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This highly volatile slot from Play'n Go gives players the opportunity to make big real money wins from relatively small wagers. On every spin, you can win 2,520 times your stake, meaning that there are massive prizes to be won from Multifruit 81. ...

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Casino Online Rating

Everyone likes playing classic 3-reel video slots because they offer a simple gameplay and rewarding cash prizes. If you like playing them too, then you’ll definitely enjoy spinning the reels of the next video slot we reviewed for you guys! ...

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Review of Multifruit 81 by Play'n GO, including real players' reviews and ratings, free play mode, winning screenshots, latest bonus codes and promotions. ...

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game is an exciting video slot from Play'n GO. Find out more about payouts, volatility and special features. Mobile Friendly ...

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4x3 reel slot machines are rare - so rare in fact, that at the time of writing, we couldn't think of another Android or iOS casino game like it.However, despite it's not quite one thing or another feel about it. This game on mobile is wonderfully familiar.Maybe it's the 81 ways to pays, maybe it's the fruit symbols, or perhaps those wilds and multipliers.Either way, players will instantly love and recognise a simple video slot with great wins - though fans of classic games like 5x Magic may want to look elsewhere. ...

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With many ornate slot games appearing lately, replete with animation, several difficult-to-trigger bonus features, and overcomplicated, convoluted themes, players can be forgiven for craving simpler pleasures. On this front, Multifruit 81 delivers. The Swedish-based Play’n GO provides a rigorously simple game structure that is nevertheless engaging, well-made, and worthy of consideration. ...

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BIG WIN!!!! Multifruit 81 Big win - Casino - Gambling (Whole session)

Everything'S great with me: how are you doing White Rabbit? I can do thatall righta Tier four foot line cause of fire Joker. I really don't like that one.

I don't know why, but real moon princess. We have on the list, react toons. I will add up: white rabbits will add that also up yeah this one can pay really really good. If you manage to get all the four Joker's and expanding me exactly which monster hello, delete, white rabbit, you don't like it's give machine, I don't know it feels. Like everyone played it's a little bit too much, I don't knowI had three wives plus expanding while and a seven connection, 808 1850 X holy shit, constant, that's insane man I haven't had I had those crazy hits. If you would have got one there holy fuck, it would up hey dude yeah, it's the same all over again you trying to get eight nine and then you don't retrigger, and then you get up to eleven and you don't read figure, and I don't know - and It'S so rare to get one of those really really good ones, but of course, when you get those crazy crazy hits it's pretty exciting.

I can't play it without buying the bonus. So it's I on the claim with the bonus. That'S the same. For me, dude I mean virgin bar, be a better symbol, really really don't like who I Drive it impossible to get the bones, and even when you get it, it never retrievers.

It can reach yours, but it's hard yeah. It'S supposed to be hard to hit route to details, the necks of course. I have some army good one and podcaster. I would much better get a wild line on their Ally, though than getting a big win on White Rabbit, hello, yompa, my CC GG C Mon man.

What'S good brother, a bonanza I like more also than White Rabbit. Most of the sides have this game, create crate and play, and they do as long as the sides have playing go slots. They have this one most likely so we're not we're not losing too much here. Balsa Garcia's go thanks and for the month and jompa it's going pretty good. Actually we start here with 900, I had a 500x full line Explorer on book of dead for 2,000 Europe. So it's alright.

You must have some bad news today. They will have sent make a new operation. Alright, that's a good hit with the sevens should have had the wild here, but you see how good this pay holy.

Shit. 500. Euro one-time 600 euro 700 whoa, 800 euro whoa. What did we hit? I don't it's just one full on with the 7 x2, with Joker 800 euro boom, it's time for a race guys, let's raise it up to 6 Europe yeah 200 X, and I mean imagine if you get that one on the SEC SEC, the second reel as Well expanding so you have like three more ways: 2.7, k balance. Now I wasn't expecting that one ma me needed it.

You can see the way they were on the 11 %. So it's not a big one. It'S not a big one. You can get the wide line, man, don't some! That'S the that's what you want on this one. Okay, now with the yeah, I don't know how much that pays.

Even maybe someone in shot knows - and I hate my man nice - to see you alright - that song, you see the the the the real that is lighten up if the joke lands on this one. It expands into three so that change this every every spin, where it is hello, Kathy how you doing White Rabbit is school rip. Rip rip rip won't give it's better yeah. I have a bonus on white rabbit on five Europe. I got it from the base game that we're gon na open tonight. Oh so there will be a 500 euro bonus open or it costs 500.

You two bytes yeah guys for the people that haven't seen that in the casino euro will open a show that, since you just wrote about it, there is an ongoing competition on casino Europe and what they didn't need to do to participate on. Please like or all the players that sign up and your deposits to us or in to win one of those prizes here, and you can see it last to the end of November, so you can get the man cave worth 1500 pounds you can get like an Imac for worth 2,000 pounds, you can buy a MSI laptop or you get. I mean one of one of the people that's playing and they deposit, your own link will receive one of those prices. You can choose on your own, which price you want and like the most expensive one.

It'S like 2.8 K pounds, so yeah that's running at the moment at least whoa there we had a chance, but this is a good hit with the melon. I don't know how much this pace, but I think this is a hot slot for sure. Whoa save another on again 800 night cellphone video slots, it's on casino euro, guys twelve on 1300 year now what fifty hundred euro for some watermelons yeah that's over hum 200 X again now the guy that requested this one will get a pizza for sure for suremaybe. We should up the bet again: none we have 4,000 euro now next time is the wide line, let's hope so guys. I haven't been bothered to play the slots, but I can enjoy it now.

Yeah, you can see the way there is up of 14 %. Now, almost as well we're not only gon na play this lotto, but we we do it down to like 3.5. Maybe I don't even want to know how much it pays likes to wide line.

If the watermelon pays that much beep at react tune, we can do it out man, we can. I had a 500x on there on book of dead, a swallow food language Explorer that gave us a good start on these sites, or we read down to like 4 500 from the 900 and then I managed to all right. So that's a good hits again. Bluebird 200 hero holy shit, mom, it's only twin experts.

I mean those. This very nice hit. Kimber non-stop, hey pay better than in danger, high voltage, I think the most I can pay much more actually, but the danger can pay very good for sure.

Did you see that sorry guys to ones hello, father, lack of v zero? Alright, you can see those prices here, guys if you take up our twitch and then you scroll down to the stream - and here is the sites that they'll have those prices Casino. Europe - and here is the list - all players, the signs up do other post it with casino Daddy between the 27 of October and the 3rd of November will have a chance to to be the winner in shoe surprise from the list. So that's how it is yeah. John, of course, we always play with real money.

Hereum Dima - I won't know that, but I guess the casino will draw a winner from those that did the postage for our link cap rode nice to see you welcome on not connectingdo. You have somewhere where I can't contact you. You can send a DM on Twitter.

You can also send an email if you do exclamation mark email, yeah yon to Sweden, man, I'm pissed, transforming into scruffy dog yeah, hey it's dude! Yes, I mean that phone is still running you'll. The 5,000 euro giveaway is running to the end of November, and I have shown the winners from the last month, so they have been paid as well, but ongoing.

It'S haven't ended. It'S like 15 days left until it ends that's um, but they pay pretty bad. You see a ten year for food line.

That'S like one X yeah. We can do some mimicker games as well enjoy go sir. We can, I didn't, say anything, there's a lot of stuff. There are no girls and stuff, and I have one here yeah.

I was thinking about leaving on 3.5, so it's just another hundred euro. This 10 spins will go quick. I'M a gold treasure from um and Athena looking at yeah Donna. This is the real one. We will get to try to ban all those fake streams. I don't know if I'm to being on it, todaywe've been really lucky on this one from the dock.

North Eddie boy want some dragon shit. I will add it up to the list. Dude nice see mom always requesting the tracking ship. Have you had any sequin or not came or something I don't think, no one clipped the big wings we had.

So, let's see, I won how we try. Someone want the scruffy duck, but I mean when we are here. We shouldn't maybe play net dance.

That'S my fault yeah. I had some big wins.

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