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Siberian Storm
RTP: 96%

Siberian Storm Slot

by IGT (WagerWorks)

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Siberian Storm Slot Machine FAQ

❓ What is the RTP of Siberian Storm?

✅ Siberian Storm RTP is 96%.

❓ What are the Siberian Storm Slots Game Features?

  • Reels: 5,
  • Paylines: 720,
  • Layout: 5x720,
  • Betting Range (€/$): 0.5-150 Bet.

❓Who created the Siberian Storm slot?

✅ This slot is developed and published by IGT (WagerWorks) .

❓Are Siberian Storm free spins available?

✅ Free spin feature available on the gameplay. 

❓Where can I play Siberian Storm real money?

✅ You can play this slot machine for real money in almost all major IGT (WagerWorks) casinos, but make sure you checked out our recommended casinos first.

Slot Features

  • Software: IGT (WagerWorks)
  • Siberian Storm RTP: 96%
  • Bonus game: No
  • Free spins: Yes
  • Coins Per Line: 50
  • Reels: 5
  • Coins values: 0.01 - 3
  • Pay Lines: 720
  • Min - Max Bet: $0.50 - $150
  • Max Coin Wins: 1000
  • Max win: $3000
  • Wild symbol: Yes
  • Multipliers: No
  • Scatter symbol: Yes
  • Autoplay Option: Yes
  • Progressive: No
  • Slot Type: Video slots

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Slot Reviews by Users

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Probably because here there are Mega Jackpots, you can expect the earnings long enough, and when you start to win... well you are really very pleased.

The first slot Siberian Storm was excellent, good, where winnings were good and consistent, and just sometimes you were at loss. Both these slots are played on a bet of 50 coins, and a coin value is 1 Euro, and therefore the bet is extraordinary big. I played for virtual money and well I did. In 20 minutes I resumed the game 3 times because the initial amount available for the first time was enough for about 50-100 spins, although I entered first the Free Games, the second time I managed to play only 50 spins and a third time after some very lucky Games I won 2000 coins.

I will not say that Siberian Storm Mega Jackpots slot is weak, because the game here is very exciting. The same extraordinary music that accompanies the slot and the passion of the game are found here and at Siberian Storm. But if you are not careful, you can easily lose here and just sometimes earn consistently. I played 3 times the Free Games and they were very passionate. Earnings sometimes compensate for losses. Even in the game itself sometimes one can earn well.

The slot is good, and the game beautiful but you need more attention here because sometimes losses are big.


To be fair the pays are not too bad here and if you get wilds with pictures you can get a big pay. The middle three reels can be filled with wilds and that is what you want to get. The minimum bet on this game is €0.50 and I usually use that bet. When ever I try to raise the bet, the game stops paying almost immediately. Plus on €0.50 I can control my balance and double tap some times.

As in the other games of the same make, this game pays both ways. I like that because some times you get very good wins from the other side. My best win on the lines was almost €16, which is not too bad.
The feature is the best thing about this game. You get 8 free spins with a chance of re-trigger. The bad thing is that you have to get and eye on each reel to get it. That is very hard to do and when you get four of them it can really piss you off. Thankfully it did not take me too long to get the feature and I must admit I was excited to see what will happen.

The only difference is that some of the pictures change and you get 8 free spins. I almost re triggered them on my first spin but the last eye did not come out :( I got few wilds and small wins in general. In total I won €18 and was not too happy.

Overall I don't like the way the reels are but I like the graphics. My rating for this game would be 6 out of 10.


though probably that playing for real money it is possible that 1 coin = 1 cent, playing for virtual money 1 coin = 1 Euro. The screen-shots above are making clear why I had to say all this in the introduction: a win of 4451 Euro at the end of the Free Spins when you play on a bet of 50 Euro is equivalent to a win of only 44.51 Euro if playing on a bet of 50 cents. Even played for an assumed minimum bet this win means a lot.

The Siberian Storm slot is a good one, even very good I need to say from the beginning. It is a bit like Rambo, which means it has the same set of reels (3x4x5x4x3) and all ways win (720) paying both ways. Who would want more from a slot? Maybe just 1024 ways both ways to be better (but until now I have not played a slot like this). The “Siberian Storm” is the type of slot that will take you up by the storm winds and fly you on the wings of a story about the Siberian tigers, where the game has unsuspected extremes. The music is extremely exciting and adds to the thrill of the game itself. The quality of this slot is perfect and there are not enough words to describe the entire game here. I will not make statistics because playing at a slot no matter how good it is one can also lose (here I lost with all those big wins above).

I just say thank you for a story so beautiful and for a slot so well done.


It sounds pretty silly now, but it's just what we were all used to at the time - home video game consoles were no match for the cabinets found in the arcades back then either. Fortunately unlike the arcades the casinos are still going strong, though I suspect they have lost a reasonable percentage of their custom to players who are now happy to gamble from the comfort of their home on machines with a generally higher RTP!

Siberian Storm is possibly the first game I ever played that utilised the non standard 3, 4, 5, 4, 3 reel layout as well as 720 ways to win and pays-both-ways (called "Multiway Xtra" in IGT games). These features were combined by NetEnt in their game "Wild Rockets" some time later, and it's not unusual to find people who think NetEnt invented these tricks! NetEnt have certainly come up with plenty of unique and innovative slots over the years but you might be surprised to learn just how many they "borrowed" along the way too.

There's a few unusual choices in the winning combinations of this game such as the scatter symbols only return a pay - you need a different symbol to start the bonus round. I'm not sure why IGT chose to do it this way though it may have been necessary to block a few winning combinations with the scatters to get the RTP down to an acceptable level. I'm just guessing here though! To enter free spins you need to land an "eye" symbol on all five reels from left to right. Thees are stacked on several of the reels and unusually it's possible to be awarded more than one set of free spins from a single winning combination - up to 12 in fact, for a maximum of 96 free spins which can also be retriggered.

Many IGT games can be a little bit dull - low variance, lots of dead spins. Siberian Storm isn't one of them though and its telling that slot developers were still borrowing ideas from this game many years after it's release. If you haven't played it before then it's definitely worth hunting it down on your next session!


This however bores me half of the time because it is dependent on paylines & left to right plus scatter pays. Interestingly, Siberian storm catches my eyes for it's no paylines and the growl sounds it makes upon hitting the second tiger eye scatter (rawwrr) but the second best thing this cold winter slot can produce are 5 of a kind symbols.....not one but 5 of more combinations depending on the stacks it makes on each reel. The number one for any of you who has guessed correctly are free spins.

It has been a long time since I last triggered this feature and the way to get 8 free spins are to line up 5 "tiger eye" symbols on all 5 reels. There will be stacks of these on all the reels, 3rd reel holding the most for all 5 to produce 8 free spins per 5 of a kind tigers eye. So if there are three 5 of a kind tigers eye, it will equal 24 free spins. The last I remembered, I triggered 32 free spins on a $1.50 bet offering a 47x total win with them. Siberian Storm, the last I checked, either had those 2x paying stacks or I am thinking about Prowling Panther which either case just had normal wilds. So long ago that my icy head left me in a cool mist of questionablility for this slot......lost is the specific term. It is a decent game without much cold freezing big wins so I prefer playing Prowling Panther over Siberian Storm. This slot is more of a 6.5 out of 10!

The The Thoo

Everywhere that I tried to play the game, it just wouldn't load up, it gave error messages, or simply hang just like that, until I finally gave up trying. Then one fine day, I suddenly came across Siberian Storm whilst browsing through Casumo's list of games, which I hadn't noticed before, so it must have been added fairly recently. Thanks to Casumo, another once-forbidden game can now be played freely and at any time I want to.

I've heard and read on how fascinating this Siberian Storm game could be, which only drove my curiosity even higher. Now that I've seen it, played it, and experienced it myself, my curiosity has been satisfied, I am no longer a stranger to the game, and I can freely write what I want on it too. Firstly, I must comment that I have never liked any game that uses more reels and rows than the usual. For me, 5-reels 3-rows format is still my top favourite. Siberian Storm uses a diamond shape format, in rows of 3 to 5, then back to 3 again. The icons and symbols become crowded. The paylines are no longer distinctly distinguishable. The entire play area looks unsynchronised. Others may love this layout, I don't. Perhaps I'm the kind of person who likes things to be always simple, clear and neat. Siberian Storm fails me in this respect.

When things are no longer synchronised, then something has to be included to simplify an otherwise very clumsy positioning of all the icons. Voila, in comes MultiwayXtra. Hmm, what a fanciful name for something that pays both ways and 243 ways to win! But of course, 243 ways cannot fit into the diamond-shape format, so it has to be 720 ways. Change the format again and 720 ways becomes obsolete too. Sheesh! I'll stick to my 5-reels 3-rows games, thanks.

The Wild symbol doesn't pay anything, doesn't double anything, but comes stacked on reels 2, 3 and 4, plus substituting for the other symbols too, except for the Scatter and the Tiger's Eyes symbols. There are 3 different Scatter symbols in this game, the normal Scatter, the usual Tiger's Eyes and the White Tiger's Eyes. Why need 3 types of them, don't ask me, ask IGT. To me, this is all completely unnecessary. Except for the normal Scatter, both Tiger's Eyes Scatters pay the same 50x the total bet for 5 of them, and both trigger the same 8 free spins anyway. Isn't this unnecessary repetition? What it actually does is to dilute the chances of getting those Scatters, making it three times harder to get any of those 5 Scatters win! But not many players even realise this! They are simply loving the chance of getting up to 240 free spins from those Tiger's Eyes, which could be won with just 1 Scatter symbol in the first place!

The overall paytable is not that good either. The logo 'Siberian Storm' pays 1000x, the usual Tiger pays 400x, the White tiger pays 300x and all the rest pay from 125x to 50x the line bet for 5 of each kind, making it a very low paytable indeed. Only the 720 ways MultiwayXtra feature can make up for good decent wins from this game, if you're lucky enough.


n order to get the feature bonus round you need to get the tiger's eye on all reels ( at least one eye per reel ). This is very hard to get but then again maybe you can win big when the bonus round is triggered. The reels spin quite fast, you get the bonus round before you know it's there.

I find this game very unique, 1024 winlines with another words, all combinations possible, like other all winlines video slots, the payout is minimum, the free spins feature is the only way to win big. I know I have spent more than 200 euro playing this game without one bonus round but I still want to experience the big win, I know that this game can do it. 2 scatters pay back you stake, 3 scatters pay 3 times your stake. In other words, the more scatters you have the more stakes/bet it pays. Scatters do not trigger the feature bonus round thou.

The game must be that great and addictive that makes you come back to play while you have lost a sum of money to it. I love tigers, especially the white one. I will visit this game very soon to try my luck again. I do recommend this game to all slots player who are able to play it. I hope in the future we are able to play IGT wagerworks games online. In my experience, when you have spent more than 200 spins, just quit and take another chance at another day. I wish those who gonna play this game a good luck.

Legolmer Dolar

Siberian Storm has very nice graphics and like name of the slots says, those are typically Siberian-themed and snow and ice in background. Siberian tiger is one of the most well-known animals in Siberia and that's why Siberian Storm has also tiger-theme. I have to give a lot of credits for those awesome graphics.

I have played Siberian Storm only in Mr. Green-casino and only in minimum-bet, which is 50 cents. In that slot you cannot choose lesser lines and have to say that I have not ever won almost anything from that slot. That slot is just not for low-rollers, I think. Well, positive things is that you can win in both ways: From left to right and from right to left and you have even 720-lines for winnings, so there have to be possibilities for getting big wins. :)

There are scatters and wilds in Siberian Storm, but I have got only two scatters and therefore just got my bet back, so I cannot say anything about free spins, because just no experience of those and wilds are similar way common, like in many other slots also.

Siberian Storm is very beautiful slot and it is worthy of trying, though I think that it has quite big variance and it is mainly for high-rollers, so I cannot recommend it for everyone, except for those beautiful graphics and for testing it, because of curiosity. ;) Anyway, if you are fan of IGT-slots, Siberian Storm might be right slot for you. :)

I think that in future I am not going to play it, except if someday I have won a lot from other slots in Mr. Green or if someday again I visit in some land based casinos, in Helsinki or in elsewhere and I find that slot from there. :) Siberian Storm has also sequel called Sumatran Storm, with similar tiger-theme, but I have not ever tried it.


This slot has 720 winning lines because it has a unique construction. The reels don’t have the same amount of cells, like in the Rambo video slot the middle reel has the most cell and the edge reels has the lowest number. Thanks for the unique layout this slot has a high potential to give valuable amounts. The other good thing the Siberian Storm pays in two directions, from the left to right and right to left. I didn’t meet a lot video slot what is pay in the same way but definitely I liked it. Even it has many lines the minimum bet is only half euro which is not too high for 720 ways I think.

The stacked wilds are multiplies the winning combinations and can give huge amounts of credits because the much lines creates more and more chance to get a winning line. It also has a scatter symbol which is pays well if you get lot of them. To trigger the free games is always hard because to activate the free spins you have to collect five from the tiger eye symbols horizontally. If you hit five of them you will get 8 free games, but any additional tiger eye symbol gives extra free spins. Even it has stacked free spin feature symbol I get those free spins hard, but it always compensates me in the free rounds because I usually get nice amounts from it.


Because of the uncommon layout the symbols sometimes appear in stacked format causing accumulated winnings. Partly because of this, the best paying single five of a kind win awards only 1000 coins and other features in themselves also can’t be mentioned among the top extras in the market, for example 5 Scatters pay 50 times of total bet or the Wild (appears only on the second, third and fourth reels) doesn’t have plus multiplier value. If every reel has at least one Tiger eye icon, 8 free spins are awarded but every additional figure on that spin mean another 8 spins. Though I had never got more than 32 free spin and it only happened just one time, but theoretically even 96 free games can be won in just a single spin thank to the stacked quality of the triggering figure. The feature can be re-triggered.

I know these features don’t seem to be too generous but keep in mind the both way win method, stacked symbols and the special arrangement. I think these 3 attributes are the heart and soul of the game and Overall, I find this game enough profitable to return it from time to time and though so far I haven’t got any win that would be even close to an eye-popping win but had several times when I could be satisfied with the outcomes.


The value of 1 Euro for 1 coin is big but probably playing for real money there is the possibility of smaller bets.

Bulama Firemez

It is true that there are possible up to 96 Free Spins where each and every spin is great but equally true is that there are possible only 6-8 Free Spins from which one hardly comes with a satisfying win.


With stacked wilds and 720 ways to win both ways you'd expect some huge bonus rounds, but even when I have started off with 24 free spins I consider 100x my bet to be a pretty decent outcome in this game. Much bigger wins are possible of course and I have seen a couple of 1000x hits in the past - sadly I wasn't the one playing the game at the time!

It has to be said that whilst this game is very similar to the land casino version, it suffers from a dramatic downgrade in terms of graphical quality much like Kitty Glitter and Da Vinci Diamonds did when they were converted for internet play. I can only assume that this was done to trim the size of the download to accommodate the slow modems that were commonplace at the time these games were released, but it's also possible that IGT wished to keep their most premium experience in the casinos too. On the plus side, the RTP of the on-line game is several percentage points higher than the casino one, which has to be a reasonably fair trade off I think!


The only description of "cold and stormy" for this video slot can only be found through it's icy background. There is nothing inside the reels for symbols that freezes my interests of describing a wintery storm! Perhaps the White tigers are the closest to being in the cold. I just was not entirely convinced of achieving big wins and to me, $70.50 on a $1.50 was not good enough of a big win! Hmmm perhaps Vanilla "Ice" would know better lol


Yes, it's true that this game may be a high variance game, but the paytable doesn't really provide for huge wins, which is a big shame. Nah, Siberian Storm can stay in Siberia as far as I'm concerned. I've got much better high variance games to play with.

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