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The gambler bay

Play 【 Crime Scene Netent Online Slot Machine Game 】 ➦ ✅ Free (DEMO €5000)/Real Money ✚ ✅ Best Netent Online Casino List! 🚫 No Download! ...

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Casino Online Rating

Would you like to feel like detectives from CSI Miami? Are you ready to step on the Crime Scene to try and figure out who was behind the dirty deed? If the answer is yes – you are bound to love “Crime Scene” slot game from Net Entertainment. ...

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Loads of TV series about forensics and the challenges they face on crime scene make a part of the daily routine of so many of us. Still, we cannot seem to get enough of the thrill these shows bring us, which made this theme very attractive for online slots makers, including NetEnt, which recently released a title that will trigger much interest among the fans of this genre; its name says it all – “Crime Scene”. ...

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♥ game Review ♥ Full Game Specs here ⚡ Crime Scene Free Spins ✅ Bonuses ✅ Bonus Codes & more by NetEnt Casino ✓ ...

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The Pogg

game ReviewThe Crime Scene game can be found at NetEnt casinos. NetEnt do make the house edge information of their slots games available and this can be found in the help files of the game (usually accessed by pressing the ‘?’ button at the bottom left of the game window). NetEnt games appear to only have one setting. Examine the crime scene, find the evidence and collect your bonus for catching the bad guy.This game is a 5 reel game, with 15 paylines and you can bet up to 10 coins on each payline.The ‘Police ...

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Review of game by NetEnt, including real players' reviews and ratings, free play mode, winning screenshots, latest bonus codes and promotions. ...

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Quotation Forthcoming

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Try game online for free in demo mode with no download and no registration required and read the game's review before playing for real money. ...

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Slot Reviews by Users

  • Positive: 10
  • Mixed: 4
  • Negative: 3
17 reviews by users Write Review

Okay, I do admit that some other low-paying games could indeed play quite well, despite giving low payouts most of the time, but my plays on Crime Scene have not been of any good so far. My best win to date is only a miserable 52x my bet amount, and that is absolutely disappointing to me! Picking those items to win cash prizes isn't my cup of coffee either, so there isn't anything else in the game to make me like it more. Nothing like watching CSI shows for me!


I took one star for a bad periods, when it is hard to get bonus game. And also sometimes you lose in bonus game very fast.


Can suck money and does not give good wins for a very long time, and then give bonus game, which will not pay good.

Grahala Satanrren

I started here when I bored all my highly played favorite video slots. The choose was randomly because I never played on that video slot but the sticky wilds are invited me to check this game. When I started my game play here I don’t know much about but I mostly check the game rules and the payable when I starting to play in a new video slot. The missing free spin feature was interesting but the bonus game is compensate the missing feature. The sticky wilds are show up on the reels and stays for a while, the maximum amount what the sticky wild can stay is 5 spins. If you get more wild you have more chance to win but the best feature is the bonus game here because the 15 lines makes to get combination hard.

When I triggered the bonus game I was really lucky. I hit the 3 bonus symbols and entered to the bonus game, I was allowed to choose from the files until I pick the feature end symbol, but when I clicked here I had a second chance to get back to the bonus game. I was lucky and get some finger prints what are gives extra amounts to the files. I collected 2 finger prints with 3 euro bonus amount, that bonus money was added to all my bonus money what I collected after the finger prints. Even it hasn’t got many lines the bonus can give much money.


t if be totally honest, base game is boring like a game. Really, i never get any nice win over 30x bet on this slot machine, and i believe i play much more than 1000 spins in total on it slot machine. Crime scene has sticky wild feature - when you get wild on any place, it will be held on this place for few spins, from 1 to 5, but it is random and i did not know how to win big with this feature, get 5 sticky wilds? I do not know, and did not want to know because i did not want to play this slot machine anymore, because net entertainment has much more interesting slot machines.

One thing that i like a lot in this slot - absolutely unique and interesting bonus game. In it you can win something more than 100 x total bet, and i believe this is where the money lay down in this slot machine. To trigger bonus game you need to hit 3 + bonus game symbols on any places on the reels.

Also take note that this slot does not have any freespins, and this is of course made it even more boring. I am do not like this game, and did not play it. I do not know, but you can try it, and probably you like it.

Codelia Firemurray

They make aligning combinations easier to create. That would really depend on where they land on the reels, how many wilds land in one spin and most importantly how many spins before the Sticky Wild badge or badges disappear. If I find more than one Sticky wild on a spin that has a counter for 3 spins on Reel 2 then my bets get a little bit of a boost. If they appear together in the middle on both Reels 2 and 3 then bigger wins can happen usually in 3 digits such as $3 - $6 on average, can be more.

The fate is decided on where the wild(s) are held. My preferred wilds being held if it gave me the chance would be under the 1st, 2nd and 3rd reels....all in the middle of them for 3 spins :D. Luck can play a very important role about the wilds so be sure to weigh the decisions you make about spending time on Crime Scene, it can be for better or for worst! The biggest win I made in the normal game would be $24 for a $0.60 bet from a 5 of a kind pistols! The Wild badge symbol was included in the combination. I forgot to tell you that it pays triple for every Sticky wild combination!!!

The bonus however is a very interesting pick bonus. There are many folders to choose from, each hiding a random prize of credits, four finger prints for evidence that increases future winnings per folder by using the amount won from that one finger print alone so if it has a $1.20 it will add it to a future pick EACH TIME! There are 4 fingerprints in total so the more prints that I find early in the bonus game the more improved my winnings are!My highest winnings (more than one) results about $80 or more. Imagine finding 3 fingerprints holding amounts of $1.20, $3 and $2........those 3 amounts will be added to a picked folder containing $6 so with that being said the prize of $6 becomes $12.20!!! That's seriously good!!! I'm also on the lookout for a folder containing a green second chance icon, it will erase an X strike instantly! The bad news is if I find an X symbol without the second chance icon I will be forced to pick from 4 folders containing credits, 2x for my total win in the feature, or a chance to go back for more folders to click for prizes. As for the fourth folder I never gotten a chance to actually see what it might have...maybe it's nothing.

Even for a bonus game that's hard to come by it has serious potential for winnings and I would rate Crime Scene as an 8.6 out of 10! More bonus fingerprint symbols in the main game should be added for a better chance at the Crime Scene bonus!

John Blackbeard

The game has only 15-paylines and also consists of several wild symbols which could appear on the all reels. These wilds are sticky wilds and keep sticking for 2 or more spins. I figure it should be possible to hit a nice win if you gets wilds on multiple reels, and the highest paying symbol (shoe prints)?

In addition a winning combination with the wild symbol pays out 3x bet size. Not sure why many online casinos like Redbet choose this slot for free spins, because it's really hard to win some decent prizes on it.

Crime Scene also has scatter symbols which is the fingerprint symbol, and 3 or more appearing on the reels activate a bonus game. During the bonus round you can pick folders, and each one of them picks reveal a small win. Some of those folders contain evidence and can increase your win even more.

There are also X'ed symbols in red which end the bonus game. The bonus game in my opinion is quite boring, and I never managed to win more than 30x my bet size with this. A slot like this simply can't even put a player into some big profit. It swallows and swallows and swallows, and awards so little every time.

I wouldn't recommend playing it for this reason. If you have to choose a game, then it's better to play medium variance or high variance slots. Crime Scene might have a nice theme and graphics, but it does disappoint unfortunately and that's a shame! Only good thing is the low min. bet size I guess.

My final rating is a 4/10.


Why? Simply because the game doesn't have any free spins feature - it only offers a 'Pick And Win' Bonus game, which has never been to my liking all this while. I would prefer free spins than merely picking out items to win some prizes. I find it very boring!

Anyway, the Sticky Wild symbol, the Badge, does make up for some interest, but only because I do love Sticky Wilds. Unfortunately, the Wild symbols do not pay anything for themselves, which I don't like at all, but I do quite like that the Wild symbol can stick up to 5 spins randomly, and that wins with it are paid tripled. On top of that, even the Bonus symbols are non-paying, yet again a disappointing aspect in this game, and serving only to trigger a Bonus game with 3 Bonus symbols anywhere on the reels. A lot of winning opportunities are indeed lost by these omissions.

I would have expected a good win value for the highest paying symbol, the Footprint, to compensate for the non-paying Wild and Bonus symbols, but no, getting 5 Footprint symbols would only pay a very low 750x the line bet. The other symbols have even lesser and lower values, making the paytable a very low one indeed. Not to my liking at all, so you can forget about getting nice big wins with this game! I would say that this Crime Scene game is a low variance game, especially created for players who like to get frequent small wins. I'm not one of them.

Nicholsixia Glenbro

I see myself like a CSI inspector and would be great if this dream of mine can come true. I would be more than happy to study and get knowledge about forensic.

But what about this Crime Scene that was launched back in March 2012 by NetEnt? Are you expecting to be murdered or forced to investigate? Nah, don't worry, you might wish to start spinning this epic slot instead. This is a 5-reels, 15-paylines game and I have played this game several times before. In one of my play session, I had increased my bet to 0.30 per spin, because the minimum bet of 0.15 sounded desperately low to me, but I was forced many times to play at minimum bet. I had a few good combinations with alphabet symbols but they all gave only minor wins. Then, all of a sudden a BIG WIN came! Sticky Wilds, in combination with those Bloody Shoe-print symbols, won me a solid 9 Euros

A Bloody Shoe-print is also the most valuable symbol, paying 750 coins for five of them. 2 Bonus symbols appeared several times during my play, making my heart beat faster whenever that 'specific' sound effect started playing, announcing a possibility of getting the third symbol and triggering the bonus game, but damn, it didn't happened.

Sticky Wilds are pretty nice here and pay x3 when you get any winning combinations. Once it appear on the reels, it can remain sticky for up to 5 times. This is the second thing that I like so much, because it's so thrilling, and of course, with possibilities of getting winning combinations with it. The only irritating thing in this slot to me, is that I haven't triggered any Bonus round as yet. Oh yeah, the background sound is kind of irritating too.

Houghtonobby Dortinez

ecially I like animations of wilds, when counter ticking, and also I like sounds in bonus game and sound when bonus game is triggered.

I like that there is no freespins. I think such feature is not needed in game like this, because bonus game and normal play feature with sticky wilds is more than enough, sometimes it is very hard to collect 3 bonus symbols, and I can't imagine if there also can be scatters.

I like payouts. Wilds have multiplier x 3, so best 5 of a kinds with wild pay quite decent. Unfortunately I never get best 5 of a kind with wilds, and also never without wilds, but I think payout for such combo will be great.

I like bonus game. It is not very impressive at first look, just picking, but after few times I played it I realised that I like it! Good payouts, few features inside bonus games - perfect.

I like sticky wilds during normal play. Wild appear with counter of how much spins it will be held, from two to five. I never get more than 3 wilds in same time, but remember that there is 3 x multiplier for wins with wilds.

My best payouts was in bonus game. Couple of times I was very close to 100 bets wins, and once I broke this goal, had about 115 bets win. But usually it pays not so nice. But still, in good time it is triggered very often.

Based on overall gameplay I give this game 9 stars.

Hill Bill

There are a number of slots throughout the gambling industry with a theme like this so there is nothing original about it. The background music is OK but it can get boring after some time so I usually turn it off.

This game has a wild symbol and it is a sticky wild which is one of my favorite features in a game. Whenever it lands on a reel it can stay there for a max of 5 spins. Usually in the game the wilds stay for 3 spins tops. You can get a few wilds on the reels but the number of times they stay there is individual for every symbol. All wild wins are multiplied by 3 and this is what makes this game interesting. You can have some nice wins here despite of the low paytable. In one session I had a win of about 150 x bet in the base play when I got 3 wilds that stayed for 3 spins on a single line. I was really happy to see this.

This game also offers a cash bonus feature. It is triggered when you get 3 bonus symbols on the reels. Here you have to choose from envelopes which offer prizes and you have a chance to get even bigger winnings. This is a good bonus and can sometimes award wins of about 100 x bet, at least that’s the most I have won from it. It can be a little hard to trigger and sometimes you drop a lot in balance but the game can bring you back just in one spin. This is a fun game to play and I recommend it to everyone.


Were you expecting likely to just stay your children's imagination, however NetEnt made an effort to make some of that into reality. Hence the idea to make such a slot in the title already suggests the theme of this slot machine.

Here I went with a little bigger stake per spin of € 3 so I expected a little bigger gains but also the ability to rapidly fall to zero. The wild symbol is special compared to other games because when it comes practically remains fixed and have two more free spin to win something. Crime Scene is full of mysteries, evidence and villains who are there mainly to make the game more interesting, we can say that this game for a short time became one of the main topics at numerous well-known gambling forums and web sites, as for me completely justified.

As far as the wild symbol, I am most in these two respin won € 30 and it is not bad considering the height of my role that did not change until the end. After a couple of empty spins get four symbols of guns and € 8 instantly, immediately afterwards and the three symbols of glasses and an additional € 5 so I'm in the two spin collected € 13 and returned the lost money. A small criticism in the beginning would be somewhat smaller number of payment lines which in this slot have a total of fifteen while in others the number of mostly 20 or more.

The total jackpot on this game is 22,500 coins, and if you play the maximum bet per spin, which at the moment amounts to $ 150 and then win a jackpot you will win instantly total $ 7,500. I managed to get three bonus symbols in the game and try-out with their excellent bonus where I am on the board with 5x6 boxes I opened a total of nine, and from them I collected a total of 510 coins. After that, the five envelopes from which we draw an additional 135 coins. Converted into real money that means that I'm finished with bonus + € 139. I love Crime Scene slot and play it regularly.


s land not very often, but ok, when few wilds land on payline usually you get few nice wins in a row, so it is worth to wait and pray for wilds. Another feature is triggered by 3 or more bonus symbols. There started bonus game at which you should find evidence of crime. Usually game pay not big, but few times I had more than 20$ wins on 0.15 bet only. Bonus game usually come often, but like I said results usually not so big. Payouts for symbols is good, and also wilds have x3 multiplier for wins, so it is worth to wait it.

Overall this is good game, and sometimes I play it. But problem is that if wilds did not land good and if bonus game do not come game became money sucker and just keep eating money, so you will need then really good win to cover losses. Good news that bet size is low, and it is possible to just enjoy game without losing much. Just average game without anything very special, but with two good features which both can pay (I mean sticky wilds and bonus game of course).

Martith Cullssell

Somewhere on AskGamblers I saw that few members think that Crime scene has a nice bonus round and then I tried it myself.

I've played this 5 reel 15 payline slot several times. I haven't had a great win so far, but I am still waiting on that to happen. I really like this game because it has great graphics and the bonus round is fun. You get to bonus round, if you get at least 3 scatters on the main game, on wherever on the reel. Then you'll be in a room with dozens of files. In those files there can be coin wins or finger prints which bring descent winning amount and extra wins on envelope wins. You'll have to choose as many files as you can, until you get red stop sign. Then your game probably will be over and you'll get to choose your reward (winning multipliers or second chance) between 4 envelopes.

Then there is also a wild symbol, but it isn't a regular wild, it is a sticky wild and it can stay for 5 spins and all the winnings from spin are multilplied 3x. Last time I played Crime scene was a couple of days ago and I played 250 autospins. I got 3 sticky wilds at the same time and they gave me "big win" of 30x bet. It took me 60 spins to get the bonus game but unfortunately I got only 30 coin win because on my second guess I got the stop sign. I kept playing for some time but didn't get another bonus round.

Overall I think this is a descent Netent slot with average payouts. I personally like the bonus round but other than that I wouldn't expect huge wins from this game.


, so lowest possible bet size per spin is only 0.15 due to 15 paylines in game. Game is always kept me interesting due to main game awesome feature, it is called 'sticky wild'.

This feature is very interesting, and I really can not remember any other such great feature during main game at all NetEnt slots. If on reel appear wild, it will be held for some random amount of spins, but I never have this number more than 5. But in case you hit few this wilds on payline, your chances to hit big very good, best I had it was 3 wilds for two spins, at my 0.30 bet I win something like 20 euros, but do not think that it is very bad, it is awesome result. More money in this slot lay at bonus game, you pick fingers prints and can get prize cash, or boost to your winnings, or chance to continue after losing bonus game. In short this is probably most attractive NetEnt online slot, it is of course can not so big like Dead or alive or wild rockets for example, but I think better get few small wins often, that one big but rare.

Bonus feature appears often, about 60-70 times in average I think, but I did not do any special math about it. Wilds appear rare, so you need some luck. My best win on bonus game was about 40 euros at 0.15 bet, of course it is wonderful result for lowest bet.


May be it is a first slot that I have played which does not have this feature. It is 5 reel and 15 play line slot. The slot is inexpensive to play with bet starting at only $0.15.

The slot has rather has bonus feature and sticky wild feature to compensate the lack of free spin feature. The sticky wilds can appear in any of the 5 reels in the slot. In sticky wild the wild symbol stick to a specific reel for up to maximum of 5 spins. This feature triggers very frequently and the sticky wild can appear at more than one reel at a time. It has good returns and there were three sticky wilds at a time in my game play. I made two big wins with help of sticky wild one of 330 coins and other was of 600 coins when I was betting at just 15 coins per spin at a coin value of 0.01. So return of maximum 40 x is good enough.

Now comes the bonus game which got triggered after 120 spins approx. In which you have to choose the folders and the coins behind it are awarded.If you open up evidence coins are awarded which get added in the next wins you make.
The game stops when open a red cross symbol. Then you are again given a chance to choose the envelopes which give you can chance. In my game play I got 15 coins the first folder I chose. Then I opened up a red cross symbol and I got a second chance immediately after which I opened the red cross again. I ended up with just 15 coins.

A very mediocre slot in returns and i made around $2 in 200 spins I made. I would rate the slot 6/10.


eat thing about wilds in this game is that when wild drop on any place, he will be frozen and stay on reels for random number of next spins (1-5), if played managed to get few such wilds, win can be great. My best win on base game is about 70 x total bet, which is great for this slot, because like i said payouts here is a bit low. There is no any free spins feature, and therefore game simply did not have scatters, but at least here we have bonus game, that can be triggered by 3+ bonus game symbols. Bonus game is really great, because that is where possible to get nice winnings, my best result after this bonus game is about 200 x total bet, i was able to get many special symbols soon, and therefore i start getting nice money for every pick.

This is of course low variance game like starburst, for example. Great and big wins at this game is almost not exist, but game usually give 20- 50 x total bet, and also here we have excellent made bonus game, which is great fun to play. i think everyone should try this game just to play this bonus game, i never see better bonus game at any online slot i think. I like this game, will play again of course, and also it is old game in the time when net entertainment did great slots, just try this one.

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