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Slot Reviews by Affiliate Sites

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  • Mixed: 2
  • Negative: 0

It really is a Bonanza with this slot from Big Time Gaming. Unlimited win multiplier on free spins, extra free spins, Wilds and more ...

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Everyone already knows all about Bonanza at this point, so allow us to start this review by sharing our first encounter with it. It was during the early days of our casino streaming era that t ...

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The gambler bay Bubble

Play 【 Bubble Bonanza Microgaming Online Casino Game 】 ➦ ✅ Free (DEMO 1000)/Real Money ✚ ✅ Best Microgaming Online Casino List! ✅ No Download! ✅ ...

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The main reason why many players have fallen in love with Bonanza is because of its numerous winning possibilities. You can look forward to up to 117,649 ways. But this game has more to like than just its sheer number of payout opportunities. game also offers multiple features and a great atmosphere. The features include cascading reels, free spins, and an unlimited free-spin multiplier. These bonuses combine to enhance your potential payouts greatly. ...

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Best Casino Sites

Bonanza is a prime example of a well-developed slot game and is a great option for both the new and seasoned players amongst you. The modest 4% house advantage is more than good enough and once you get those free spins you know, you are going to be well off. Moreover, the graphics, the ambient sound effects and the music further enhance the gameplay. In case you have liked the game as much as we did, then we have a couple of similar games to recommend to you. All things considered, Bonanza is one of the most entertaining and characterful video slot games ...

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We are sure there will be plenty of miners among spinners who will be looking to strike gold with the Big Time Gaming title. Lots of ways to win, interesting theme, crisp graphics and an engaging soundtrack will definitely cause a gold rush, especially because there is a fantastic Free Spins feature on the offer, involving unlimited multipliers. However, the betting range could have been a little wider, just to satisfy the appetites of high rollers looking for an expensive thrill. All in all, you should check out the Bonanza video slot and try to fill your bags with gold ...

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Bonanza was one of the best western shows to air or at least one of the most iconic ones. game lends only the music from the show and builds the rest of the game to fit its fast tempo. This game offers many surprises and at first a rather complicated way of play. Once you get used to it you will quickly fall in love with it, as it just runs like a dream. The only missing feature is the lack of proper symbols, but that we can forgive thanks to endless multipliers and thousands of ways to win. ...

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Casino Guru

Bonanza is a nice looking, mining based slot in the vein of Goldrush, but with a precious stone twist and a whole range of twists on the standard slot machine’s gameplay. In particular, the free spins and accompanying multipliers stand out in making this an exciting game to play. We highly recommend this one to high-variance players. ...

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Play Bonanza online slot with the best casino bonuses around and read the slot review to compare and maximise you winnings, only at JohnSlots! ...

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One big let down of this game on mobile is the graphics. The game play and features and concept is good, but you don't truly feel immersed in the whole Wild West gold prospecting slot theme.However, with up to 117, 649 ways to win, those extra cart symbols above the four center reels and those potentially high paying free spins, this medium variance slot machine has plenty of charms.It's an easy to play game, if a little confusing potentially for beginners, but at 0.20 per spin allows all types of slot players the chance to spin a few rounds.If you ...

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Review of game by Big Time Gaming, including real players' reviews and ratings, free play mode, winning screenshots, latest bonus codes and promotions. ...

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Bigwinboard Aztec

Aztec Bonanza is a 5 reel, 384-7,776 payline slot from Pragmatic Play with a 95.78% RTP. Click to find out more about the game! ...

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Johnslots Aztec

Step into the ancient world and discover the mysterious bonus features. Find out more about Aztec Bonanza from Pragmatic Play now! ...

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Slot Reviews by Users

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  • Mixed: 0
  • Negative: 5
14 reviews by users Write Review
2020-04-23 07:48:32

One of the fun things about Bonanza is that the bonus symbols are actually hidden and won't show up until you press the symbol. There will be a small circle and the symbols will appear around it at random (most will just be empty). It makes for easy guessing of which symbols will show.The best way to increase your payouts and reduce your losing streaks is to keep practicing. I would advise to increase your payout percentage every single day until you have a decent payout percentage. Every single symbol you use you should bet at least once. After a certain number of repetitions, the bonus symbols (the ones with hearts shown around them) appear. You can't trigger the bonus symbols until after the first five symbols are completed, but don't worry, you don't have to complete all nine symbol sets to start gaining bonuses. It usually takes about 90 repetitions to get up the first bonus, which in many cases won't be too bad of a cost, as you just get a free spin everytime you make a successful bet.The game has the standard icons with some subtle differences. I will discuss the new and noteworthy icons in separate sections but let me just list the ones that are worth mentioning. When you click on an empty square you will get a small message telling you the symbol has just appeared. This could be anything and it will always say the symbol has just appeared. I will explain each of the symbols below.To begin with the wilds are nothing big but the symbol to the left will show your symbols as well as the number of successful payouts (if not in use already).The golden symbol shows a symbol as the winner when another symbol shows only an empty square, which means the symbol has been used. The orange and yellow symbol show you the symbols, the symbol on the left, to the right and the symbol that is both. The white symbol is a wild symbol that can be used in both the wild and for free spins. The orange-yellow symbol is a wild symbol that can only be used in the wild (you can only win one wild with it). The white symbol is a wild symbol and if used free spins will not count as a use of the wild symbols and can not be used for future wild wins in the slot. The rainbow symbol is an empty symbol with the symbol to the left on the win line. The first symbol from the win line is the symbol to the right in order and the last symbol shown on the win line is a free symbol, which can be used and won in addition

Cagyes Satanobrien

All of their machines are the same and if your reading this find another game manufacturer to use and do not use any BTG. Oh and why should you listen to me? I have over £100k through these machines and can provide very good feedback. BTG if you're reading this shame on you.

Clarkola Ohmsdon

Seeing paytable can remind you how rough Bonanza can be, as the best paying symbol(Diamond) can get you only 50x for 6 of them, and the second-highest paying symbol only 7.5x your bet which is disappointing. At the end, it's all about getting a lot of megaways and multipliers during free spins, which by the way can be really hard to get. Sometimes it can take up to 1000 spins in the base game to trigger the feature.

Ferknee Magicro

You may think this is a rage review but I have been playing these slots for months and pumping money after money in to get nothing! DO NOT PLAY slots from this scam company, read up about them first and stop the stealing your money, unless people stop using these machines they will continue to steal your money. Do not believe this rubbish about them being volatile its made up to lull you into a false security. Take it from a seasoned gambler otherwise you will lose your money.


Yes, not only can the game go thousands and thousands of spins before delivering a bonus round, it can then add insult to injury by paying a soul crushing five times, 3times or to the very unfortunate 1x bet size as a reward for the players persistence and dedication in their hunt for GOLD.

It's player beware when chasing gold in Bonanza, because this game is the epitome of feast or famine.


At one time, I too was very much caught by Bonanza, but after seeing how the game could go over 1600 spins or more before getting one Free Spins game, that made me lose all my interest completely! Never before have I come across any game that would go this many spins just to get one Free Spins game, and eventually paying peanuts for it! To me, this is absolutely ridiculous, so no more Bonanza for me, probably for ever!

Martith Cullssell

The game concept is brilliant, cascading wins are nice and the free spins are nice to get too when they come in but please read the bad points as they explain better.

Jaenles Jamespower

e premium symbols are Diamonds, Rubies, Sapphires, and Emeralds. There is also a generic card deck consisted of 9, 10, J, Q, K, and A being low paying symbols. The slot pays left to right, beginning from the leftmost reel, and three of a kind is the minimum for landing payouts. Apart from a regular reel, there is also the horizontal reel that you can see on the top of the screen, up to 4 random symbols can appear and help you connect your winnings.If it happens then all winning symbols will explode and make room for new symbols to appear making you win multiple times in one spin.

There is only one feature in Bonanza and that is free spins. In order to trigger them, you need at least 4 scatters symbols(GOLD) if you manage to get all of them in one spin you will be awarded 12 free spins, to begin with. It's important to mention that with every additional Golden Bar that appears you can win extra 5 free spins up to 3 times. Once the free spins start the Unlimited Win Multipliers are activated. You will start with 1x multiplier but with every winning combination, it will increase by 1x, for example, if you have 10 winning spins your multiplier will be 11x. There is also a wild symbol in Bonanza but it is a little bit different than in other games. You will be only able to get up to 4 wilds, which is more than enough to get some nice winnings.

Everyone at this point probably heard or played the Bonanza and that's for the reason. This game can keep you playing for hours not only with potential it has but the music of the game is also really nice, combined with amazing graphics it's just a top-notch. I have never got some massive winnings such as 1000x, but there were plenty of 100-300x winnings. That's why I am gonna keep playing Bonanza until I eventually make it bless me with some mega wins.

Willdson Evilwis

But I really enjoy the megaways concept and this was one of Big Time Gamings' hits when it comes to megaways slots.

A few days ago I decided to make a deposit and dedicate the session to Bonanza to give it a fair try. The minimum bets are 0.20 eur per spin so I decided to stick with the minimum for the entire session. I have seen other askgamblers members posting wins of 1000x bet on minimum bets and that would be a lovely win even on a small bet.

The game itself is quite simple in it's concept- on each spin there are different megaways activated and every consecutive win will make a cascade and drop new symbols into their places. But I'm sure that the main goal is to get GOLD symbols anywhere on the reels to trigger the bonus round. The standard bonus round is 12 free spins with increasing multiplier for every win. In my session I managed to get a +5 scatter symbol few times so I was playing with 17 spins instead. What I noticed is that it's very important to get many small consecutive wins in the beginning of the free spins to build up the multiplier. I was lucky enough to not only retrigger the bonus for extra 5 spins but also boosted the multiplier to 18x which resulted with me getting my biggest win on Bonanza of 245x bet.

After having a couple of hour long session with the game I noticed that the game has weirdly calming effect on me, I find it simple yet with great potential and even the base game with a few diamond wins can give a solid boost- my best was 50x base game win.

Another good thing is that it's a good game for wagering, in my opinion, as my balance was quite steady for the most of my session or at least wasn't going down quickly. I do think that the free spins can be difficult to trigger but it's certain that they hold great potential. After this session I'm sure I will play this game more.


Cascade Wins, some nice designs of slots. graphically nice, many different gamble amounts not much more I can list. Good name for the machines?...……..


When I returned the game was loaded up on the bonus round and by the time the round was finished I had won a little over 800x my bet which left me with more that 15x my starting balance. Certainly a balance changer, after reviewing the games paytables and discovering that my bonus round wasn't even close to the maximum payout possible it's safe to assume that I kept spinning and trying to achieve higher and higher rewards.

While I did manage to experience the highs brought on by seeing some truly exceptional bonus rounds and massive returns when compared to betsize, I've yet to see anywhere close to the maximum payout of 10,000x betsize, my highest win still remains under 1500x on this game. 1500x is certainly nothing to complain about, but still a far cry from the maximum possible "HUGE HIT" seen in the paytables or in random screenshots posted on various player forums.

Poozzt Doshar Elfcollins

Playing slots is not only about winning, you have to enjoy it, that's why I don't like fast paced games but there's only 1 games provider that I don't mind their games being fast paced; Big Time Gaming. To be honest, I think their games are designed to be fast paced and therefore the gameplay might feel naturally.

I was introduced to BTG somewhere between late 2015 and early 2016, Gold was the first BTG game I played but back then, I didn't know that Gold was BTG game because I was playing it at a Microgaming casino, so I guess Big Time Gaming has been active for quite some time then. Later on BTG became more popular and more games were released, Dragon Born was my favorite but then came Bonanza. This game has caught my attention for at least a week. First time, beginners luck, I won over €400 with only €0,40 bet. I was stunned and became 'addicted' to it but I was cured after several bad runs. This was literally game of the week or lets just say this was a week game for me.

Bonanza is almost a perfect game, stunning graphics, fluent gameplay, awesome sounds and tracks but aside that, almost unlimited paylines, unlimited multiplier but the most inportant thing why many players love this game is the potential of huge payouts. Most of us might know Thunderkick latest release Pink Elephants that has a max payout of 8600 times bet, I believe Bonanza can top that, haven't seen it yet but I know it's possible.

I have hunted for the ultra win on this game and only managed to hit 2 of them but I will catch the biggest ever some of these days hehehe. So far, the biggest win was over 1600 times bet in the base game, I strongly believe this could also be won in the bonus feature with an active multiplier.

Bonanza is a highly recommended BTG game, in fact, I think this is the game that will become a classic in the future.


note when I said high variance, I meant extremely highly volatile, which means it can eat your balance at the same time just like that.

I have never seen any Big Tme slot with standard 20, 25 or 30 reels. All of their slots are mega ways which is something you would like. Bonanza has 117 thousand mega ways and in order to access the free spins feature you need to get the letters GOLD on the screen. This slot has rolling reels which means every time a win occur new symbols falls down the reels to create new and better wins.

Once the free spins feature is triggered you get 12 spins for only the letters GOLD. You can also win additional spins if the 5+ symbols lands as well after the feature has been triggered or if you get 3 gold carts during free spins then you retrigger the feature.

I love the music of this slot, it has like a fast country beat song, and it is different on each spin. This slot is my life, I come to this slot if I need rescuing if I had been losing. I have won very big on this slot x500 a couple of times, x1000 my stake during base game and almost x2000 during a free spins feature. On average this slot pays x100 for me, but at times x5 my stake etc.

I hope big time gaming will continue making suck great slots as I will play them at minimum bet of course. Hopefully one day I can afford big bets to break their bank.


Bonanza is one of the latest releases from Big Time Gaming, but it is a game of its own, without similarities to any other game. For a start, Bonanza offers a whopping 117,649 Megaways to win! Honestly speaking, there has never been a game that has that many ways to win, so Bonanza is the pioneer in this sense, and being such, it is a game that you would either love or hate. There can be no two ways about it!

I was attracted to this game after seeing one player getting lots of big wins. Needless to say, this guy is damn lucky with the game like no other player can! The game plays with 6 reels and 7 rows, with a 4-reels 8th row on top. The symbols become very small indeed, but to overcome this, all symbols come in double or triple size, so the play area is scattered with big and small symbols. Confusing and not that pleasant to look at whilst playing, especially for me, because I hate games that have more than 5 reels and 4 rows. The game looks very cluttered and messy, totally different from the normal 5-reels 3-rows game. But of course, most players are not even bothered by all that, and they can play with any number of reels or rows. I even have my own names for such games - the 'printed toilet roll' game and the 'printed kitchen roll' game. The first name goes to a Yggdrasil game, and the second goes to NetEnt's Planet Of The Apes game. Hahaha.

Paytable wise, the symbol values are very low indeed. The Wild and Scatter symbols don't pay anything, and the highest paying symbol, the Diamond, only pays 50x the total bet for getting 6 of them. The second highest symbol is even worse with just a 7.5x value, and the lowest symbol with just 0.8x the total bet amount. What makes all the difference is the unlimited multiplier during the free spins, thereby making huge wins possible, but how huge has yet to be seen or known. This aspect alone has caught the interest of so many players by now.

Getting the scatter symbols G, O, L and D anywhere on the reels trigger 12 free spins with an unlimited multiplier, with each win increasing the multiplier by +1. Getting a '+5' scatter symbol in the base game adds 5 more free spins, whilst getting 3 or 4 Gold Carts during the free spins adds 5 and 10 more free spins respectively. Not getting a win in any of the free spins does not reset the multiplier back to 1x, so this is the best part of the game. Imagine seeing the multiplier going up and up, from 1x to 10x, to 20x and beyond, and the wins becoming bigger and bigger too! If this doesn't drive you wild, then I don't know what could! Hahaha.

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Slot Bonanza - FREE Slots Casino

Welcome to a place where dreams come true where magic happens and memories are made a place where everyone is a winner, a zone packed with music and riches. Welcome to slop bonanza

Trailer video

Slot Bonanza HD - Free Game Review Gameplay Trailer for iPhone iPad iPod

Sweet Bonanza trailer by Pragmatic Play at Omni Slots

Sweet Bonanza Bonus Trailer

Slot Bonanza HD - Gratis spelrecension Gameplay Trailer för iPhone iPad iPod

Slot Bonanza HD - Gratis spelrecension Gameplay Trailer för iPhone iPad iPod

Sweet Bonanza trailer från Pragmatic Play på Omni Slots

Sweet Bonanza trailer från Pragmatic Play på Omni Slots

Sweet Bonanza Bonus Trailer

Sweet Bonanza Bonus Trailer

Big Win video


SLOT BONANZA Free Casino Games & Slot Machines | Android / iOS Game | Youtube YT Gameplay Video

???? GOLD this game ???? JACKPOT WINNER!! / HAO YUN LONG / High Limit

this game - 32 Free Spins With 2€ Bet!!

Bonanza Big Win Highlights!

this game - MEGA BIG WINS!


Slot Description

Let's talk about how much you can win in Bonanza slot. The Bonanza slot from Big Time Gaming is one of the most popular titles from this provider alongside Extra chili, which is often named Bonanza. Te Bonanza game is able to pay X 10000. Your bet, it is all possible, thanks to a random number of pay lines in a bonus game.

Up to 117 thousand active paylines are available in total. The free spins round has a unique feature which increased by x1, even the smallest win to trigger the bonus round. You need to catch the worth gold in a base game.

The mechanics of the slot is based on Cascades. It is a big part of Vanessa's game production so how cascades works. When you get a win in line, it falls away and new symbols drop down and replace them.

The same principle was used in gunz's quest, cool, wolf incinerator or elements they awakening. Besides, four symbols: gol D, you may catch so-called extra scatters each a word. You five extra three rolls additionally to twelve once in the bonus game, free spins may be retriggered. Three scalars are five free spins for scalars at ten free spins. To sum up, the slot has an enormous winning potential, especially in the bonus round when the multiplier increases up to X, 20 or even X, 30.

Our of X 50 choose trusted and accredited casinos only and trail lock in this video. We collected big wins in this slot to find out how much you can really win on Bonanza. This is our top 10.

Let's go! This is the tenth place of our rating. From the very start, the play already has 27 free spins. I have never seen that before, but the bonus game is not hard in the beginning it in free spins to go.

This is when the action could kick in the player is excited and dreams of an enormous win, but unfortunately this slide mugs off 111 pounds. Only hi guys well, this is a must to record, because I've never had a bonus trigger like this, and I'm excited 27 free spins, just a 40 pence steak, that's all it can take sometimes expected more. This is the 27th and final spin. It could have been paying out enormous ly, it could have done on a 40 X multiplier and we'll save that for another session. For enthusiasts, that has to be uploaded.

Look at that trigger screen right. All it had was gol it dropped in the D. Then we had some symbols, connect and then triple plus five dropped. I was like holy. No, it's a hundred and eleven pounds yard. Oh 84, can't believe his eyes.

He scoops win after win two plates pin so what the lucky 2771 he will win. The next pin brings him additional furrows and more chances to win good converse: the multiplier X, 19 and boom. His win is already seven thousand one hundred and seventy eight, your number nine our rating kings now the diamond to the second or blue rip the deferred.

Oh please, what the do you do already now from what the was that stone this px, this pin the home 200 X, already 13 spins to go 11x multiplayer and multiplayer is like one of the biggest multipliers. I'Ve ever done. Come on left spin make it boom. 350 8.9 X I'll.

Take it silly. Bear beata nah wait as trim estas his bonus game with 128 Europe for the humor on the balance and 12 free spins to go a single line with Q symbols face 836 Europe, one more like strike, brings 3135 fewer per single spin after 12. Free rolls the amount of money richest, eight thousand eight hundred and sixty five euro will their multiplier X. 18. The total winner is four hundred and forty three times his initial stake.

This is well I'll. Take that, oh, my god, hmm it's just gon na - be a dead spoon 8800 euros. Take that that's a demon guys seventh place is taken by Ben dollars.

The first 12 spins are not promising in the bonus game. 10 pounds per speed, could've worked much more by then it goes hot. The multiplier reaches x-23 and total winning amounts to 4000 661 pounds, sound good winning canvas and the win is pretty huge. The sixth place goes to a rhythm people.

When you play high volatile slot, you can't focus this scenario. These casinos streamers, take ten euro. Every single spin do not hope to transform it into a massive win one spin after another, and suddenly a mind-blowing combo with a green gemstone brings them four thousand and 800 euro twelve free spins. What the streamer is almost six thousand euro cane. Like me, it's gon na be amazing, 66 wan na number five spin tweaks gets what he really wants and needs for the winning line, but this is not the only like he might for him today. The last free spin are worse.

They play almost 1,000 euro. Surely it could be much better if he retriggered the bonus game to scoop more money anyway, he's happy to improve his balance by 3383. Europe knows, I have to say something calls for a lot of experiments and crazy. You did something very, very awful. Oh yes!

Yes, ok! Ok, let's see what this this can do in a CRNAs here, nice, please, a nice that'll be amazing! Oh nice, money, money, money, money, money, money, money, guns, the player, triggers 12 basic free spins and makes the most of them alien case. Symbols brings five thousand eight hundred and eighty four Swedish Krona in one spin. After all, twelve spins are played.

The amount of money is already seven thousand four hundred and eighty-one Swedish Krona, but the multiplier is naadi highest x, 17 only anyway. This win is worth mentioning. This is number four. Our rating, the honorary third place, is taken by a player who chooses exactly the right day to play bonanza slot. He stands a bonus game with 12 free spins and scoops 5 more, but something happens that nobody could even expect enormous combo with cake he ran wild.

This, like spin, improves the total balance by twelve thousand six hundred and ninety five euro in total 17 free spins. A wealthy flair for 2428 Europe second place goes to casino dedi casino DD is awarded 17 free spins for a beginning to spin Slater. Host carers appear on the grid and retrigger the bonus a spoiler. This retrigger is not the only one. Moreover, one spin brings many diamonds and a 3,000 win to the end of the bonus game.

The multiplier increases to x28 and results in 6000 and 45. Europe, thanks for the congrats dude, that was that was epic bones man so exciting to play that one dude these strimmer reaches a stratospheric level he's on the top of our rating. You can't even imagine the total amount of money he wins. We keep it in secret.

So it can enjoy this amazing, unbelievable mind-blowing win. The only thing I say is that this bonus is the biggest ever recorded, pay attention to the last pin much, as least you can actually pimp with a second when his heart rips in half now bonanza from Big Time. Gaming is the best lot by the developer. The free spin feature is one of the most exciting, but it may take a lifetime to trigger the feature.

Even 27. Free spin cannot guarantee a massive win. This slot has all chances to become a classic from big-time gaming, and the most popular mega is title. My name is Vera. How much did you win on Bonanza slot?