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Crypto Slots Casino

Crypto Slots Casino

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Bonus: 177% up to $500
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So, this is Cryptoslots that's before us, a casino from the makers of Slotland and Win a day. So these are the sister sites of it and CryptoSlots is the company's crypto-only products they made for players in the U.S and elsewhere. 


So let's probably sum up what we know about it. So we know it has a long-standing history dating back to 18 years ago. The company behind and the casino is Slot Land entertainment S.A. The company with the same name is registered in Panama and also in Comoros (Comoro Islands), so they have a license from Anjouan online gambling Authority of Comoros. This is a kind of exotic license, a territory that has belonged to France and gained its independence in 1974 and located between Madagascar and Mozambique in Pacific Ocean. 

Why I say it's exotic because only a few casinos has been known to get this license. Actually it is connected to the difficulties in onboarding the game providers as well as payment gateway providers to this kind of exotic destination because this is one of the poorest countries in the world and all the things connected to it.

So we know that this kind of license doesn't actually convey much protection but still it exists and Anjouan even gains more attention more attention these days when the owners of Curacao sub-license would be obliged from September the 1st 2023 to apply for a standalone license whereas in the previous time they have to stick by their Master license holders, which jeopardize all the business white-hat and even turn-key casinos. \

A short summary of findings

So, we see: 

  1. a long standing history behind the company, 
  2. Anjouan license, we know 
  3. this is a crypto first casino whose  owners has been in business for quite a long time, we know that the 
  4. owners has been doing the slot machine business also because they have a slot land company as above that provides the slot games to their own casinos, so 
  5. it's a full cycle enterprise, they not only work as operators but also provides games (in-house or exclusive games if you say so). 

In fact, it's one of the peculiarities thereof because you cannot really play other types of games except for the in-house ones in this casino. Cryptoslots has a wide range of slot machines but still it's not in the hundreds, it's probably less than 100. We have 60 of them reviewed here on, you have to take note of it.

Also, this website allows us players which is probably the biggest advantage of it and it is not obviously a problem under this kind of license. But, peculiarly, France where I am located is not allowed at this website. 

So, anyway they have been taking U.S players and they use no KYC, so this is absolutely KYC-free casino, which is really nice for those who like it.  

All the games have been made in-house. These are slot games and also crypto Lottery. These games are provably fair and there's a special chapter on the site which explains how to use this probably fair mechanics and so on.

But the problem is they might not have enough games to my taste, there's no live games and table games and also the slots are kind of simple in mechanics, but it's just to my taste I don't know what you - the readers - like.

So what's about the specifics of these games? They don't have the RTPs of their games on the website, at least, I cannot really find it. As I've been aggregating the reviews of their slot machines I know what the range of RTPs is there, but they don't actually showcase it. 

Also, obviously, there's no demo mode for these games on the website, so it's kind of annoying, but it's the case with most crypto casinos including BetFury, HunnyPlay, etc.

Also, what about their bonus?

Bonus is a kind of generic welcome bonus, which consists of

  1. 111 percent match deposit on your first deposit,
  2. 77% match deposit on the second deposit and also
  3. 99 percent match deposit to your deposit on the third deposit.

So, all together this is the welcome bonus pack of up to 1500 USD and it has a wagering requirements of 35 times your bonus. 

A minimum deposit is 25 and the maximum deposit (such exists) is ten thousand dollars. So all the games internal currency is the US dollar and the max Cash Out is $5 000 per each bonus first, second and third deposit.

Cashback bonus

So in addition to the Welcome Pack there's also a cash back bonus which ranges from three percent to nine to seven percent cash back. It takes place on Wednesdays and it depends on your you know ranking position which in turn depends on your net loss level. These cashbacks bonuses go with one time wager requirements and they are internally called free chips so the max bonus amount for this type of cashback is one thousand dollars.

Coming down to the web design of this casino, it's look and feel... It's a classic black and gold design, maybe a little too classic for some. It also can be called minimalistic. What I didn't like about this kind of cheeky top winners section in each game type so it
goes on on different pages of the website. 

Supported networks and currencies

As I was saying this is cryptocurrency only operator, so they have seven cryptocurrencies that are supported only, by contrast to the largest ones like honey player or bad Fury and these are only three (as I can see) only three networks:

Is the availability of different networks indispensable? Maybe not for all, but still it's a decision making factor for now.
Their withdrawal threshold is one hundred dollars, which is a sort of surprising for a crypto casino, whereas in other casinos 
there may be no withdrawal threshold, but still it is here and withdrawals are reportedly not instant, so you cannot expect them to go down in 15 minutes.

In our interview sections there will be an interview with them and I will pose a question why exactly it's done so. Because there may be questions about how some even major currencies may fluctuate (not mentioning Monero, etc coins) and if there's a two or three days lag between when initiating a withdrawal and when you get this money, so it may matter.

Questions to ask

All right, the questions that players ask (and I agree that there might be some disturbing things) are about:

1) the internal currency of the casino: they put everything on the Promotional and Terms and Conditions pages in dollars but, reportedly, the internal currency is crypto. While there's no switch between currencies and if you are not accustomed to the crypto view of your bets in your games, it may cause some troubles too.
2) the cashback is being maybe not that significant but still it's a really nice
3) and the absence of live games and table games.

Strong points

Still the good points about this casino is that they have 

  1. a long history, 
  2. they are really trusted in terms they've been for a long time in the markets and they're not going bankrupt, etc,
  3. take US players,
  4. use no KYC.

I think it's worth trying if you like this kind of casino. If you have questions or comments, you can write me an email, you can find it here too.

Casino Bonuses
welcome bonus
Crypto Slots Casino: 177% Match Deposit Bonus
  • Bonus code: MATCH177ASKG
  • Minimum deposit: $25
  • Wagering requirements: 70
  • Maximum bonus amount: 177%
  • Bonus value: $500
  • Exclusive: Yes
  • Status: Expired
cashback bonus
Crypto Slots Casino: 3% up to $1,000 Cashback Bonus on Wednesday
  • Bonus code: No bonus code
  • Wagering requirements: 1
  • Maximum bonus amount: 3%
  • Bonus value: $1,000
  • Exclusive: No
  • Status: Active
welcome bonus
Crypto Slots Casino: 111% up to $500
  • Bonus code: WELCOME1
  • Minimum deposit: $25
  • Wagering requirements: 70
  • Maximum bonus amount: 111%
  • Bonus value: $500
  • Exclusive: No
  • Status: Active
2nd deposit bonus
Crypto Slots Casino: 77% up to $500, 2nd Deposit Bonus
  • Bonus code: WELCOME2
  • Minimum deposit: $25
  • Wagering requirements: 70
  • Maximum bonus amount: 77%
  • Bonus value: $500
  • Exclusive: No
  • Status: Active
3rd deposit bonus
Crypto Slots Casino: 99% up to $500, 3rd Deposit Bonus
  • Bonus code: WELCOME3
  • Minimum deposit: $25
  • Wagering requirements: 70
  • Maximum bonus amount: 99%
  • Bonus value: $500
  • Exclusive: No
  • Status: Active
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