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Inspired by the American rock band of the same name, players can look forward to classic gaming features, 5 reels, and 20 paylines across this non-progressive Video Slot offering from NetEnt. ...

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I don't know what I have to write here because I don't like mumbo jumbo. I just wanted to tell some my ideas.

Willdson Evilwis

Where do we go, where do we go now? Tell me Valdes, where? lol

Abastephens Haflame

I can say much on what I dislike, simply because I haven't really had the chance to fully play this game for long periods of time, so I cannot really judge its win possibilities. I can only guess. They may be good, they may be bad, so you be the judge for your own case. Hehehe.


Unfortunately every game has it's fails and there are a few fails about this game, for example this game is not compatible with google chrome I have and sometimes the animation went black. And the last fail is that the soundtrack kinda lagging the longer you play. I hope NetEnt will fix those fails soon.


I had a very short session though, since I made a deposit of only 20 euros and I played this slot for a while. The only feature that was rewarding for me was the cross wild that appears on the second, third and the forth reel. The highest win that I got from this feature was only 30 x bet.

Guns N` Roses is a 5 reels and 20 pay lines video slot game. The game is really appealing and it certainly has everything a player is looking for. The graphics are superb as well as the soundtracks, and there are plenty of features so I was definitely enjoying the game play. But, when it comes to the pay outs I was not very happy. There is an expanding wild which appears very often, like every third spin, but it never pays. I was getting an expanding wild on the fifth reel most of the times, or even when I get 2 reels with expanding wilds I never won anything higher than 10 x bet.

The game has a huge potential to pay, you only need to be lucky. For instance the Appetite for Destruction Wild feature can lead to huge wins if you get wilds on the first and the fifth reel at the same time. I also managed to activate the Solo Multiplier feature, but it was on the fourth reel and it went up to x 7 but the win was not that impressive. I definitely have to play this slot again and try my luck.

Sir John Long

favorite song of Guns N Roses is the "don't cry" many times I just got high, when I listen to that music.

When I see famous things in the video slots I always want to know how much they need to paid for using their names brands etc (if someone know please PM me I'm just curious). Intro music is excellent it is what I liked in this game in the first place.

I can agree that it is too hard graphic requirements for older computers to work properly I don't like it but it is only my opinion.

Generally I like a game as it is but I got some errors,slowing down please do something with it. Anyway this game is great 9/10.


en this happens a vinyl record like spinner will choose one of three possible outcomes, the bonus game, free spins or a plain old coin win. The free spins certainly have the highest win potential so you'll be hoping for that one inevitably, and the bonus game will almost always award more than the coin win unless you are really unlucky. The bonus game has three levels but I've only reached the final level a couple of times despite entering the game on a whole lot of occasions now.

There are also a few features that can activate randomly on any spin, mostly adding special wilds to the screen. The "Appetite for Destruction Wild" can appear as a cross shape in the center of the screen but doesn't appear in the free spins which is a bit of a let down.

My real issue with this game is the uninspiring paytable - the top five of a kind symbol combination awards just 37.5x your bet and although the extra wild features and solo multiplier does give many chances for higher wins, I wish NetEnt would create better paytables in the first place and cut back on the amount of gimmicks they tack on at the end to try and boost the games appeal. Nevertheless, the overall possibilities from Guns n Roses are much better than many other NetEnt games and this is definitely worth a try especially if your a fan of the band... there's no denying the music in this game beats the majority of other slots hands down!


hey are the Appetite for destruction wilds where a cross symbolizing the group in skeletons rolls on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th reels hoping to land the full cross wilds to make the biggest wins, the solo multiplier that appears often on a single 3 combination or more that racks up to 10x....very zesty on a 5 of a kind win, legend spins that patterns wild reels for 3 re-spins. On top of these great random features, Guns N Roses includes expanding GnR wild symbols.....which reminds me, upon playing $0.80 through my phone, I had 4 expanding wilds and Axl Rose happened to land on the very bottom of the 5th reel with a King symbol and a Guitar pick just above it to deliver me this mega big $264 win!!! This not only blew my mind, it also rocked the stage!!! It is stuck on my phone so I will try to post it ASAP.

What I have been missing was the music list that the desktop version has of Guns N Roses, but I cannot argue that I hit $264 on mobile. Pretty sweet for a $0.80 bet!!! The Bonus is a level up type for picking instruments holding credits, now there is a score to reach in order to level up as well as a chance for each pick to collect free spins along the way, 3 correct picks in 3 rounds will trigger this too! But to get through all levels filling up the crowd pleaser meter will multiply total wins by 2x. The 10 encore free spins, triggered through the bonus wheel or the crowd pleaser bonus has a random team member expanding wild on 2nd, 3rd or 4th reels that connects with the symbols that appear as the same as the wild. So....for example if the expanding wild is Slash, his symbols become wild!!! NetEnt really nailed the c r a p out of this one, I am glad the memories I had are as good as this legendary hero of a slot! Just looking at the starry night sky playing Sweet Child o Mine almost makes me feel like I can make a wish come true in this heavily rock hard world! An 11 out of 10!!! Purely excellent!!! Wish NetEnt can do good video slots like Guns N Roses!!!


e bonus feature can be encore free spins, coin win or crowd pleaser. It also boast random bonus features during the base game which consist of legends spins, appetite for destruction feature as well as solo multiplier. This would be one of the first slots I have seen with so many features and especially offering some of them during the base game.

Legend spins grant 3 spins with guaranteed wilds on the reels during each spins. The Appetite for destruction random feature is a wild symbol in form of a cross that was available on the cover of their album. Solo multiplier kicks in and multiply any winning combination randomly provided the combination reached the 4th reel.

When 3 or bonus symbols land on reel 1, 3 and 5 the bonus feature is triggered. You need to spin a LP on a vinyl and this will determine your bonus depending on the section it lands on. 90% of the time the crowd pleaser feature is triggered and I think the other 10% is split between the encore free spins and the coin win. Encore free spins awards 10 spins with guaranteed wilds and the crowd pleaser is a pick feature with the aim to reach a higher score than the set score by the feature.

I manage to experience all of these awesome features and had some really great wins when this game is on fire. Random features triggers a few spins within each other, bonus rounds are triggered often, but I hate that crowd pleaser bonus, just past level 1 and that's it.

When this game is cold you will get empty spins like you won't believe it. I once had 15 empty spins after each other and the slot ate my balance very quickly. The base game pays very poorly at time, you hardly get the high pay symbols in a winning combination. However if this game is hot, you will land 3 stacked wilds on the reels easily. So I enjoyed this slot and will classify it as one of the best releases from Netent.

Wickedjor Coleshot

One such band and the brand achieved worldwide popularity. Today, Axl Rose the only remaining original member of Guns. It is this energy that the band carried with him throughout his career, is one of the biggest reasons why the release of the game attracted the attention of players around the world. I am a fan of rock music, but I was not hard to come up with some money, I recall details about their illustrious career, which is painted on the symbols that are done perfectly.

Music is the least of our problems, given that the choice of tunes huge so that creators had this sweet problem, what to choose. This game usually open to Unibet and Bet365 casino, but lately also to Betclic casino where I'm active in recent weeks. My role here range generally from € 0.20 to € 1. Almost never exceeds the limit of € 1 per spin because the game is so attractive to the moment could I lose control of my finances. In this game I like that you can choose a melody that will play in the background while you play, I usually choose November Rain because it's my favorite song by the rock band. And other songs I like them but I'm a little superstitious regarding these melodies, because with it generally receives the highest payment line. Who knows?

It seems to me that this slot a little too demanding for my hardware, because although I have a Core2Duo processor running at 3 GHz and 4GB of RAM, even though my computer is very slow and the drum rotates so slowly that I sometimes pass the desire to play. I think the reason for that music in the background but when I turn off the tone did not notice much of a difference in CPU load. The design of slot machines is perfect, as I said there was no shortage of elements when they created this game. The biggest gain that I made in this game was something around 30 €, in the role of € 1 per spin. I got five of the same symbol, but I do not remember which. Anyway, maybe it was another winning combination and therefore gain was so high. From me only words of praise for NetEnt and their perfect creation, to a new realization is probably not much but the Guns N 'Roses slot one of the top slots, which came on the market recently.


It isn't about any red roses either. It's just about some popular guys singing their hearts out, to gals or to guys I really don't know, maybe to both! Hahaha.

Nah, Guns N Roses has never been a hit with me, unlike Led Zeppelin, or Black Sabbath, or even like Pink Floyd did. In fact, I like many other rock bands, but never mind, don't wanna break these boys hearts! Hehehe. This is their game, this is their day. Who knows, come tomorrow, they'll be gone, for me that is. The first thing that struck me is the beautiful set up of this game, bringing back memories of watching live band concerts, with all the crowd, the waving hands, heads and bodies, and especially the loud loud sounds coming out of those many huge speakers on stage! And those performing guys looking nothing more than tiny living things on the stage, being that far way from them, hahaha. Yep, where first impressions are concerned, this game rocks! Everything is beautifully done and presented, and I just love those waving crowds whenever I get a win, like I'm the performer on stage myself! Woohoo!

To describe each and every special feature that this game offers would be too consuming, so I'll just briefly describe them here. The Guns N Roses logo is the Wild symbol, doesn't pay anything, but expands on the reel where they appear. A burning Record Disc is the Bonus symbol, appearing only on reels 1, 3 and 5, getting which activates a spinning bonus wheel. Click it to stop it and one of the 3 features would be awarded, namely the Crowd-Pleaser, Encore Free Spins or Coins Wins.

In the Crowd-Pleaser game, you pick 3 items to win coins, Extra Pick and a Free Spin, which next takes you to the 2nd level to pick 3 more items, and then to the 3rd level to do the same again. If you managed to get a total of 3 of the Free Spin items after the 3rd level, a 10 free spins game is awarded. If the total coins collected at the end of the 3rd level is 800 coins, your total win is doubled! Sounds good right?

In the Encore Free Spins feature game, 10 free spins is awarded but without any win multiplier. One player symbol becomes a fully Stacked Wild or Expanded Wild during each of the 10 free spins, randomly appearing on either reels 2, 3 or 4. All the other same player symbols turn into Wilds too, but non-expanding. Winning the Coin Wins simply means getting paid for whatever coin values the pointer stops at.

In the base or main game, 3 additional features can be randomly activated, Appetite For Destruction Wild, Legend Spins and a Solo Multiplier. The Appetite For Destruction Wild comes in a cross formation and can land on the middle reels partly or in full cross formation. 5-of-a-kind wins are common here. The Legend Spins award 3 free spins, each having 1 or 2 Expanded Wilds on the reels. Spin 1 on reel 3, spin 2 on reels 1 and 5, spin 3 on reels 2 and 4. The Solo Multiplier is activated when 3 or more same symbols form on a payline, awarding a win multiplier of 4x up to 10x.

Other than that, the paytable is not so good, with very low win values, so trying to get huge wins in this game can be very hard indeed!


I mostly listened to Paradise city song which is one of my favorite from Guns N' Roses.

I think this is very cool that NetEnt added some songs into game. The graphic effects and animation background is great. Into the game are expanding wild symbols, bonus wheel with 3 features: encore free spins, the Crowd-Pleaser bonus game and coin wins, appetite for destruction wild, legend spins and solo multiplier. Many features and I like that.

When I was playing it I got many times legend spins which is trigger randomly. Here are some different stacked wild reels in every spin, my best result from it was around x50 bet. I got a few times some other features too, but the pay outs were not so good for me. The worst for me was bonus game which is pick & click game. It has 3 different levels and you get prizes or even some free spins. Here I never won any free games only some coins and I did not like it.

After all I think this could be a good game to play it sometimes. Until now I never won any big win on it, but I saw some win pictures where winnings are over x100 bet. I will rate it with 8 stars. During base game I expected a little better pay outs, but when legend spins appears, it is a quite good game because there are better payouts and I like that this feature appear often. I think I will play it even in near future, it could be a fun game.


hat because of the memories I can't tell you right now but you simply must try out this game 

And I hope you gonna love it as much as I do! And I am serious.

I noticed a large number of features and the SET LIST is cool one and you can choose your favorite song, yes you can.

When I first played this game I opened YouTube as well and ended up dancing with Alice Cooper : ' Poison '.. how does it sounds?

Too much music and I suddenly released we should tell something about base game, bonus game..symbols and yes, paytable that we must pay attention to .

This is standard 5 reels, 20 paylines slot. I don't know is that the cutting edge or what need to be used to make symbols more realistic in this game.

I definitely think graphics should look much better too. Seeing people on concert isn't enough.

But there are features which could make you feel so much better, for example Wild symbol or Bonus symbol and when they form 3 reels just for your wins.

I have managed to trigger bonus round finally and I won 600 coins on my 0.20 bet size which was my biggest win so far.

I had minor wins and it's not even worth mentioning as they were trashy and couldn't buy me nothing. I used free spins this time but no doubt after I check paytable I'll know when I am gonna play because this game is ' something ' to me.


Not because I did not wanted but because of the problems I have with the launching of this slot game on my laptop.

The first time I tried to play this slot at Mr. Green Casino, but immediately after the short intro video the game will froze. Also, I tried to play for fun here at AskGamblers but again the same problem. Please note that all other Netent games work flawlessly on my laptop. As I see in the review down below I'm not the only one who had technical problems with this game and probably Netent did not spent enough time for testing this game. I tried to run the game on several browsers and also I have downloaded the latest version of Adobe Flash Player, but it was all in vain.

But, as I watched some videos on YouTube it seems to me that Guns N 'Roses video slot looks fantastic. I really liked one detail and it is that here you have the opportunity to change the soundtrack when playing and you have a choice between a few hits from this band: Welcome to the Jungle, November Rain, Paradise City, Sweet Child of Mine and Chinese Democracy. Also the game has a few features: Appetite For Destruction wild, Solo multiplier feature, Legend free spins, Coin win, the crowd-pleaser bonus game and Encore free spins. Also, on the videos that I have watched, I had the opportunity to see that this game can pay well.

I hope for some update from Netent and that soon I will be able to try this game. Until then, I will rate the Guns N 'Roses with a high 8 out of 10 stars because the game looks fantastic with a large number of feature.


It is definitely because of the fact that the inspiration for this game is the famous band Guns N Roses and although I myself have never been a fan of them, even I was looking forward to this new slot.

As usually, many casinos were giving free spins on this slot and it was a great opportunity to try it for the first time. I have to say I was really impressed with the graphics and design Netent has come up with and I think it's unique that you can choose on of the playlists songs while spinnins the wheels, I haven't seen anything like that before. Also I was very surprised by the amount of features game offers.

One of my first experiences was at Princess Star casino where I received 25 free spins on this game. Having 20 paylines the minimum bets are 0.20€. Within my free spins I received 3 bonus symbols on 1st, 3rd and 5th reel which led me to bonus wheel. There I got the crowd pleaser bonus and it holds coin winnings and free spins. I received free spins and overall won 18€. Later I lost all the money on this game.

Now I've had several sessions with this slot and last time I lost 45€ on it. There are many things I like about it, first of all the design is really great and even not being a fan for the band I enjoy all the characters and music. Secondly I like that the wild symbols always expand, improving the winning possibilities. Also I think that the bonus isn't too hard to trigger and my favorite feature is encore spins, because there are one wild reel for each spin. And I also like that there are Legend spins feature because it comes up quite often and can boost balance decently.

Having said that, I am a little disappointed with the payouts so far. None of the free spins features have multiplier and from free spins only I haven’t got winnings over 70x bet. Also I don't like the fact that the wild expands always, even when there's no win, because that makes the game lag and many times I've had to cut my session and restart my laptop just because the game lagged so much. I have to say that I expected to get higher winnings, it seems to be hard to get over 40x bet and my best result has been 70x bet.

Overall this is surely a must try game for all Netent fans, not only Guns N Roses fans. I think they've done an amazing job in terms of incorporating the band in the base game and bonuses, visually it's an eye candy. But when it comes to payouts, I wouldn't expect much, I haven't played this game with higher than minimum or 0.40eur bets but all of my sessions have ended with loss and no profits, but I will keep playing this game because it is very entertaining.

Kermit Hermit

e people didn't like it because luck was not on their side but believe me this game is not bad, in fact it's NetEnt's best game till now.
Online casino were crazy with giving free spins for the promotion of this game and I was lucky to hit super mega big win worth of 500x bet from the 5 free spins a casino gave me.

Guns N Roses is a recommendation if you like a game with great soundtracks and hilarious great graphics.

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