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Just to say again, sometimes some payouts are small, it is difficult to trigger the Free Spins round, and the graphics are very weak.

Bulama Firemez

I have played this on SlotsMagic Casino and I only played it once.

I would never play this game again even if its for free money or if the casino gives free spins on it.To summarize the game in two words: POOR PAYOUT.

I tried playing this on free money / play money just to see the bonus game to see if it is really worth it and I am surprised that not only did it take me 3 attempts of 50 auto spins to get to the bonus, the bonus didn't even give a decent payout.

My advice: Stay away from the game or if you just want to be mesmerized with so many icons, go ahead and kill time.


The KISS scatters symbols only appear on 1-3-5-6-8 and 9 it only pays big when you get the lead singer or that guy with an extremely long tongue. My biggest win on this game was 30 euro with 50 cent per bet. it''s not that great game but still enjoyable.

The wild symbols will be expanded on the Colosseum reel (that would be the large one on the right) and it seems on the free spins feature the wild symbols wont appear that often. 3 scatters trigger the free spins and pay double your stake, so if you don't win any prize with the free spins, at least you get double your stake back.

This game is powered by Williams interactive and contains their tracks, unbelievable great, sometimes the game sucked you in and make you sing along with them. it made me laugh when i hear myself singing their songs while the free spins are spinning. I have played this game a few times, never bored but it is actually expensive regardless 100 winlines and 50 cent stake. if you decide to play this game, i recommend a large deposit like a few hundreds and play it easy (at the minimum stake)

I am sure you will enjoy this one too, play it when you are alone I recommend, I know I did because i can guarantee you will sing along their songs. Don't play this game for the winning, play it just for fun too bad there are only 2 main characters in this game. I had hoped there was more but unfortunately. The reels on the right could be confusing thou because they are extra long than other video slots. but after a while you will get it how it works and what not.


The slot basically takes you back to the 70's and 80's.

I believe they said they already have this slot in landbased casinos, but I never found it myself in the casinos where I live at.

Just like many other slots from WMS, the game differs from the average slot layout which you would usually expect. KISS has a colossal reels format with multiple reels and 100 paylines. It also offers two options to win a price. One of those colossal reels has 5 reels and 4 symbols on each reel, while the other block has 5 reels and 12 symbols on each reel.

They both spin independently but the scatters do count in sequence. Before this release I honestly never heard of this format before, and I found it very innovative when I came across it. The game features guitars and the famous characters from the rockband like Gene Simmons.

It also has wilds which can turn a whole reel wild. This goes for both blocks of reels basically. If the first block has a reel completely with wild symbols, then the same reel in the second block will turn wild as well.

This slot is however a bit deceiving since it makes it look like you could really have a monster hit on it. The potential isn't all that though, is what I've understood and fails to compete with many other slots. It spits many wins ranging from 10x, 20x, 30x, 40x and 50x bet size though. The music is nice and are basically old hits from the rockband, while the graphics are excellent as well.

The lowest bet size is €0.25 and the kiss logo is a scatter symbol. 3 or more appearing means 8 free spins and a 2x multiplier. The free spins and multipliers can increase up to 20 if you get 5 scatters. I never got more than three though.

My biggest win on this slot is 100x my bet size. Free spins are disappointing most of the time. I would recommend this slot though for bonus grinding.

Final rating for KISS: Shout it Out Loud = 7/10.


I tried Kiss video slot a long time ago, but I did not like it so much as Rhino or Montezuma.

When you get a full reel of wild symbols on the main left reels this occurs on the corresponding reel on the Colossal reel set to the right, triggering the entire reel with fire, turning that reel completely into wild. This mode appears quite often during game and I like that. I think it can provide some big winnings, but I never had any. Most of the time my winnings were around x10 to x20 my bet.

There is also free spins feature. 3 scattered symbols award you with 8 free spins, 4 scatters with 12 and 5 scatters with max 20 free spins. I triggered only once free spins with 3 scatter symbols and from those 8 free spins I won a little less than x40 bet.

Kiss video slot can provide some decent, big winnings. But to get them you will need to have more than 2 reels completely into wild. I think the payouts could be a little better when you get 2 entire wild reels. Otherwise the game is quite good, but I do not like the graphics here so much. The game is quite old. I am not so sure if I will play it again, mostly because there are many better games powered by WMS software provider. I like their games, but I guess Kiss just isn’t for me. I tried it and I do not like it so much. Beside that free spins feature is very hard to get, I played it for a long time and I triggered free spins only once.


When I played here the slot was not at all stingy and the total payout approached the announced return of 95%. And when you gamble 100-200 pounds with a loss of only 5-10 pounds this really means something.

There are slots having 100 paylines with a higher bet than here, where you always lose big. To me it seems that a bet of 50 cent/100 paylines like for this slot, is just enough taking into account that quite often you win 2-4 pounds/spin. The slot is the only one of its kind with 100 paylines where the spins take place on two separate sets of reels. The first set of reels is the one you know from other slots (only it has four lines) and the second set of reel is gigantic (12 lines). The slot symbols are drawn from the life and work of the “Kiss” rock band. Yet, the graphics are very weak and is one of the reasons for this slot is not receiving a higher grade. The feature that provides the big returns described above is that once every 2-3 spins at least one reel (on both sets) is filled with Wilds from top to bottom. Imagine how is to have a 12-30 wilds on the entire screen? Even if sometimes because the display is gigantic you will earn less, there will be enough moments when you will be very proud of the wins obtained.

Too bad that the Free spins come so hard. They require 3 “Kiss” on all 10 reels when only one “Kiss” symbol falls once every 5-10 spins. I have enjoyed these Free spins though I played quite a lot for them (150-200 spins).

Apart from the weak graphics I have nothing against this slot. The music of Kiss band that accompanies the spins is very nice.

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