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“You better watch out, you better not cry, better not pout, I’m telling you why, Santa Claus is coming to town”… Do you know this song? The holiday season is just around the corner and this isn’t a surprise that some software providers tend to release some Christmas games. One of them is “Secret Santa” which is surely worth your attention. ...

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The Pogg

game ReviewThe games game can be found at Microgaming casinos. Microgaming as a standard do not publish the slots house edge information of their games. However they lease their slots games out to casinos using other software, some of which do publish this information. So far we’ve only found one casino – RedBet – that has published this information for Secret Santa and they list the house edge as 3-4%. When playing at any other venue, this information should be used as a guideline only as the game may be configurable.Is it a £5 ...

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Every year Christmas comes around and every year we have to scratch our heads about what to buy our friends and colleagues for the Secret Santa. Thankfully this year will be different because Microgaming has released a 1024 way video slot themed around Christmas. ...

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The game is the best game to play when there is a feel of the holidays in the air. Microgaming, being a digital version of Santa, prepared some valuable gifts, including a total reinvention of bonus games and a 115,000-coin maximum win. Read our game review to find out how to win big, and which casino you should choose to play the game. ​ ...

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Review of game by Microgaming, including real players' reviews and ratings, free play mode, winning screenshots, latest bonus codes and promotions. ...

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Quotation Forthcoming

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Quotation Forthcoming

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Quotation Forthcoming

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Try game online for free in demo mode with no download and no registration required and read the game's review before playing for real money. ...

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Slot Reviews by Users

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14 reviews by users Write Review

What do I dislike in the game? Hmm. Firstly, the minimum starting bet per spin is $0.50. Not that expensive, but it matters a lot for small bankrolls. Secondly, I couldn't get any good win above 100x my bet amount. Not the game's fault but my own lack of luck. Thirdly, would prefer it to be in a 3-rows game format, not 4-rows, but it's only a small matter. Everything else is a-okay.


In the background there’s a little town at night, everyone’s home and the lights are on everywhere while the snow is slowly coming down. It’s a perfect presentation of atmosphere. The symbols are also nice and they’re seemed like hand-paintings. Santa, Christmas tree, presents, dishes, working fire-place not just the important ingredients of the feast in real life but here too and all serve the game well.

The slot’s main strengths are in features. It has 8 randomly given special features like Mystery Multiplier when the wins are multiplied by x5 or x10, Free Spins with 5 attempts at x3, Wild Boost when a selected symbol turns into Wild, 4 Dashing Wilds can land in any spot, Rolling Reels can add up to x12 multiplier for consecutive wins, Wild Reel when 3 whole reels enwrapped with Wilds, Scatter Spree when the icons can pay if they were scatters so no need them to be on a winning line and the 5 of a Kind Again feature that means if we have such winning under normal play (without wild symbol) we got paid for it and it automatically turns another 5 of a kind line giving out more rewards. Basically, it’s a 2 for 1. All of these are there besides the traditional Wild and Scatter. It’s no surprise the icons in themselves don’t pay as much as other games but believe me this slot is really built for features and they well compensate the seeming deficiencies.

I’ve played this 1024 ways-to-win type game quite a lot lately and it quickly became one of my favourite slots. I only use just €1 or €1.50 for bets but the numerous extra not just once or twice but many times resulted wins more than €100, €200. I like there’s no one specific feature that I have to wait for because I had some mentioned amount winnings with Rolling Reels, Mystery Multiplier or Wild Reel.

I suppose if it had superhero theme it would be much more popular but I still think it’s one of the best MG games came out recently. On my part: graphics, symbols, atmosphere – 5 stars, winnings, rewards – 5 stars. There’s nothing really more what I could ask for from a video slot game.

Dreadful John

thing else to add, microgaming thought that it is December, Christmas and new year is soon, and release such themed slot will be nice decision. And i think this is nice time to release such slot, but i was really disappointed when i saw it.

Secret Santa online slot has 1024 lines to play with, and of course knowing this you will expect some stacked or expanding wilds, which will give you a chances to hit monsters like 1000 x total bet. I first time play this slot at betat casino, and this was with 50$ deposit + 50$ bonus. Minimum bet on this slot is 0.5 $ and i play at this bet. I lost all my money probably in 20 minutes, without winning more than 5 $. First my thoughts was something like ' what the hell ,what the point of this game, where is any chances to win good at list at theory...?'. This game has different bonus games and features, i see them all, or almost all, but i even do not want to told you which one of them and what they do, because really, i tried this slot with 3 deposits, and lost all of this deposits quickly and without chances.

I suggest you stay away from this slot, probably i am just unlucky on this slot, but really i did not know how 1024 lines game can be so boring and so bad. Sorry microgaming, but you did bad job.


Microgaming launched this game end November 2013 I believe or during December. What better way is there to launch this slot right prior Christmas. It got launched with many free spins promotions at different online casinos, including 32Red.

Secret Santa is quite different from most other Christmas themed video slots. The mysterious background sound, 7-different features and 1024-ways-to-win format actually makes this slot worth a gamble, since it's so much different from what we are used to.

There are a few pros and cons attached to this game though. I didn't experience too many sessions while playing this game, but I did enjoy Secret Santa. First of all the minimum bet is kind of high with €0.50 being the minimum per spin. So like I was saying, Secret Santa has 7 different features which can be activated.

These features include Wild Reels, Wild Boost, 5 Free Spins (3x Multiplier), Mystery Multiplier 5x or 10x, Dashing Wilds, Scatter Spree and Rolling Reels with a Multiplier up to 12x. While all of this sounds incredibly amazing, I been quite disappointed that all these features can only be triggered RANDOMLY.

It basically means you never know with what type of feature you will end up while playing Secret Santa. You also don't have a clue when the feature will be launched since it's completely random, and the scatters not doing anything for you.

In addition it's quite difficult to win big during base game since the highest payout for the best paying symbol after 5 scatters/wilds is Santa Claus with only 10x bet size. The good thing is when this happens with original symbols (no wilds), those 5 symbols will turn into around or the same symbol to give you another 5oak.

So basically Secret Santa gives you good reasons to play this slot, but also reasons to stay away lol. I found the base game rewarding me 10-15x bet size quite got a lot, without me losing too much. I unfortunately didn't experience every Mystery feature, except the Wild Reels where 2 of my reels turned wild and which ended up awarding me 100x bet size.

The other two features I've experienced was the Dashing Wilds feature, where 4 symbols got turned wild. I won 30x bet size with this one, and the Scatter Spree feature ended up paying me 25x bet size. I haven't played this slot since it took me more than 1000 spins to launch one feature. I guess that's the only thing I don't like about the Secret Santa game.

I never know when this feature will be COMING or NOT!

My Final rating is an 8/10 though.


The original idea of hitting 5 of a kind symbols was just that but now Microgaming has introduced 5 of a kind AGAIN. This happens when I won 5 symbols in a row naturally. That means they must land as their own symbols without the aid of wilds to complete them. If with wilds within the combination then they won't trigger at all!

When this natural 5 of a kind win happens, the symbols making them are held and spun for a different 5 identical symbols, they can appear to be one of the 4 suits or one of the higher paying symbols like 5 Santas. Although hitting 5 of a kind spades and getting 5 of a kind Santas on a $1 bet did not please me at all. It only rewarded me with $11.50. That's pretty low paying for the highest symbol on Secret Santa. $25 would appear to be a much better thought...if only they brought this into fruition. Other features on Secret Santa can be triggered on random occasions. So, if the slot gives a blue coloured border on the reels and a present pops out of no where then you will be in for a treat when a random feature makes it's way to you! A gift will open in front of you and will show you what feature has been won. As for me I've spent only a long while to see the Scatter Spree feature. The reels spin once and any combination of at least 3 symbols wins as scattered types. From the snowy scene in motion to the random features, everyday will be Christmas when you play Secret Santa. It scores a 6.6 out of 10!


Each of these Christmas games you have to play at least a few minutes to feel the spirit of Christmas and the holidays that are now behind us. This year I have not had time to try out a lot of slot machine with a Christmas theme, but I tried two. The first is Fruity Shop Christmas Edition and the second is Secret Santa. From my experience, this last one I've said is better than the first. It's called Secret Santa and amaze you even if you do not win. It will all become clear when you look at what the game offers, and how you gain waiting for this successful Microgaming slot.

Whenever I choose Microgaming slot to play, always have the advantage of "1024 Ways" slot machines. Logically, they carry greater potential for gain, but higher deposit. Secret Santa has a drum, which throughout the game backfilled snow, if sunny days you will still have the impression that the snow all around you. Shake the flakes from your shoulders, relax, make a deposit and start an unforgettable Christmas adventure. During the Christmas holidays I had a free spins promotion without having to deposit, in Betsafe casino. From such a free spins promotion, I won about 17 €. Bonus I often played on about five slot machines, one of them was the Secret Santa slot. For this game all the magic and when you go wrong, the spirit of Christmas, will surpass your bad luck.

Then I was not able to finish the bonus until the end, I lost the entire amount from my account. Until a few days ago I have not hung out with this slot, but in gratitude toward Santa Claus, I decided to dedicate him a honest review and re-play in Bet365 casino, this slot. I took the auto-play and with € 80 at the expense of going to my Christmas trip. After those 50 spins, I had to account € 62, and I thought to give up. I continued but I reduce bet per spin of € 1 to € 0.50. It was a good move because with a smaller stake in the next 50 spins managed to get back to € 82. I played for about 30 spins and I had a bigger gain. I won five symbols of "Santa Claus" and crossed the border from 100 € in my casino account. Here I stopped, and the money transferred back to the bookmaker. I will continue to play this slot, and when the winter is past!

Sharpcauldron Harkross

I didn't keep track of when it first appeared, so I can only make a guess. Nonetheless, my first impressions of this Secret Santa game were good. It looks beautiful, the graphics are excellent, but plays with 5 reels and 4 rows, the only thing that I wasn't so happy about. Had it been the normal 5-reels 3-rows game, I would certainly love this game a tad more. But having said that, the overall presentation of Secret Santa is still excellent and not as confusing as I would expect it to be. A few pats on Microgaming's shoulder from me, but nothing more, hehehe.

The logo 'Secret Santa' is the Wild symbol, paying a very low 16x the total bet for 5 of them, and substitutes for other symbols except for the Scatter symbol, as always. Sadly though, it is still a dumb symbol in my books. Would have love it if it comes stacked at least, or doubles all wins with it, which it doesn't. The Cracker is the Scatter symbol, 5 of which pays 100x the total bet amount, but getting 3 or more of them do not trigger any free spins. The Free Spins game is randomly activated in the base game, from one out of the 8 features available. That's a lot of features in any game! Santa himself pays 10x the total bet for 5 of him, the Christmas Tree pays 8x, the Fireplace pays 4x, the Gifts pay 4x too, the Meal pays 2x, the Pudding pays 2x, and the card symbols pay 1.5x to 1.2x, all per total bet for 5 of each kind. The paytable? A low or an average one for a 1024-ways game, quite hard to categorise which, but probably more to average.

So, what are the 8 features in Secret Santa? 1 - Wild Reels, can turn up to 3 reels into expanded Wild Reels. 2 - Wild Boost, a random symbol is turned into a Wild symbol. 3 - Free Spins, 5 free spins with all wins tripled. 4 - Mystery Multiplier, all wins are multiplied by either 5x or 10x. 5 - Dashing Wilds, 4 Wilds are randomly placed on the reels. 6 - Scatter Spree, all similar symbols pay as Scatters in any position. 7 - Rolling Reels, each consecutive win increases the multiplier up to 12x. 8 - Five Of A Kind Again, all 5-of-a-kind wins without any Wild symbol get transformed into another random symbol for a second 5-of-a-kind win. Symbol cannot transform into a Wild or a Scatter symbol. Phew! How's all that for features eh? Very nice indeed! However, none of the above features can be retriggered. Fair enough. The maximum possible win? It is indicated as $82,500.00, or 8,250x the total bet amount, which is simply fantastic!


The thing that I like the most is that there are 7 features and you never know which one you will trigger. you can never be bored when you have a variety of features like Dashing Wilds, Wild Reels, Wild Boost, Scatter spree, 5 free spins, mystery multiplier and rolling reels with a multiplier.

Secret Santa bonus is awarded randomly. The last time I played this slot I got the Wild Reels first. In the bonus 2 reels turn into a wild. So the second and the fifth reel turned wild and all I got was 1.04 euros on a 1 euro bet. This was beyond worse, but next time I got 50 x bet. So this was somehow a good compensation.

Very interesting features throughout the game, like the wild reels and the 5 of a kind again feature. This feature does not bring any big wins but at least it doubles your win.

Scatter spree is another gift during this game. During this feature all symbols act like scatters and as long as you have 3 you will receive a payout and I got 22.50. Immediately I got Rolling reels where I got mega big win 288 euros. During this feature all the symbols that form a winning combination disappear and they allow new symbols to fall into place and with every win the multiplier increases and it can go up to x 12.

After that I got Dashing wilds and I won 18.90. during this feature the reels respin and you get 4 wilds on random location. I have not seen everything that this game has to offer yet, but I am not complaining so far. I will play this slot very soon again.




ere you can get wild reels, wild boost, free spins, mystery multiplier, dashing wilds, scatter spree and rolling reels. The minimum bet is set to 0.5€. When I played I mostly received rolling reels. I did not like this feature, because my first results was not a winning combination and feature ended right that moment when it starts.

Otherwise I like that there are 7 different features, and all of them could provide some great wins. It is good that is randomly selected and randomly awarded. I think this bonus appear quite often because of that fact.

The second thing which I missed at other Microgaming games are 5 of kind again feature. Here is this feature and it is very fun. 5 of a kind wins in the base game will payout and then transform into another symbol to from an additional 5 of a kind win. This feature appear quite often and increases your winnings. Only thing which I don't like is that 5 of the kind symbols does not pay so big. The paytable for them could be set better, because I received sansta's symbols often and I won only x10 bet or something like that.

Otherwise I like the game. It has nice theme about Christmas and now when will be December it will be very popular at players. I had nice time while I was playing it. I also like Christmas secret music during features, it is very well designed game. I will play it more now, because it is right time to play it. Maybe it will bring some nice Christmas surprise for me.


This slot brought me a big smile and it was like I could not stop playing here to write this review.

This review is about the “Secret Santa” slot, a game with 1024 ways to win. Somewhere in a small town located definitely in the north of the old continent the night is falling. It is winter, it snows and all the houses windows are lit. The fires are also lit in the stoves and everyone is looking forward to greet Santa that is arriving on the snowed way from the town entry. The tables are full of goodies, and cakes and fried chicken are not missing. (I wanted that Santa bring me a “Snowflake” ice cream from the mall near me, because at the end of the summer all the ice cream is disappearing from the mall shelves, and here my wish was fulfilled!).

I was saying that the slot brought me a big baby smile, because just like Santa, it brings many gifts. I have not started really playing and after only a few dozen spins I won good dozens of Euros (about 40). Playing here, at least once every 10 spins you have “5 of a kind”. And as with no other slot, only for these 5 separate symbols a new respin is given just to be awarded again another “5 of a kind”! It is impossible to lose money! Then Santa brings himself a lot of features. There are so many, that I learned about few of them only from paytable. When I had the “Scatter Spree”, that is when all symbols paid anywhere they were on reels, I said that this is not possible for a real slot to happen! About 35 Euro win from a single spin. The surprises were so many so that I do not remember well all of them, but it is the first time that playing a slot I felt at the same time rich and happy like a child.

I recently played a Microgaming slot with the same theme, named “Deck the Halls” bringing about the same atmosphere, but here also the wins are as nice as the atmosphere. Definitely this slot from now on will be part of my favorite games, occupying a place in the top 5 ever!


There are 1024 lines in this game and the minimum bet is €0.50. My usual bet is €1 and i have not won anything over 50x.

There are a couple of things that make this game unique. Every time you get five of a kind, they freeze and re-spin to give you another five of a kind. I am not sure if it could give you wilds, because i never got them but i did get a win of €25 on a €1 bet. This game also has seven features and they are awarded randomly. I really don't like all that random stuff, because you never know when you going to get it. Sometimes you could get it within five spins, and other times i could do 50 spins before i get it. There is a wild reels, wild spins, free spins, mystery multiplier, dashing wilds, scatter spree and rolling reels feature. I only got two of them. The mystery multiplier which paid to around 10x and free spins which paid to about 50x. I really don't know is the other features pay better, but i think they might.

Over all the graphics are really good and the sound effects are pretty cool. The game play is good, but i think this game would be better if the feature was not random. If i was to rate this game i would give it 6 out of 10.

Edwarolly Robinsonorty

It is a normal slot game, just like others, 5X4 reel game with 1,024 ways to win. I strongly believe that everyone can enjoy the rich, inviting graphics and get into the holiday spirit with sparkling symbols provided by Secret Santa. I think that you will realize that a nearly all the Christmas related icons will be available in Secret Santa such as turkey, Christmas puddings, gifts and, the Mr.Santa himself will also appear in the slot game. It all looks good and the animations when you hit a win are pretty neat too. For example, a win involving the Turkey icons plays a brief animation showing the Turkey being carved.

There is one thing that I wish to share with you guys is that the sound is really quiet in the base game and really loud during the bonus rounds. That will even out the differences in the perceived volume of the sound - especially useful for people like me who turned up speakers during the regular game only to be blasted very very suddenly during the bonus round. This is like some kind of SURPRISE from Santa, it quite a brilliant idea, good job the designer.There are no less than seven Secret Santa bonuses, triggered at random for instance. Bonuses include 5 Free Spins, 3 Wild Reels, Random Wilds and a Mystery Multiplier Bonus. From what I see is that it is awesome to get a bonus even on a losing spin because I believe that most of these are not going to make you super rich, but they do add to the pleasure of playing this slot. And you could get the Scatter Spree where all symbols pay in any position or the 10x Mystery Multiplier bonus on a decent win.

Secret Santa does promise a headline 'maximum win' of 115,000 coins and, being one of those 1024 win line slots, it is possible to hit this, but from my personal point of view, this is primarily a game to play for entertainment rather than a serious jackpot slot. This could be the tactics of Microgaming to make the promotion regarding this Secret Santa to be even more successful. There is another nice feature which is if you get a genuine five of a kind, then there is a chance of getting re-spin with a second guaranteed five of a kind win. The only difference is that the symbol triggering your original win will change. I believe your winning chances could be increased definitely.


The sound of game are nice.In the game pros and cons are attached to tough the level of the game.In this game many gift are available as Santa gives the gifts. The name of this game is very suitable as feature of the game.

The feature of the game are very nice,impressive and Dashing wild feature.The feature don't have a clue when the feature launched and its completely random and scatter. The highest for best paying in the game are for paying symbol after for 5 scatters/wilds is Santa Claus with only 10x bet size.There are different 5 identical symbol in the game.These slot was release in December holidays as according to the game.It has 8 randomly given special features
1. Mystery Multiplier when the wins are multiplied by x5 or x10,
2. Free Spins with 5 attempts at x3
3.Wild Boost when a selected symbol turns into Wild,
4. Dashing Wilds can land in any spot, Rolling Reels can add up to x12 multiplier for consecutive wins, Wild Reel when 3 whole reels en-wrapped with Wilds and so on
I am play this game many times and in this game my luck are not working and i am loos e the bet in this game.this game are unlucky for me but at starting game i win and at the end i looses the all bet.

I give score of this game are 7/10. It's nice and beautiful game. Play it!

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