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Slot Reviews by Affiliate Sites

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Casino Online Rating

Microgaming’s latest slot game will meet the tastes of all men! Why? Because it was inspired by “Playboy” magazine! Guys if you like beautiful women, fast cars and huge wins, you won’t resist playing this slot! ...

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It might come as a surprise for you, but we really enjoyed spending time in the Playboy Mansion, having fun with the Bunnies and enjoying the benefits of the Playboy Club feature. Even though it will take you time and money to reach the final level of the Free Spins feature, believe us when we tell you that it is worth both the time and the trouble. Apart from spending time with attractive girls, you can also win big, up to 1,215,000 coins at once. ...

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There’s a lot to be said for Playboy magazine. While some people enjoy buying it and lusting over the females inside, others have plainly bypassed it and never given it another thought. Whatever the case may be, it is one of the biggest magazi ...

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Define a mans ideal slot; ‘A 243 way 3D game which intertwines with the very best Playboy Bunnies’. Yep, that should do the trick and is exactly what’s on offer with this Microgaming video slot. Players will be treated to a bevy of beauties and could experience up to 4 different bonus games too. ...

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Review of game by Microgaming, including real players' reviews and ratings, free play mode, winning screenshots, latest bonus codes and promotions. ...

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The gambler bay

Play 【 Playboy Microgaming Online Slot Machine Game 】 ➦ ✅ Free (DEMO 2000)/Real Money ✚ ✅ Best Microgaming Online Casino List! 🚫 No Download! ...

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As Playboy is an Android slot and takes a while to download on your mobile or tablet, it won't get the full five stars. Plus, we can't deny that the brand will divide not just the sexes, with many choosing not to play on a brand they deem crude.Which is a shame as this mobile slot game is slick, sexy, fun and entertaining. If anything it will disappoint fans of the brand who want something more risqué. Still, with big wins and some great un-lockable free spin features, we heartily recommend this game for all boys and girls. ...

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The Pogg

game ReviewThe games game can be found at Microgaming casinos. Microgaming as a standard do not publish the slots house edge information of their games. However they lease their slots games out to casinos using other software, some of which do publish this information. So far we’ve only found one casino – RedBet – that has published this information for Playboy and they list the house edge as 3.43%. When playing at any other venue, this information should be used as a guideline only as the game may be configurable.After a previously failed branded ...

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Quotation Forthcoming

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Try game online for free in demo mode with no download and no registration required and read the game's review before playing for real money. ...

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Try game online for free in demo mode with no download and no registration required and read the game's review before playing for real money. ...

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Quotation Forthcoming

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Slot Reviews by Users

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24 reviews by users Write Review

Like I said before, there's nothing new. Games are very similar with each others.


I have nothing to say here, as it is one of the best games there.


The only thing I don't like is that you must played 5 free spin features before you can move to the other one. I think this game could be more interesting if it could be select randomly. I don't play this game precisely for this reason, I didn't triggered features more than once and it was really hard to get it.


I think this definitely worked better as a randomly activating feature like in Immortal Romance and Thunderstruck2.

I wish the five scatters paid out a whole lot more with how rare that hit really is, though five wilds does tend to be a tasty payday – especially if your ever lucky enough to get it in the 5 x feature – because there are high paying symbols grouped close to the wilds on the reels.


Awesome online slot, and i really can't list any thumbs downs here.


Sometimes the triggers don't quickly fall in. Persistent luck was needed to perform more availabilities within the Playboy Mansion. If betting medium to high, triggers will be more of a challenge and I would see my balance go down quickly!


ight you ask? Well, I really had no chance to buy one. A few friends of mine did had them though but it was stolen from their daddy's stash. Yeah, kids are nosy and they will find things you'll never expect from the to find.

There's nothing interesting about this video slot like other Microgaming games. The game has the similar gameplay as the popular Immortal Romance, Thunderstruck II, The Finer Reels of Life. The only difference are the symbols. Playboy is also best known for the nudity and there's none to find here.

I have spend hunderds of euros playing this game and after a while it just got boring because there's nothing new with this game.
Honestly I am kinda disappointed with Microgaming for not trying to create a new and different gameplay. Their latest game Pollen Party looks different but that's only on the outside because when you see throught the outside then you will notice that there's nothing new about Pollen Party.

Playboy is nice game when you're in the mood of looking at drawing of beautiful women in bikini or if you just had enough of Immortal Romance but still want to play a game with the same gameplay.
As long as I can remember I've played this game about 6 times which 2 of them were decent but the rest sucked big time.

I know this game also has it's potential because I've seen some winner screenshots from other players but I haven't won it myself. Will I play this game again? Probably not. Do I hate the game? No, I do not hate it. It's just get boring after a while.
All I can say is, come on Microgaming, hit me with something new, interesting game. I know you can do it.


This game has a lot to offer, I have seen some wins that go up to 4000 x betsize. That still has not happened to me though, but I cannot complain with my wins that were going up to 300 x bet. There were some good five of a kind wins during the base game too.

The only disappointing thing here is that there is no nudity in this slot. There are only some vintage looking women used for the symbols of this slot. To trigger the free spins you need 3 or more Playboy Magazines. There are couple of features that you need to unlock before you can play. You can choose between 10, 15, 20 and 25 free spins and each set comes with a different feature. Most of the times I was choosing the first feature, and that is 10 free spins with a 5 x multiplier. I had some really good wins that were going up to 300 x bet during this feature. The second feature is interesting too, you get 15 free spins with running wilds. The first feature is represented by Kimi, the second by Sofia and the third one by Ashley. She offers 20 free spins and rolling reels. I have never chosen this girl for some reason. And the fourth one is Jilian which offers 25 free spins and she can turn all five reels into wild. That would be perfect but I still have not seen that. I have not triggered the feature more than 15 times yet in a single casino.


Around there are my favorites, e.g. Immortal Romance, Thunderstruck II , Alaska fishing, The Finer Reels of Life.

Playboy has the same style as these and I would say that this is very much similar to immortal romance and thunderstruck 2 , and 4 different bonus features to unlock when playing more time in the game that will be unlocked during free spins.

It is clear that if more number of times we trigger the feature than more choices we will have to pick from. In all there 4 features in the slot.

First is feature named Kimi feature, that is giving 15 free spins and 5x multiplier , next one is the Sofia feature what give running wilds.

This is one of the many of the 243 video slots I had played after Jurassic park which has a running wild feature. There is two more features with names Ashley & Jillian which I could not unlock yet. So I don’t know exactly that what kind of prizes does it award.
I tried this video slot game for the first time at the play hippo casino and started with the bet of 0,30 $ .

One of the most helpful feature it was the first one of them ( kiimi feature ) because of 5x multiplier this really boosted up my account balance. I made about 68 $ up in less than 200 spins.

Playboy is a great slot game with very nice graphics and good returns to player too. So I can give 9/10 to this video slot.


e features will trigger by at least 3 scatters, but the feature modes will not be selected randomly or manually. The features will start in some kind of order. You have to received at least 5 times one feature to move and unlock the second, an so on. While I was playing this game, it was hard to get 3 scatters. 2 scatters occur frequently and they will pay you 0.6€ on minimum stake. I think this is ok that gives you something in return.

The main game could be also interesting, sometimes you get a lot of wilds and this will increase your winnings. I play this slot a few months ago, i just wanted to try it out. This is one of the slot from this software that could bring you a lot of money and it could be compare to Game of Thrones or Jurassic Park game. These games has really huge potential on winnings, but I almost always choose some of this two instead Playboy. I don't know why, maybe because in this game the free spins feature was hard to get for me.

The graphics into game is good, so as the sounds. I also like that i could play into quick spin mode.


Even when you reach the final stage of the Playboy club, I don’t think the girls shown are overly attractive and in the main game some of the animations are just plain freaky to me! (Especially the one of the girl raising her cup or whatever, I mean what?!)

So, with the presentation out the way, this is a fairly standard 243 ways game of the type Microgaming seem determined to just pump out endlessly these days. This is definitely one of my favourites though, and it has been kinder to me than Thunderstruck2 and Immortal Romance – and especially more than Jurassic Park and Battlestar Galactica ! I wish they would come up with a few more ideas for new features rather than just endlessly recycling the old ones you know.

The base game payouts are better than in Thunderstruck2 but not quite as high as in The Finer Reels of Life.

That said, the “Running Wilds” feature is really exciting and I loved seeing that featured here as I previously only saw it in one of the “Untamed” series of slots, which I never really enjoyed that much.


Playboy is one of the most popular magazines in the world for men so the design of this slot is quite inspired by it- lots of beautiful women can be seen on this slot game.

As I mentioned, this game has free spins bonus round. It works similar to Immortal Romance- when you get at least 3 scatters, you'll receive 10 free spins with multiplier. To unlock the next free spins level which consists of 15 free spins with running wild features, you need to get free spin bonus round 5 times (on the fifth you'll be playing the second chamber spins). Overall there are 4 free spin chambers you can eventually unlock. Scatter in this game are the blue magazine symbols. If you get 2 of them, you'll receive winnings your bet size. And that is quite good, as I get 2 scatter wins very often.

This isn't my most favorite Microgaming game, but I like to spend time with it. I have to say I haven't got any huge wins from it and I haven't ever unlocked the last free spins level, but I hope to do that soon. From my experience you need to have a nice bankroll to play this game, as it can take away your money fast if it's in a dry mode.

Last time I played this game was at Rich Reels casino, I had a bonus to wager and I chose to play Playboy. I played with 0.60€- 1.20€ bets, received bonus rounds around 8 times overall. The first one with 10 free spins paid 18€, then I played with 1.20€ bets which for me is kind of risky, but it paid off with a 40€ win in second free spins round. I managed to meet wager requirements with this game because it has wilds in both- main game and free spins as well. Wild substitues for all symbols except scatter and mostly it helped me to receive nice 5 of a kind winnings that pay quite good. This game helped me wager 900€ and still cashout 200€, so overall I think it is recommendable. The design is nice and the payouts are good too.

Hayen Pring Lem

Well, great idea by microgaming, and interesting that owners of playboy agreed that microgaming will make such slot game.

This game has 243 lines, wilds are appear everywhere, and also wilds here have 2x multiplier, i am very happy with that and microgaming make good job that decide to add multiplier to wild in this slot.

This slot game is very similar to immortal romance and thundestruck II , but interesting there is no any base game feature. Freespins here can be triggered by 3 or more scatters, and there is similar bonus systeam like at IR and TS II, to unlock another bonus feature you need to trigger freespins needed number of times.

First freespins feature is regular 10 x 5 freespins, second is running wilds freespins, best freespins feature at this slot, with each spin number of wilds per each reel is increased. Third feature is not interesting, rolling reels with multipliers, never liked this bonus feature at any online slot. And last bonus rounds is nice, wild night feature, each spin up to 5 wild reels can appear, really like wild desire, but during regular freespins, also like it but it is require a lot of playing to unlock it at each new casino.

I had once win more than 200$ at 0.30 bet at this slot game. I played without any bonus, and just with last 10$ at betat casino. I hit freespins very soon, on 15 spin or so, and then luckily because i have unlocked all features i choose last one. 3 wild reels was 2 or 3 times, and in total there was something like 210$ . So just had nice withdrawal from 10$ at balance.


Thunderstruck2, Immortal Romance, and The Finer Reels of Life all have exactly the same bonus features, albeit ordered a little differently – the 25 spins in Thunderstruck2 is the “Rolling Reels” feature, whereas in Immortal Romance you get the “Wild Vine” when selecting 25 free spins, but essentially all three games are very similar.

I feel I’m getting a little ahead of myself here, but at the same time I cannot imagine there are too many on-line slot players who are not familiar with these Microgaming products. You probably already know that Microgaming makes very high quality games, with excellent graphics and sound, and it’s also very likely you are familiar with the Playboy brand as well, so you should have a slight inkling of what you can expect when firing up this game for the first time!

The base game has few surprises, though one thing I have noticed is that there seems to be much more potential in this mode than in, for example, Thunderstruck2 – I haven’t quite worked out why yet, but I have managed a hit of nearly 300x bet outside of the feature, something I have never got close to playing Thunderstruck2, and I have put far, far more spins through that machine!

Speaking of the features, Playboy introduces two new ones, whilst still including the 10 free spins with 5x multiplier as the initial feature – this is available from the moment you begin playing the game. It is the only feature where you can score an additional 10 free spins by landing the scatter symbols again during the bonus round, but in Playboy, this is certainly not the feature with the greatest big win potential. Also included is the rolling reels feature, which is offered with 20 free spins this time around. This is the “safe option” in my opinion, its very likely you will come away with something, although it may not be spectacular.

Then there are the two new features – these are the Running Wilds, and the Wild Night. These two features are the only place where you can win the Playboy jackpot of 8100x your stake. As the names suggest, both are based around the wild symbol, in the case of Wild Night, this gives you 25 free spins where a “Wild Desire” / “Wild Storm type feature can activate randomly. Sometimes you will see it activate five or more times in a single feature, others it will not go off at all. Personally I kinda liked this feature being present in the base game just to mix things up a little, but perhaps that’s just me.

My favorite feature is definitely the running wilds – you may have seen this before in some of the “Untamed” series of games. Extra wilds are added to all reels after every free spin, finishing up with 15 wilds per reel at the end of the bonus round. Many times you can finish with nothing, of course, but I have also had many good wins in this feature including one with four reels wild for over 4000x my £3 stake!Amazing!

I can’t think of anything bad to say about Playboy, its definitely one of my favorite Microgaming slots. Hopefully they’ll come up with a sequel?!

Spacearmstrong Neonowens

For me the background music is very nice the graphics I will have to say medium, could have been better and the theme well it speaks for itself. The game for me was really addictive, even I was winning or losing I don’t know I just couldn't stop playing it. It has a Playboy sign for a wild that will double a win when substituting, which sometimes can boost you really nice. Also the game has scatter symbols as Playboy magazines. When 3, 4 or 5 of these symbols are hit you will we rewarded an entry into the playboy club, were many features are waiting to be triggered. That is, multiple entries to this playboy club will award you greater progress to other bonus features, such as Kimi with 10 FS and 5x multiplier, Sofia with 15 FS, Ashley with 20 FS and Jillian with 25 FS and all of them with different features. This slot can really pay big especially the Sofia feature which I have seen where people get over 35K €, it is kind a similar and can relate to Immortal Romance as it contains some similar bonus features.

So overall a game with very huge payout, very soothing music and decent graphics. Really love this slot and hopefully will play it many times again. Definitely a recommend from me. 9/10


It's not an entirely accurate way to look at it, but its close.

I won't say too much about the theme, because lets face it, most people will make a decision on if this is the kind of slot they would play immediately just from knowing the title - you know what to expect, all I will say is that the ladies featured are not gratuitously disrobed all over the place just for the sake of it!

Playboy has a similar variance level to Immortal Romance, although its jackpot payout is less at 243,000 coins when playing 30 coins, this is largely caused by the fact Playboy sets the maximum coins at 150 whereas 300 are allowed in Immortal Romance - therefore, its equivalent jackpot is 364,500 coins. A common factor between Playboy and IR is the fact the high paying symbols are located close to the wilds on the reels, unlike Thunderstruck2, which has only A/K/Q/J/etc symbols close enough to form part of a five wilds combination. This makes a huge difference to the maximum base game win.

This type of slot is never about the base game though! The playboy magazine is used as the scatter symbol, and pays out 100 x your bet if you should land all five, but there is no additional benefit in terms of additional free spins or similar. The first time you catch 3 or more scatters, you'll only have the option of choosing 10 free spins with a 5 x multiplier, but upon subsequent triggers you will unlock additional features including "Running Wilds" which I believe was first seen in "Untamed Wolf Pack", and "Wild Night" which gives 25 free spins with randomly triggered "Wild Desire"/"Wild Storm" style features on some of the spins.

As always, the four different types of feature have wildly different top payouts and levels of variance. You can only hit the games 243,000 coin jackpot spin in the "Running Wilds" or "Wild Night" feature, but these two are also the most likely to give you nothing at all as well. Several times I have chosen the "Wild Night" feature and received NO stacked wild feature triggers - but I've also had 3 reels wild many times as well, compared to only one time I ever saw this in TS2's "Wildstorm" feature.

I do enjoy the 'Rolling Reels' feature in MG games, though there's no denying it is usually the "safe" option, that can be counted on to give you a little boost if your running low, but there's no way you would choose it in the hope of a big hit, as, although it can give them, they are just super rare. The 5 x multiplier free spins are always fun, but its all too easy to not get a single spin with a five of a kind hit to take advantage of that big chunky multiplier. I do love the fact this feature can be retriggered though!

My favourite without a doubt, and the one that has given me my biggest win on this game to date, is Sofia's "Running Wilds" - over 2500 x bet, and it can also grant the games jackpot of 8100 x your total bet - a monster hit in anybodies eyes surely?!

Playboy is one of my favourite MG slots - it can be unbelievably generous if you hit it on a good day, whilst being less brutal on your bankroll than many other similar games on the other occasions. Definitely recommended!


I like this slot and play sometimes, with same amount of game time like Thunderstruck II and Immortal romance.

This slot has same lowest possible bet as other Microgaming 243 lines games - 0.30 per one single spin. Usually to play this slot I made 20$ deposit and try to take some big bonus, at least 100%, because without bonus it is hard to get game time, if only I would be very lucky and would hit many freespins features, or one but very good.

Most interesting feature in this slot it is the feature with stacked wilds, when every spin number of wild symbols increasing. Usually on last 3 or 4 spins there is many wilds, and it is possible to get very big win. I played this feature almost all the time when I play at 32red casino, and usually it pays me something like 30 - 40$ at 0.30 bet per spin.

My best result is a bit better of course, once I was play high, 0.60 per spin, and hit many wilds, feature paid me 210$ and this is my best win in this slot. In main game big win also possible, but it needs 5 scatters or good 5 symbols with wild.

My best win is about 15$ with 0.30 spin, not so much but for me it is good. Conclusion is that I like this slot, and it can pay and it is interesting to play it, but sometimes it took too long to get freespins. Usually if freespins not come in 100 - 150 spins, I lost my deposit and bonus, but if features come, it usually pay not very bad!


e element it does not have compared to the above mentioned games a random type of feature like Wild Desire to fill up the reels.

However, all of this doesn’t matter when you find out what the game has to offer. To this day this game is one of the very few where I’m still up. Maybe I haven’t played the game enough to have a net loss or maybe I just got lucky.

But what do you call lucky though? My best win on this game has never exceeded more than 250 x betsize. So there is definitely some room for improvement. I’ve seen hits that equal 4000 x betsize, which simply is incredible.

For all the men who are expecting to see nude women while playing this game, I unfortunately have to disappoint you. As Playboy always has been a brand with class, this also shows during the game with fine women with a vintage look as symbols. You need 3 or more Playboy magazines to unlock the free spins.

Just like at the other 243-ways-to-win slots you have to unlock each possible feature before you can play. Then you can choose out of 10, 15, 20 or 25 free spins with all different features. I never played the last feature ironically.

The first feature offers 10 free spins with a 5 x multiplier. My best win during this was 200 x bet size thanks to a couple of wilds. The second feature is with 15 free spins and wilds that keep going up on each reel after each spin. So it’s potentially possible to have a full screen of wilds and I’ve seen screenshots with huge wins with that feature.

I believe it’s the feature people choose the most. I have like 10 good hits of around 200-250 bet size during that feature. I also played the 3rd feature sometimes but never won too much on it. It offers basically 20 free spins with rolling reels. The last feature I haven’t experienced yet.

I’ve played this game with bets ranging from €0.30 all the way up to €3.00. I can only recommend this game and don’t have anything bad to say about it.


But I was a bit shocked when this slot was released because I never expected it launch as it themed on this adult magazine. The soundtrack is great so good work by Microgaming people in graphics and the music of the slot.

It is a 5 reel and 243 win way slot. I would say that it is pretty much similar to immortal romance and thunderstruck 2 which are again 243 win way slots with 5 reels. But the game does have a different bonus feature round. In this you have to choose from the four different types of bonuses presented before you. And every time you trigger a feature the next probably the better feature gets unlocked. So more number of times you trigger the feature more choices you will have to pick from. In all there four feature in the slot.

First one being Kimi feature it awards 15 free spins and 5x multiplier, second one is the Sofia feature which awards running wilds. This was the second slot I had played after Jurassic park which has a running wild feature. There were two more features Ashley and Jillian which could not unlock. So I don’t know exactly that what do they award. I tried this slot for the first time at the dash casino and started with the bet of $0.30. The most helpful feature was the first one (kiimi feature) because of the 5x multiplier it really boost up the account balance. I made around $68 in about 500 spins.

Playboy is a slot game with good graphics and returns too. So a 8/10 to the slot game.

Smokey Norman

No overexposure of skin of course, just overexposure of fun, thrills and plenty of cash! Beautifully rendered sexy ladies - black-haired, auburn, blonde and brunette, pick your choice. For me? Any one of these beauties will do, as long as she pays good! Love the melodic background music too. 1 star up.

Paytable wise, Playboy just manages to scrape through with an acceptable payout list, still low in the ladies win values, very low for the Wilds too at just 1000x line bet, but superb for a 5 scatters win at 6000x total bet at the minimum bet level of 30 coins! The highest I have seen anywhere, except on certain other Microgaming games. Still, a borderline case is just not good enough, so 1 star down.

If you love Immortal Romance, you’ll love Playboy too. Perhaps they are on a similar or even identical base game platform, I’m not absolutely sure, but quite certain. If you prefer only Playboy, I don’t blame you! To each his/her own. I like both. The free spins feature game is the most sought after feature in Playboy. You can choose from 10 free spins with 5x win multiplier, to 15 free spins with running wilds, to 20 free spins with rolling reels and finally to 25 free spins with a Wild Night feature. Hmmm, wondering if there’s anything ‘extra’ included in the wild night! But that’s a different story. 1 star up.

Playing the game gave a mixed reaction to me. Not long into the play, I got a free spins feature and I chose the lovely oriental black-haired sexy lady for 10 free spins with a 5x win multiplier. Wish it was 10 free spins with her but that’s not allowed! Anyway, she was very good to me, gave me great moves, woohoo, and I ended up very happy with her 180x total bet win gift! Boy, was she great! But that was about it. I guess her gift was too good, because I just couldn’t get a second round with her, or with any of the other lovely ladies. Sigh. All I could do was watch as my sand oozes away down the timer tube. Down and down it went, never looking up ever again. I was madly hoping for just one more chance with her, but no sirree, Playboy said ‘sorry’! My balance went naught-y. I had to say nighty-nighty! 1 star down.

Playboy is a very nice game to play. Exciting, thrilling, drooling, wishing, and what-have-you. Wish for a win, gone with the wind. All I got from the girls is just a grin. One of these days, I’m gonna get her and win! Until then, 1 star down.


I also like that there is a stop button in this game and to be honest there is nothing better then double tapping and getting three magazines in this game. Well there is something better, getting four or five magazines:)

There is five features in this game and you have to play to progress from one feature to another. Every five times you get the feature you upgrade to another feature. I personally like the first and second feature. I like the first feature because it has a high multiplier(5x) and it can be re-triggered. This is the only feature that can be re-triggered and if you are lucky enough to get it you are sure to win big. My bet on this game is €0.60 or €0.90 and i have won around €90 on this feature. I think there is a chance to win big in this feature.

The second feature is my favorite. It has running wilds and every spin you get more. I had once first four reels full with wilds and i won over €300 on a €0.90 bet. If there were wilds on the last reel i would have got TONNES OF CASH. On a max bet if you get lucky you can win over €1000. I never got good wins on the other features so i don't play them much. Over all this game is really cool. If i was to rate it i would give it 8 out of 10.


This Playboy slot game is just like many of the 243 line slots, the maximum potential win is nowhere near as large, but most of the other features such as the 'Achievements' levels are present and correct. As are the four separate bonus rounds and these are triggered depending on how many times you reach the bonus feature. This section is quite good for me actually because you can just try yourself to reach bonus feature. For those that don't usually play Microgaming slots or have avoided the 243 line games as being too expensive, actually you no need to play max coins, I encourage you to get a try although there are some weaknesses, but overall strength is outperformed. I can say the size wins is quite decent as there are some huge wins to be had in the regular game. Even you only obtain a three-of-a-kind winning lines it could be significant. Then, the most attractive thing is that if you get the Playboy logo, you could get the double win as when you get the Playboy logo is wild and you get a 2x multiplier if it forms part of a winning line. It is pretty sweet.

Moreover, this Playboy slot game has an amazing bonus round because it has the 10 free spins round offers a 5x win multiplier. This makes bonus rounds very profitable and attractive to players like us. Other than that, you will get a unique winning line and receive an achievement. This part makes me excited the most because whenever you can collect all the achievement's turns your pay table platinum and gives you higher payouts. There are couple of bonus types such as kimi bonus round, it is a 1-4 triggers of the bonus feature and you get 10 free spins with a 5x multiplier. This feature can be re-triggered. Then it is sofia bonus round which triggers the bonus round 5-9 times and you are awarded 15 free spins with running wilds that grow with every free spin. Then, comes to ashley bonus round it is initiated from the 10th trigger of the bonus, you will receive 20 free spins with rolling reel multipliers from 2x to 5x.

As a conclusion, I'm certainly not saying that Playboy is a bad slots game, then it would have got a better rating. I think you guys could make give a try to this game as overall it is quite good and satisfying. I also have seen many reviewers have done their reviews here, this means the Playboy is still acceptable in many players eye, I still looking good that this will be a great piece of game to others who never get a try before.

Hayen Pring Lem

The game has even higher variance than immortal romance, of course i say this based on my experience, but i had so tight streaks on this game, that i think you can't even imagine. But generally this is very good and decent addition to microgaming portfolio, and also great idea to make such slots, which gambler will not be happy to play this slot?

My best win on this game is 600 x total bet on first feature with x 5 multiplier, which is great result of course, and cool thing that even better result can happen. Also, when player unlock all bonus game he will get... No spoilers, sorry, i suggest you to check out this , because you probably will be happy. Nice game with insane variance, but it is interesting , beautiful, and cool slot. And like i say, of course very bad luck can happen on this game, and even should happen, but this game not worse than immortal romance and thunderstruck II, and even only for this everyone should try this game at least one time and have make their own experience and feelings about this game.

Conclusion: Insane variance, but sometimes slot can give extremely high winnings, which will cover any of your losses. Also some sweet things after unlocking all bonus games, and also just beautiful and nice game. I like it, it is pleasure to spin this game, and i will continue playing this slot. I rate it with 9 stars, and that's cool.

Cacklegan Harkgordon

Sofia looks to be the traveling type while Jillian has a Jennifer Lopez look alike going night clubber style!

But what's better for me during all of Playboys free spins has to be the 10 Free spins at 5x courtesy of the lovely Kimi and the Running Wilds growing per spin in Sofia's feature! The easiest way to get triggers is to focus on small bets first before raising bets desirably to win big! It took hours to get all the way to Ashley and Jillian but luckily betting $0.30 was smart and conservative in my balance. Once I collected all of my features I chose any of the features I had earned but come to think about it they are about the same with other 243 ways slots...some appear to be in different orders! Kimi's feature has been the most helpful after I changed bets to 3 coins! I've gotten $68.19 as she tries to unzip her skirt. Now I don't know what's more distracting, the winnings or women teasing the men? 243 ways, 4 different features, 4 beautiful women, 3 Playboy Magazines to get a trigger and many triggers will earn up a new feature! In order 10 FS at 5x, 15 FS + running wilds, 20 Rolling Reels and 25 FS going Wild (Think the same for Sarah's Wild Vine and Loki's Magic feature except the random symbols don't turn wild, the reels randomly become expanded instead). I was also liking the club music in Jillian's feature when it finally came out for me!

Remember to bet low first in order to see the features ahead then strike using your raised bets to profit from the newer features! It makes things go smoother and faster!

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Playboy Online Slot from Microgaming ????

Hello friends and welcome to another online game review from this week in gambling just in time for Valentine's Day, it's the Leigh boys slot from our friends at micro gaming. This 5real game comes with 243 pay lines and you can play it on your mobile devices. The Playboy slot allows up to five reels to turn wild and the game features. Scatter symbols that can trigger up to 25 free spins with four different free spin features learn all about this fantastic game. When you visit the full review at online casino city comm, there you'll find out where you can play and any special offers that are current for your convenience. I'M left a direct link to that information in the descriptive area of this video.


Trailer video

Playboy™ trailer by Microgaming at Omni Slots

Playboy Gold trailer by Microgaming at Omni Slots

Playboy ™ -trailer av Microgaming på Omni Slots

Playboy ™ -trailer av Microgaming på Omni Slots

Playboy Gold-trailer från Microgaming på Omni Slots

Playboy Gold-trailer från Microgaming på Omni Slots

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