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Win riches beyond your wildest dreams and join the Hall of Gods with this jackpot slot from NetEnt. For more details, read the full slot review. ...

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Every jackpot hunter out there will be familiar with this game on mobile, especially those of us who dream of retiring at 40 on our own private island.The fact that you can get some big wins even without hitting the jackpot, mixed with some pretty graphics and animations, and there's very little to fault here.However, if jackpots aren't your thing, we'd also recommend the Vikings Go Wild slot by Yggdrasil for something a little bit different, but with that nordic feel. ...

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Casino Online Rating

Long time ago when the king had the biggest power in the kingdom and his subordinates were ready to fight on his behalf, the rules were very clear and everyone knew what to do when hard times would come. It was the time when gods were giving orders and no one dared to oppose their will. Those days are gone….. but you have still a chance to come face-to-face with Norse mythology. If you are interested in tales of brave warriors, this game is especially for you! ...

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Welcome aboard! Join the Old Scandinavian Almighties, and go for a sale in the real Viking ship! Nordic mythology is very rich, and if you haven’t heard these interesting stories as a child, it's time to immerse in the cold - yet wonderful world full of surprises! ...

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Review of game by NetEnt, including real players' reviews and ratings, free play mode, winning screenshots, latest bonus codes and promotions. ...

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Play Hall of Gods online slot with the best casino bonuses around and read the slot review to compare and maximise you winnings, only at JohnSlots! ...

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Norse God slots are a dime a dozen, but they don't get much bigger than Hall of Gods. It might be pushing on in years but it is just as popular as ever. The visual production undoubtedly stands the test of time, as do the features. But, as we all know, ...

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Quotation Forthcoming

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Quotation Forthcoming

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Slot Reviews by Users

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20 reviews by users Write Review

ese jackpots are funded by every spin made on the machine and therefore you have to accept that a significant portion of your play is being used to seed other peoples jackpot wins resulting in a lower overall RTP for the vast majority of sessions where you don't manage a jackpot win. Some games I really feel as if this contribution is noticable but I don't get that feeling when playing Hall of Gods, but nevertheless it is still worth bearing in mind.


I took 2 stars from rating. First star because animations and graphics are bad. Second star I took because it is hard to get freespins.

Thapper The

lds are vikings ship. Very good and interesting idea, i like vikings and their attributes.

In this slot netent create both bonus game and free spins. Bonus game should be won by getting 3 bonus pictures, this is pick bonus game, player break shields, and when 3 matching prizes comes, game is end. In this bonus game is possible to win on of the three netent jackpot, but i spent so many hours on this game and never won any jackpot, chances is very low i guess. Vikings ships presented on 2 3 4 reels and it is expanded wilds. Free spins can be triggered on this slot by at least 3 scatters for 10 free spins, 4 scatters award 15 free spins, and 5 scatters 20 free spins. All free spins wins multiplied by 3.

I spent a lot of time playing this slot on different casinos, and never had jackpot win. Couple of x 300 or x 200, but jackpot never. Once in bonus game i had two middle jackpot pictures, but did not found third. This is interesting slot with jackpots, and i will spin it more and more till i win any of jackpot. I read from other guys that return in this slot is lower because of jackpots, and i did not know about it, of course it is bad :( But i need to play this slot anyway, because i spent so many hours, and one day jackpot should come to me, i believe in this.


yway, this slot has 20 paylines, if you ask me about its graphic and sounds, i told that they pretty average for net entertainment, but did not forget, that it is average for net entertainment, and amazing for all others software. Bonus game triggered by 3 scatters on 3 last reels ( Thor hammers i believe). In bonus game you should break the shields to get winnings, usually there is coins winnings, but sometimes jackpot picture appear, if you managed to get 3 jackpot pictures before any other win, come here, and i will give you high five! I am had a lot of bonus rounds in this game, but never get any jackpot wins, but once i get two pictures of biggest jackpot, and i thought that my heart will stop soon. Wow, that was so interesting to choose next, and of course i did not win biggest jackpot, hehe. Also this slot has free spins 10 x 3 multiplier, and do not forget about expanding wilds on reels 2 3 4 which can give you nice win if you get they all in one time + nice symbols on first and last reels.

I like this slot, but trying to play as rare, as i can. Because you know, jackpot games had lower RTP, so get wins on it is much more harder.


Hall of Gods is also a slot, which can change your life forever in few seconds, and for that reason, I think that it is so popular. Like Mega Fortune, Hall of Gods has also made some new millionaires to world.

Hall of Gods is, like the name says, Scandinavic mythology-themed slot, and Scandinavian mythology is probably one of the most well-known mythologies of world, and I have also always been interested of it. Graphics are quite simple, but original and in Hall of Gods, you will see typical Viking-themed symbols and also meet Thor, Odin, Loki, Freya, Idun and also ravens of Odin, Hugin and Munin (scatter-symbol). I have played Hall of Gods from minimum-bet, which is 20 cents to 1 euro, and actually just rarely got something big and never any kind of those Jackpots.

One of the best thing of Hall of Gods is that expanding dragon wild, which comes in reels 2, 3 and 4, and if you win, it makes whole reel to wild, so it easily multiplies your winnings. Dragon wild is actually very common, though rarely in all three reels. Unlike in many other slots, in Hall of Gods two scatters give you nothing and when you finally get at least three scatters, you get 10, 15 or 20 free spins, depending how many scatters you got. If you get three scatters during free spins, you will get ONLY ONE more free spin, which is much less than in most other slots. So, Hall of Gods has totally much worse free spins than most other slots have and only positive thing of those free spins is that during free spins, your winnings are 3x. I have only few times got even 10 free spins and once 15 and 20 and never won anything big from those free spins.

And now something about the reason why Hall of Gods is so popular and played, and reason is Jackpot. When you get three Thor Hammer-symbols to reels 3, 4 and 5, you can be Thor himself and use your hammer against evil shields of Loki, who try to hide your riches. :D When you have got three similar symbols from smashed shields, you win that sum of money or then one of those Jackpots. There are three different Jackpots; Mini, Midi and the most wanted, Mega. I have sometimes got possibility to smash those shields, and I have seen only two Mini Jackpot-symbols, so always won just some money from that bonus-game.

I have often got many free spins to Hall of Gods from many different casino and also often continues with that slot after those free spins were played. Also sometimes I have played it just for fun and tried my luck for getting that Mega Jackpot. :) Well, Mega Fortune is winner of those two progressive Jackpot-slots, but Hall of Gods is very good number two and I am sure that in future I will sometimes play it also, even without getting any free spins to it. But, honestly speaking, I have to admit that without any possibilities for Jackpot, even very little, I would not play it without free spins or really good promotion campaign. If I just want to go to Valhalla, there is always Thunderstruck II. ;) However, Jackpots make Hall of Gods worthy of at least trying, and for that reason I can recommend everyone to try it sometimes, though most slot gamblers probably have tried it already. ;) Well, I can just wish that hopefully Odin and Thor are benevolent for AskGamblers-members and makes one of us to millionaire someday. ;) :)


ere was this one situation that I got myself into where I broke each shield to uncover an amount equal to my triggering bet of $0.80 and symbols belonging to one of the 3 jackpots. There were two Mega Jackpot icons, two Mini Jackpots I've uncovered and 3 shields left to break. My hands were trembling as I got closer to discern my third last choice to break a shield. I was rooting for either of the Jackpots. So if it came down to the mini jackpot then I will lose my interest for Mega Moolah's JP bonus by 15% if I hit the $100+ jackpot BUT if I managed to hit the third mega icon then.......I would be super rich and famous! Unfortunately when I arrived to choose my third last pick it was for $20.....the last $20 prize to hit in order to payout & end the feature. I was completely shocked that the bonus feature never showed me what I could've had for the remaining shields. Now I will never know what I could've become......a new jackpot winner blessed with riches and fame, an instant winner that earned more cash to burn or the third role that I took which be the average player winning an average value.

Hall of Gods left me with lingering mysteries that makes me want to come back for more action. Expanding wilds on 2nd, 3rd, and 4th reels, 10 free spins at 3x and the jackpot round that got me thinking super hard! Hall of Gods really got me excited and for that I grant thee an 8.8 out of 10!


That's of course the main reason that many people choose to play this slot, including me.

I always found the Nordic mythology a quite interesting topic. For those who love that theme, this slot is the perfect choice since it features Nordic gods like Thor, Idun, Odin and many others. The symbols resemble what images of those gods, hammers, apples, rings, dragons and several others.

While I been quite negative about most Progressive Jackpot slots, I do have some positive words for this game. I think Hall Of Gods is one of the better games to be honest, with expanding wilds, bonus games and even free spins.

Reels 2, 3 and 4 all contain expanding wilds (dragons symbol) which could deliver a major payout when dropping at the same time. Then there is the scatter symbols which could trigger 10, 20 or 30 free spins. At least 3 scatters are needed to trigger these, and a 3x multiplier gets automatically attached to it. I've won 20 free spins once on a 60 cents bet, which got turned into 180x bet size thanks to several expanding wilds.

Lastly there is also the bonus game where you can take a shot for one of three jackpots (Mega, Midi, Mini) or one of the smaller prizes. With a hammer you have to crack shields until having 3 of them matching. I never won more than the lower amount paying like 5x bet size I believe. One of the jackpots? Nope, didn't stand a chance as usual on these NetEnt progressives.

Nevertheless it's a fun game that I would try again unlike others. Final rating for Hall Of Gods is 7/10.


You got Thor, Odin, Loki Freyja, with the serpent, ‘Midgardsormen’, being the expanding wild which can you give some nice wins if you get it. You also got raven, Hugin, which is the scatter, and will give you 10 free spins with a 3x multiplier if you get it. The game also got some nice sounds to it, either you are winning, or just spinning the reels.

The paytable for the normal symbols are pretty good, I believe that 5 Thors pay around 3000 coins, which is good compared to other jackpot slots like Mega Fortune.
Obviously, the fun with Hall of Gods, is its huge jackpots. You got a small jackpot, a medium one, and a mega jackpot, which you can get a shot on all by betting as little at 20 cents. There are 3 Viking shields that acts as bonus symbols on the last 3 reels, and if you hit all three, you’ll get to the bonus game which is kind of like a scratch card, where you’ll win by revealing 3 of a kind of either one on the jackpots, or a sum based on your bet size.

With its theoretical 95.5% RTP minus a total of 6.9% going to the progressive jackpots, it’s obviously not the game to expect the biggest return from in the long run(unless you hit the jackpot of course), so I wouldn’t advice anyone to play it with the aim of clearing a bonus or so. I have however hit some nice winnings on it myself. But it will for sure give some great fun and excitement when you play it!


It happens sometimes that for months there is no jackpot, which only grows, and that a large number of players across Europe just waiting. When it finally happens, it happens in a masterly way with a hammer famed Norse god Thor! With this slot hanging out for about a year before that I played mostly with fun money that would better meet slot before going real money. It is most often I play in Bet365 Casino because there have the most money in the account.

This is not a slot in which € 10 can discover all the hidden profits and bonuses in the game, for the full experience it will take some more money from "dozens". I'm not talking about the high stakes, but a growing number of spins, at least 100 spins before you make a realistic conclusion about the game. I hope you gods of the north to be lucky and you will leave satisfied with the well-deserved vacation. The reason for this is that during the game you meet with the Nordic gods, who are the central theme of the Hall of Gods slot. Perhaps you are familiar with the Nordic gods least through popular TV series "Vikings", but you know that you are on this slot with Tor, waiting and Freja, Loki, Odin and the famous sea snake Midgard Serpent, which is the "wild symbol" and can become as big as the entire wheel.

However, the real prize ie. The jackpot is the Hall of Gods bonus, where Thor's hammer crush shields and collect (hopefully) the three symbols that indicate a real jackpot! This bonus brought me the most joy, a few times I had a three-digit gains during the playing of this bonus. Like the Mega Fortune and here rarely exceeds € 5 per spin. Although I own mostly over € 1,000 at Bet365 Casino, do not heal because the game is attractive and can easily lead to rapid bankruptcy. I recommend to you, first try the slot with fun money at one of the casinos that offer this option. Then take some of the deposit method at the casino of your choice, and go to the north, together with the ancient gods begin an unforgettable adventure called the Hall of Gods!


Those high paying picture symbols award 4000, 2000 and 1500 coins for a five of a kind however these big ticket wins are correspondingly rare, so much so I only actually remember hitting a line of five odins during the free spins once in all my time playing the game!

I think NetEnt tried to emulate the success of Microgamings "Thunderstruck" to some extent with this game as there are definitely some similarities in terms of both style and substance. I'd much rather play Thunderstruck than this game, but I would take Hall of Gods over the Mega Fortune games which I find to be awfully bland and cheesy any day of the week. It's not fantastic or outstanding but still stands head and shoulders above the vast majority of NetEnt slots as far as I'm concerned.

Thomalda Grangbarnes

It happens sometimes that for months there is no jackpot, which only grows on the large number of players across Europe just waiting. When it finally happens, it happens in a masterly way with a hammer famed Norse god Thor!

The hammer me often bring some gain, and the last such took place a few weeks ago when I was in one spin won over 50 €. The reason for the uniqueness of this game is that the game you meet with the Nordic gods, who are the central theme of the Hall of Gods slot. Perhaps you are familiar with the Nordic gods least through popular TV series "Vikings", but you know that you are on this slot with Tor, waiting and Freja, Loki, Odin and the famous sea snake Midgard Serpent, which is the "wild symbol" and can become as big as the entire wheel. The game has excellent graphics and depicts the way each segment of its existence, all this leads me to think that people when making this slot machine literally thought of every detail.

Besides all the opportunities and rewards that accompany this slot, the real prize ie. Jackpot is located in the Hall of Gods bonus, where Thor's hammer crush shields and collect (hopefully) the three symbols that indicate a real jackpot! I hope you have better luck than I did when hunting jackpot, I did not expect to be able to win such a high award but I expected to be at least close to achieving my dream. As for the loss, I lost a day in the beginning of the 80 to 100 € on this slot. Persistence finally paid off and today we are proud of letters on this slot machine that overall, brought a lot of joy and money in my home. It is enough to look at the appearance of the drum and you will know why would this game should be your choice during your stay in one of the casinos that have this slot in its offer. Try, life is short!

Walotus Glengonzale

I was looking at these numbers and one thing crossed my mind... I want this Jackpot. I got really excited after just a few spins.

My balance was 48 euro and I decided to play on minimum bet. which is 0.20.

I don’t regret now after I stopped playing because today session wasn’t playing good at all.

The only win I had came from expanding wild symbol and the biggest win I had was 1 euro. That’s really nothing. Several times I was waiting for third bonus or scatter symbol in order to get bonus game or free spins with multiplier x 3, but that third symbol never appeared! Damn, that’s was my reaction and I am sorry for using this language but I was ready to get into my favorite bonus game.

I decided to stop playing and change this fantastic game with beautiful theme of Nordic Gods and symbols that I love and would definitely wear as charm on my neck as I truly love ancient themed slots.

I wish I got at least free spins or anything today for collection 3 Black Crows symbols which would boost my balance and I wouldn’t mind getting 10, 15 or 20 free spins which are tripled as mentioned previously.

Symbols like Thor, Idun, Odin, Freya and Loki are most likely to make your session interesting but will you win anything... I don’t really know, should you play it more often, then my answer is yes!

Odin is the most valuable symbol and will pay you 4000x betline or collecting five of these.


played it at minimum bets and I did not like it so much. Maybe it is because the design looks old and so as some symbols. The game has free spins feature. I triggered that two times, first paid around x20 and second around x60 bet. The second feature was retriggered so I expected bigger wins than x60 bet. All wins during free games are at x3 multiplier. I like expanding wilds so as stacked and sticky. Here you will find expanding wilds, when wild symbol of the dragon will land on reel 2, 3 or 4 it will expands to cover the whole reel. This happen all the time during main game and also for free spins. The paytable looks good; the highest symbol is god Odis. Into practice I didn't saw anything special big, because those symbols don't occur quite often.

The main specialty here is trying to catch some of jackpots. You will have a chance when you will hit bonus game which is trigger by 3 bonus symbols. I had once this bonus, but jackpots were not for me and I won only few euros.

I think when I will play some games with jackpot options I will play some other from NetEnt software which have better design. I don't like to force myself to play some games that I don't like it much. So I will stick to select, choose Mega Fortune Dreams or maybe Mega Fortune. Otherwise I recommend it to all to try it out.



Richarione Cartermar

is Scandinavian gods here, Odin, Thor, Loki this is which I knew. Based on the fact that Netent is Scandinavian company, there is no surprise with such choice.

I like payouts in this game. Even during normal play it is possible to win decent money. Best 5 of a kinds will be Odins, and 5 of a kind Odins will pay 200 bets. 5 of a kinds Thors will pay 100 bets. I think it is great for normal play payouts.

I like expanding wilds on middle reels in this game. Wilds appears only on 2 3 4 reels. So if get 3 wilds in middle reels and Odins payout will be huge, i am do not know what exactly but very huge. I get this combo couple of times, but always with lowest paying symbols and at low stake. So never get nice payout from it.

I like freespins feature. For 3 or more scatters game pay 10 freespins with x 3 multiplier for all winnings. There possible hit even more money, but my best result is poor - about 100 bets.

I like bonus game. This is where you can win jackpot. It is trigger when 3 bonus symbols appear on 3 4 5 reels. There is coin wins, and jackpots. You must destroy shields and match 3 same values. Simple. Never win there more than 20 bets and never get even lowest jackpot.

Game is interesting itself, but as for jackpot I prefer mega fortune. I rate this slot with 8 stars.


This game is the second best jackpot game that NetEnt has to offer. It may be second best according to popularity but for me it has a much better base game payout than Mega Fortune.

I think I started playing this game for the first time in Mr.Green casino and I liked it from the start. This is a 20 payline 5 reel slot and for a theme it has Nordic Mythology. Thunderstruck II is one of my favorite games so it was easy to fall in love with this slot. The graphic and sound are on a descent level like all NetEnt slots. The paytable is pretty good and I think that 4 000 x betline for 5 Odins is a pretty descent win. From the bonus features this game offers a free spins bonus and a cash bonus with a chance to win one of the jackpots. The free spins are triggered when you get 3 or more Black Crows on the screen. You are awarded 10, 15 or 20 free spins accordingly with all wins tripled. Another interesting feature is the expanding wild on reels 2, 3 or 4 if it is in a winning combination. All this included means that it’s a pretty descent game to play just for the base play wins and let alone the jackpot. Finally 3 bonus symbols activate the cash bonus. Here you have to smash shields with a hammer until you match 3 of the same. They can be cash prizes or some of the jackpots.

I have played this game a number of times and had some nice wins here. The bonus usually provides small cash prizes but I wouldn’t mind smashing my way to the jackpot some day.


e theme about this game is all about Nordic mythology which I am really interested in. In this game you will see Odin the All father of all Gods,Thor God of Storm which was Odin son, the Goddess Freya and Idun, so you will see all Gods and Goddess in one place. Hall of Gods has free spins feature and bonus game. I have to say that I am disappointed with the bonus game feature, because I have never won more then 2.50 euros on the bonus game, I just can't trigger the same 3 symbols and never hit the biggest ones, only the smaller ones.The free spins feature will be triggered if you catch 3 ravens symbols anywhere on the reels. The wild symbol is the Dragon, which will substitute all the other symbols on the reels except the scatter ones. I must admit or it's just my luck, getting the free spins feature is easy to trigger.

The last time I played this video game was few days ago in 7Red Casino, where I had really great session, by playing this game, giving it more then 200 spins with a 0.20 euros bet and I was playing with 20 euros, so I reached till 88 euros. So like always doing the same mistake, raising the bet to 1 euro, I thought I will have again luck, just because I triggered the free spins feature 5 times, so I was going to 15 euros then reached again 80 euros, till at the end I ended with zero on my account. I really like this game and will recommend it because this game can change your life, meaning get the Jackpot or will leave you with empty pockets. Good Luck!

Manda Almondy

I did not like the soundtrack of the slot, I found it a bit irritating to ears.

The best part in the slot is the expanding wilds which is present on the reels 2, 3 and 4. That really increases the possibility of wining combinations. The wilds can substitute any symbol except the bonus and the scatter. The bonus game is triggered when three 3+ bonus symbols appear on the reels. In bonus game there are three types of jackpots namely mega, midi and mini along with. You need to get three same jackpots or coins by hitting the shields. I just triggered it thrice and I made just 200 coins, 120 coins then finally 40 coins. Interestingly every time I triggered the bonus game my win use to fall and I am also really unaware of what is the jackpot is all about. So I played initially at the starting bet of $0.20 and after earning few I decided to double the bet and the icing on the cake was that I soon then triggered the free spin feature. I was awarded with 10 free spins when 3 scatter symbols appeared on the reels. In free spins round I made 560 coins at a coin value of 0.02. The win accounts to $11.2.

I am not satisfied with the bonus game and free spins too are bit hard to trigger. The slot is a bit on mediocre side in returns. And the soundtrack does not goes with theme at all. So I would rate the slot 7 on10.



I know that TRTP on this game is lower than on most other netent games, but anyway i like this slot. It has expanded wilds on middle reels, and can pay good.

Also free spins with multiplier x 3, can boost balance with a nice speed. But i am never open this slot to get 3 expanded wilds, i do not care about it. I just sit down , click spin, and waiting for bonus game, and then start praying for 3 same jackpot symbols, which will bring me a lot of money, if not biggest jackpot, i agree for second biggest. My best result on this game was at redbet long time ago, when i won x 330 total bet after free spins, two times i land 3 expanded wilds, but symbols was not no nice, but still very decent result. Also slot is beauty, and i like this Scandinavian gods as paytable symbols. Of course, like any jackpot game this slot most likely will just eat your money and left with nothing on balance, but i never sad about it, i always hope to the best and waiting my jackpot come to me.

Conclusion: This game can change life of almost every player on this planet. Just for this, it is already amazing slot, with 3 different jackpot, biggest is more than million euros. Winning such jackpot is probably one time luck in the whole life, and every time i play this game, i hope to get something that change my life. 10 stars, not less.

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