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Best Games to Get The Way in a Casino

Best Games to Get The Way in a Casino

The variability of the casino assortment amazes any novice gambler. Hundreds of games from the most famous providers of live games, lotteries, and themed slots, and this is just a short list. What to choose from this to start? Let's figure it out together.

Card Games: Black Jack and Poker

Card games are a category that includes many interesting card games. Here you may take a note of poker and blackjack.

Online casinos present different types of poker, which differ not only in the name but also in the set of prize combinations, payout amounts, the presence of jokers, the number of hands, and other functions. But at the same time, basic rules apply in all poker games.

poker cards illustration

But blackjack is of particular interest to casino visitors. This game is also available in different variations. There is American and European blackjack. But the player's main task remains the same - you need to collect a combination higher than that of the dealer while not exceeding 21 points.

Finding an online casino with such games is not difficult because these are one of the fastest and most reliable ways to win. You may for example try Bovada casino or any other that you like from our selection. Classical online casinos always offer visitors a chic selection of card games. Moreover, they are friendly for a beginner since you can study all the features and rules directly on the casino website. Many are afraid to play them because of the complexity and subtleties of the gameplay, but after reading the rules and playing a few games in demo mode, you can safely start playing for real money (vs the social gaming).

Online Slot Machines

Everyone's favorites, online slots with best odds and bonuses are familiar to almost all gamblers. And this is not surprising. The combination of simplicity and performance appeals to many players. Online slots are a screen with buttons and knobs that you can use to start an action, stop it, spend a certain number of coins or points, and so on. On the screen of such slots, a spin takes place like in a roulette or a lottery, that is, a random drop of numbers, pictures, and images. 

Various combinations and configurations of such drops bring the player either money or nothing. At the heart of such machines is a set of random numbers that cannot be predicted, although some claim to have learned how to calculate win and loss percentages.

Slots stand out because they are themed. Love the movie theme or the Wild West theme in slots? - available in every casino. What about an Irish theme, Greek goddesses or popular pop stars like KISS? - of course, yes. Slots software providers devote much time to their game, particularly, the math, volatility, RTP and usability.

Have you heard about free spins bonuses in slots? Oh yes, this is the most popular bonus feature because slot machines are considered among the best to start.

Scratch Cards

The history of this game begins in the last century, but scratch cards have appeared in online casinos quite recently. Simplicity and passion make them quite easy to learn.

realistic lottery tickets collection

All gamblers want is a ticket with certain drawings or numbers. On some scratch cards, prize icons may be arranged in a straight line, while on others, they may be random. This does not play a special role. Only the process itself is essential, and believe us, and it is quite simple and ideal for casino beginners.

Yes, the moment of choosing numbers can be difficult and unpredictable, but this is what lies in the main philosophy of this type of game.


The phrase "Bingo! Bingo! Bingo!" many know. The bingo game is built on chance and resembles lotteries in principle. Since lotteries like scratch cards are quite popular, it would be a big mistake not to add bingo to our list.

The game does not represent a complex process of selection and reflection. The main characteristic of the player is luck, so for beginners, this will be a good test.

There are two types of games, British and American: in the British version, 90 balls are involved, and in the American version - 75. The rules are mega simple, and the player must close all the numbers on his card.

Previously, bingo could only be found in special parlors and on television. To date, the situation has changed dramatically. The game has become a real hit among gamblers. Bingo online has an obvious advantage: you can play anywhere and anytime (on a computer, tablet, or smartphone).

Despite this, it is still important to remember that the online version of bingo is arranged differently. Many online versions differ significantly from the usual interpretation of the gameplay because a random number generator (RNG) determines the numbers. Therefore, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the rules of a particular option before starting the game if you are used to seeing bingo differently.


Online slots, bingo, poker, blackjack, or scratch cards are the easiest ways to get into the casino, and that's a fact. Each game has its characteristics, rules, and features for which they are loved and always recommended to players.

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