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Break da Bank
RTP: 95.75%

Break da Bank Slot

by Microgaming
Based on 8 reviews
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Based on 30 reviews
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Break da Bank Slot Machine FAQ

❓ What is the RTP of Break da Bank?

✅ Break da Bank RTP is 95.75%.

❓ What are the Break da Bank Slots Game Features?

  • Reels: 3,
  • Paylines: 5,
  • Layout: 3x5,
  • Betting Range (€/$): 1-125 Bet.

❓Who created the Break da Bank slot?

✅ This slot is developed and published by Microgaming .

❓Are Break da Bank free spins available?

 ✅ Free spin feature data are not available. Yet, you can ask the other players by joining us.

❓Where can I play Break da Bank real money?

✅ You can play this slot machine for real money in almost all large Microgaming casinos, but make sure you checked out our recommended casinos first.

Slot Features
  • Software: Microgaming
  • Break da Bank RTP: 95.75%
  • Bonus game: No
  • Free spins: No
  • Coins Per Line: 1
  • Reels: 3
  • Coins values: 1 - 25
  • Pay Lines: 5
  • Min - Max Bet: $1 - $125
  • Max Coin Wins: 2400
  • Max win: $60000
  • Wild symbol: Yes
  • Multipliers: Yes
  • Scatter symbol: No
  • Autoplay Option: Yes
  • Progressive: No
  • Slot Type: Classic slots
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Break da Bank is one of the few classic slots we've encountered that doesn't just match but is improved by going mobile. Taking the whole space of the screen, this classic slot game is popular worldwide and we are glad it has made it's way to our handsets. Better yet, it plays wonderfully on every device we tested, proving that Microgaming is king when it comes to giving you a faultless mobile experience.That said, with a 5 coin minimum bet, Break da Bank mobile slot doesn't do anything by half and you have to bet big to win big - which might leave players just starting in the game of slots out in the cold. But, with a decent payout and great classic experience makes this a must to try during your mobile slot gaming experience.Or if you prefer video slots you can always try its 5 reels brother, the Break da Bank Again slot. ...


Break Da Bank is the first in a pair of themed video slots from Microgaming. This version uses three reels, five paylines and offers bets from $1. That makes it a mid to high roller video slot with the inclusion of wilds, multipliers and a 2,400 jackpot. ...


If you're looking for a classic slot machine to play, then look no further. Break da Bank is asimple 3-reel slot, however, it still manages to offer loads of excitement, thanks to the wild multipliers. Whenthese come into play, big prizes are to be had! So, why not take a read through the Break da Bank online reviewon this page? We know you'll be itching to play once you've finished reading! ...


Break da Bank by Microgaming is a non-progressive reel slot designed in the style of an old-fashioned, land-based slot. It has a 3x3 reel configuration, five paylines and a Wild symbol with up to a x4 multiplier. The slot was released in 1999 and is still very popular in many online casinos across the globe.​ ...


Review of game by Microgaming, including real players\' reviews and ratings, free play mode, winning screenshots, latest bonus codes and promotions. ...

The Pogg

game ReviewThe games game can be found at Microgaming casinos. Microgaming as a standard do not publish the slots house edge information of their games. However they lease their slots games out to casinos using other software, some of which do publish this information. So far we’ve only found one casino – Virgin – that has published this information for Break da Bank and they list the house edge as 4.25%. When playing at any other venue, this information should be used as a guideline only as the game may be configurable.Do you have the keys? Or are you going to have to break da bank?This game is a 3 reel game with 5 paylines and you can bet one coins on each payline.The ‘Wild’ symbol is wild and double wins. With two wild symbols on a payline wins are quadrupled.There is no bonus features when playing Break da Bank.в†’ Read MoreConclusionWithout even a particularly low house edge, Break da Bank has nothing to offer.Microgaming Slots•   North Storm•   Ivory Citadel•   Festive Indulgence•   Playboy Gold Jackpots•   Tiki Mania•   Rising Royals•   Lock a Luck•   Jungle Jim and the Lost Sphinx•   Long Mu Fortunes•   A Dark Matter•   9 Masks of Fire•   Deco Diamond DeluxeClick to see a full list of Microgaming slots ...


Try game online for free in demo mode with no download and no registration required and read the game's review before playing for real money. ...


Slot Reviews by Users
30 reviews by users
24 reviews
2 reviews
2 reviews


ats most unusual is that the same combination can score a different number of coins depending on which line you hit it on. The most valuable combination is 3 of the “Break Da Bank” wild symbols on the bottom line number five.


The reason why many players choose to play them is because of their huge potential.

However, as always with high variance slots it can take ages before having that SUPER HIT. Therefore it's nice that Microgaming released this advances version of Break da Bank Again, where you can play on four of the same slots at the same time.

I always remembered I hated it when I had to wait so long to trigger the free spins. While playing Megaspin Break da Bank Again I notice the free spins get triggered much more often, as it should logically. For you guys who don't know, Break da Bank Again is a 9-liner with a 5x wild multiplier during the base game, and a 25x wild multiplier (5x wild + 5x free spins multiplier) during the free spins mode.

The best hit you can have is in free spins with 5 sapphires and at least one wild to complete that win. It guaranteed a 4,000x win I believe. Nevertheless I never got that close while playing the older version or even Megaspin Break da Bank Again.

Keep in mind that when you're playing 4 slots at the same time, your betsize gets quadrupled as well. So it will cost you a lot more when you play your usual bet. I usually used to play €0.36 per slot, so a bet of €1.44 per spin. I haven't played Megaspin Break da Bank Again as much as I liked to though, because of that same reason.

I prefer to play this game when I'm way behind. It offers a quick way to go either bust or win a nice chunk of money.

Manda Almondy

Each slot costs $0.09 each so it will cost $0.36 minimum to play them all on 9 paylines but I like to play them on $0.72 and $1.05 bets. For 4 slots at a time spinning up in one bet, it's very easy to land the 15 Free spins at 5x because 4 chances are laid on every spin! It's very easy to get them which is the pro for this slot!

It's definitely a way to catch more of my money or see them flunk in a matter of bets when things aren't looking well for my balance! I do want to complete my goal to hit 4 Gems with the 5x Break Da Bank Wild in the combination during Free spins while under a very cool $1.80 bet! It doesn't matter if it happens here or in the single slot version of Break Da Bank Again as long as I capture that type of win someday..... it will be the greatest for this video slot, megaspin or not! You know what? I'll try persuading the guru for that super win he has for the gems. It's moments like that that motivate me to gamble more so that I can finally tell MY story someday!


Also high min bet of 0.36 make this slot one of the most dangerous in the world i believe, and to be honest i never spin this game higher that this min bet, because i am not so rich to just burn my own money. Everything here is the same like in original game, and one difference as i told - you play 4 break da bank games in one time.

My best hit on this game was around 100$ on minimum bet, and i never get bigger, and i think i am not often guest of this game, because 0.36 min bet is a bit high to me, taking note that actually you spinning 1 penny per coin. But games is great, and this idea from microgaming is also great. I believe there is a lot of people who love this game, and only few unluckers like me who not so big fan of such slot, and this is can be easy understand, win something decent on this game is even harder that on break da bank again. While making this review, i decide to give this slot another one shot in future, and probably i will become fan, if land 5 wilds in free spins. But most likely this didn't happens.

Conclusion: Insane variance of break da bank again multiplier by 4. This slot can pay a lot of money, but can be disaster for your money, and i suggest to be very careful with this game. But i can't rate this game lower than 10 stars.


course, you pay 4 times for each spin, but if you manage to land 3 scatters on more than one machine, the total free spins are combined and you play those out full screen - so for example, 3 scatters on all 4 machines would award 60 free spins, and the screen changes to show a single slot rather than the 4 whilst you play out the feature.

Doesn't that just sound great? Four times more likely to hit the feature, and on a 9 liner like this too, four times more likely to hit those big fat five of a kind wins that can pay out 800 x bet even in the base game! Just bear in mind that, as you are playing four machines, you have an important choice to make - do you play 4 x your regular stake, so you still win the same amount when you hit? Or do you play your regular stake spread across the four machines and accept wins 1/4 of the size?

I expect it is this dilemma that has stopped MG from making more of these games - although it has never seemed to bother video poker players, who have gobbled up games with 4, 10, 50 .... and more simultaneous lines. Whatever your view, this is a great way to play "Break Da Bank Again", and I totally recommend it!


I had no idea what he was talking about, but of course asked him to ahead and show me!

When the game loaded up I was totally intrigued – four slots in one? I didn’t quite understand until I began spinning, but it really is quite simple – every time you hit spin all four machines will roll their reels, therefore you can win four times on each and every spin. The possibilities of this concept are really a little mind boggling to begin with – you are four times more likely to hit a big win, and you can also hit the free spins feature on more than one machine at once – in fact, all four, if you are ridiculously lucky. I’ve never seen it done, and I can’t help but wonder what the odds are of hitting the scatters on all four machines on the same spin! Astronomical, I am sure. But as always for a gambler, its just irresistible to consider the possibilities!

When you hit three or more scatters on any of the four machines, the whole screen is taken over by the free spins feature. This works exactly the same as the original Break Da Bank Again slot, with all wins being multiplied by five – if you have a wild symbol in the combination, the win is multiplied by five again, so you can in fact score a massive 25x the amount shown in the paytable for each win. This is very rare but I have seen it done on internet forums and the like, with people winning £3750 for a bet of just 90p if they hit the five blue sapphires with a wild during the free spins. Those with stronger stomachs who are betting larger amounts can look forward to even greater wins!

If you have the bankroll, there really is no reason not to try this version of Break Da Bank Again. It’s loads of fun, especially for anybody who is impatient (like me!) when playing slots – a way to cut the time between features to just ¼ of the norm? Yes Please!!

Thomalda Grangbarnes

egaSpin Break Da Bank Again offers to play 4 slots at the same time which I think is great. For me it was first time to see this kind of video slots, sure I tried it later.

I played at minimum stake which is 0,36€. 4 slots with 9 paylines, 4x higher chances to get free spins feature. After I played it I had my balance around 30€ so I had the money for less than 100 spins. I turn on quick spin and waiting for first feature. I received it quickly, I was surprised because I made less than 20 spins and I already received it. Well after free spins finished I was disappointed. Almost all spins was empty, dead. How this can be possible? Hmm maybe because it has only 9 paylines! Sure!

I didn't give up on it; I loved it just because I played 4 slots at same time. After some minutes I received another features and it has also many dead spins. The third feature which I received was full of spins. I received around 120€ from 0,36€ bet which I think is great. Well not on 0,36€. It was on 0,09€ because other 3 slots into this megaspin doesn't counted.

I think this game is great, but be careful because it can eat money so fast even on small bet stakes. After these hits I managed to clear the bonus and requested withdraw so this video slot helped me. I think I will visit it sometimes, because I didn't play it for a long time.

Pontiwell Rodriguezanic

I had no idea what to expect, and was really a bit confused when I saw the four separate slot machines appear on screen at once.

One thing I did notice immediately was that the graphics had been improved – I guess this version was created a fair bit later than the original game and they decided to upgrade some of the resources to a more modern standard – the differences are really quite trivial in total honesty though and make little to no difference during actual gameplay, but still I love high quality and high definition in all entertainment I consume so this seemed just a little more polished and professional to me straight away.

Setting the game to minimum bet results in a value of £0.36, four times that of the regular slot machine, and of course once I realised this it became a little clearer what was going on – I was making bets on four games of “Break Da Bank Again” at the same time! I definitely quite like the idea, though I have to say I think its as good as an impossibility to score a set of free spins on all four machines at once – if anybody has ever achieved this and got a screenshot I would love to see it!

Men Harveywalker

This whole Mega Spin Break Da Bank Again is good for players who don't like to wait so long for the feature game and it is good solution for that issue.
I am fan of this game by the way and I think it is not so surprising at all. Music at the game is really good taste and I like to hear backgrounds sounds too. Graphics side at game is tooon the top level; sapphires are just most beautiful element there for me. Sapphires are the best paying symbol too in the game. I think Interesting thing is that Break Da Bank Again is the symbol which is Wild and is multiplying winnings on pay line by five.

Most interesting part of the game is a feature - free spins feature comes with 3 safes (scatters). In bonus round we have 15 free games with multiplier 5x on every combination and if we hit something with using a Break Da Bank Again symbol we will get huge 25 times multiplier. When you get any safe symbol in the bonus rounds (it is a scatter here) it will add to your account +1 free spin more

The game has big potential of “big hit ” but side effect is that you must wait sometimes too long and generally you need to be more lucky because this game has very "big variance" what means you risk your bankroll.


d when you press spin all 4 start spinning, very funny and I really enjoy this each time I open this game. Of course you need to pay 4 x more money for each spin, but it is obvious, because you playing 4 slots in same time.

I like payouts in this game. Regular payouts are not very huge, but best 5 of a kind pays more than 100 bets anyway. But of course key to victory in this game it is wilds. Because each time when wild substitute for win it multiply winnings by 5, which give you great win for each 5 of a kind with wild.

I like freespins feature here. When you play 4 slots in same time of course you got freespins much more often, and this is great and why i like to play this slot. Not need to wait hours for feature, like it is possible in normal Break da bank again slot. Freespins feature for 3 scatters it is 15 freespins with x 5 multiplier for all wins. So with wild it will multiplied by 25, which give you great win for any 5 of a kind with wild.

Unfortunately I did not get any 100 bets or more wins during normal play, had not enough luck at all. Had one feature more than 100 bets, but for this game it is low result and can not be compared to great hits which I saw some other players can make. I rate this game with nine stars.

Frapper Frog

I made a deposit and played solely on Megaspin Break da Bank Again, because I had wanted to see and know for myself whether playing with 4 same games at one time would make any difference at all. Yes or no, read on to find out!

Game wise and paytable wise, everything remains the same. The only difference being having 4 mini play areas on screen all at once, instead of just one. So everything becomes very much smaller to view, especially bad for players with vision problems. For these people, my advice is to stick to the single play screen please! Don't want your two eyes rolling in 4 different ways now, do we? Hahaha.

No need to delve too much into the details of this game. If you've played Break da Bank Again before, then it is as good as having played this game before. Everybody's target would be to get 5 Scatters and get 25 free spins, with up to 25x multiplier, but that possibility may come very rarely indeed, even when going at 4 times the usual speed with this game. What I'm more afraid of, is needing to visit your ewallet 4 times more than your usual! Hahaha.

How did my game go? Well, frankly speaking, the first hour of play went pretty good, I must admit. The Free Spins game came often, from one of the 4 simultaneous games, but each Free Spins game didn't pay anything substantial. It only kept me going on with about the same initial starting balance. If that was the 'good' period, then you should see the 'bad' period! Ooh booy! My balance just kept going down and down, with no Free Spins game for many many spins. Once in awhile, one would come, but again, nothing big enough to boost up my balance back to my starting amount. Before I knew it, everything has been banked in and everything of mine was gone! Bye bye my deposit, so bye bye Megaspins!

Spaceau Skywilson

got 15 free spins with x 5 multiplier. Every time a scatter symbol appears you get one extra free spin. But all I was getting during this free spins round were the extra free spins. I ended up having around 30 free spins and only 4.80 euros win. I was not happy with this bonus round at all. I triggered the free spins again, and again I ended up with more than 25 free spins and a win that is not worth mentioning. After the free spins I decided to raise my bet, since I saw that the free spins are triggered easily. I have started playing with 3 coins which means 1.08 euros bet per spin. At this point I had 140 euros on my balance, which means I won 40 euros from this game. I did get this money very fast, but still the free spins are the ones that should pay the most when you are playing a video slot, at least that was what I thought. It did not take me a long time to trigger the free spins again. I have lost only 20 euros in the base game and I have won only 4.80 during the free spins.


There is always a chance to win big and for me personally it has paid out big money. I don’t really play this game to win big but rather to have fun. This game is actually pretty popular and I do see why. My usual bet on this game is €0.09 or €0.18. On this bet I can play for ages and really get into it.

There is only one feature in this game and that is a free spins feature. To get the free spin you have to get three or more ‘Safe’ signs anywhere in the reels. The more ‘Safe’ signs you get the more free spins you will have. The free spins range from 15 to 25 spins. During free spins all wins are multiplied by 5. The thing that makes this game one of a kind is the Wild. Wild substitutes any sign and multiplies the win by 5. So if you get a win with a wild in free spins then it will be multiplied by 25. This is the biggest multiplier you could get on microgaming. I haven’t seen a bigger one for sure.

The biggest win I ever got on free spins was around €70 on a €0.09 bet. That is a great result for such a small bet and I didn’t get five of a kind on them. If you do get five of a kind on a bigger bet you could win tonnes.Over all the game is very cool and is one of my favourites. I recommend it to all and would rate it 9 out of 10. Hope you enjoyed my review and have a nice day:)


In Break Da bank Again the symbols consist of alpha numeric(low variance) and symbols such as gold bars, golden coins, Tanzanites, Cheques, Money piles these are the (high variance) ones. The game also features an outstanding 5x multiplier wild symbol and a safe scatter. The 5x wild can give the player huge wins even at just 9p bet in the base game you can win up to £75! This can be achieved with 5 Tanzanites and a 5x wild. I have had this 3-4 times! This is incredible as it should be much more difficult to get this!

Break Da Bank Again is a very high risk game even at 9p if this games running cold it can take as much as £20-£30 very fast! The player can bet between minimum 1p 1 line (not recommended by me!) All the way up to £45 a spin! When the games smoking hot though you really can win a fortune!

Next I will explain how the free spins feature works. The player gets 15,20,25 free spins depending how many safe scatters they get 3,4,5. Once in free spins all wins are automatically x5 but if you get a combination with wild in the free spins…you win 25x the line win! The best combination I have gotten in the free spins was just last week. I hit 5 gold coins with a wild at 27p bet this paid £150! Another example of just how profitable this slot can be is even 5 jacks in free spins with a wild at 9p pays £12.50! Yes 5 jacks! The player can also receive 1 additional free spin for every safe that appears during the free spins.

All in all play the game with about 1-2% of your bankroll and you shouldn’t bust and if you sense its poor you can always come back to it anyway!

ProS and CoNs of BDBA!


Even lowrolling you can build up a very nice bankroll!
5x wild and up to to 25x win in free spins!
Nice graphics and on this game I actually like the music!
Fun game to play and really exciting when you get free spins!
Not impossible to get top symbol as I said above I have had this 4 times!
I give BDBA 8/10 really a fantastic video slot if you like net-ents Reel Steal you will love this!


Mega variance games always will be popular, because even that there will be a lot of players who lost and had very bad streaks, there is always will be few guys who win crazy amount of money on this game. And screenshot start appearing on many forums, players start want to have such hit, and game become very popular, such things happens with break da bank again.

Game has multiplier for wilds which is 5 x in base game, and 25 x on free spins. Free spins can be won by appearing 3 scatters. Simple, but it works, and do not need any cool graph or something like this, just variance. I never get wins more than 1000 x total bet on this game, but i spend a lot of time playing it, and my best win on this game is around 500 x. Biggest win on this game i think is something like 4000 x total bet, which is great of course. I think i am in big, really huge minus on this game. I never had withdrawals playing this game, and most times i just lost my deposit playing only this game. Variance is really high that's what i trying to say.

Conclusion: Game has insane variance, and most times everyone will lost on it. But when the game is hot, it pay very well and huge amount of money. I can't rate this game lower than 10 stars, because fans of this game will simple kill me. And to be honest even with my losing streak, i think this game is awesome and i will continue feed it, and someone will continue win.

Cacklewebb Oneillelline

ch lowest possible bet of course is very good to me, my 20$ deposit is great for 0.09 bet per spin, but unfortunately it is does not guaranteed anything because few times when I try to start playing this slot, most times even with lowest bet I finish with zero.

It is hard to win big on this game, I think this game will pay huge, or just not pay anything. And for me there is most the times only second option. Main game is interesting here, because every payline win with wild that substitute will be multiplier by 5.

My best result is something about 30$ with 0.18 bet amount, not so bad but this slot of course can produce winnings even much more higher than this. During free games feature usual wins multiplier by 5, and if wild substitute win will be multiplier by 25, of course this is open the doors to the world of huge wins, but I never had any 5 of a kind win during free games, even with lowest symbols. But I had couple of very good features, my best was at 32 red, 0.09$ per spin and I won almost 30$. And this is without any 5 of a kind win, so this slot can pay huge money during freespins for 5 good pay symbols with wild that substitute.

As conclusion I can say that it is bad idea to play this slot with very high bet and even with moderate bet, so better enjoy it with 0.09 or 0.18 or may be 0.27 if you have big balance.


me old, does not expect any perfect animations or anything close to this. But everything is ok, and after opening a game you will not close game because it looks very bad.

Game has 9 paylines, min bet here is 0.09, of course this is nice, and this slot can be played even after 10$ deposit, and big chances that you will hit feature or few, and at least spent some time playing.

Game has great multiplier for all wilds, the whole x 5, and during freespins feature which can be won by landing 3 or more scatters you will get 15 freespins with x 5 multiplier. Wins will be multiplied by big x 25 during freespins, if wild on payline.

I saw so many big wins and awesome screenshots about this game, so greed control my mind and I played this slot a lot with big bets, and I lost so much playing it. Well, of course it is my personal mistake and only I am responsible for making big bets on this slots, but still awful memories about this slot.

Overall this is very interesting slot and can pay huge money, but I am lost too much money on it. Probably even more than 1.000 for all time, and this is of course huge losses, I am probably did not lose so much at any other slot, so of course I am staying away from this slot and just happy to see new screenshots with big wins, at least people could win something, this is not so bad too.

Manda Almondy

This slot has 5 reels and 9 paylines and the minimum bet that can be placed is 0.09$.

In this slot we have a Break da Bank Again symbol that acts as a wild and will substitute for all symbols expect scatter of course. The wild symbol will payout the highest winning line and also give that win with a 5x multiplier that is for the main game while in the free spins it will payout a 25x multiplier for a winning line. I had many of these wilds and some of them can really give a nice payout especially if five of a kind appears. Then we have the scatter symbol which is represented by a safe and i manage to trigger it many times and the minimum payout that I got from one of those free spins at 0.09$ was 2.75$ which is really nice and the maximum was 8.75$. Also during the free spins all wins will be awarded with 5x multiplier and every scatter symbol that appears will grant you an extra spin and of course like I already previously mentioned, when the wild symbol appears in free spins it will give a win of 25x multiplier. So I really hoped that in free spins I can get some five of a kinds with a wild involved which can grant some serious payout even at small bet, but I unfortunately didn't manage to get it.

Overall I really like this slot and I will play it more in the future since I personally think it has a lot of potential.

Japhine Webbfur

The symbols in the game look very ancient and the background music does get boring after long sessions of play. Whenever I play this game and I have some wins I turn off the sound because it really annoys me. I have to say that from all the slots I usually play this one is by far the most boring and I tend to play it less. But still this game like most 9 payline slots can provide some insane wins even on minimum bet so that’s the main reason I keep coming back.

Two features from the game contribute why it’s so popular. First is the wild symbol which has a high 5 x multiplier during base play. My biggest win on this game was I think 150 euros when I got 4 blue gems and one wild on a 0.18 bet. That’s pretty great and I have to admit on some games even on a 0.50 bet I couldn’t get such a win. Remember this is base play not the bonus round. If you get 3 scattered vaults you get 25 free spins and everything is x 5. For every extra scatter that appears you get 1 extra spins and if you have a winning combination with a wild symbol the win is 25 x win. So overall the high variance of the game is what drives us all gamblers to play it.

John De

This one came up again and again as one of those magic machines with a super high ratio of maximum payout relative to bet size – you can win up to 4167 times your stake during the free spins mode – and whilst, of course, its quite a difficult thing to hit that particular combination, there are a bunch of other very decent wins on the paytable as well.

I often like to just hit the “autospin” mode on the slot games I play and I love games like this that have very high hits for the top five of a kind combinations because I will often come back after leaving it running for just 100 spins or so and find that my balance has shot up considerably! The five gold bars, which pay £10 at minimum bet or £50 if you have a wild on the line, seem to be one of the most common to show up for me, though strangely I see the cheques on a line much more during the free strips – I suspect that, like so many other games, this one uses a different set of reel strips in the free spins feature than it does In the main game.

I really recommend trying out the “megaspin” version of this game which allows you to play four “copies” of the slot simultaneously – obviously it costs four times the price, which is a pretty big price in all fairness, but it gives you four times the chances of hitting those free spins rounds where the prices can be huge. Be aware, it's often barred for bonus play for some reason though so check the terms and conditions or just stick to this one if your playing with a bonus.


It is colorful game made by leader of the industry – Micro gaming. There is 5 reels and 9 lines. There is a wild,as a wild represents text with Break Da Bank Again written in green + yellow of colors .

These who like games where with some luck you can win many times a bet will enjoy this game and will be happy because every wild is multiplying 5 x every combination so if there is any wild, your combination is 5 times bigger. That is not all. In Break Da Bank Again you have bonus round too in which winnings are multiples 5 times even without wild, so theoretically you can hit some good combination with the wild appearing on the screen in bonus round and so your combination will be multiplied 25 times! My best result was when I got 5 of a kind of violet diamonds and using a wild multiplying there was huge win for me and paid me some about 2 000 PLN it was very good hit because violet diamonds are the very first but if we don't count Break Da Bank symbol (which is wild ofc )violet diamonds pays 750 – 1 .

Minimum stake is 9 cent. When you have free spins when you see scatter it means +1 free spin for you. 2 scatters pays 2 x bet size. 3 scatter = bonus round with free spins. There is gamble mode too. You can use auto play too and exactly depending when game should stop.


st 5 of a kinds pay more than 100 bets, and also there is awesome wild symbols, which if substitute for win multiply winnings by 5. All this give chance to get huge winnings.

I like that there is only 9 lines and it is possible to play with 0.09 stake. Not much money needed to invest to have some decent time just to play and also chance to win good money even with 9 penny spent. Like DOA if in short.

I like freespins feature. Like in DOA feature here is where you can get huge money. During freespins all wins are multiplied by 5, and with multiplier for wilds which is also x 5 all wins with wilds will be multiplied by 25. To trigger freespins feature you required to get at least 3 or more scatters anywhere on reels. You get from 15 freespins. Each scatter appearing anywhere on reels during freespins will add one more free game.

I never had decent wins during normal play in this game. For sure it could pay very good even during normal play, but I was not too much lucky. But during freespins I had lot of nice wins from 200 bets, and one 600 bets win. Unfortunately pity thing is that my stake always was 0.09 or 0.18, but it is still was good to get this money. I rate this game with 10 stars.

Cacklewebb Oneillelline

Even though this game looks a little old, it is one of my favorite 9 payline slots.

I would like to say that this game has fortune theme - there are jewel, money, gold bars and other symbols that makes it look sophisticated. As a bonus round, this game has only free spins round, which is triggered by 3 or more scatter symbols on anywhere on screen. That being said, the free spins round has really good worth- for 3 scatters you get 15 free spins, for more - 20 and 25 free spins, and they all have 5x multiplier. And even though free spins round cannot be retriggered, for each scatter you get in free spins, you get an extra spin.

As most slots, there are wilds in main game and in free spins. In free spins wild pay 25x, that is really incredible. Unfortunately I have never had great winnings on this game, not when I play with minimum bets or with higher bets. To be honest, I think my biggest winning has been around 60x bet size, not more. Great thing is that the wilds substitute for all symbols, and in the main game they pay 5x multiplier.

For me the free spins are not hard to trigger, but most of them are empty. I really like that you can get extra spins, since I almost never get more than 3 scatters, I can really use some more spins. Also for 2 scatters you get paid twice your bet and that is good because 2 scatters come up very often and that is better than receiving nothing.

Overall I think that there’s good winning potential, I have seen proof of that in winning screenshots from other players. But so far I can’t relate to that as mostly I lose my money on this game. I will keep playing it but with not more than 18 cent bets.

Chewbaileyca Dott

I've tried it many times, some others have tried it thousands of times, but the casino's bank cannot be broken. Nope, most like it will be your own bank that gets broken, but once in a blue or yellow moon, this game can make your bank manager smile ear to ear for you! Well, if this has happened to you before, I'm so happy for you. For me, I haven't even got any chance to see my bank manager yet. It has always been me seeing the ATM machine, first and last, hehehe.

For a very simple 9-paylines game, Break da Bank Again is very difficult to beat, simply because of its big win possibilities. Even though the Wild symbol, the Logo, doesn't pay anything for itself, it does multiply all wins by 5x. In the Free Spins game, it pays 25x instead, due to the 5x win multiplier in the Free Spins game. Now getting paid 25x is something very rare indeed, especially back in those years when this game was released. The highest paying symbol, that blue Gem, for example, would pay 37,500x the line bet for 5 of them in the Free Spins game. Win this and see your jaw drop to the floor! Hahaha.

3, 4 or 5 Scatters would award 15, 20 or 25 free spins respectively, with all wins multiplied by 5x, as mentioned earlier. Each Scatter symbol appearing during the free spins game award 1 extra free spin. There can be no retriggers of course, just more extra free spins added on. Don't exactly know how many more free spins can be won, but I know for sure that not a lot more can ever be won. None of Microgaming games can award more than 100 extra free spins, as far I know. The symbols value start at 1500x for the Blue Gem, 1000x for the Gold Bars, 750x for the Money Notes, 500x for the Cheque+Pen, 200x for the Gold Coins, and 90x to 50x for the lower symbols, all per line bet win. With that 25x multiplier, big win possibilities are quite numerous!


By having small paylines with some power to my bets it can make money but again if only symbols line up when they should.

I definitely like the 5x paying wild logos that are not just in the base game but also during free spins where it really becomes superior for 25x within a winning combination. 5x in base game and 25x in free spins if it's through a wild Break Da Bank Again logo.

The style and theme of this slot can really be appreciated as it gives off a refreshing riches and luxury theme! The downside is however to this fantastic slot is the fact that during free spins it can be a real cheapskate leaving me with just a few dollars after the completion of 15 free spins.

There is also another neat feature inside the feature. For every Vault scatter that occurs it gives one free spin so sometimes a spin that results with no wins that have a vault scatter might compensate for that slack in the next spin....hopefully. I do believe that once in a while betting max would get results and more so if it lands either the 5x wild with the good symbols (non letters/numbers) or free spins.

It's a slot that gives me a hit or miss for winnings, a matter of winning or losing my bets. If I had nothing to lose and won about $100 from free spins on max bet I would try to double it just to feel the thrill of the unexpected using the gamble feature! Now that the future is evolving this slot does not suit me anymore because there is a Mega Spin - Break Da Bank Again which is a lot better than the original!

Through my time spent on this slot it is a 7 out of 10! Infrequent wins lack flavour!




If you're a player who's out there just to pick some easy small wins, then Break Da Bank Again is probably not your best option. This is a high-variance slot with absolutely no guarantee of hitting big quickly. It can takes tens of thousands spins or even more before hitting that dream hit.

Anyway BDBA has 9 paylines and offers betting options ranging from €0.09 up to €45 per spin. Because of the low number of paylines it's harder to win a price, compared to the countless 243-ways-to-win slots or slots with 25 or more paylines. The slot is based on a bank's vault, and logically the symbols resemble what's in it such as gold, stacked dollar bills, coins, jewelry and much more.

It also has a wild symbol which multiplies a win by 5x if you manage to have it on a winning payline. The highest paying symbol is the emerald which is the most difficult to hit. The safe symbol equals the scatter and 3 or more award 15, 20 or 25 free spins with a 5x multiplier.

It one time took me more than 1200 spins to trigger the bonus round, which was unbelievable but I had to keep trying. My biggest hit in the base game was a five of kind of the stacked dollars symbol accompanied by the wild symbol which meant my win got multiplied by 5x.
I don't remember how much I've won with that, because that has been basically my only successful hit on this game.

Free spins sessions never been a success for me, even though you receive additional free spins when hitting another Safe symbol. It has potential however if you manage to get a wild on a payline during free spins, which means you have a 25x multiplier basically.

I think I've played around 30 free spins rounds and 29 of them were pure rubbish, never winning more than 10x, 20x my bet size. Only once I won 150x my bet size by hitting a few smaller prices. The dream hit would be some a five of a kind of emeralds accompanied by a wild in free spins.

A disadvantage of this game is that you can't quick spin just like some other games. This game hasn't brought me the wins I've hoped for. But then again I try to keep my play on this slot limited, because of the high-variance nature.

I'd grade this slot with a 7/10 rating.

Summer Sloan

So, Break da Bank Again is much more different than my other favourite Microgaming-slots.

Even if you have only 9-lines, you can win big, because two scatters gives your bet 2x back and wilds are common and one wild multiplies your winnings 5x. Three scatters gives you 15 free spins, though that seems to be quite rare. However, Break da Bank Again has one of the best free spins of all slots, because all winnings during free spins are 5x and all scatters, what you get during free spins, give you 1 free spin more, so every time when I have got 15 free spins, I have got actually at least 18 or more. :)

Actually only reason why I have played Break da Bank Again so much is that because minimum-bet is just 9 cents, and I have played it just in 9 or 18 cents, and sometimes when I have got my balance to over 3 euro from that slot, I have left Break da Bank Again and started to play those 243-ways to win-slots, like Immortal Romance or Thunderstruck II, which are much more exciting and where you can win much bigger. However, I consider Break da Bank Again to one of the best Microgaming-slots for wagering your bonus or raise your balance, if needed. :)

Well, because of reasons what I have mentioned above, I can recommend Break da Bank Again for others too, even for trying sometimes and especially for wagering, if your balance is low. However, there is now also Break da Bank Again-Megaspins, where you can play 4 games in sometime, and that kind of evolution is really good, because you do not have to wait so long time for getting free spins. ;) I think that this Break da Bank Again-Megaspins-version is the future of that slot, but still original version will keep some kind of popularity always and surely I will play that old version also. :)


I know its just the way these games work, but when you have those three wilds but one of them is JUST a slight nudge above the actual wining placement, it can seem really annoying.

Also, these weighted games have a nasty habit of showing horrible near misses much more often than random games as well, I guess that is just the nature of having the most valuable symbols weighted much lower next to the highly weighted blank spots, but for me the end result is really quite horrible, so this isn’t really the game for me – unless I ever get another shot at a free tournament where its available, in which case, it’s a nice change from regular slot games.

Mrs Mills Neonrshall

There is always a mess going on in most of these free spins and I never get a proper win for the most part! Winnings like less than $2 were a messy joke! The more triggers I get, the lesser their scatters occur for triggers. Also, it takes 2 scatters on two different slots to pay back my original bet!

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