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The gambler bay

Play 【 Dragon Island Netent Online Slot Machine Game 】 ➦ ✅ Free (DEMO €5000)/Real Money ✚ ✅ Best Netent Online Casino List! 🚫 No Download! ...

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Casino Online Rating

Are you brave enough to visit an island inhabited by dangerous dragons? These dragons protect treasures which can be won by you if you decide to take risk and play “Dragon Island” slot from Net Entertainment. ...

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There are so many stories of old about dragons, both good and evil, their power, magical existence, birth from fire and many other legends. Those stories never cease to amaze, children and adults equally, and through ages, dragons have paved their way into all types of art – particularly visual ones, and we can see them quite often in movies and games. With such a great interest in these mythical creatures, the slot makers from NetEntertainment decided to exploit the theme and dedicate a really fantastic game to dragons – “Dragon Island.” ...

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♥ game Review ♥ Full Game Specs here ⚡ Dragon Island Free Spins ✅ Bonuses ✅ Bonus Codes & more by NetEnt Casino ✓ ...

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The Pogg

game ReviewThe Dragon Island game can be found at NetEnt casinos. NetEnt do make the house edge information of their slots games available and this can be found in the help files of the game (usually accessed by pressing the ‘?’ button at the bottom left of the game window). NetEnt games appear to only have one setting. Dragon Island is set on an island full of fire breathing lizards where volcanic mountains are common place and treasure lies under every other rock.This game is a 5 reel game, with 15 paylines and you can ...

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Review of game by NetEnt, including real players' reviews and ratings, free play mode, winning screenshots, latest bonus codes and promotions. ...

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Quotation Forthcoming

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Slot Reviews by Users

  • Positive: 9
  • Mixed: 4
  • Negative: 3
16 reviews by users Write Review

Yes, the Golden Dragon Wild symbol can pay from 2x up to 8x for wins, but it has never produced any significant winning combinations in any of my free spins play! In fact, there have been many Free Spins games that never saw any Golden Wild symbol appearing at all! They all only appeared in the base game play! Okay, so maybe it was just my bad luck on the game, but that wouldn't change my overall view of Dragon Island's game at all. Nosirree!


Nothing special but I do not like that wild reel during freespins can't give scatter. Many times during freespins I got 2 scatters, and I have thoughts that probably if not wild reel 3 scatter can be there, but of course I never knew this.


The game can turn off sometimes and not pay for a very long time. The feature stops appearing and no matter what you try it would not change. The best thing to do is to turn it off and give it an hour or too, then try again. Over all a great looking game with great feature and nice pays. My rating 7.5 out of 10.


I think it may be easier achieved on the field of spectacle than to be innovative and bring some new things to technology or game system.

Well, NetEnt succeeded in both platforms with this game as they introduced their very first ‘both ways to win’ type slot with Dragon Island. So, at this slot game the lines are not just paying from left to right but the opposite direction also can be activated. Of course, using the game in this mode means we also double our initial bet hoping for a possible winning combination that starts from the last reel, but because of this in the case of a 5 of a kind win it pays 2 times.

The other unique feature is named Golden Wild. If this symbol appears on the middle reel and complete a winning line it can multiply the original win with randomly selected value (x2-x8). It’s a very good little extra. The free spins can be 10, 20 and 50 depending on how many Scatters activated the feature. Under this extra spins stage the Wild acts as Expanding Wild giving more chance to win. Unfortunately, neither the Wild nor the free spins itself don’t offer more specialty (I mean the multiplier is always x1), and I guess that’s why was introduced the Golden Wild.

I remember once I got a €5 voucher for my birthday and when it was rolled over in Sports and became free-to-use, I started to play with Dragon Island. I think I couldn’t choose better because after just a handful spins, 4 dragons appeared on the screen on a right-life line (luckily, I always play it with tis activated feature). 2 of them were the best paying ‘yellow dragons’, the third was a Wild and the 4th was a Golden Wild. It certainly knew about my anniversary as it presented me with its best, x8 multiplier. Eventually, my €1.20 bet turned into €160 just in a spin. I was really pleased with that b-day gift.

Overall, I have a very high opinion of this slot. It’s very pleasant to the eye with its background image of sea and untouched nature, the superb drawn dragons and generally with its all layout. Definitely, Dragon Island is my favourite 15-line little game at NetEnt.

Shlson Kelleyinga

's surprising to know that by activating this feature a Golden dragon wild appears on the 3rd reel. This specific wild gives from 2x to 8x my wins if it comes into contact on any of my combinations but if it happens to act like a bit%h by not being included in my combos then it stands still like a gargoyle for no wins. That's one flaw to note when playing Dragon Island. Another side effect of winning both ways tends to increase the bets by double so if I bet for example $0.30 a spin then it would turn into $0.60 when Win both ways is activated.

What I really like about Dragon Island is these free spins. I got 20 free spins for 4 volcano scatters, it was hard but it was worth it. For $0.90 bets a spin on this 15 paylines slot, I could see an expanding Dragon Wild, always at a different colour, on each spin on a different reel that would randomly give off wins. I like the way it always lands on the 3rd or 5th reel because with the Win both ways activated my advantages are bigger and more delicious to collect dollars :)! I collected $65 after my 20 free spins.

The thing that I disliked the most are scatters trying to make there way during free spins for a retrigger. How do I know that the expanding wild isn't keeping me from hitting another set of free spins? To me that's another flaw yet again! Win both ways costing double my bets but players can turn that off...recommended not to though, worthy free spins that I think should be raised for more for 3 scatters like 15 Free spins instead of 10, Golden wilds appearing sometimes and overall Dragon Island is an 8.3 out of 10!


The minimum bet on Dragon Island is only €0.15 per spin considering it's a 15 paylines slot. This slot offers more though, because it allows you to win BOTH Ways - from left to right and right to left.

The bet size gets doubled though when you select this option. Therefore the minimum bet becomes €0.30. I've played this game on a bet size of €1.20 per spin during one brief session.

The theme depicts evil looking dragons which appear on an island. In addition this game has wilds and also one golden wild which appears exclusively on reel 3. When hitting a win with this wild, the total win gets multiplied by a random multiplier from 2x all the way up to 8x.

I had the 8x multiplier hit several times during base game which ensured me winning like 40x bet size. To get the free spins while playing Dragon Island, you have to collect 3, 4 or 5 scatters to receive 10, 20 or 50 free spins.

During free spins additional free spins can be triggered. Therefore this game has a lot of potential considering the 50 free spins for 5 scatters. However, Dragon island turns one whole reel wild during free spins after each spin. The chance to cash in a nice win increases because of this.

I haven't been too lucky in my free spins session though, since it was only good for 10x bet size. Like many other slots, sometimes you have to invest more to see a huge win. I'd definitely give this game a chance next time.

Final rating for Dragon Island is 8/10.


Dragon Island slot themed with dragons ( wow what a surprise, i am really shocked), and all good paying symbols are dragons. Even wild is a dragon. Also there are golden wild which appears only on middle real ( third real, if someone does not know where is middle reel), and if you have something win with this golden wild, than your payout will be multiplier on up to 8x. Of course i think this is amazing thing because you can get really high win, if you managed get 5 of a kind with nice symbol, and multiplier at least 5x.

Graphic and sounds are good, like in all net entertainment slots. Can not complain to anything with this, so i will decsribe you how freespins works. You need at least 3 scatters to get freespins, bear in mind that 4 and 5 scatters give you better payout and more freespins, so it is always cool to see on the screen 5 scatters. Also, in freespins you get 2x multiplier. Also i forget to say about another feature on this slot - win both ways. Only few netent slots has this thing, and i like it! This means that wins counts not only from left to right like all other slots, but you also get wins from right and left. So if you get 5 of a kind, it is automatically doubled your win. Nice feature, isn't it?

My experience with this slot is good, i have nice wins on it, and luckily can not remember any bad sessions on it. Also this slot provide a lot of fun, due to golden wild symbol, so it is always interesting to play it. I am obviously recommend you to try this slot, i like it.


This was, and still is, probably the worst ever NetEnt game that I have ever played!

The Dragon Wild symbol doesn't pay anything and doesn't even double any wins with it. Dumb Dragon! The Golden Dragon only appears on reel 3 and can pay 2x up to 8x for wins with it. Yes, it sounds good, but how many times would that damn Golden Dragon ever appear on the reels and contribute good wins with it? For me, it was absolutely none! Not even once! The Volcano, the Scatter symbol, pays the usual 100x the total bet amount for getting 5 of them, and awards 10, 20 or 50 free spins with 3, 4 or 5 Scatter symbols. During the free spins, one random Wild Reel will appear on any one of the reels, but this again has never been of any good for me. No two Wild Reels, no three Wild Reels, so no good wins possible! Yes, if you're lucky enough, you may get that Golden Dragon appearing to multiply the win, but I have never got this!

The paytable may not be that bad, although still on the low side, but the game play, as I had experienced it, was totally unbelievable! The spins would simply come in empty most of the time, with the Wild symbols would appear on and off, creating some small wins with it, but never anything big. Oh yes, that 8x multiplier of the Golden Dragon did appear a few times too, but none created a winning combination! What the argh! Sorry to say, but my most recent play on Dragon Island was probably the worst ever experience for me!


Surely, NetEnt was inspired by the strong meaning behind the name of their slot, and by many other similar games too that included the name 'Dragon Island'.

There is one thing you will like about this game. It pays both ways and gives you opportunities of getting dragon monster wins. Looking at the paytable itself, you can see that it is a generous one. I like it's theme, background, symbols, as well as the features too. The Wild symbol substitutes for all other symbols except for the Golden Wild and the Scatter symbol. The Golden Wild symbol substitutes for all symbols except for the Scatter symbol. Pay close attention when it appears on the reel, because if there are winning combinations with the Golden Wild, the wins are multiplier by 2x up to 8x.

3 or more Scatter symbols on any active payline awards a Free Spins game. You can win between 10 and 50 free spins. During the Free Spins game, there is an Expanding Wild which can appear on the reels randomly before each spin, and it's one of my favorite features. More free spins can be retriggered. The Golden Dragon is most valuable symbol and it could bring you a win of 2500 coins, which is the maximum win value for any symbol in this generous game. The minimum bet size is 0.30 cents per spin.

There are lots of mystical moments attached to this slot, and I am personally very happy to find this game. I didn't trigger any Free Spins game during my many sessions on it, but I will surely play it more frequently when I am able, to see if I could win big. Last year wasn't a successful year for me and I think this coming Spring and Summer would be just perfect to try out my luck again. Everyone should give Dragon Island a try. It's an amazing game.


So I have to start with saying that although there are many dragon symbols incorporated in the design, it looks really sophisticated and beautiful.

Another thing I like about this game, aside from design, is the simplicity it has. As bonus it offers only free spin round and on base game and free spins there are two type of wild symbols. Sometimes a slot can get boring, when there's only free spin round and no other bonus, but in this case I find this game very exciting.

This game is unique in many ways, for example it has only 5 reels and 15 paylines, but you can choose the opportunity to play with "win both ways" which then makes minimum bet 30 cents. But then again, if you're really low on balance, you can play with 15 cents with pays left to right. I play only with both ways because I think then the winning possibility is bigger because then you have the gold wild symbol too, not only the regular one.

And my favorite thing is overall are wild symbols. There are two, both substitute for all except scatter, but the gold wild multiplies 2x-8x. Because of this amazing symbol, I've hit my biggest win so far on this game- over 200x bet, when I had 8x wild on free spin round. Although the free spins are expected, 10 free spins for 3 scatters, and holds no multiplier, on every spin one random reel turns wild.So even though I had a 200x bet win, I think this game has the potential to pay much more and that’s the most important thing, when I choose which game to play.

I've recently played this game a lot and had many great winnings. What I've learned is that this game can boost balance quickly, on base game I've had many 30x-40x bet winnings, but also when the game is dry, it can be a real money eater too. I think this game has great winning potential and I will definitely use this game for wagering purposes because of the fact that base game can pay decent too and from free spins I usually get around 50x bet and my biggest win was over 200x. That makes me recommend this game and there's nothing I would change about it.


so sounds not so bad and I never catch myself on thought that I do not like sound.

I like win both ways feature in this game. Yes, you need to pay 2x of usual bet for it, but no problem. There are 15 lines, and min bet is 0.30 because you play both ways. I really like games with both ways wins because it is add even more fun, especially when you like usual check for wins from left side, and did not notice something good from right side.

I like payouts. 5 of kinds pay very well, because payouts are doubled with both ways win. Best 5 of kinds pay good money, and most low paying symbols still pay well if you get 5.

I like golden wild feature. Golden wild appear only on middle reel, and when it substitute for win it award random multiplier from x2 to x8.

I like freespins feature. If you land 3 or more scatters it triggered. During freespins there is only one special thing - one reel is wild during each freespins. Which reel it will be is random and change each spin.

I had couple of nice features in this slot, and also twice won more than 100 bets during normal play. It is interesting slot to play, I like it. 9 stars this is rating for dragon island slot.

Ferknee Magicro

This game is really fun to play and can award some great payouts if you are lucky.

The first thing you will notice about this slot is that it has an option to pay both ways. Always keep it on because that way you have more chances for a win. The game has a good paytable with the highest paying symbol awarding a payout of 2500 coins. The main feature of the game are the wilds. The standard wild can some on all reels and doesn’t have a multiplier attached but the golden wild has a random multiplier of up to x 8. If you are lucky to get these two on a single payline with the right symbols and a high multiplier you are looking at a definite big win on several lines.

The scatter symbol in the game is the volcano and at least 3 of them trigger the free spins bonus. You can get 10, 20 or 50 free spins which is really great. The free spins don’t have a multiplier but there is one reel wild before every spin. Considering that you can get 2 more wilds plus a multiplier plus both ways pay, you can imagine the payout potential this slot has.

I play this slot on a regular basis and had some great wins on it. My biggest win was over 400 x bet in the bonus thanks to a retrigger and some great wins. During base play you can have some nice wins and be in plus without hitting the feature. At time the free spins are very hard to get so be careful with your bet level. If you are lucky you can get some great wins in the bonus game.


The game offers pays from both ways and that gives you a chance to win more. Five of a kind double up straight away which most of other games don't do.

The other thing that is awesome is the wilds. they come out a lot and the middle reel has a golden wild which gives a random multiplier of up to 8x. If you manage to catch it with dragons or five of a kind you a guaranteed to get a huge win.

The free spins are just awesome and can seriously pay out. Every spin one of the reels is completely wild and in company of golden wild can pay huge. The free spins can also be retriggered, which is a big plus.

The game has a stop button, and I use it all of the time. It changes the game play and can produce great wins and even the feature. I double tapped four scatters before and think that one day will catch five.

The game can pay big on small bets too so there is no need to risk. The graphics and the sound effect are awesome too and can keep a player entertained for ages.


The game features an ability of both side wins which can be activated and deactivated by the toggle button placed below the reels. When this feature is activated the bets get doubles but still the bet start a very low value of $0.30.

The best part of this feature is that the golden dragon wild can only appear when both side wins are activated. It can substitute any symbol except the scatter and it also awards multipliers 2 x to 8 x. Whenever the golden dragon wild symbol appear on the reel there are good chances of huge win. In the first 10 spins, I made a big win of 490 coins when golden dragon wild appeared on the reel it rewarded 5x multiplier. There is also an usual wild which can substitute any symbol except the golden dragon wild and scatter.

The free spin feature is activated when 3+ scatter symbols appear on the reels. Although I never had the opportunity of hitting scatter symbols on all the 5 reels which rewards 100 x multiplier and 50 free spins that is something of out of world. In the free spin feature an expanded wild can appear on any reel not only this other wild symbol can also appear along with it. This is really productive and I made 410 coins from the 10 free spins and 3 x multiplier awarded on hitting three scatter symbols.

The slot is good you can always mange a good win in the free spin feature. I would like to rate the slot 8 on the scale of 10.

Ruipointy Donicholson

One interesting thing about this slot is the "win both ways feature" which can be toggled by a button on the right hand bottom corner and facilitates winning combinations from both left to right and right to left but on the same time the total bet also doubles that is if it is $0.75 per spin when feature is not activated then it would be $1.5 when feature is activated. But i find this feature a total waste of money because the returns are less compared to the profit but the only good thing to cheer about this feature is the golden wild symbol that appears on middle reel when this symbol is activated and pays you 2X to 8X (randomly) when you get a winning combination consisting of this golden wild. But it doesn't mean that whenever you get a golden wild symbol , you will win good in fact i have seen that golden wild doesn't occur frequently and even if it occurs it pays only average or sometimes no winnings also. But if you are lucky enough and able to land a normal wild (dragon) or two normal wilds with this golden wild then you may get 5 of a kind too and i have won 900 coins on a bet of 30 coins per spin from this combination itself.

The real thing to cheer about in this slot is the free spin bonus round which gets activated by getting 3,4 or 5 scatters anywhere on reels awarding you 10 , 20 and a massive "50" free spins with expanding wilds. Can you imagine 50 free spins with expanding wild and that too with win both ways activated and probability of golden wild appearing on the middle reel , i get goosebumps when i think of it ... lol.. But being practical three scatters are practical and frequently occurs giving you 10 free spins with expanding wilds that is one reel becomes completely wild randomly and with golden wild and the normal wild, it becomes highly probable that you may go home with some hefty money in your pocket.

Normally the average winnings are 1000 coins or above from a bet of 30 coins per spin which is my favorite bet on this slot. I have not got more then 3 scatters on this slot but may be some lucky day i might get 4 or even 5 scatters. All said an overall rating of 8 out of 10 for this slot.


Of course i met this game long time ago, when i just start enjoying netent, and i should say that it was one of the favorite my games. Even taking note that this is old slot, it does look good. Here is all can see another one interesting idea from netent with golden wild, this wild can appear only on 3 reel and it has random multiplier up to x8.

Also, this game featuring win both ways thing, and with gold wild it can pay something good. I think free spins on this game is also amazing, because every free spins there comes expanded wild on one random reel. My best achievement on this slot was around year ago, but unfortunately i did not remember at which casino, i get in free spins a lot of wilds, with expanded wild it pays 540 x total bet, and total free spins award me with around 600 x total bet. I think this is great win for any kind of player!

Conclusion: I think this is really great game with really nice idea in feature, base game also interesting and can award with some nice wins. This game can be suited for all types of players, lowrollers, high rollers, and this is such universal game , which probably everyone can try and play. I give it 8 stars, because my experience with game is good, and i did not heard anything bad about this game on any forum. Just open it and give few spins, probably you will have one more game in your list to play.

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Dino Island FREE Slots LV Gameplay Review

Hello and welcome to Dino island, it's not Jurassic Park at the Dino island. Trust me on this. Look at the background on the game talking about here. What does that remind you of certainly a wall, but it could be in the way overhead? Oh too bad.

It'S not wild to check out see what is wild scatter pit 2500 dinos Dino island, apparently not a scatter too bad betting, five dollars a shot: twenty cents, a line, 25 lines, five dollars a lot of spin, brandom, jackpot, 1482, 62 dollars and ninety cents. That'S pretty good 380 on five dollar not, but are nothing, but it's still a dollar any loss and there's 4 380 loss, so Dino island relatively new first time I've played it. I think I'm going to increase the value here and see if I can win some more versus losing more 1875 see if that does the trick. Not on that one. No, I like to bet a dollar right.

There we go $ 25, a spin now we'll see, who's got guts and who's, not 25 bucks. That'S number two right, two three in the lid cement, so far, not paying off for me or is that one? At least I got one that is better than none look at all those tins. Just triceratops, oh and it's a giant squid, apparently and t-rex, not engineering. A lot of confidences game is the thing in practice mode, but practice mode means it's free money, free games, not for real, but this was real money.

The outcome would be the same. They don't have one version for real and one immersion foot play it's all the same. That'S why you can develop a strategy on free money, practice mode game and if it works there, it's been a work everywhere I mean on the real money version 02 dinosaurs at the team. I really haven't had many wounds here.

I really blows well. Eleven dollars on the 25 bet to me does not constitute a win alright time to move it up a notch. Fifty bucks, let's see, if that, does it well ten dollar net. That'S better, not eighteen!

Our loss! Okay, 224 dollars much better! 120.

Now we're talking the theme kind of gets under your skin and you kind of why I just hear it again into getting again. Oh look at those four queens, lousy king geez, sassette new surprise. The random jackpot balances it higher than that all right. Let'S go for the gold here $ 125. I only got a few of those three tops. I'D say over 40 25 down our loss, not as much different than fifty dollar bets and $ 25 wins all right.

That is the last one. Unless it's going to give me some big money and it craps out so Dino island

Trailer video