan would give this game a try though, and so of course I did at my favorite Dash casino. The bonus system in this game is very unusual – after any spin, Batman and Bane can appear on screen and will fight, and you are awarded free spins and multipliers when each of them lands a good blow. These are accumulated and counted at the top of the screen, with separate counts for Batman and Bane. When you finally manage to catch the scatter symbols, you are offered a choice between the two – they have two options each, although personally I don’t think there is much difference in the winnings potential between any of the feature options. I’ve not been all that lucky in any of them, although if I had to choose, I’d say the “Heat Seeking Wilds” has paid out best for me.


And the thrill of the slot is kept up by the great soundtrack playing at the background. The slot has 5 reels and 243 play lines.

I played this slot for the first time at 32red casino. I would say that the slot has great returns. I started with the bet of $0.30.In my just first 10 spins of the slot I made 3 good earnings. I made around 1800 coins in the first ten spins. The wild can substitute any symbol except the scatter. There is also an expanding wild on the reel 3. I won around 750 coins by expanding wild in my game play when it appeared for the first time.

The dark night rises logo serves as the wild in the slot game. The appearance of 3 or more scatter on the reels triggers the free spin feature. The slot has the feature in which the fight of bane and batman can occur on any non wining spin. The free spins and multipliers are awarded during this time. These are awarded when the free spins bonus round is triggered. Then you have to choose between batman or bane. The free pin and multiplier records of both of them are placed above the reels. Bane free spin bonus activates rolling reels and super stacked wilds. The batman free spin bonus activates extra wild blast and heat seeking wilds feature.

Another feature which I loved is that symbol scrabble can be rewarded in any non wining spin and allows you to make the best wining combination.
Great slot and any gambler should try this certainly. I would give an assured 9 stars to it.


As a big fan of the original dark knight, i am of course wait this game, and start playing it at 32red right after release.

And let see what i found. Base game is horrible, it is terrible boring. Nothing interesting can really happen, it is almost impossible to get nice wins during base game, and i hate slots with this idea, when everything happen only in feature, i feel myself like a donkey, while waiting feature.

Also there is free spins feature, number of free spins and multiplier depends on fight between batman and bane. My best result is 26 freespins with x 4 multiplier, but i trigger it only after 300 or even 400 spins, which is of course horrible. More horrible, that this feature pay me 50 x total bet. Yeah, microgaming allow to choose batman or bane feature, but all i can say that both of this features are bad. My best result in feature is something like 100 bet, after 8 or so features. I even do not think to play this game more, i wait this dark knight so much, and i get really bad game which just sucks money. I lost on this game probably 200$ or so, and this was something like i just put my money in fire and wait. I am really do not see any chance to win something good on this game, variance is high, but game is boring and not interesting.

I think this will be first slot game which i rate with 1 star, not interesting game, and i think no one play this game this days. This was mistake from microgaming, and like i said, 1 star for dark knight rises.


The Dark Knight Rises is a 5-reel slot with 243 ways to win. If you guys know aboutthe 243 Ways to Win format, I believe you guys will also agree with me as this is an exciting rethinking of the slot machine model that removes the paylines. This is because the wins are based on left-to-right combinations, regardless of their position on each reel. Winning combinations must start from the first reel but can continue on in any position from top, center or bottom, meaning that all symbols act like adjacent scatters. The best part about The Dark Knight Rises is that the music tense and all favourite characters of mine from the movies appear on the reels, bursting into video animations as they make combinations. Then there are lots of exciting new features here, such as Fight Mode, Symbol Scramble and Split Wilds, all of which are triggered in random manner.

Furthermore, when it comes to the symbol scramble feature, the symbols on the reels rearrange themselves to give you the best possible winning combination. This will definitely make your life easier. Another unforgettable one is the fight mode feature and I can have Batman and Bane do fighting across the screen. I think the duel fighting is quite suitable because this can award you a random number of free spins and multiplier value. This is then added to the free spins/multiplier in the free spins bonus feature when you trigger it next and this is quite reasonable to play continuously.

The Free Spins Bonus feature is triggered when you get or more Scatter Bonus symbols on the reels. Here, you are rewarded with 10 free spins, plus the free spins you have accumulated. You will then play a choice of two bonus games, depending whether you choose the Bane or Batman character. For myself I prefer batman and I have selected Batman for the bonus round. Choosing Batman can trigger the Extra Wild Blast Feature, where you get to choose which symbol you want as an extra wild. Trigger the Free Spins Bonus feature ten times to unlock the Heat Seeking Wilds Feature, which transforms random symbols on the three middle reels into wilds.


e winnings come here from the 3rd feature of this slot, namely that (from time to time) normal spins are interrupted by a fight between Batman and Bane.The jackpot feature are also in the game with the value of 1500.

Dark Knight Rises is extremely entertaining, but needs to be controlled by player.these game are not a boring game you play this game are many times in a regular time.If you play this Slots without stopping the spins time to time, most likely you lose in the end.I am a fan of batman movies & games.If I will have to convince someone to play this slot game I would tell him that it has nice graphics,nice story with well known characters like Batman and Bane,nice features like Free Spins,Wild Symbol,Symbol Scramble and Expanding Wild and it gives you good feeling when you play this slot..

This game are very nice.I scored this game 9/10.


It is a 5 reel, 243 ways to win slot with some of the best graphics i have seen till date and rich sound. One can bet 30p a spin up to a massive £15 a spin.

The developers have included some of the best features like free spin accumulator , split wilds and symbol scramble which has made it more popular then its ancestor.Features stated above gets activated randomly and you may go home with cash pouring out of your pocket. Symbol scramble feature turns reels randomly making different winning combinations. Expanding wild symbol makes the wild symbol an expanding wild on the middle reel. Between the game , you see bane and batman fighting each other at random times and giving you free spins and random multipliers.

Other features include free spin bonus feature which gives you 10 free spins and you are asked to choose between bane or batman and depending upon yours selection different sub-features get activated like rolling reels feature where when you get a winning combination the reels burst and the symbols above them take their positions and if it is again a winning combination then again they burst and symbols above it take the respective positions which means this can give your bank roll a giant leap.Choosing batman activates the "Extra Wild Blast Feature" where you can choose another symbols as an extra wild, isn't this amazing." The Heat Seeking Wild Feature" and "The Stacked Wild Feature" are other features which can be activated by triggering the free spin feature for specific number of time.

Overall this is an action packed slot with amazing features and gives you chance to win big. I personally have won some good cash from it and i believe it is lucky for me. You try it as well , it might prove lucky for you too.

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Slot Description

Microgaming The Dark Knight Rises Slot Features

The presented game slot The Dark Knight Rises is a typical five-drum model typical for Microgaming. There are three rows of characters on the playing field. The size of the bet must be a multiple of thirty. The gambler also has the ability to adjust the value of the game credit.

The video slot is just chock full of interesting options. Among them there are many very unusual characters. The player will be able to meet special pictures with special functions, additional multipliers, free spins, a unique Symbol Scramble function, bonus rounds, etc.

Like other original HTML5-slots Microgaming, this slot does not provide for the presence of game lines in the classical sense. The paid combination is formed by identical pictures, which are located next to each other, regardless of position. The main thing is that the combination begins with the leftmost drum. This means that in the game, in fact, 243 active lines. Note that only Microgaming slot machines can boast of such a function.

In order to get detailed information on the coefficients, the user can open a special section in which this information is described to the smallest detail.

The game from Microgaming does not provide for a round of doubling, so each win is instantly credited to the player’s account.

The Dark Knight Rises Microgaming slot machine: symbols

The thematic focus of the Microgaming machine is directly disclosed in its symbols.

On the field you can see the main characters of the game:

  • Batman;
  • Commissioner Gordon;
  • Bane;
  • Catwoman;
  • Alfred Pennyworth and others.

Of course, the values ​​of the cards, which are used as ordinary basic pictures in most modern video slots, are also present.

Unique characters:

Wild - performs its classic function, that is, replaces another element for making a prize combination.
Expanding Wild is an original symbol. It falls exclusively on the third reel and fills the entire vertical plane.
Scatter - is also a typical scatter symbol that makes up a combination, regardless of where it appears on the playing field. If three of these symbols appear, the participant is automatically redirected to the bonus game.

Microgaming original bonus game

The game provides an original feature called Free Spins Accumulator. It runs randomly during any spin that did not bring prizes. Batman and Bane appear on the screen and start a fight. After the match is over, the player is awarded several free spins and additional multipliers.

Symbol Scramble is able to mix images on the screen and thus allows you to earn some additional successful combinations. There are many other unusual functions in the slot machine that will appeal to all lovers of quality gambling.

How much you can win on The Dark Knight Rises

A few years ago I think, is about 2013 new slot came. It was made by Microgaming and called The Dark Knight Rises and there were problems with it to say the least, and you can still look up a thread of casino sites. People were talking about this slot and they thought those may be selling hot with it, and then certain people had won quite a lot of money.

The operators were refusing to pay and yeah a lot of the time people didn't get paid out. But when things like this happen, operators are often they don't want to admit, there's a problem, because then that could mean anyone. That'S played the slot could start claiming or there's something wrong in the slot. I love like money back so was there something wrong with it?

Wasn't that I'm gon na explain exactly what happened so anyway. In case you didn't know it's one of those 243 slots and all the rest of that nothing new. They are just on use concept, so you can't actually play this game at the minute. So that's why?

I'm using this YouTube video of it to show you. I have no affiliation with these. People have no idea who they are. So it's just a video like fighting over. I mean it's, so I got 80 views from the minute.

It'S just one. I find it shows a bad line to show you, so what you would do is you would play the slot on the lowest stick. You could so that would be 30 pence if you're playing in British pounds and so you'll play along okay, the wheels would spend then at random times. What would happen as our fight sequence would trigger.

I think one's a way to come off in just a second. Should just be about you know, I thank we'll see is an exponent yeah. Here we go. This would further on to do the animation there.

You go so next to free spins out at the Batman and a few extra added, the big okay. So what does that mean? Well, it means that if you trigger the feature, you would get more free spins now, so you can pick your your side when the feature triggers you get the feature by three skaters, which is again in just a common so as you're playing it at random times. You might care to learn, try to stop that now.

You might took up more fights and then your free spins would go up here, and your free spins would go up here and also eventually, once you've got the right 33 spend your multiplier would go up too. So, okay, great, but how can we exploit this? Well, all you had to do was once your free spins and your multiplier go a bit higher. You will just increase the stake and the free spins would be triggered at some point when the three scatters dropping in and you would get paid on those free spins at the twiddling. Stick if you have a look at this graphic, this was the original pay table and here it says all bets played the same as those that started the feature.

So if you were playing three pounds and you've got the feature, you know, you'd have three pounds free spins. The thing was, though, you're adding to your free spins in a multiplier. You were only playing on 30 pence, so I wasn't costing you much at all. Obviously, occasionally the feature would trigger before you want it to, and if that happened you just collected it and then went back to the start.

But what would happen sometimes is you know your free spins go up, but not to get to 30 and 40, and your multiplier would start going two times three times four times five times and that this happened. You'D want to increase the stakes even more another time. I think the maximum stake was at 750.

Probably this is just old. I think I don't know this is free credits, this guy's using whatnot, but doesn't matter and autoplay table. I showed you that I said dollars, not a lot matters. So what would happen? Is you had a feature eventually trigger and then you might end up with like forty five free spins at a times for multiplier that you took out this on for first day of 750, you could run a huge amount of cash and now the bet that seemed To trip people up was they don't understand random feature trigger? It was random, it was three scatters so when you were waiting on it to happen, so you just increase your stake.

It could it could happen next spin. They could happen to hundreds pencil now. So some people actually suggested this exact strategy in the forum, but then, when they didn't get the feature for 300 spins or whatever they just assumed. Oh yeah, that's not going to work, or perhaps they got the free spins and got an extremely you know. Bad set.

Haven'T got very unlucky and they cost them more together than the free spins paid method or yeah that that's fixed, that's not going to work, but that that was just unlucky, and this is a thing. You'Ve got to understand random. So, of course, when you're trying this out, you have to play this again. Free, you have to you, know, try, okay, is this just unlucky, I unwrap them or it has this being weighted. Has this been fixed, and so you know a little bit of experimentation.

You could come to the conclusion that no, it was just random, so you know if you get bad luck, you get back bad luck, you're not necessarily guaranteed to make money on every cycle, but it doesn't make money. No. They did realize this, obviously until a fix, especially to which I'll show you, if you have a look at the tea-table here on this one is no change to all winds within the feature will be multiplied by a weighted average bet. So what does that mean? That means, if you started playing all from 30 pence, then increased your stake and so on and so forth. It'S not going to trigger.

When you get the feature, it's not going to pay out your triggering, but it's going to average out. You know what you've been playing outside and playing out 30 pence a lot in all that's going to take the average debt so hence this would. This would stop the strategy from working.

So you know, obviously they realize that I are trying to make it get both fours up at the same time for you, so you can see the difference. Yes, a hero says all bets played at the same as well as it started to feature the Sun says. All winds within the future will be multiplied by average. Rated bet so this was there affects. Obviously the fact something has changed on the pay table here shows you they've done.

They'Ve done something to the game. Something has definitely changed, but it's not something they wanted to advertise, because obviously anyone that played this lost money on this could then start saying here on the money back and now quite a few people that didn't teeth. You know do this at casinos and get large withdrawals which will never ever paid, and you know just told tough and how is that, and even though they've submitted, what's known as a picture, bitch of casino master about even you know, didn't break any towns. Nothing like that because they were just played with all of cash.

It'S building get paid, and I don't really know if many people really know what happened to your. But it's you know, it's just goes to show you. These things do happen on online slots. It did not really, it was pretty obvious. It didn't take a genius to work live by any stretch of the imagination, but if it happens, the opposing will keep your eyes peeled for new games or under any strategies that are going to work, are going to give you an edge or ever been any mistakes.

You would think there would be all sorts of testing you would. You would think there would be, but nope there wasn't it's still working. This is just showing one of the features here and I don't think anyone's really talked properly about it and what happened on this, as I say, was if it was a few years back 2013 but yeah. Oh one, more thing: this was a bit odd.

They obviously realized something was up, and so they issued a fix, but something even stranger happened. If you had played this game at casino after the first release of the fakes, it actually still worked while Mumbai die is say: you'd play this game at Ladbrokes. They should the fix it would still actually work it didn't the initial fix or some reason it didn't work, but if you'd go, if you went to play this game, a new casino, what you hadn't played that before or went to play this game like AC, where You hadn't played that before after the fix was released, it would be fixed, so you had the actual scenario where the game would be working with the empty r1 casino and fixed, but another casino at the same time, so they released effects. Also so that's the problem solved no need to worry, but it hadn't actually worked properly. Somehow I don't know why, but I certainly had this and I knew other people who had the same.

I had this trick working at one casino and at the same time I had this trick fix to the other casinos and the only thing that was different was. I had already played this game and i said casinos and i was still working out and asked the same for the people. I knew they played the game already. Some casinos and the trick was still working so again.

They had to obviously do something else, and that really saw release effects and eventually also did dead, but yeah it was for a while. I made quite a lot of cashes. You didn't you couldn't guarantee, you know, profit each cycle whatever. Overall, no events that you got that big hit when you're you know you're playing for 50 or 60 islands of 750.

You end up with 53 spins or times 4 times 5 and it dropped you're a monster and you I get few thousand and that would cover all all losses and more until you well and profit. So I thought I would explain what really happened in the Dark Knight Rises, as I don't think anybody has up to this point and event. I am probably going to be doing some stuff that still works today, but I got a watches and door on it.

Obviously, I don't want, like hundreds of people, sudden like pilot and nasarah casinos and trying something that's Pia, it's gon na be obvious people. You know the casino or know something is up, and these days the terms and conditions that was so much tighter than they used to be even in the past year or two I've tightened everything up and yeah. If you keep an eye out for my next videos and also the appreciative recheck all right Peter and I will put stuff on there, I will post up for free as well so see you next time.

The Dark Knight Rises Stacked Wilds Big Win