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The Pogg

Play Scarface using Net Entertainment casino software with 5 reels & 20 paylines, read the full slot review with recommended casinos ...

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Scarface, a gangster film which enjoys cult status, has been a hot topic in online casino circles since NetEnt and Universal pictures joined forces to build this slot. It's themed around the 1983 film and comes complete with cut scenes, official graphics and sound bites - it's time to "say hello to my little friend"! ...

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Casino Online Rating

Have you seen a cult gangster film entitled “Scarface”? If yes, you will love one of the latest slots created by Net Entertainment. In cooperation with Universal, Net Entertainment brought a legendary film icon to the reels in its popular slot game – “Scarface”. Themed around the 1983 film, the slot comes complete with cut scenes, official graphics and sound bites. As intense, gritty and memorable as the story that inspired it; the Scarface video slot brings players into the life of the legendary Tony Montana, played by Al Pachino, where money is power. Now you can enter ...

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Review of game by NetEnt, including real players' reviews and ratings, free play mode, winning screenshots, latest bonus codes and promotions. ...

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♥ game Review ♥ Full Game Specs here ⚡ Scarface Free Spins ✅ Bonuses ✅ Bonus Codes & more by NetEnt Casino ✓ ...

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Slot Reviews by Users

  • Positive: 14
  • Mixed: 2
  • Negative: 3
19 reviews by users Write Review

Free spins feature is very hard to trigger, winning from the shooting feature are always low.




I did not like following things:
- terrible bonus game. Really, it is just not interesting. There is always payout like 10 - 20 bets. It trigger very often, but it is boring and even annoying to get same payouts each time.

- Nudge wild not so interesting feature too. It is just few wilds on reel generally, and I never get good payout with this feature.

- Hard to trigger freespins. While bonus game is easy to trigger, getting freespins is much more harder task.

- Our hero always die in bonus game. Pity.


Last of the big spenders aye!

If your a fan of Scarface you will love this slot as it features all the characters ... Including one of my favourite villains Tony Mantana! He appears stacked on Reel 3, he acts as a wild symbol and also he comes with a bonus game if he stops and fills the whole of your third reel. Its a shoutout bonus. No skill involved really, you just need to use your head. You have a bunch of men shooting you if they become too close to you you will get shot and the bonus game ends. The more you shoot the more money you earn. I think the most I've shot in a single bonus game is about 23.

You also have a stacked symbol on reel 2 which gives you a Nudge Bonus, so you get an extra 2 free spins and the stacked wild moves down one every time. The third stacked wild appears on reel 4! I love this symbol. It gives you those all important free spins and don't know her name but she says "you wanna dance"? If she reappears filling the whole reel during free spins your a lucky thing and you get them repeated.

Its possible to get all your three stacked symbols on the screen at the same time, and if this happens during your free spins, your x3 multiplier gives you a very nice win indeed!

Sir John Long

Graphics are typically from Scarface-movie and in my opinion graphics are just awesome. Some theme-slots from NetEnt have been just flops, so I am very happy to say that Scarface-slot is far from being a flop. :)

Scarface is typical 5-reel slot with 20-lines and you cannot choose lesser lines. Minimum-bet is 20 cents, which is very common in many other slots also. Since Scarface was published, I have played it very often in quite many casinos and from minimum-bet 20 cents to 2 euro bets. I have not ever won anything specially big, but mostly I have got somekind of winnings and often I have left Scarface with bigger balance than I had before I started playing it. So, I can say that I have quite much experience from that awesome slot. :)

Scarface seems to be slot with quite low variance, and often you will get some small winnings. That slot has normal wilds, which are very common but then there is three different Stacked Wilds. In reel 2 you might get Nudge Wild, which gives you three freespins and wild nudging down whole time. That feature is not so special, but it anyway helps winning better.

Stacked Wild in reel 3 is my special favourite. That gives you a possibility to be Tony Montana himself and shoot your enemies until you are dead. You will get coins for every killed enemy, and have to say that often I have played that slot for that awesome Bonus Game.

Stacked Wild in reel 4 seems to be most rare and I have got that very rarely. You will get 15 freespins with 3x multiplier and during those freespins you have also possibility to win more freespins. Scarface has really good freespins, actually much better than many other slots have, even if those seems to be rare, but when you finally get those freespins, you will surely win at least something.

Scarface is one of my old favourites and I have played it often and surely will play in future too. Like I can recommend that movie for everyone, I can also recommend that awesome slot for everyone. :) Like Tony Montana said: "All I have in this world is my balls and my word and I don't break them for no one", similar way I will keep my word that Scarface-slot will always stay in my favourite-list. :D


This slot pays a fairly but frequent amount of somewhere between my actual $0.80 bets to 4 times as much. The scale of winnings can be different each time I spin. The only lucky time I hit in the base game for my 4 coins was for 5 symbols hitting the sum of $20. I can't really get lucky with some of the features. The Nudge spins is one feature that is basically the mini version of trailing wilds. It gets triggered once Manny's Stacked symbol appears on the 2nd reel. It's got to be a "full" stack to trigger this feature otherwise if impartial the symbols will turn around for wilds only....the same happens to the other stacked for their features. Expect to have 3 respins with no cost to your balance as this stack on the 2nd reel trails down for winnings. I never get a big win on this mini feature and I always find less than $3. Worse though if I find nothing when being unlucky. I hate that the most!

The bonus game triggered on reels 3 for Tony's stacked symbol isn't a way to bring outthe pot of gold. I would have to pick enemies to shoot out with their values shown on the bottom. Each move spins bullets or a grenade round to use on enemies to win credits (usually in small amounts) and each round makes enemies come closer to Tony before he is killed.....a clip from the movie being the final scene appears! The 3rd and final feature is Elvira's 15 free spins at 3x multiplier. Now I wouldn't count on really big wins as I never see a lot of big hits. 3 combinations are often found in Scarface and very rarely 5 combinations. I would be better off hitting my $20 base win inside free spins! I don't expect a large amount even though hitting Elvira on Reel 4 stacked, whether initially or again for retriggering 15 free spins can be veeerryyyy "easy" (in a sarcastic tone). About $10 are what I win inside most of the time but as I always expect better, Scarface can improve for the greater good!

The other thing I'm curious to know is if all three stacks land in ONE SPIN? I never come across two features at the same time, only one stack within one spin OR A stack accompanied with a broken stack. Should 3 stacks for 3 features be possible I would love to see it! Great graphics, accuracy towards characters and the story are on point, but..........winnings need improvement!

Scarface results a score of 6 out of 10!


obably because i do not like movie, and this is why i do not have any good feelings about this slot, who knows, but i told things as they here, i do not like the graphic, idea, and the whole slot i am also do not like.

This slot has few features, including free spins and something other things, but really, i do not remember correctly what exactly they do, so i will not write about them , i am trying to make only good review based on facts which i know, and if i try to remember this features, i could mislead you, and this of course not good for me as for review writer. I remember only bonus game, which also based on the movie, in which you should protect yourself against enemies, shooting in them , throw grenades on them, etc, and get coins for that. I am found this stupid, especially that you always die at the end. Really, what the point to kill enemies and see how you doing in the end, i understand that this slot based on the movie, but... this is not entertainment and fun, really.

I do not like Scarface slot, i had only few sessions on it, and all of them i lost. So i do not recommend it, netent is great slots creator and have a lot of games which much more better. That's all that i can say.


It's simply because I think they could have made this slot better. Don't get me wrong though, because the music, movie footage, graphics and features are very exciting. It's one of the more "violent" and fun slot games.

It's definitely a slot worth playing but you can't really hit a huge win on this slot except if you get really lucky. They should have increased the payouts in my opinion to make it more appealing. A slot with such a popular brand deserves to have the best and highest pay outs.

I'm not sure why NetEnt only has put a modest max win on this game. Anyway back to the game itself. It basically contains all important characters of the movie, such as Tony Montana, Manny, Elvira Hancock, Frank Lopez, Omar Suarez and Alex Sosa. The best paying symbols are Tony Montana and Elvira Hancock.

The game has a few exciting features. One of them is the Nudge feature which appears when the Manny wild appears all over the second reel. What follows are 3 free spins with the wild nudging down a spot each time until it disappears.

The other feature can be activated if the Tony Wild appears all over reel 3. This will take you to the bonus game where the balcony scene (last part of Scarface) is recreated. Shooting Sosa's men will earn you modest prizes.

Last but not least is the Elvira Hancock Wild appearing on reel 4. If that one appears all over the reel, then 15 free spins are activated with a 3x multiplier. These free spins can be retriggered again. The game also features normal wilds.

My biggest win to this day was 50x my bet multiple times. I'd say it's a low-variance game since it has a habit to award small wins very often.

My final rating for this slot would be a 7.5/10.


ve seen the movie 4 times when I was older like 20 years after it's release and it is still a great movie to watch. Many people could think it's an action movie but I find it's more a drama movie because in the end the protagonist died.

To compete with other gaming providers NetEnt has to release a hit and Scarface was a smart choice. The game has 4 bonus features including free spins feature. I love the cut scenes when a bonus feature is triggered, mainly the shooting feature. The shooting feature is easily to trigger but unfortunately the sum of your winning depends on what you get in the bonus feature. The grenade is rare to win and you need them a lot in order to win big. It requires some skill to win big time during this feature.

I think that the free spins feature is kinda hard to trigger because it requires the fourth reel to be filled with the free spin symbol completely. The chance of winning the free spins feature is as small as in Jack and the Beanstalk game but the only difference is that on Scarface it is possible to re-trigger it in the free spins mode. So far I managed to trigger the free spins mode about 5 times and 1 time I managed to re-trigger them twice which at the end I won over 200x bet.

The other feature is the Chico re-spins but to win this feature the second reel has to be filled with the Chico symbol completely. If you're lucky, Scarface symbol and the girl symbol will appear and a big win is unenviable.

The game has the potential and you have to be lucky to get it but that applies to all slots. You have to be patient in order to win big win playing this game and sometimes it could be boring after a few hundreds of spins and you'll end up with quitting the game.

If you love the movie or the video game you will love this slot too.


e bonus game is essentially nothing more than a "Pick Me" bonus but it's cool that they have designed it in the style of a typical "last stand".

Apart from the bonus game there are two other features as well, a "Nudge Wild" which gives up to three free respins and a full free spins bonus round awarding 15 spins with a 3x multiplier. All three features are triggered by landing a stacked wild fully in view on reel 2, 3 or 4 which is an interesting way for a bonus to be triggered and I find that at least one of them will appear roughly every 50 spins or so which is very frequent as slot games go.


In this game, Toni Montana (Al Pacino) appears as a Stacked Wild symbol.

I triggered a Bonus feature game at the very start of my play session. You need to pick one out of the 3 targets you wanna shoot in order to win a cash reward. My first pick was a good choice, then 3 more bad guys appeared, each of them standing right in front of me, with possible coins win attached on them. Wow, I had so much fun. Not only had I made the right choice in choosing the first target, but I had also selected the right guy in the second round. He had number 30 on him, meaning 30 coins, and I not only killed him but the other two guys surrounding him too. I killed 12 enemies in total before finally getting killed, and I fell down into a swimming pool in blood. I won 5.30 Euros on my 0.20 bet per spin. I love the Golden Planet scene which appears in the background, with the headline 'THE WORLD IS YOURS'. It looks powerful and realistic, just like the bonus game in this slot.

This 5-reels, 20-paylines slot comes with superb graphics, considering that the film itself was made back in 2012. No matter, the fact remains that NetEnt can create incredible slots, but sometimes they do fail, even when creating slots inspired by famous musicians, movies or whatever. They did a very good job this time though. The maximum win of 2000 coins sounds terrific, but this is not a slot I would play so often in the future. I will stick with Dead or Alive, also by NetEnt, and invest my money in that game, as I had promised myself since a long time ago.


ve never been a fan for the movie but even so, I really liked the design. It took some time to get used to it as it has dark color scheme, but after that I really fell for it.

This is another game where I really enjoy the simplicity it has, because the main symbols for this game do more than just one thing. It has 20 paylines and there are 3 movie characters and when they cover entire reel (one character the entire reel) then you get the bonus it holds. I think it's great because one of the bonuses is free spins and it's delightful to need only one covered reel to get them, instead of 3 or more scatter symbols as most games have. And I really enjoy the fact that the character features work as wilds too.

My favorite bonus so far is the free spins round, because I've won the most on it. Also I think this bonus overall holds the biggest winning potential, because you play 15 free spins 3x multiplied and from my experience you can also get the nudge respins feature, which will give respins and nudge wild on reel 2. That's how I got my biggest win so far which is 150x bet. My least favorite bonus round is bonus game, I have to say it looks really interesting with the intro video, but I usually get only 4x bet winnings on it so for me it's not a feature I look forward to get.

At first, when I started to play this game, I had some doubts about it's winning potential and the reason for that is the fact that it's really hard to get a decent win on base game, I haven't got win over 30x bet. But I think that the bonuses compensate that, as they come up quite often, even the free spins usually come up at least once in 100 spins.

Overall I think this is a very good game and is worth trying. Design is dark yet intriguing, there are more than one bonus so I don't think this game can get boring. I've had some decent winnings on it and I would play it when wagering bonuses, because the features come up regularly, keeping my balance steady or even increasing it, and I haven't lost much money on this game so far.


is not new game, there is no super great graphic, but I do like how stacked symbols looks.

I like soundtrack and sounds. Very impressive and nice, specially soundtrack. And of course I need to mention awesome soundtrack during freespins.

I like payouts. It is not that bad. Best 5 of a kinds can pay solid money, and other payouts are also great.

I like stacked wilds on middle reels. Stacked wilds appears on reels 2 3 4, and each stacked wild have its own feature if appear fully on reels. Reel 2 - nudge wild. You get respins, each respin wild go one position down. Reel 3 - bonus game. Reel 4 - freespins.

I like freespins feature here. 15 free games with x 3 multiplier sounds not very attractive, but with stacked wilds in game it could pay very solid money.

I had couple of normal play wins like 50 bets, many times this happens. Unfortunately I do not have any wins more than 100 bets during normal play. Had twice more than 100 bets freespins, and once 200 bets +. But I am not so frequent player. I give this game 7 stars.

G.H. Bates

There are a few slot games with this movie for a theme and one of them is from NetEnt. Visually the slot is incredible. The graphic and animations are superb along with some small parts of the movie. I really like the intro of the game.

The overall gameplay is very exciting thanks t the background music and the symbols on the reels. The symbols are made with great detail and they offer a descent payout. The highest paying symbol Tony has a payout of 2000 coins for 5 of these killers on a winning payline.

This game has a few features which are all triggered by the 3 stacked wilds in the game. They can come on reels 2, 3 and 4 and all of them are different and offer a different feature. On reel 2 if you get a stacked wild it is nudged one position down for every respin. If you get a stacked wild on reel 3 you get the Tony bonus where you have to shoot enemies to defend Tony and earn coin prizes. If you get a stacked wild on reel 4 you get 15 free spins and all wins are x 3.

All of the bonuses are great and can provide descent wins. Also if some of the stacked symbols lands partial it is turned into a wild symbol. This game doesn’t provide some big wins but the bonuses come often and you can get some nice 50 x bet win and more. I have had wins of 100 x bet here but very rarely. Most of the time you get small to medium wins which keep you occupied so this game is great for wagering bonuses and to have fun.

Houghtonobby Dortinez

The game has 20 payment lines as everyone else in this group is based on the 5 reel, a large percentage gains of as much as 97%, which is a respectable figure in a time when many slots are not too generous on return of lost money. Now sit back while you face with scar takes hallways, secret, intriguing events and through the world of crime, all because of your good fun and in the end no less important for financial reasons are also important as a good time.

Excellent animation with real details from the film during the bonus game slot makes this a superb experience especially us who have watched this great movie by Brian De Palma. In the game there are three wild of a symbol and they are: Tony Montana, Manny and Elvira, they come in three different columns on the reels, you can get them at 2, 3, and 4 column. The appearance of wild symbols on the second column activates Nudge Spins where the wild symbol turns into a Nudge Wild symbol and remains on the drum until the other column's spin. This happens until Nudge Wild symbol disappears from the drum and then the final gain. Here I mostly won because in my case a wild symbol appeared most often in the second column, it is probably just lucky, I think that there are no rules.

The appearance of wild symbols on the third column activates the so-called "Say Hello to my Little Friend Bonus" that takes place in the house of Tony Montana, where when the door opens and starts shooting you for every shot in him getting the award until the end finally Tony does not fall from the balcony in fountain and then this game is finished and all your winnings are collected. Last in a series of wild possibilities takes place on the fourth column where you wild symbol brings 15 free spins with 3x MULTIPIER and operation of the bonus game is set in Babylon Night Club. More to mention if the game in the fourth column get wild symbols then you will get re-trigger by additional free spins. For me this is a great performance animation with inserted scenes from the actual movie, especially the nice photographs moment murder Tony Montana when he falls into a fountain and from me this slot has only praise and congratulations. Rating 9/10


The background on which reels spin it is written “The world is Yours” is also beautifully characterized.

The game has very innovative special feature which triggers when stacked wild appears on the fourth reel. The graphics of this particular feature is very good. A video is also shown before the bonus game begins which is I think so is from the Scarface movie itself. I made only 170 coins from the bonus game and 300 coins from that particular spin. And the second time I made 140 coins. So very average in returns but is easy to trigger. I triggered it twice under 50 spins. At that time I was betting at 20 coins per spin at a coin value 0.01. The free spins feature is activated when the stacked wild appears on the third reel and 15 free spins are awarded. The nudge wild is activated when the stacked wild appears on the second reel. In this feature there is a nudge wild which is entire second reel and with every spin it shifts a step down thus it lasts for three spins. The feature is easy to trigger and does boost up the wins. The best win I could bag was of 220 coins. Then is the Scarface wild which is the regular wild and can substitute any symbol in the slot game.

Though the slot has medium returns but still it is very addictive to play and one of my favorites slot games. I would rate it 9 on 10.

Dobson Shckson


this game payouts for all symbols is pretty low in my opinion, and it is almost impossible to have really nice hits here. In game features 3 stacked wilds on reels 2 3 4, and all this wilds different and provide 3 different features if appear on reel. Stacked wild on reel 2 give nudge respins, very annoying one, and this feature never pay me even 50 x total bet, so i hate it if i say honest. Second feature triggered when stacked wild appear on 3 reel and it is bonus game, where i can just pick. It can't pay great money also, my best win here is less than x 50 total bet. Third feature is most like by me, because it is simple 15 free spins with x 3 multiplier, i played around 30 this features and my best result is close to x 100 bet, yeah, not that slot from which i will wait great wins. Game made very nice, and it looks amazing, sounds also great, bonus games also looks great, but problem here is that after all this beauty nothing happen, big wins very rare and not more than x 100 total bet, and i did not see myself playing this game again, no, thank you.

Low variance game, which looks cool, but can not pay anything great. Every time i visit it, i just go down and down, without achieved even my starting balance. I did not know who will lke this game, and i did not like this game too, so i did not play it at all these days. CAn not say that you should try this slot.

Rolda Payneness

So when i saw this game i just had to try it. The Graphics are amazing and i really like the sound effects. I really like the pictures and music they selected for this game, they are original and kick ass. There are 20 lines in this game and my usual bet is €0.40. There are three features in this game, all of them are very cool in their own way and can even pay big. Getting the feature in this game is a very different and i like it. There are Stacked wilds on 2,3 and 4 reels and if they come out and cover the entire reel a feature is awarded. Each reel has its own feature.

The first feature is the nudge feature. If you get Manny on second reel. The wild sticks and goes down one every spin. I did not win big on this feature and on my usual bet i won max around €12. This feature does not pay much but comes out more than others.

If you get Tony on the third reel, you enter one of the coolest bonuses out there. You shoot bad guys before they kill you. I dont know about others but i always speak like Tony when i play it. I won around €20 max and really enjoyed myself. This feature is a bit hard to get for me personally.

And if you get Elvira on the fourth reel then you get 15 free spins with all wins tripled. This is the best feature and very hard to get. It can really pay out and even re-trigger. max i won on this feature was around €50. Over all cool game and i like it. If i was to rate this game i would give it 9 out of 10.

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Scarface Video Slot Trailer

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