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The Wizard of Oz
RTP: 95.99%

The Wizard of Oz Slot

by WMS
Based on 2 reviews
Users Score
Based on 14 reviews
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The Wizard of Oz Slot Machine FAQ

❓ What is the RTP of The Wizard of Oz?

✅ The Wizard of Oz RTP is 95.99%.

❓ What are the The Wizard of Oz Slots Game Features?

  • Reels: 5,
  • Paylines: 30,
  • Layout: 5x30,
  • Betting Range (€/$): 0.01-150 Bet.

❓Who created the The Wizard of Oz slot?

✅ This slot is developed and published by WMS .

❓Are The Wizard of Oz free spins available?

✅ Free spin feature available on the gameplay. 

❓Where can I play The Wizard of Oz real money?

✅ You can play this slot machine for real money in almost all large WMS casinos, but make sure you checked out our verified casinos first.

Slot Features
  • Software: WMS
  • The Wizard of Oz RTP: 95.99%
  • Bonus game: Yes
  • Free spins: Yes
  • Coins Per Line: 1
  • Reels: 5
  • Coins values: 0.01 - 5
  • Pay Lines: 30
  • Min - Max Bet: $0.01 - $150
  • Max Coin Wins: 10000
  • Max win: $50000
  • Wild symbol: Yes
  • Multipliers: No
  • Scatter symbol: No
  • Autoplay Option: Yes
  • Progressive: No
  • Slot Type: Video slots
Editorial reviews
1 reviews
1 reviews
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We’re off to see the wizard, the wonderful Wizard of Oz. We had to sneak that in. Come on, it’s a classic! The wizard is a wonderful wizard indeed in this nostalgic adventure turned video slot game. The whole gang is included from Dorothy herself to the Wicked Witch of the West and her devious flying monkeys. A childhood favorite is all grown up and paying big money! ...


Review of game by WMS, including real players' reviews and ratings, free play mode, winning screenshots, latest bonus codes and promotions. ...

User reviews
14 reviews by users
5 reviews
1 reviews
8 reviews


The game play is fast which I like, so the slot has a really dynamic play and if it’s in a good mood it can shoot up feature after feature keeping you occupied all the time.

This slot has a somewhat better paytable than the other slots with this name. The base play wins are small to medium and you can have some big wins if you are lucky to get 5 of the highest paying symbol. The background music is Ok and there are occasional phrases from the movie so it can be fun to play. The slot has 2 main features. One I triggered randomly where the fairy flies in on a pink bubble and awards wild reels. I’m not sure but I think it can turn all 5 reels wild or at least 4. The most I have won in this bonus are 3 wild reels and I think it can pay the most that way. The second bonus is triggered when you get 3 Feature symbols on reels 1, 3 and 5. Here you can win a small cash prize, get the free spins bonus or get the Emerald City bonus which is basically a cash bonus. In Emerald city you need a lot of luck to guess the right symbols to have a big cash prize and I usually get about 20-30 x bet wins. The free spins bonus is called the Winged Money bonus and her you can have some big wins if you are lucky enough to get a lot of moneys and a lot of wilds on the reels.


e game itself offers 30 paylines and 5 reels and is packed with features. I don’t even understand most of those features, except that some randomly pop up. What got me playing this game was a screenshot with several reels totally wild.

The same way that a slot like Immortal Romance or The Finer Reels of Life is able to do this. However, keep in mind that Wizard of Oz Ruby’s Slippers can only turn up to 4 reels completely wild. The minimum bet on this game is €0.30 but I played it at Unibet on a somewhat big bet of €2.10 per spin.

I remember being quite unlucky during base game in 3 different sessions, and although I managed to trigger several features, none of them paid anything above 30 x betsize. I played this game at Unibet and can honestly say I despise it. The big catch is the random feature where the bubbles can turn reels wild. I never had more than 1 or 2 reels wild, while the symbols were always low paying symbols.

Bottom line is that it was a huge disappointment in all cases and even for other features this game has. Maybe this game has too many features to comprehend. Sometimes software providers tend to overdo it without offering something substantial, maybe this goes for this slot.

My Net Loss on this game is around - €600. And yes one thing is sure, I’ll never put my hands on this game again!

-rant/review over-


The graphic and animations in this game are a bit better than in the other two versions and there are a few bonus features which make this slot interesting to play. Still if you take a look at the paytable you will be really disappointed and you can see that the only big wins can come in the bonus rounds and rarely or never in the base play. I have played this game a lot on various bets but never had a big win during base play.

This game has a few bonus features. One is the Ruby Slippers feature. It is activated randomly and Dorothy awards wild reels and can award a multiplier of 2 or 5 in the end on the win. This can be a good bonus but you need 4 wild reels to have a great win and a multiplier in the end. Usually the bonus awards 1 or 2 wild reels and the payout is really small. I have never even won 3 wild reels in this bonus game. Another feature is activated when you get a crystal ball on the last reel and a symbol with one of the characters on any other reel or 2 main characters on the reels. You get respin where you can get more of the main characters and you are taken to a pick bonus. Here you have to pick the right symbols to get cash prizes, cash boosts or multipliers on your picks. The bonus ends when you pick the witch and after that you get an extra pick. Here you have to avoid the witch to get the prize of 20 x bet.


But I can not complain about design so much because even that I like to play it.

This video slot offer different features. One of the feature starts when you get crystal ball symbol on reel 5 and at least two characters symbols on other reels. Later second screen came up where you need to pick out symbols and behind them are prizes and even some multipliers. I do not like this bonus game so much, mainly because I never won big from it. Most of the time I got winnings around x10 to x30 total bet.

The feature which I like here is Ruby Slippers feature. It is activated randomly and it awards you with wild reels and in the end with some multipliers. I saw some winning videos where win was over x1000 bet here and this is the reason why I like it. It could provide big winnings and this feature is very similar to some other feature which Microgaming slots offer. But I like this feature more than at any other, because here this feature appears quite often. Until now I never won more than x100 bet, but I like the graphic animation when it starts.

I think this video slot machine is very popular at players, for me it is one of the best from WMS software provider. I will rate it with 9 stars, I took it one star because I do not like bonus pick up game so much here. I had no luck on it.


I'm kind of surprised there aren't a great deal more reviews of this machine, as there was a huge buildup to it's on-line release with lots of players excited to finally be able to play one of the biggest land casino smashes at home for the first time. Perhaps that was just my interpretation as a fan of the original game and someone who had watched the YouTube videos of the sequel enviously - but who wouldn't be envious at the sight of five wild reels covered with a "JACKPOT HANDPAY: $36,000" window?!

Summer Sloan

Playing it at a land based casino is better than playing it online. the seat has a surround system. you can hear the sound around you and that makes the game more interesting.

First time playing this game, at the first spin I won 3000 credits, unfortunately I played with the lowest stake (1 cent per line ) but then again it was not bad for the lowest stake. A beginners luck. after that I was able to get 3 different bonus features and 1 random fairy feature. In the end, I lost every single penny that I won.

But I enjoyed playing this game. a few months later I found out that Casino Euro also has this game online. Well as soon I saw this game online, I fell in love with it. Won and lost a few hundreds euros playing it. The best feature bonus round was the winged monkey ( free spins ). It''s hard to get this bonus round because when the bonus feature once triggered, you have to choose 1 of the 3 symbols that appeared on reel 1, 3 and 5. The most time i get to choose, I always choose what my guts says. but if you keep choosing at 1 reel every time, you will get the winged monkey bonus feature.
most of the time you will get cash bonus or the emerald city bonus.

Only the winged monkey bonus feature can give you big win because when the wild symbol appears on reel 3, the winged monkeys fly and grab some symbols and make it a wild one, the more monkeys fly the more wild symbols you get and of course the bigger the payout would be.

I personally recommend this game to every slots lover. no USA unfortunately.
visit Casino Euro or Harry casino for this game and it's on vegas slot tab.


Do not ever compare this with Wizard of Oz Red Slippers version as this game plays with the common paylines and standard reels of five.

One thing to look out for is the extended spinning which gives you the impression that the game is laggy since it might bring about a pink bubble indicating the appearance of the fairy. I was speechless when it turned the first 4 reels wild which gave a pretty heavy payout. That is the main portion that got me addicted to the game. It does,however, only gives lesser number of reels to be wild at times.

The other bonus feature which is the common free spins would be the monkey bonus which can be picked from the 3 bonus symbols if they appear. You may get the trip to the emerald kingdom instead which lets you choose from different icons until you get to the wizard himself for a payout (that is if you are lucky enough to click on the good symbols instead of ending the bonus prematurely).

Overall, I rate this an 8 and only because of the pink bubble fairy that turns reels into wild.

Mrs Fran The Mitt

I say weak compared to the best slots that I have played so far in other casinos.

The only quality of this slot is that one of the 3 games offered by its unique feature is beautiful indeed, otherwise there is nothing special to admire, as I said. I chose this slot because its name resembled the name of “Wizard of Odds” but the quality difference between these two slots is quite high. The theme is that of the well known story and Dorothy and the rest of the story characters are present among the slot symbols. Sadly the graphics of the slot are quite poor.

Playing this slot you will always lose. Maybe in 1-2 % of cases you will have a chance of some gain, but at least me, I was constantly losing money here. In many cases even if you have a win, this is less than the total bet, so on the overall you are at loss every time. As an example, playing at the minimum bet of 30 penny/30 lines, for 100 spins played (30 Pounds gambled) the total loss is more than 12 pounds. That is, almost half of the amount bet is lost. Maybe I have not played enough for a good statistic, but after 200 spins I lost over 22 pounds. Then I stopped playing. For me it was enough.

3 scatter symbols (named “Feature”- even here the slot is not at all creative) on the reels trigger the unique feature. You chose one symbol from the 3 scatters on screen and so there are actually 3 different games. The first possible choice is a simple payout (1.5 Pounds for 30 pence bet). The second possible choice is the 8 Free Spins. In the Free Spins when a special Wild appears it is multiplied into many wilds by flying bats. However, also the payout of these Free Spins is symbolic (1-3 pounds). The third choice triggers the bonus game called “Road to Emerald City”, which is really nice and in some conditions can bring somewhat larger sums of money (5-10 pounds). There is also one peculiarity that I encountered only once, namely one of the reels was randomly turned by Dorothy into an expanded Wild.

Due to the almost non-existent wins and almost no thrill of the play, although the story is beautiful, on the overall the slot is weak.

Summer Sloan

Overall this can be a fun game to play and you can have some big wins but you have to be very careful because it can eat a lot of balance fast playing on high bets.


sionally no bubbles will land on the reels at all, but I'mused to that - more disappointing is the fact that it is not possible in this version for ALL the reels to turn wild, instead the maximum is four. Now I haven't ever managed to get all five reels wild sadly, but I can't understand why this possibility was removed! It's such a rip off for players who might not be aware of this.

"Scatter" symbols appear only on reels 1, 3 and 5 and feel really quite difficult to hit. When you do manage to land them you'll be asked to choose one of them to decide which feature will start. If your unlucky you will pick a small multiple of your stake, whereas if you are lucky you'll choose the "Winged Monkey" bonus which starts a free spins mode with random wild symbols. In the land casino I've had almost the entire screen turned wild in this bonus but on-line it seems to have been limited massively and I feel lucky if I get three additional wilds.

Another big complaint I have with this game that happens in a lot of WMS games is the fact the wild symbol does not substitute for the high paying "Jackpot" symbol. More than once I've had what should, on any other game, be a full line of jackpot symbols with a wild located in the middle somewhere - in this game you might well find this combination returns no win at all rather than the multiplied win that many games award to combinations featuring a wild symbol.

All of these things add up to a very disappointing experience and it's a great shame that WMS decided to make the game so much less rewarding than it was in it's original incarnation. As things stand I really can't recommend you play this game on-line, but if you are in the UK you can play the proper version in William Hill betting shops - albeit with a maximum jackpot of £500.


Spin after spin I get no wins and no signs of the feature. In total I would say that I have spent over €100 on this game and never won anything over 15. I tried this game on big bets and small bets and there is no change. I tried double tapping it but that made it much worst. So I am really lost to what to do and I really like the game. Paradox is what this is. The only feature that I was able to get was with the glass ball and that was probably the worst bonus you could get on it. It paid to around €8 on a €0.60 bet. The second time I got the same thing but with Alice, lion and Tinman and that paid to €15.

There is a wild feature too and it is random. I've seen a guy online get all reels wild and when I got it the first time I was very excited. Unfortunately it gave me wilds on the last two reels and I did not win anything. The second time it gave me one wild on the second reel and I won around €2. This days it is impossible for me to get it at all. I would try this game and spend €30 and not get the wild feature. It is very unfortunate but I think that this game hates me. I just don't understand how I can lose all the time on this game. I guess I will never win on it and should probably stop trying,

Overall I like the game but it does not like me, and because of that I am giving it 1 out of 10.


Too many features to a point that it gets confusing. Hard to win big when the random feature isn't cooperating or turning the wrong reels wild.


In general this slot can pay good but you have to be very lucky. Even with big wins in the bonus games your balance drops fast because of the poor paytable the game has.


The various characters play a much bigger part this time around and there's an updated "Yellow Brick Road" bonus where you'll need to collect each of the characters to make it to the Emerald City, meet the wizard and have a chance at some of the games largest prizes. It's great that they have done so much to try and follow the plot of the story but it seems extremely difficult to make enough correct picks to get very far along the road, and it can be a long time in between features before you get another chance after it all goes wrong.

In the event I guess I shouldn't have been surprised that Williams decided to chop a few of the craziest wins out of the game upon it's on-line release - they did the same with the original Wizard of Oz after all. When those bubbles start landing on the screen don't get your hopes up for that five reels wild hit then, because it's simply not in the game - the maximum is four reels wild and the maximum multiplier has been reduced from 10x to 5x in this version as well. What a cop out!

So much of the games RTP is tied up in the bonus rounds that it's a real struggle to get yourself in front from the base game alone and if you don't get lucky with the Ruby Slippers feature you'll find your bankroll running down very fast indeed. Also, like many WMS games the jackpot symbol does not award a win if the line features any wild symbols so you'll be praying that you DON'T see any of those during a stacked wild spin as they will serve only to block other winning combinations. I hate the fact they did this and it's nearly enough to make me not want to play the game at all.

Overall Ruby Slippers feels like a huge disappointment to me and I really think this shows that Williams are much more interested in the Las Vegas / land casino market than their on-line fan base.

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