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Interrogating the "obvious" in RMG

MyCasinoIndex is a gambling publication that uses its 3rd party reviews aggregator as a starting point in the journey of the lifestyle gambling. Appealing to the audience of the late 40s to 90 year old (and onward) gamblers, MyCasinoIndex critically addresses the issues of play and life, of what is said to be notoriously good by everybody's opinion. The publication has also an indexed directory of profiles of slot studios, casino operator companies, casino affiliate programs as well as profiles of payment ways used by players, etc.

Using its MetaScore (the mean average of all eligible reviews) as a introduction to discussion, the MycasinoIndex invites readers to actively interrogate the so called 'obvious' premises that are too often taken by belief: why exactly they say a slot game or casino is agreeable, why the critics say this or that, etc. So, we try to be critical and helpful to those who are unwilling to be swept way by the 'industry' press.

Our critical thinking approach is also reflected in series of reports that we publish by actual issues of iGaming, in the interviews with the most controversial and deep thinking representatives of the gaming world as well as slot game reviews. Latest slot reviews: Propaganda, Thunderstruck Wild LighteningWild Portals Megaways™Fortune rewindCastle of TerrorMax Megaways™Golden CatchMoney Train 3Rags to WitchesDropzMuertos Multiplier Megaways™Big Bass Bonanza Keeping it Reel and Candy Stars

Also, go ahead and listen to the podcact 'Take off your coat, Gambler' by Bohdan Lytvyn. 

You may also apply to be included to our subscription list by email [email protected]. This subscription gives you a right to participate in our exclusive discussion group and pose your questions to me or other participants there.

If you have questions, answers or would like to send me up a box of fine wine, please, contacts me also in Skype: b.lytvyn or Telegram: blytvyn. 

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We maintain a database of 1800+ online casinos whose reviews are checked weekly. All reviews are scored by 100 points scale and easy to use.

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We take data from 243+ gambling publications. Data are normalized and easy to use.

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MetaScore is updated weekly. We highlight the rising and falling scores by the week.

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We build the monthly median index to show how a casino performs over the longer term.

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MetaScore also ranks 7500+ online slots by the same methodology and reviews sources.

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Our aim is to educate the online casino gambler using reviews as a tool. We acknowledge that the MetaScore is only an epitome of many reviews, therefore, we provide links to their full texts versions and encourage you to read them all. We do not impact the calculation of the MetaScore score.

To represent publications' opinions we use a 100 point scale: a review is labeled as Positive if it has 70 points or more, Mixed if it has between 40 and 70 points, and Negative if it has less than 40 points. The casino Index distribution chart shows the number of Positive, Mixed, and Negative reviews for a specific casino.

Divisive review is where some publications love and others hate a certain casino (or slot), i.e. the Casino Index is heavily influenced by Positive and Negative reviews with little or nothing in between. We encourage divisive reviews and try to give them extra coverage on our website where possible.

Since the Casino Index is a sign of whether or not a casino operator experimentation was successful, we think the context is important too. Therefore, we designate a casino as "Must-Play" when it achieves a MetaScore of 85 or higher and has been reviewed by a minimum of 10 publications.

In addition to reviews provided by gambling publications we also have user reviews provided by registered users of MyCasinoIndex. User reviews are classified accordingly and may contribute to user reviews-based rankings, awards, etc.

We compile up to the date reviews with scores and weekly update them against the source. Yet, it may happen that the publication has changed the score and it has not been immediately reflected on our website. If you think that a certain score is outdated, please use the Contact form below to inform us. 

We also encourage you to read MyCasinoIndex Reports and Popular Topics like Provably Fair Bitcoin Casinos to be well informed.

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By subscribing you are certifying that you have reviewed and accepted our updated PrivacyCookie Policy and you are 18+

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