Best movie themed slot machines of all time

Best movie themed slot machines of all time

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Welcome back to our Best slots series, this time we'll be looking at the best video slots of all time. Okay, making an unbiased Top 10 list is challenging. These are our top choices for the best of the bunch who grab the Oscar and the ones are on the red carpet. Further to that in our article.

As usual, starting out the list with out Hall of Fame: notable movie based slots in no particular order: The AvengersGladiatorIron Man 3Superman IIThe Three MusketeersX - Men and Top Gun (all - Playtech); A Nightmare on Elm Street and Fantastic Four (all - Random Logic), Game of ThronesSupermanThe Walking DeadThe Big Bang Theory (all - Aristocrat), AliensThe Invisible Man and Frankenstein (all NetEnt), Tomb RaiderHitmanThe Lord of the Rings - Fellowship of the Ring and Bridesmaids (all - Microgaming). 

That's being done and we are starting out the Best 10 countdown with Planet of the Apes movie based slots machine.

10. Planet of the Apes 

Planet Of The ApesIt's NetEnt's time to step up, though they're known for making lots of brand games. Most slots aren't always what we want, though architecture and esthetics are often top notch for their games, the payout variance can sometimes be tough.

The Swedish provider's thrilling game Planet of the Apes defies the odds quite a little here. Firstly, it has an enticing style. It has two separate layouts of different features. My favorite is a feature that you can trigger a feature where two symbols are picked on each side, it will bring you multiple spins. The matching symbols will all come together, giving you a chance to have an awesome win for yourself. It's multiplier is going up to 3000 X all the way. Great slot!

9. The Phantom of the Opera 

The Phantom of the OperaThe next entry comes from Microgaming, an orange chime when it comes to licensed video slots. The first Microgaming game on our list is a slot annotation of a musical geez's video adaptation. 

Will you repeat that 10 times in a row out loud?  Let's not dwell too much on the slot's linguistic features but take a peek at the mechanics instead. It's a very classic slot, somewhat similar to other traditional Microgaming slots. For example, it has the now-famous five reels and 243 pay line style with a minimum stake of 30 cents, which is similar to Immortal romance. For eg, it has the now-famous 5 reels, 243 payline model with a minimum stake of or equal to 30 cents. Everything's good and comfortable.

8. Jurassic Park

Jurassic ParkIt is yet another slot in the spotlight for Microgaming. This time, when we get to take a peek at Jurassic Park, we are heading back a little into the 90s. For quite some time now this slot has been a crowd's favorite. It's another high potential game, and to keep people amused, it has lots of features. There's the wild symbol in the base game, which will of course improve the odds of landing some good wins, as well as an alert mode that happens anytime a T-Rex symbol appears on the reels. Once that happens, you will see a whopping additional 35 wilds going down on the reels over the next six turns. That can lead to some great winnings, once again.

When you hit the bonus, the fun factor increases, which happens as you get 3 or more amber symbols. If it shows up, one of five features (though you can choose your own if you get the bonus 25 times) will be given to you randomly, each of them is being different. Every of them will give you 12 free spins, the rest is different. The T-Rex brings you stacked wild symbols, the Brachiosaurus adds a multiplier on all the wins, the Triceraptors has Running Wilds (a combination of Stacked Wilds with re-spins) and there are two more. Yet we don't want to get it all laid down like that.  Give yourself a ride to the slot at CasinoCasino, and find out the big wins you will get!

7. Terminator 2

Terminator 2Terminator 2 is another slot from Microgaming entering the top 5 chart. Although this one is a nicer, simpler one, it is one of those slots that made itself known in the casino world. It's no wonder the slot became a success, showcasing a wide range of familiar characters from one of the most famous movies of all time. It has a very generic RTP but it's where much of the magic occurs in the game during the free spins.

The main feature of the game is a T-800 Vision bonus game, which happens at random if you experience a spin that loses.

This targets any of the premium icons and is rewarding a random sum of money to add to the overall balance.

6. Ted 

Ted SlotHow can we think about the best movie slots without getting TED included on this list? One of the games that has now established the theme & style of Blueprint gaming, it's a game packed with features to the brim. You have your cuddly, little pal TED leading you through a multitude of excellent adventures. There is a bonus boost, a substitution option for symbols & a mode where the reels keep rotating, and a single symbol gets "stuck" and triggers extra respins. 

The real fun aspect lies in the bonus. When you get it, one of five rewards is assigned to you at random. However, if you are not happy with your initial choice, you may opt to gamble. The first two are basic pick-and-click modes. However, the higher tier will grant some pretty cool wins and make the slot worth playing well.

5. Rocky 

RockyRocky is a Playtech-designed 5-reel, 25-payline slot. Players will walk right into the ring with Rocky Balboa and some of his toughest rivals. 

The game contains symbols in the form of common characters from the movie: Apollo Creed Ivan Drago Clubber Lang Adrian Rocky The letters in the name of Rocky are also used as symbols of lower importance. Three, four, or five symbols lined up get you big and tiny payouts, and spelling Rough over the five reels will result in 5x the overall bet. 

The game includes symbols of Italian Stallion scatter which activates free spins and multipliers up to 100x the total bet. The Knockout Bonus Round unlocks until the first and last reels display the Bonus Glove icon. During this round you jump in the ring with Rocky and pick one of three opponents: Clubber Lang, Ivan Drago and Apollo Creed. 

You then watch 10 rounds of Rocky's fight. Thereafter, bonus credits are awarded each point. At the conclusion of a mini Knockout game, Rocky will still prevail with a knockout; if the knockout comes earlier than the 10th round, each remaining round counts as a victory and awards extra bonuses. 

Wild symbols exist in the form of Rocky, and matching five wild Rocky symbols would give the highest 10,000-coin jackpot per coin wagered on the pay line.

4. Scarface 

ScarfaceScarface is a slot designed by Net Entertainment with five-reel and 20 paylines.This slot, based on the classic gangster movie, features all the recognizable characters along with unforgettable scenes and sounds from the series. 

Without its character symbols which are Chi Chi, Manny, Elvira, Tony and Montana, a Scarface slot will not be complete. Whenever they are in a winning combination, you'll see a movie scene with those actors. 

Games, money and arms are icons of the game too. Drugs are not one of the symbols of the game, because its developers thought it would conflict with their ethical beliefs to reference the subject.

The Scarface slot has two, three, or four reels of nudge and free spin bonuses that trigger as the wild symbols fill. Having a crazy full stacked on the third reel would unlock a bonus point. In a scene from the movie, you help Tony fend off gunmen. The skill stop feature lets you halt the spinning reels to create a winning combination or cause a bonus round anytime you choose. Click the Spin button to do so.

3. Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock HolmesWe are huge fans of Sherlock Holmes movies and TV shows. Benedict Cumberbatch is appearing in one of these series as Sherlock Holmes and Martin Freeman as Watson. The slot machine Sherlock Holmes is based on this very movie. It was produced by IGT, and it is using the same Wonder Wheel used in the slot machine of the Batman TV Series. This slot uses Sherlock Holmes music and includes icons like Gladstone (the dog), a magnifying glass, violin, and Holmes, Watson, and Mary (Watson's wife). 

The expanding reels was one of the things we loved about this slot machine. A Sherlock icon, for example, will stretch vertically to take up the reel. The effect is more options in which you will potentially win. If you have Holmes and Watson symbols right next to each other, the reels will expand and fully merge Holmes and Watson into a different icon. This will cause the Teamwork Upgrade. if you get the Bonus sign on the first, third, and fifth reels this  will trigger the bonus round. The bonus starts with you picking up a door. You're either going to progress or get one of the wheels spinning. 

The goal is to try to progress to the larger wheel, where you can win bigger prizes. One of the features that you can activate on the wheels is Blow by Blow (this is the battle in which Holmes defeats the man who spits on his head). Also, you can activate the Blackwood Free Spins game. I loved the features, but this is one of those slot machines where I just had a lot of fun turning the wheels around. If you're a Sherlock Holmes fan of this particular series of movies, I would suggest that you check it out.

2. The Wizard of Oz

The Wizard of OzHere even the soundtrack music reminds The Wizard of Oz! We are trying to avoid video slot machines which have little or no features. Needless to mention, a few of these are on this slot machine developed by WMS.The feature that you'll see most is when Glinda, the South's Good Witch, floats in her bubble across the screen. She transforms at least one of the reels into a wild, as this occurs. A major percentage of the time, she turns the first (or three) reel into wilds. It all but guarantees that something here will impress you. 

Once you get 3 Feature symbols, you will be prompted to select one of the Oz Pick Feature. Your choice will determine whether you get Road to Emerald City Feature, Winged Monkey Feature or cash credit.

Road to Emerald City Feature 

It starts with choosing an emerald. Emeralds can reveal cash credits or places for you to move to. You may visit Scarecrow Corn Field, Tin Man Apple Orchard, Cowardly Lion Dark Forest or the Wicked Witch Castle. The more you can pick the emeralds, the more money you can gain. There will be an additional pick me feature in the various areas where you'll select between two and five symbols. Your goal is to collect the four main characters, Dorothy, Tin Man, Scarecrow, and Cowardly Lion, together. Before you go to the Emerald City, you'll want to collect as many as of them possible to pass the gate keeper. This is where the Wizard of Oz can be seen. He will grant you the confidence, the heart and/or the brains that come with a win. This is going to be feature closing.

Winged Monkey Feature

This is a feature where you'll get eight free spins (can be re-trigerred). You can get the winged monkey icon, it will enable another feature (maybe more free spins) if you have two or three of them. On the Winged Monkey Feature, I haven't activated any additional features, but I've earned money on it. I like the feature of the Emerald City but each machine would have its hits and misses. Overall, Playing this slot machine is a lot of fun.

1. The Dark Knight Rises

The Dark Knight RisesThe Dark Knight Rises Slots game is a slot machine with five reels built by both Microgaming and IGT. The two games are identical in design, the only big difference is that the IGT variant is accessible only in land casinos, and the edition of Microgaming is accessible online. 

The game has 14 symbols winning, and 243 paylines. Symbols include many movie personalities such as Harvey Dent and Rachel Dawes, and card symbols such as ace, queen, king, and more. Batman is the top earning symbol, and when five Batman symbols appear in all reels, players will earn up to 2,000 credits. 

The scatter sign, illustrated by the graffiti used on the movie poster, provides you with a chance to get the greatest basic game's bonus. Scoring five scatter symbols across all reels offers up to 15,000 credits maximum. You must obtain two or more scatter symbols from this symbol to win some form of prize. 

Bonus features appear at random and are two central characters in the context of the movie: Batman and Joker. Batman or Joker will pop up on the screen at any given stage and offer you extra prizes. 

The game also has a random free spin feature which can appear in multiple forms and a progressive jackpot at random. The progressive jackpot feature takes you to a new screen where you can find yourself prompted to spin the wheel to claim winnings. The wheel must land on one of four different choices for the jackpot: micro, small, big, and mega.

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