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Danger High Voltage is a 6 reel, 4,096 payline slot from Big Time Gaming with a 95.67% RTP. Click to find out more about Danger High Voltage! ...

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Play Danger High Voltage free online slot with RTP 95.67%. Read Danger High Voltage review (CGSCORE 92) or try this Big Time Gaming slot free play demo to learn all features or just for fun. Find the best Danger High Voltage casinos and play with real money. ...

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You don’t have to like Electric Six’s 2002 hit in order to like the Big Time Gaming product. The 2017 release offers plenty for a very reasonable price, starting from crisp graphics and a catchy soundtrack, through lots of possibilities for hefty payouts in the base game, all the way to the rewarding Bonus round. Truth be told, you will have to wait for a while before the Bonus round is triggered, but, as you all probably know, good things happen to those who wait. The disco is on fire, as well as the Taco Bell, so start dancing to ...

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Maximalist design and a hard-rock ethos drive Danger High Voltage, the new slot release from Big Time Gaming. This five reels, four-reel slot eschews traditional paylines, replacing them with 4,096 discrete ways to win, any number of which can be triggered at the same time. Despite this innovative approach, base play can be disappointing – the fabulous bonus games make up for this, however. ...

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Much like the song, we doubt we will be playing this game on mobile on a regular basis.However, every once in a while, we might dip our toes into this crazy disco that is full of tacos, bells, fiery wilds, and electric multipliers.As far as music slots go, it's not the most iconic, but that's probably a good thing; the only way it could go is up - whilst games like the Jimi Hendrix slot have a lot more to live up to.And with two fun free spin rounds, you certainly find yourself smiling at the madness far more than ...

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Try game online for free in demo mode with no download and no registration required and read the game's review before playing for real money. ...

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Also, let me just check wow you actually, London, oh just call me a pro razor. That'S all you need to call meyeah, he is. Are we doing oh you're, a well freef as a bonus on tonight? I'M very excited gon na see what happens I'm on playground. Let'S see what we can do, we've got free grand, I'm gon na.

Keep that stake 5 pounds or lower see how many bonuses we can stack up would be nice to get a few suppose. We'Ve got to see what happens there. We go check pod of Nottingham sure good evening, sir no background game today, we're just doing play grant just a bonus on, so we can fully concentrate on it and see how we get on anyway, drew sir now we're on a cash balance. We only use real money.

Hear me, let's get John to quit, ring there is a lot of flashing. Oh God, look at that bloody old, a what's that bad attitude. Look what it says! Look what it says!

Oh well, you scrub! Well, you just donated some photo grid, as I know, yeah well, yeah. Well, you eat in hungry.

Does tell me you know anything, mr ace, not just good job. You just shoved a shitload of food in his mouth wow. You just got up so you know. Ii. Stay slow, y'all just say: oh, yes, snitches get stitches, hey guys.

We want to bonus it get this hunt off to a good start and it will be just no still not a bonus on it. And I've tried a lot Andrew. It is changing. Definitely we've. We'Ve been winning quite a lot and doing quite well, so obviously, I'm gon na want the stakes of it and but we're not gon na carry on with the silly sake stuff that was, as I said, just because was on a crazy run.

Try me on til. Well too, with all the bonuses and we've opened them, it won't be long. The way he's bloody started. Building you have done some packs.

I didn't get anyone incredible. I thought Tiago nice very righteous. Ah, we cannot get our first bonus coming. Well, I'm gon na go with the shitty games that normally aren't too difficult to get.

One on TV guess is going alright. Also balance two for 2,300 bottom line here next is I'm gon na? Let it spin and it'll land hold it. Let'S get these out of the way: first yeah. Okay, I'm leaving that.

Well, the first grand has been absolutely shocking on it, but the t's I've got 2,100 bottom line. I'M gon na do Monte next. Yeah contact is easy to bonus, but I don't just want games that are easy to bonus, because generally they don't pay as a rule, not very often anyway. There is sometimes both over after well, I'm gon na make myself hot drink guys.

I'Ve been back in about four minutes. The wife is gon na finish it off. For me, jimson is that on it yeah, I think it is yeah.

We can't we need some volatile bonuses as well. I'M gon na move on through and us being good this month. Indeed, let's hope it keeps being good, I'm gon na, where I show you all off again, this jar just carnival of bein its to achieve as look good man. It'S been slow tonight really slow tonight, but we soon we just need one game to do something: decent childrenís tissue, so Sunday's video I'll be on it's in the video tomorrow Mona. I do get a little bit emotional, just because I'll be doing this for nearly four years and I've never had a win.

That is like Nick's lot level whenever so. For me, it was a big moment in my stream in kind of Korea to him what I have. I just wasn't expecting that to ever happen to me, I've always been the unlucky dog when it comes to slow's compared to other people like every streaming. You know. That'S probably at that crazy win. I now I to wait a long time for my classes gradually start to feel like a rip already only Mostafavi doc.

It'S been an absolutely shocker of the star. I'Ve already got worn off and akiza and golden coals, but nothing out since now this would be nice to got toppled. We can get someone I'm dropping in yeah, not one. No, we got one.

I had no win, no justice in Tombstone powerful. Do you see that now video we're not getting released tonight, guys scheduled for tomorrow morning at 10:00, now anything there's one coming on the last one? Oh I'm sure that's only times two yeah, so that's 285, that's one of four! That was a welcome topple.

We needed that all right. Let'S say this: can do it passive, all Spencer, yet not yet, while what's gold, it's not only Eclipse, pragmatic, donut pragmatics, here, no justice, again wife ready play now. All we're doing is that the minute we're just we're trying to save for an ass deposit on the house.

That'S all we're doing. Tantra double feature I'll, just take a feature dragons charge. Oh yeah we'll do that next, yes, yes, we needed that yeah we'll do some pink elephants. I want a bonus here. First, sir, come on bonus.

Just won't land Cartland won't land how's. He do next. That'S me. I used to watch the extremes and I start going to events and now we we just kind of met, we're looking across table each other in the dark and dusty Roman. Our eyes map and I thought fuck me he's ginger. It was on love from there say yeah, so we do need a better job.

Look because there's not happening tonight. I give up one. So let me just check wow. It actually landed ring avoding on a fiver that could be alright cuz, that game campaign, I'm just telling you to ring George, why hold on them feels like a proper twat. Do you know what?

Because you can't see the out cuz, the blue looks like it says: go this says, give me a kissy. Now now you can see you st cool, you like Timmy, Mallett, say Tibet by it looks like to another. Well, I can't me get any bonus. This tonight was it so shit. I said: I'd do ank of Anubis next, how many bonuses? For so far it's been dreadful.

We need a miracle to happen or a crazy base. Game win. Oh there we go that helps a lot right. Pink elephants is next pink elephants.

I do that when I get back, I'm gon na go and have a quick smoke after two minutes. Hopefully the bonus ones right. No buona sera see Jordan 11 yeah out of 100. Oh there we go what pink elephants on a fiver.

I did say if we've got the bonus, I'd go for flame busters, which we have or go 700 baht Narnia. Dare we go nice right picked up a bit now come on Robin, shows your riches or coming up some bags. If you're not gon na give us a bonus, give us a top-up.

Yes, right, nice, we all start to get some now goddess and go nice for job. Hey. You guys Cleo's tell quite quickly this again the dogs enough yeah, we're leaving this you're saying not really, I used to the bang bang finger, but he used to piss people off, but I lied it because it was funny office test. Yeah say that quite a bit, you miss bang, bang, bang, bang Wow one more yeah, Barry, yes, st doing it or is it more romancey does remind me of a Malraux missus game. Actually you all never get this.

I said all the time as well. Just piss people off based a proper trigger people, like was, shall I book your dad. I'M gon na get out to 200 quid yeah we're gon na get a bonus, we'll go book it out for the last 200. Give us your blood vials game. Please write and put some more in Odom: hey, it's not doing it on there is it ain't gon na do is if you're gon na do Bonanza frequent stay, I'm gon na go and have one and I'm gon na get back.

We'Ll attack danger on a 10 pound on a 10 pound state and see if we can get anywhere, but I already got back we'll have a blast at danger. No, I don't miss Jordan. We on about know how to come back to a goal. Welsh Dobbs has not been the greatest as it tonight so far for we only one of them bonuses to go crazy. It could be good, don't be too bad, but go in here on a 10 pound state to try and get a 10 pound bonus.

All a nice base game topple, hopefully one or the other 20 quid down for the last 10 spins when he found her lies, can we get fun to the large guys? Is that possible 20 good? Just call me a pro razor? That'S all you need to call me Pro razor yeah, it's h4y all day, long on that state we're not going games right.

Let'S get this opening underway, we're starting off with golden Colts. Total outlay is 4 grand. We do need something to really pop off here. It'S my favorite one 125.

Could it be nice? I bet we get to acquit an axe. I very own axe. Oh, we got it decent yeah. This is all right. Golden Colts pays.

Hmm for now pay right as well. Wow, god of Colts, is paying. I don't believe this. I'Ve never seen me do this before it's a while. What are you are hello, casino grounds, golden cult paid something well the odds it's broke. I think so Steve, that's the one.

We want got it 75 in there. I tell that right now and then to run awayyeah. That was bad 1x right secret. The stones is next, let's see some numbers in the chat, see how we get on and if you want to go check out playground by the way guys it's worm plane tonight, links in the chart right for 7 mm. I know choose one as well: 2. 3.

4, 6. 7, wild yeah, big multiplier. What biggish multipliable? That'S it get excited when you see the Reds will the times for multiplayer very exciting and missed again, you know say cameras. I say all the time at you boy.

You must be new Randhir main car. You need a lot of money for that pal, a lotbut I think about it. So I really can really load in sorry hard to get this bonus.

We actually got it pretty quick, I think, was first spent or a second spent, I'm hoping it campaign cheers Mikey. No, it's sunny. So now we got the reefs bed with the Purple's filled up SWAT one ear: there's wilds put them here: nice miss, don't actually spend. We want a big symbol in there really don't we shred to have any chance. Wow lots of extra spins there mm-hmm put him here, though, missed it probably got two more chances come on line you up here then yeah got it I'll, go fifty two Nets miss last one.

Now we want a big symbol. Okay, that's a big symbol. Come on land him in there at least put one in huh nice myst get a big symbol, any bloody missus!

That'S a really big symbol. Please can this land it's good at missing it new is gon na mess, always say so. Mr big ones never allowed the Purple's easily. Well, we got three spoons. What else can we get a full screen that would make up for it all come on fill it Matt's missed anyone there boost again yeah. This is paid.

Okay, it's paid. Okay Bank of Anubis is next oblivion. Do the heart today mate? Thank you, Michael! Go on reaching out.

Yes extra spins want the purples now come on purples. Can you land all this free? It has Miss pretty much everything on it. Jax two more yeah. We got her no Jax again right for him once been just keep saying: Jax done la Queens.

We need to reach Riga now that we're on the last spent or free Purple's, the hair left is one shot. Just promise a lot this game, but very rarely delivers pink elephants his necks. Thank You. Mikey come on, we got flame, Buster's riches are robbing and danger left or Greg went in there, bloody old George.

You want some sublimate cheeky gamble. We put 4 grand in he told me: it's been terrible Karl. If that comes in then definitely make don't it be allowed to. I hope so Lucas would be nice 100 acts on a 20 pound steak is 2 grand I'll take 200 X right now.

You should start charging rent Greg soon. This job is living in your head last family extra spins. I was terrible, really terrible.

Well here we go. We only do the karate chop. When something exciting happens. We need the bags well.

12. Spins come on extra spins. Yeah got it my extra spends on a post on the multiplier. So now we need the bags come on one off yeah nice. Now we've really want the bags ties for multiplayer come just drop them in for me, no need for and ask him for March. I would hit the bloody Tanner one in two bags, one off again, so I'm gon na do it.

Is it well mom that could have paid really well with that multiplier? We got the bags in there that would have paid nice. I miss flaemm Buster's forgot all about it. Let'S finish it and then probably played round main to what I'm on tonight.

Can we get a good startcome on gang where's, the bells sunny one more for next level, we're struggling here yeah, it's a rip already! Well, not next level we're really gon na have free spins only top bun. They look very happy. Don'T they feeling for danger, while we do need danger to pop off, because we've done and got nowhere to know, it's been a disaster where's that no chips is a bowler, I'm Susan Boyle all day long she's loaded mm-hmm. Are you crazy yeah? That was a bad lotmy soul on danger.

Hmm we're gon na voltage. Let'S see what happens, don't stop doing this come on while Jack's there, mr mole come on game. Do it how many dead, spins just missing everytime, not doing it?

Look at the noise and hmm that's something upthat's, something at least it's something: it's not a massive rip. It'S just an average bonus in it for 900 policy bells. How much is that? Oh okay? Hmm now you talking only see the balance.

Should I go gaze, he sure Johnny. I reckon this is Donna or now mmm-hmm. That is helping a lot come on anything on the last spoon. No, that's alright, though.

That'S alright Saved by the Bell we're still on the loss, but compared to what it could have been. That'S actually bailed us out a lot there. I'M gon na do captain on a 20 pound steak, 450, spins and that'll, be it for today I'll cash out. Whatever'S left on the end of these 50 spins danger did save the day. It'S saved our ass.

There make sure you love someone for me guys on YouTube, hit that like button, whatever fing so great, oh, come on. We dance free grand that yeah fuck it 25. More I'll cash out to and off did someone say, one more yeah. I'Ve got way for slob on Fridays. I do miss her and that will do for today.

Massive thank you for coming to watch and for everybody watching us back on YouTube, though we some videos start appearing on the screen all over the place, click one of them videos, if you want to see other content from me and the channel I'll be back on Monday, peace out love you all, thanks for all the mods, for all the help, thanks for all the support always and opps ginger peace out,


My hair is not as good as his that's a given. Oh there we go honor Turner. Can it get past the second level over it okayarrey? Yes, how we doing hope, you're all well and excited. We have got a whopper windup, for you today found a pamphlet on depend on playground. I got found a panda point casino in the background on playground.

I'Ve got a heart stopper on a fiver and on Leo, which I'll bring on a little while we've got a 40-pound danger bonus for today's stream. Only my third ever 40-pound bonus did take that long to get over, so I'm absolutely buzzing. Let'S hope you can pay make sure you have that light bone. For me I'll, be very grateful if you can't find your likes on YouTube tonight and leave me a comment right now how much different the danger bonus will pay. I want to see those comments go and check out all the offers down below all of the support on the offers.

Tab helps us keep doing this, but please make sure you Gumble responsibly, I'm gon na solve today, but some Genie, let's see how we get on. I just don't want that danger bonus to be a dud or it's gon na proper. Tell me that would be incredible. I want you guys to decide what we're gon na go gates OHP, but I'm thinking h3 is probably the sensible choice.

What did it cost cost about 500 quid Ritchie. I did it in like 11, 12 spins there's about 15 spins. It did say it it's like fighting some to quit. I want a lot gates and gates. If you had a 40 pan danger bonus, would you really choose games and that's the genuine question?

Let'S give you on Jordan a call and I'll send him in the chat. Yeah Barry. Yes, you say what we got today. Gates is suicide. On a 40 pound state cuz, you got a skull, it's game over straight away on HP, it's probably not gon na get the monster win, but you've got a chance of instance. Maybe no!

You already chose the outcome. 11 Christopher. In a bet, no choice, your money, you choose yeah, I know, but I wouldn't you guys to be involved in it. If enough people say gates, then we'll go gates. I had a great weekend. Thank you just spent loads of time of the little boy.

It was great I really enjoyed it, I'm sure cushy for your five Pandavas over the other day. I can't even remember: I've got one for today as well. Five Pan heart-stopper, it cost me a grand packet of a poker. I was busy recording a session. That'S not Danny you'll be out at the weekend and my words you do not want to miss the session I recorded last night.

I need to make sure, don't go to bonus money because I've got the hole stopper on it. So before we get down to 500, we'll do the heart, stopper red cake, rad, we couldn't forget the bloody green right. Let'S get the good shit donewe're going gates guys, so you guys decided so now what Mona Mira's bad mighty Mike Tyson. He was unbelievable, but if it will ever see anybody have an impact in boxing again like he did just how explosive he was. Let'S get some bonuses today.

Where do you prefer people? What you know those who I treat you, I let my film the fact that bloody watching makes me up you me, I don't me they could be watching on a potato, can't ditch it will meadows of his. But I promise you. I will not man if it cost me loads and loads of those. My thousands to get I'd be pissed off, but it hasn't cost me thousands of thousands to get so it's all good, whatever we get is great. I'Ve got a big balance on there and I'm not gon na explain why just watch out for a video coming up soon.

That'S not all of it. There'S not gon na spoil the video right. We'Re gon na do the heart-stopper and then we're gon na.

Do the danger bonusyou're welcome any RC money bought, know. I always got left on this one. I don't know why I just do so Jacklizard in a bottle yeah. Oh my word, my heart's going hearts goinglet's get a screw as a net, we're not getting wins cuz. It'S missing that oh okay okaywe need this really well put one of you look at it now that look at it now we've got to spin stars, crocodiles all the way across to 20 cents to 60 feet to please do it.

Please do it or give us a heart on the front part will pay fucking? Oh we're, not gon na get the red trigger still should pay a ratherjust. Have a big symbol on the front come on! Well, look at that.

Look at that! Ninety-Six 121 for four is paid all right on it. It was over a grand we've got our money. Backyeah, I'm up it up. That'S decent could have been a lot.

Worse could have been a lot worse. 39 pound profit. Profit is profit right one. So, let's get this danger bonus done then right, you guys chose gates. Please please just give us a chance. I can't help but think it's gon na be a skull.

Please don't be why why? Why did I say it? Why did I say it? Why did I say scum so when every time, but it's gon na be bad? Ah man, what hv have bit any better suppose we'll never know so that really sucks us.

You guys voted for games. Not me! You guys voted so by the HP.

Do you know what probably could have been better than X ver you imagine it again. Imagine it again, don't blame what you taught the bonus, I'm not blaming anyone. You know it could have gone off. It'S just the way it happens is swaps.

There'S no guarantees. Jobs fought you yeah, blamed your plate and just cuz. We got on that balance.

We'Ve had out a few nice wins on here, I'm just going through on this. How do I leave on a win? Well, that was all break him on it.

Heartbreaking he's gone off decent balance in there to work with one of years. Natalia Robles growth, because of the minute must run account, is locked they're doing a source of funds thing which they have to do so until that's processed. I can't use scrum every now and again, they'll just send you an email and check what you're doing you have to provide proof. Okay, yes, provide proof of earnings and stuff like that, similar to what kusuma do every now and again, you'll get it on Skrill sale. I'Ll send them all the information, it's all done, I'll, just gon na wait for them to unlock the account now. So I'm using net hello at the moment and Bank.

Well, that was shit. Can we get it finger, got a win on the orange yeah. It'S only one win, though it's gon na leave a shot in it. It'S gon na leave a couple short yeah. I think just don't it's fucking us.

You absolutely know, that's why I hate this freaking game a very totin morning. So far, yeah everybody has lots of good sigh. The RTP is a lot load on some of their games out, like avoid playing go games on video slots, because their art appears really shit. But here's a good sign for withdraws is probably the quickest demolition of all those greens.

Will they hit the walls that the oranges won't fuck? It, though no it's all that up and which is that no eyes friend of a 50-quid dicen? Well, if fuckers, with the implosion here, Kasich one computer other guys hit. That'S some point. If you watch on YouTube and you're not already subscribed it's free of charge, it really helps me out and when we get to 40k subs, we shouldn't take that long.

When you do a phazon, pang giveaway, for you guys, we always have a video that goes live after the stream as well, which is the lowest eight video. So you guys get to see lots of different varying states on here, which is, why should be shouldn't always be high? It'S you know, you've got to mix it up a little bit or people just get bored of it. Well, they're, looking at the viewer counter some of those people that do 40-pound spins, it does seem that people enjoy that there is a lot of folks out there.

You are you're great, I always say if you're, not sure, somebody's fake or not ask to see their deposit, so ask to see a proof of deposit if they say no I'll start giving the runaround do you get banned. That gives you your answer. 1:22. 10.

Wonderful. Yeah we did the danger bonus. It wasn't very good. Oh shit, look at that!

Hey! Oh you, twat bonus. At least you wanker people want to know how much casinos. Oh we got 100 there we go five to five. Thank you.

There we go. I'M not gon na talk about anything else. On stream, I don't look at white sons on the Emer. Let'S see if this bonus can pay come on she's gon na get to a high multi-player me have some coins.

Yes, we can on a times five, please Bakugan. In good one come on yeah, it's gon na pay, somethingyou're all gon na look like fools of it proves that what if he proves it then yeah. I am confident it sir. It'S not true. I know bandy very well and I do not think for one second, as a type of person of desert.

In fact, I know he's known boys don't again out of time. 7, please attend will do a turn. Oh mantwo, four five still details push them back to as well.this multipliers. Gon na go huge. Can we please get it? Thank you come on anything coins coins again would be huge.

Look at the pink submit ads II. Know me it's old relax, but that could have been just stupidly. Good could have been stupidly, got that ain't up then fucker rowdy loves time I'll be back in about three minutes. I see to get me tested on the gooh.

We got a bonus and we got ta tell you life bonus there. We go as soon as a closed door in London. I'Ll sorry guys, sorry only turns for screen urban hours. Well. This is sad. So far we needed that tool and, by the way, just an update for you all no email.

Yet this is terrible. This tense game Wow. That was really sure see this can do. Oh, Oh, my coffee, so many viewers today, what's going on, got 1,400 years acrost.

What you new to update, banister, huh, fake Nutella, is quicker. Getting your funds outs, a lot quick, you don't to Neteller and scroll, then is to bank but bundles. I sister, Amazon, delicious course. I'M not surprised guys if he knew on YouTube hit that soap bun. I'D really appreciate itsurely one day we've got to get the bonus on here.

Surely one day you guys are killing it, so that is a nice screen to see it's tens again, let's see if we can actually get it from this time right. It'S cash on you at the moment. 500 is bonus, money Ohforwards, getting the five then forwards. Getting the five. Then 200 quid for the four at ten ball games. I thought I was back to back then yeah, every bonuses yeah our bonus, come on.

It'S so many tens in it. You think you're big foreign in four and five s everywhere with you. You think anyway, free autos, just cuz.

He wants some people up. It always works out. You'Re gon na fall always always sometimesshe referred to some well. We can get that today, Joe.

Let'S get this bonus done. Oh, yes, we got the fall, that's money. We got, the fall. Will men?

You start your own channel, Carlo. I just really enjoy slots. I watched other people doing it. I thought I could do that. So I did roads are under Estelle at the time 50 % of the time there we go. Are they real tens?

Danau batur is five hundred always have ground all right. There'S the ground morning. Everyone the slots are finally awake: we've got another founder son, dead or alive. It'S all popping off will asleep. I face in there doing this schooi. Now it's a partylast one up there and all what's a decent bonus check your attend.

Thank you. Mister! You slow coming from an eight, that's pretty impressive.

Thank you right. We'Re gon na take out free grand, so we can go down to three thousand five hundred here and next up soon, as that novo paid, you've got have a bit of captain. That way, i set captain awful margin. The Dead or Alive. Two bonus will win in so we're gon na go over high stake. Captain bonus on this state would be incredible.

We'Ve done the danger bonus already. Sadly, it was crap. Ghana rich is not only a Cregg. Sadly, Jersey definitely made sixteen hundred pupils here. Ridiculous got a few ways.

Anyone left them defo restate. We can make this much this this this month is just off the charts back-to-back. I'Ve never had such a good mom firs I'm having this month for videos, it's insane. It really is nobody questioned it when I was losing everyday, but now because I'm winning quite regular at the moment. Everyone'S questioning well not everyone, but some people have questioned that. Please press the link again, Kosovo tell you what if we get the channel to free hundreds, subs right now, I'll double the gift card, giveaway to 100 pounds?

What they'll do is they'll make a video put it on the channel and somewhere in that video will incorporate the gift card, for you guys, get it to 300 now and I'll double it to 100. Quid I'll also leave the link on YouTube for you guys on YouTube as well. Well, you got doing youtuber you watching. The video back tonight is say done in the comment section and I'll randomly pick, one of you guys out for a 50 quid gift card giveaway as well so 100 to the subs and a 50 krieger a 50 pound giveaway tonight on the video you just can't.

Leave a comment saying done: that's literally, all you got to do tonight's video leave a comment saying done so much love in the chest. People are no real-life yeah. These are my mains. Well, y'all do game it together.

I I play on the channel these guys a lot as well. So if you want to watch me play Call of Duty, then just follow the subscribe to the channel, I'm on here all the time with the guys you guys are insane, really really really appreciate it. This means the world to these lads friend reward you fucking legends alia, legends, awliya, incredible, so much support and you'll love the content. They are really funny my mates. We have a good luck, get to 500 and Jordan won't run his girlfriend for a day.

He lets no way that laughing get into 1k in the next 500. Us lost about 50 quid for the book, but that's what absolute legend, the Jedi guys. If we get that channel to a thousand subs in the next 48 hours badass, he gon na drop 50 credit as well. But as you legend, if you don't follow about us on Twitch, go and hit follow on his channel right now he's a top guy entertaining content. Moans all the bloody time go. Follow the crazy Ozzy send us all of pizza.

We'Ve got so much love today. It'S incredible is today the wild lard time. What do some millionaire miss robots, natural state? Somebody asks us for earlier completely agree James. You don't ask me, you do not get well.

We follow in if they're ang guys could put the link in the chat. For me again and also put badasses channel link in there for me months, but as there's an Aussie slot streamer it just call of duty as well. Joseph that's always been the case.

Well, you got flashed myself last well, it is a flash kisser, a Starbucks coffee, mug thing I just like it because he keeps it nice and warm. I get chip to fantasies came well. I tell you all we're really close to face these K, we're on thirty five, nine one six, which is mental but scaler. Let'S get John on the phone. You said how many suffer on friendly 24 mental, so much support from everybody in the chair me job phone. There all the time so being subbed on their when they're.

You lot you'll see us in the chat we're in there time yeah they like to give me some abusive, sometimes most of the time. It'S something just in case you guys don't know. Obviously, over the last four weeks to gank 2004 dress-ups, Jordan, normally open E string John's on the tree Marie every day, but at the moment we lock down the UK can't be so that's why we called John and just in case anybody doesn't know, John this Jordan, Like socks and his girlfriend, he likes to go for long walks with his dog, and he also has a little target on his wall, which he hits with no hands exactly yeah.

We should grab a larger. No, we should grow a mustache, that's actually coming on a bit John. Well, it go there. Finally, you know they might there you go you ever get peered next yeah mine is a bit missus said to me on each trillionaire is right.

Oh boy, someone's just sent me to see math wait, that's sort of somebody random, otherwise, not from late. It'S just somebody's just said that it there's a particularly nice. What will do is to give away this afternoon.

The guys are gon na stream on YouTube. What I'll do is I'll get an Amazon gift card for this afternoon and a random point in the chat, so the live chat on YouTube, I'll drop, the Amazon gift code in the chat hundred pound Amazon gift code, but I'll put it in the chat today when Hands go live so make sure if you are supped, you've turned notifications on as well and then we'll give that gift card away today, on stream, for you guys, I tried real King last night. Actually, when I was playing real King last night on I've, never played it that much so I don't know it was us playing it on video slots and every time I won it, just clicked it the bone. The balance it didn't give me a chance to gamble on the gamble ladder, so I don't know why it didn't give me the chance to do it.

Oh, we will have a go on there when we catch a hydro. Video slots well have a go at the gamble that it cuz. I'Ve never done it before a bandy actually said to me the other day sent me a message. Him was talking, he said.

Have you ever taught my ladder? I was like. Well, I never bloody play it so never tried and I've got a confession to make guys. So over the last week my whole demeanor mood everything just went from the floor. I was really really struggling.

Mental health, especially just angry federal pissed off all the time, felt cooped up. I started smoking it, but you're, not smoking, like I used to I'm having probably 10 a day and I'm gon na stop again once the lot dance done. But at the moment I need it, it helps and since I've stopped, if you've probably noticed, I started again on Friday afternoon.

If you look at the five streams leading up to that day, I was really struggling and we look at sadly stream - and you probably see today stream so far, I'm just in such a better place, not Saints polka is good for you. It'S not it's the worst thing in the world, but I stopped once and I can stop again, but I fought to be honest with you, because I'm a nip off another one over now and again, but like just, I just needed him, I'm actually about been absolutely On my arse and it really has helped the problem is: I can't increase the milligram on my vape, because the older vape shops are sure the only vape shops are open, all the ones that are local and they haven't got the milligram I need. So I've done cigarettes again. I feel bad, but as soon as the lockdown have done. If I stopped again - and if I don't stop we're in a week of lockdown being done I'll, give away a thousand pound to you guys so fucked, oh yeah cuz, I'm gon na lie to you guys I fired tell you yeah! Boredom is a massive part of it and the minute I have one instantly felt: relief and I've been okay, since by now Jackie will get me back and get me.

I promise you I'm happy and that's all that matters right now. This is unprecedented. What is happening right now?

This has never happened before I've never been in this position before, where I feel like the walls are closing in and that's how it's felt. I really have been struggling with everything. Obviously, I've not said anything to you guys. I don't want to burden you with it all, but he's tough. It'S really really tough guys if you want to try and stop wait until I try and stop again well I'll, do it together, I'm more than that be real.

If you won't want to try and deal with me, we can make a little light non-smoking Club and start from scratch again. Well, I feel, like Georgia, just might have just Pharma self Oliver, because a lot of people stop what I did last time and I feel like I've. Let people down a bit, but at the same time I think it's healthier for me to have a clear head and not be so stressed out by everything right now, just because a lot of stuff began on top of me as you've probably seen previous I've been Very touchy, very snappy and not myself, but feel a lot happy now I did the pollen is, and this is another thing I don't. I don't really want to go out.

I don't I don't want to go out to a shop to get vein liquid, because I don't think that that's an essential thing to get. I'M lucky that I've got a friend mmm who can drop stuff off for me, because his job means his act about all the time, so he'll drop stuff off for me every now and again, but I've never seen the vape liquid that I want that sound about. So I just assumed it's not that or also - and I thought about sterile since I stopped smoking and in the last two days, the last three days since I stopped smoking. I absolutely stopped eating what I used to.

I could not stops Granick and all of a sudden, my appetite disappearing, which is a good thing, because I was eating way too much. Have you guys put weight on since lockdowns happened? I'Ve been going out for, like a six mile bike, ride most days to try and keep it off, but I've still been putting it on.

I'Ve lost some in the last week and but it's been old fifty spins on here I will cash out. What'S left for EE, oh I've got a big balance on Leo well spread a bit on there any chance I'll stop. Now we rushed in. I can't dance guys.

I struggle. My hair is not as good as his that's a given. Oh there we go owner. Turner. Can it get past the second level he is recording, as he sent me a screenshot of a day, but I don't know if that bit tonight, no hundred and fifty - I don't know me some lone tonight, nosurely one more right.

We need five again we're gon na struggle there. I think Jimbo's last room, nice, fair play the Jimbo come on now when he's free, yeah yeah we're gon na struggle any to on the last one mmm, it's paid all right still got 50 free blood. You get it keys, give me 50 free games. I just give it hard, don't want it bad ass on a Tempe. No, I normally drops today the weekend figures there's so many fingers are normally correct Mondays when you see a drop because they don't collect. No quick enough: if we get a drop for for five consecutive days, then I think we're gon na have a chance but be let out quite soon again it'll be a slow roll out, but hopefully will happen.

I hope in any way I may be wrong. Jump. May be completely wrong. I fin know do a staggered thing where they let out certain counties. First, but they'll still have social distancing roles in place.

So let's say you can do they can do that? Just don't get close to people. That'S what I think they'll do.

They'Re saying that we are past the peak now, but obviously they're going to be careful, because we don't want a second peak which would be devastating as you can imagine. I only want them to end lockdown when it's safe to do so as much I'd like it. Ought to be finished with, I would hate for it to all go bad again. Yes, yes, completely, agree, undie and yet was still laying 15,000 people in the UK every day from fly's phone over your head, okay, good symbol! Thank You, Miche follow me.

I appreciate you something and there's a friendly first spinwas that 420 quit come on. A foreign is big money for every trigger, no so odd to hit this red trigger in the bonus on itwrite that down there, no toattend all of those nahbetter.i, that's 9600! Quite a thingStation all right, nostril Andy! Thank you! Mate.

645 yeah. When I went to China it wasn't the greatest of places. It was weird China because I was in Hong Kong and there's tall massive skyscrapers at a brand-new next, a little rundown Shack. It was really weird: I'm gon na do 25 spends on danger on 20 quid we're not doing 40 quid. We haven't got enough really to do 40 quid, but don't you guys to think they're 40 quid spins on danger is a normal thing.

For me, it really isn't that was a one-off last one yeah lop off looking, but they don't have no votes here. So dunno have pragmatics here my tech. Here we were doing 20-pound spins, I'm not sure. If I'm up you about that. So that feels like a rip, I'm going gates, I'm doing it, I'm doing it Jaxit's a bonus, we'll take it.

I can't mode, I'm never ever gon na be upset about getting a 6 pound bonus. I am if it's not gon na pay me anything now. Where'S.

The joke: well, we got some at last massive rep, no Jax just shows you. It doesn't really matter what somebody again cases screwed us twice. Are they now Abdullah? There is no questioning him as a person. I'Ve met him and he's a lovely guy, Jose says, but now that was terrible, really bad one! It'S been aged come so far, love all the things it is.

That was not it still paid 360. Well, that could have been so nice school there. Anything like that. Last one and then with Kashian whoa it could have been nice right, I'll sort that out shortly, I said I'll do some real King for you guys because I've never done it before on stream, but Emily go on it.

Last night, I just didn't figure out how to do the the gambles menu tumbling. All right, let's see what happens, I showed you how much I played this game. Oh my god. Does that get the art going shit.

Imagine that first go. I would've absolutely rinse bunda. If I've got that first go chip mini way, I used to be next to bandit, I'm deaf or a mini bandit he's bloody, massive Bundy's about 6-3 6-4. I didn't picture next to him right me him. I think it was Christina.

I know Christine took the videos me him Kim. I think it might be Christina in the picture actually and he was kneeling down massively and he was still towering over me. I hope you could at the top, then so Kanchan scare, the missus.

This should be an interesting gamble for oh, I love us. I think we're best off leaving this game to the pundit. We can't compete without, let's be realistic. Put it on Twitch live, see how you found it.

Thank you. Hugger. I'Ve got it that guys, I'm playing on the two casinos in the chat for you.

If you want to check them out there, it is bandy, was sat on a table. It was actually sat down on a table, he's still taller than me, how's, a good nightwho's. It all nutsack a blackboard Christina. I can leave that running a little Leo. I'M gon na do some degenerate spins on book of debt and I'm gon na call it a day. I think I've got big balance on here, which I'm going to cash out.

I can cash out in over 4 grand once today's withdrawals done. It is a one-off today guys, don't expect these sorts of stakes every day, because we don't do this sort of stake, often, but we've been on a mental run and just feel like doing something a bit more degenerate. Just Jim I've really enjoyed today's stream guys and you guys have made that possible. So massive. Thank you. Everyone!

Please please, please do it. Please do it. Yes, it's a full line.

It'S not various Balu cares. Who cares I'll just be 1500 sheets by God book. I fucking love you.

If all else fails book is that simple right secret are the stones on a tenner, 450 spins and they will do 50 spins on Survivor as what Wow, Wow you're right yeah, you look bored. Why sure are you not entertained? Hey Joan everyone? Various sloth wannabe, let's see if we can get a bonus on that survivor on a 10000 but be nice.

Mr Slusser hi. I lack of the chats my man, i yes when he takes his trousers down. It looks like a snare with no shell, ah 12:50, down to five five.

Let'S quick spin, this little badger in yeah, it's been a great month for cash-outs. Again, we really are running hot. At the moment you streaming aids and all right Joe. No, where is me so then CH guys are alive at 8 p.m.

This evening so watch out for that far do they give away this evening on the hand stream as well and I'll probably be playing with the guys so come on. Watch you play call of duty later. Oh there we go right.

Let'S see your numbers make them good ones: 5. 7. 12, bad.

1. 6. 7, good, 1, 9, 10, 11.

12 gives a wild mmm. It'S good multiplayer bot, but if it will get many wins always together them to always well, like Jordan, is socks. Lots of spends good multiplier, but no wild. So it's probably going to be a few wins every now and again, but Nala okay, nice bear honey. Pops could see you mate, any wins fever gon na struggle. Here you can't retrieve this slot.

Now we did the danger bonus, davidís already main you're gon na get any wins, fingers dead, guys yeah, I'm gon na quick spin. It'S not good! That'S pretty bad! It was a bad set. Although to be fair, I'm not a massive win on this game.

Yet Nick had an okay win on it, but now it spin out it's been a bit slow for me. This game had some okay hits, but nothing insane, coburn. Okay, that's a nice! Quick bonus come on then, when he'd only to pop out. Why us and ask one: that's a few Ernie's show me didn't get a win.

That'S Tom! Seven multiply, though come on Ernie. Where are you 120 sheets some rails? Okay, there's! Never an x, 9 x a sense something now.

This is gon na pay, where effective. At doing 90-pound spins right now make that 100 pants bends come on here, k night, oh good, green! Now, that's amazing oblivia, so good to hear that me Loren's, my god.

This multiplies stacking all right! Oh that's! The highest multiply out of this game. Please can't we hit something, come on, don't dead, spin, it game 17 times all of it all the jacks fall out just keeps missing. Now.

Matt is a rip to left some blues 208. No one left this more. You apply. This really could pay.

It'S just missed everything. It'S 500 quid, so we're all that bought. Oh, that's, better!

That'S better! That'S what I was looking for! That'S what I was looking for hello.

Is it cash sure you're looking for? Yes, it is there we gothe dead, dead, dead, dead detected, the detector, tintin, tintin, tintin, tintin ding registry was that is a nice one. We'Re gon na gold mega wise. Let'S have a blast on this, every rainbow cheese yeah. Do I see you playing last night? I was in bed board cuz.

He can pay his fair air, it does it's still fun to play at them. Just takes you back to the bookies days when it used to actually be the if and when in the book is yeah. I know I'm on a 25 Quinn's day we're going a bit crazy on this. Just because we know it can pay is incredibly volatile slots a lot of ways Shane that mess 144,000 ways that what that will do for today before we go there, we've got a bonus here, we're pretty much ripped Airport. We'Ve done all right. We'Ve had this running.

All down in the background on a one-pound 80, but it's not anything, we've not even got close to a wide line. Today, Frank, your boy, welcome eight chess Gregg! Let me give you some points. Let me see this online to us. Make sure you don't miss the hand stream tonight, because I gave it away a hundred Bank gift card on that stream, so don't miss it badasses on he's doing a slaughter stream, so our host Pat us today, no no, I said Benjy in awhile, the 8:00 p.m. Start tonight on the hench Channel we'll be back tomorrow.

I hope you enjoyed the stream of a lot of fun today. Last thing to say: please gamble responsibly. Today'S session is a very different one for me, so a lot higher state than normal. Please don't try and copy me please be careful, do not sit and gamble when you're bored, please be careful. Love y'all, see you all tomorrow,

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