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Go Bananas
RTP: 96.9%

Go Bananas Slot

by NetEnt
Based on 10 reviews
Users Score
Based on 25 reviews
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Go Bananas Slot Machine FAQ

❓ What is the RTP of Go Bananas?

✅ Go Bananas RTP is 96.9%.

❓ What are the Go Bananas Slots Game Features?

  • Reels: 5,
  • Paylines: 20,
  • Layout: 5x20,
  • Betting Range (€/$): 0.2-200 Bet.

❓Who created the Go Bananas slot?

✅ This slot is developed and published by NetEnt .

❓Are Go Bananas free spins available?

 ✅ Free spin feature data are not available. Yet, you can check with the community by signing up.

❓Where can I play Go Bananas real money?

✅ You can play this slot machine for real money in almost all major NetEnt casinos, but make sure you checked out our advised casinos first.

Slot Features
  • Software: NetEnt
  • Go Bananas RTP: 96.9%
  • Bonus game: No
  • Free spins: No
  • Coins Per Line: 10
  • Reels: 5
  • Coins values: 0.01 - 1
  • Pay Lines: 20
  • Min - Max Bet: $0.20 - $200
  • Max Coin Wins: 7000
  • Max win: $7000
  • Wild symbol: Yes
  • Multipliers: No
  • Scatter symbol: No
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Casino Online Rating

Finally the new Net Entertainment’s slot is there! We already knew that it would be jungle-themed one, but this amount of craziness, juiciness and freshness – that was something noone could have expected! Prepare for some serious monkey business and spin the reels of “Go Bananas“! ...


Go Bananas is a brand new video slot from NetEnt that revolves around a world dominated by apes. Gameplay is whacky, fun and feature filled which is why I couldn’t wait to give it a try. ...

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Play 【 Go Bananas Netent Online Slot Machine Game 】 ➦ ✅ Free (DEMO €5000)/Real Money ✚ ✅ Best Netent Online Casino List! ? No Download! ...


We're glad that the Go Bananas mobile game is as good as the online version, and applaud NetEnt going with something a little different.Granted, Go Bananas isn't a game you can play for hours on end, but sometimes that's not what you want. Sometimes, what you want, is a low to mid variance game that gives you simple features and quick wins.Add a fun cartoony theme full of colourful characters for a game that seems to be made for iPhones and Android mobiles, and you'll soon understand why we gave this a 4-star review.Go Bananas is a 5x3 reel 20 fixed betlines video slot with 5 different types of spreading wilds randomly added to the screen on random spins. ...

Slotscalendar !

The Pogg

game ReviewThe games game can be found at NetEnt casinos. NetEnt do make the house edge information of their slots games available and this can be found in the help files of the game (usually accessed by pressing the ‘?’ button at the bottom left of the game window). NetEnt games appear to only have one setting.Do you have the pulling power?Go Bananas is a 5 reel game, with 20 paylines and you can bet up to 10 coins on each payline.The ‘Banana’ symbol is Wild.There is only one bonus feature when playing Go Bananas and it is activated any time you receive one of the ‘Ape’ symbols. When this happens the results vary depending on the Ape symbol on received. When you receive the ‘Tarsier’ symbol, the symbol and another symbol either directly above, below or next to the Tarsier symbol are turned into Banana Wild Symbols. When you receive the ‘Langur’ symbol, the symbol and the symbols on either side of it are turned into Banana Wild symbols. When you receive the ‘Baboon’ symbol the reel you receive the Baboon symbol on is turned into a Wild reel. When you receive the ‘Orangutan’ symbols a square of 4 symbols is turned into Banana Wild symbols. When you receive the ‘Gorilla’ symbol 5 symbols in a chequered pattern are turned into Banana Wild symbols.→ Read MoreConclusionWhile Go Bananas does have a low House Edge, bonus feature wise it’s far from NetEnt’s ...

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Review of game by NetEnt, including real players' reviews and ratings, free play mode, winning screenshots, latest bonus codes and promotions. ...

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♥ game Review ♥ Full Game Specs here ⚡ Go Bananas! Free Spins ✅ Bonuses ✅ Bonus Codes & more by NetEnt Casino ✓ ...

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Slot Reviews by Users
25 reviews by users
18 reviews
0 reviews
7 reviews


I do check my mails always around the days when new games get released, because you never know what you’ll find.

Sometimes they offer deposit bonuses and sometimes free spins. Today I received 5 free spins from Unibet and 50 free spins at Redbet. It gave me the opportunity to try this new slot for free. Go Bananas has been produced by NetEnt and contains 5-reels and 20-paylines. The minimum bet is only a mere €0.20.

Just like almost every new NetEnt release, this slot offers something different as far innovation goes. Although the action is integrated in the base game solely, since there are no free spins or scatter symbols, I did enjoy it while trying it out to a certain degree. The slot takes the player to the jungle where they meet various inhabitants, such as the gorilla, orangutan, baboon, langur and tarsier.

The beauty of these inhabitants is that they function as wilds, and not just any wilds. Each particular animal has an expanding wild feature. The gorilla for instance can expand into 5 wilds, while the wild orangutan turns 4 symbols wild and so on. Now you can only imagine what happens when you hit multiple symbols.

I didn’t get any good wins at Unibet, but did play the game for a good half hour at Redbet today. The 50 free spins ended up in 10 euros. I had several hits with the wild symbols, but the payouts are quite poor though. One time I had like 7 - 8 wilds on the screen and only won like 10 x bet size.

With so many wilds the payouts must be bigger, regardless of a lower paying symbol. So yeah I do think this game is entertaining, but not sure if you can win big when it pays so poorly.


! I just won over 33 euro with that single spin.

This the second new game that doesn't have scatters, is NetEnt trying to create a new age of video slots? If they are, it's working (at least for me it is).

I don't know if I am the only one who tried 're-fresh the game' method.
Because I noticed that sometimes it does worked, when you have a big win you quit/ close the game for a few seconds and then restart it again.
It did worked for me a few times thou.

I have played Go bananas for about 2 hours and normally your balance must goes down a bit (or more) but I used the method a few times and my balance just went up bit by bit of course.
In a long run you will get bored of course and quit the game, I mean who wouldn't. it's like working in a factory, packing things for example.

So after a while I decided to quit the game and went to another one, it was probably the biggest mistake I made that night because I lost it all, how much? Circa 200 euros (the same amount what I lost last week) and that my fellow gamblers because that 10 free spins from Go bananas.

What can I say, it's a monkey business!


Even I said myself that it is not so bad for chimps to eat figs all life.

“Go Banans” is a slot full of monkeys and tropical fruits (pineapple, coconuts, etc.). Until playing “Go Bananas”, the best slot from NetEnt in what it concerns the wins was for me, “Lights”. Even though in terms of the chosen theme “Go Bananas” does not really rise to those extraordinarily colorful lanterns from “Lights”, in terms of wins “Go Bananas” is almost certainly better. I am not saying that the theme is not at all nice, on the contrary: the drums (tam-tam) of the jungle accompany each spin, and the various monkeys turn the symbols into Wilds. The 5 different types of monkeys turn in as many ways the adjacent symbols into Wilds: the large apes are giving 4-5 Wilds and the small monkeys give just 2-3 Wilds.

If you happen to have two monkeys simultaneously on reels (one large one and a small one) a “Big Win” is guaranteed. The two screen shots above show a Mega Win and a Big Win, obtained with just 2 monkeys present on reels.

I admit that there are here also 3-5 cents ridiculous payouts, but even when playing “Lights” you had part of them. And here is like they are rarer, and when you win, the average payout is somewhat nice. The payouts for all fruits are generally small, but always when the monkeys turn the symbols into Wilds (Bananas) there will be “trapped” into combinations also several major symbols that will bring significant wins. Again, in my opinion the wins are better on the overall
than when playing “Lights”.

For its almost perfect simplicity and the nice wins, this slot came on the first place in my preferred slots from NetEnt.


en they appear on the reels, which the more lend on the reels then the better would be your winnings, but don't except to much, because like I said this game has no potential of big win, the wild Monkey will turn and make wilds few of the symbols which are near him, but that is selected randomly.

The first time I have played this game, was on one of the casinos, which are giving free spins, when some new game has been released,so yes from 5 - 10 free spins, you can't see is the game good or not, so I decided to make one small deposit and try this game. I was disappointed because I was playing with 25 euros and was playing for more then half an hour and from all this time, my biggest win was 9.50 euros.

While I was playing Go Bananas slot, even when 3 wilds appear on the reels I was really disappointed with the winnings. Well I have tried this game and personally I think it+s waste of time and money. I was seeing few screenshots from this slot, but still didn't see some extra big win, so it can interested me, to try this slot few more times, well for now, 25 euros spend on this game are more then enough. I might play this game, sometimes, but only if I am given free spins from some of the casinos, but with my own money, no can do!


ot looks good, but I was surprised that NetEnt did not add any freespins feature on this slot, and also there is no any scatters. This is quite surprising, because usually NetEnt made games with freespins features, but not here unfortunately.

First two times I played this slot I was almost in shock, because both time I lost 20 euros on my balance with 0.20 bets very fast, without good wins. I almost decided to never play this slot again, but get 100% bonus offer from casino, so decided to try this slot for a last time. I made 20 euros deposit, and with 40 euros balance I decided to play with 0.40 bets. And now I fully understand why I like this slot.

Ah, I forgot to describe feature to you! There are 5 different types of monkey's, and each monkey just add some extra wilds on reel(each monkey - different order of adding wilds). It is probably possible to get all symbols wilds, but I even do not think about it. This session with 40 euros on my balance from start i finish with 90 euros withdrawal, had couple of big wins, not really high, but I made wagering requirements playing only this slot, and earn to me 70 euros in profit, I love such sessions!

I rate this game with 8 stars, can be boring if monkey's not appear, but very fun when they start come usually.


generally don't like games without bonus or free spins, so to begin with I did not really like this game, yet I kept on playing and I am happy that I did that.

The idea and the graphics in this game are really cool. It is very enjoyable to play this game and I can do it for hours. The first time I played this game I was playing it for around an hour. I played it on different bets and actually made over €50 on it.

The main goal of this game is to get a lot of monkeys on the reels at the same time. Each monkey turns reels wild and each one has its own way. Some give you 2 wilds, some 3 or 4 and others 5. The gorilla with a crown give you five wilds and if you manage to get few of them on reels you are guaranteed to win big. There are also female monkeys that I like and they give you four wilds in a shape of a square. If you get few of them you are going to win huge. The first big win that i had was with a female monkeys on the first and last reels with a gorilla on the third reels. On the smallest bet it paid around €45. One more monkey and i could of got over €50 easy.
Then I raised the bet and got few wins over €20 each. These days I don't play this game much but every time I play it I get good wins.

Over all the game is very cool and potential to win big is pretty high too.
My rating is 9 out of 10.


Also the idea and the interface of this game ain't to shabby as well. The lowest bet that you can make in this game is 0.20€ per spin and the maximum is 200€. This game offers a wild symbol that is a substitution to other symbols but can only be seen when activated by one of five wild monkey symbols. So as I mentioned the five monkey symbols, I should explain that every one of these monkey symbols gives different amount of wilds. The maximum amount of wild is of course five and the minimum is two, but these wilds can appear horizontal, vertical or mixed. Depends on what monkey symbol do you hit.

So after about 20 minutes of playing this really interested game although I had a lot of empty spins I managed to hit a super mega win of 1585 with a 0.40€ bet that paid me 31.70€, so I was excited and continued playing this slot, but after a while my luck ran out. So I decided to give it a break.

Over all this is a very exciting and a cool game that I will play many times again. Even though this game is getting popular I think that if NetEnt added some FS or bonus feature it would absolutely be amazing, and I am kinda stumped why they didn't add that in the first place. But this is only my opinion, so at the end I would rate this game with a solid 8.


Game has 20 paylines, and was released not so long ago.

When game appear in all casinos - first thing that I did - I claimed all freespins that casino award me. Not have any good win, so nothing interesting to say for you. But I do like the game; it looks awesome, with quick spin option, and with awesome animations and sounds.

Go bananas! slot not has any freespins feature, or bonus game. This can be bad fact for someone, but I am ok with it. Almost all slots have such features, so of course it is good to have few without any bonus games and freespins just for a change. There is special thing with wilds, on lands can appear one of the monkeys (which also looks awesome, very nice made with great animation for those monkeys). Each monkey is different, there is as I remember 5 monkeys, and each makes few wilds. My favorite is big gorilla; it is add most number of wilds. If any player get 5 monkeys on reels - oh, this is big win, very big.

My best result is about 300 euros in 0.8 bet, not very big probably, but I believe it is good result.


The slot does not features any bonus game or free spins. But the whole slot game is based upon the wild symbol which can substitute any symbol in the game. There are 5 different types of wild monkeys in the slot which when appear on the reels turn themselves and adjacent symbols into wild according to there individual patterns. The best being wild gorilla which appear on the reel turn 5 symbols into wild. The wild feature of the slot is sufficient for the whole return of the slot. It actually does not need any bonus feature or free spins feature. When ever the wild monkey appears on the reel you usually get 5 to 10 times the bet. If the combination two wild monkeys appear the returns are just doubled. The best part is when in the combination of two monkey one of them is wild gorilla. It happened to me once in my game play when I made like 65 times the bet in that particular spin and only soon before I had doubled my bet which was a real icing on the cake. The combination with orangutan monkey which coverts four symbols into wild I made like 35 times the bet which was also good enough.

A great slot from NetEnt providers and I just love playing it. It is good in graphics, sound and even in returns, superb in all the requirements of the slot game. So this slot truly deserves a 10 on 10 marks.


The whole game is reduced mainly to five cute monkeys. This game can literally be translated as "monkey business" and is one of the latest games with an unforgettable gaming experience and quality entertainment during your stay on it. This game is different from others in many things and these are the following: forget the free spins, bonus rounds and the rich do not expect multiplier because it does not have.

However, there is no reason to worry about all these creators are compensated with five different wild symbols, exactly five monkeys. In charge of wild excitement as Wild Baboon, Wild Orangutan, Wild Gorilla Wild Tarsier and Wild Langur. In many games from NetEnt platform we learned that wild symbol substitutes for all other symbols slot, except scatter symbols and bonus symbols often, so it is even the existence of five different wild symbol in the game a true innovation. In this game the situation is such that if any of the five monkeys appears in the column, converts the neighboring symbols also in the wild symbols, depending on the original model. If there is a Wild Baboon, it turns together with another by one symbol below and above him in the wild triple column, while Wild Langur does the same, but only horizontally.

If you want to play with the lowest risk of loss, or the minimum bet per spin, then you will set the Go Bananas at Level 1, a coin Value 0.01, so if you complete bet per spin amount to 0.20. It is not such a big amount given the numerous Wild opportunities that await you in the game, if you are a little richer then you will of course go to the bigger role. What we are most glad the game are at least three pink gems on the payroll line, because you maximize your gains and of course as many monkeys. Maximum gain in this game is incredible 140,000 coins. However, do not forget that you are here for a good fun, and it will help exotic drums in the background of every spin! Rating 10/10


I like the whole black background area behind the reels but I still think it would have been better if this was transparent and I can imagine a nice jungle illustration in the back just as we see it at both sides of the reels but overall the interface of the game is persuasive and pleasing to the eye so we really don’t have any reason to complain about.

There are games on the market where the Wild symbol gets a really unique and dominant role but this slot is really all about the appearing Wild. I think it shows the best if I say the game doesn’t offer free spins, bonus or any kind of secondary games and it also doesn’t use any win multiplier at all. So all we must focus on the Wilds because at least there are 5 Wilds in use here and they got really good features. The best is the Gorilla which has the ability to transform 4 other symbols on the table into Wild in a specific shape but it’s the only Wild that has restriction regarding where it can appear (only on the three inner reels). Orangutan turns 3 others into Wilds shaping a square on the reels, Baboon can change 2 symbols vertically (this basically an expanding Wild feature), Langur does this same in horizontally while Tarsier makes one of the adjacent emblem (vertically or horizontally) for a substituting one.

Basically there’s no other rule at this game so we can really just concentrate on the Wilds and the winnings by them. Naturally, with so many possible appearing Wild on the table the best paying symbol has seemingly weak payout ability (700 coins) but playing the game you won’t recognize it at all. The slot is relative well-rewarding and in that cases if 2 Wilds arrive to the reels at the same time and turn almost the half screen into Wilds some really great wins can be achieved. Fortunately, this happens more times than I initially thought and if we’re lucky to get some better paying symbols too, the final won amount can be surprisingly high as many simultaneous wins may occur.

At first the cute appearance of the game was the only thing that really caught my attention but later when I have played the game more and more frequently and longer sessions that this game really could do some trick and has the ability to make me satisfied with its rewards. Of course we can’t expect here any life-changing big win or what some other slot offers with their Jackpots but the very frequently completed winning combinations may increase the balance with just smaller amounts but at the end of the session the sum of them really can cause a boost to the balance. Overall, it’s a very enjoyable product and really can keep me entertained and with the regularly wins able to keep my interest on high level. This slot is a fine example of not necessary need to be a feature rich or complicated game to be a great game if the built in features really do their jobs and the game settings are perfectly set.

Bulama Firemez

But now I am trying to spend more time with this game and the more I do, the more things I find that I like.

As you can understand, this game is Jungle and monkey themed. The design looks really great, the colors are splashy and fun and I think Netent did an amazing job with that. It has 5 reels and 20 paylines... and that's it. At first I thought this game wasn't very interesting because of the lack of bonus. I still think that this game would be greater if it had one. The most important symbols in this game are monkeys. Different kinds of monkeys and they have different value to this game. For example, there's a Gorilla, Orangutan, Baboon, Langur, Tarsier. And they are all wilds. And when any of them appear on the spin, they will change the reels into their pattern, and overall as wilds will increase your winnings.

Last time I gave this game a shot was recently with a 30€ balance. I set minimum bets of 0.20€ per spin and 500 autoplay spins. I was quite impressed that not only I managed to play all 500 spins, but that my balance went down for only 5€. That is a first for me. Then I increased bets to 0.40€ per spin and played 250 spins. Unfortunately I lost all my balance within last autoplay spins. I did get many wilds, but they still didn't have enough winnings to keep me going.

As I said - this game isn't my favorite and playing it for a long time it might bore you. And for me this game is a balance eater, maybe once I've got a 100x bet win, but I don't really recall, so I wouldn't wait for a huge win. Other than that it is fun to play it because of the great design and it is worth trying.

Houghtonobby Dortinez

I can’t say that I liked it a lot from the start.

I can’t say that I like it a lot even now. I gave this slot plenty of chances but it just failed to return with some nice payouts. The game is interesting to play. You get a wild symbol now and then that produces some win but nothing too big. This game has the highest number of wild symbols than any other game I have played. There are 5 wild symbols here in the form of some ape. You have the Gorilla, the Orangutan, the Baboon, the Langur and the Tarsier. I have to say if nothing else at least I learned what some apes are called. So I can call this an educational slot. Every wild symbol that appears on the reels uncovers its own pattern of wilds. The best is probably the Gorilla which can provide some nice 5 of a kind wins. In some spins you can get 2 or 3 of these wild combinations so the kingdom of apes reveals a nice set of wilds which lead to a big win. Off course the best combination is a few 5 of a kind paylines with the highest paying symbols the ruby. This symbol gives a 700 x line bet win which is a nice balance booster.


Go Bananas slot release from Netent was a true refreshment but when it comes to paytable I wouldn’t agree that it is a decent slot to play, yes, but for fun and to make some money, I don’t think so. You will get the feeling of a Jungle and all that life that is there in the moment and background sound of different animals from mother Africa. Maybe it is another childish game but I like it very much for fun. I played it as much as South Park Reel Chaos and I thought I got 25 Free Spins from Betspin Casino but no, it was for South Park RC. Wild symbol substitutes for highest possible win on the betline. When Wild Monkey symbol is activated then Wild becomes visible, and it is pure gold with Wild on, symbol.There are Wild Gorilla and Wild Orangutan symbols and when 5 of a kind appear on the reels they turn into Wild symbol. Other symbols in this slot are Wild Baboon, Wild Tarsier and Wild Langur all beautiful and more cartoonish really. I remember back in 2007 in Houston Tx. Zoo it was so funny my friend Annie and me went crazy and the whole community of monkeys with us went crazy too. They started screaming like crazy and no one but us knew the truth. There is a video of that funny thing still at Annie's place, it was almost like in Go Bananas with the difference there wasn’t any bananas nor money to win. is 700 coins, poor, very poor paytable. But still fun!


en any of them appear on the reels, they turn themselves and some adjacent symbols into wild symbols. I played this game many times, but I never got any huge big on it. Only decent, normal winnings.

I think this game could be much more interesting if it offer free spins or some bonus game. The base game with all five monkeys is funny, interesting but I missed something more at it.

I don't like the paytable so much too. I think if you want to win decent money on it, you should play it on higher bet stakes. Because I was playing it at minimum bets and my balance was all the time around the same number as I started. I think this game could be sometimes good for wagering the bonuses, because the monkey appear quite often.

I will probably play this game more when I will take some bonuses from casino. Maybe I will try to wager bonus on it, but it is not so interesting to play it with own money, without bonus. I think there are much more better games from NetEnt which could raised your balance higher than this one. The game would be perfect only if they added free spins feature and if they raised pay out for wild symbols. I got them almost in a wildline and it give only x20 bet. I don't think this is a good result for 4 wild symbols in a payline. I will rate Go Bananas! with 7 stars.


e way the Wilds are scattered about, in more than just one or two ways, is pretty exciting and fun to watch. There are actually 5 different ways of getting Wilds onto the reels, each monkey giving its own special way, from 2 Wilds up to 5 Wilds. Get a combination of these monkeys appearing at the same time, and see the amount of Wilds appearing onto the reels! Breathtaking, exciting, thrilling, adrenaline pumping, and anything else that you can think of, except paying you big wins, which I think is a blardy big rip-off!

Why did I say that? Well, the Wilds don't pay anything and don't double any wins. There aren't any scatters, so scatter payouts are non-existent. No scatters also mean no free spins game! What? No free spins game? Yep, what the 'f', right? NetEnt is fooling around with this game, fooling around with players who fail to realise this, and really making them play and going bananas at the same time! Enjoying all the fun with those monkeys and the Wilds they throw about, getting quite a number of wins regularly, but failing to see how small those wins really are! Just look at my winning screenshot above. There are 4 paylines of 5 Wilds in that big win, but Wilds don't pay anything, except they substitute for the highest symbol, which happens to be that oversized purple gem, but valued at a blardy low 700x the line bet for 5 of them! So, my 4 paylines of 5 Wilds paid me a blardy miserable small 2800x my line bet! What the 'f'!!! Can you imagine how much a win like that is worth on another game? As much as 40,000x the line bet! But of course, it isn't possible to get 5 Wilds on 4 paylines in any high-paying games, so this can only happen in games like this Go Bananas, and a few more stupid games like it!

But please, don't get offended by my words. I'm only expressing my feelings on the game, a game that NetEnt is pushing into our faces and hoping we will like it, or even love it! Oh yes, for the fun of playing the game, I do enjoy it, but for winning sake, better stay away from this game! At most you can win is probably a few hundreds. Your losses? God knows!


In this game it's all about monkeys, monkey business and hunting wins.There is a quite number of animations in this game and most likely you are going to like it. There is 5 different ways of getting Wild symbols across reels and each way is pretty much exciting. You can get from 2 up to 5 Wilds.

Unlike great theme, unlike superb graphics and exciting way this game play, paytable seems to ruin your happiness. No wins attached to Wilds, wild doesn't doubling wins and it's so, so sad. Why.. I know why. This game is created and meant to eat money of course, it just can not pay big. Another huge minus is absence of Scatter symbol. That means you can only dream of Free Spins or Bonus Game. Right? No matter these disappointing facts I still played this game as I couldn't resist. It's super fun and thrilling game.I had quite a number of wins all them including these cute monkeys and wilds but there were all too small, nothing to talk about. I can't remember that any win exceed 20 x my stake.

The highest valuable symbol is the purple gemstone which pays 700x your stake for getting 5 of its kind.I am not saying it is not possible to win on this game but I think if you dare to start that hunting mission,that would cost your money,nerves and time. Gambling is all about fun, some people take it wrong, but there are games out there which actually pay massive so why not stick with these games? Go Bananas is game to try out and have fun, like I did, so go, get some bananas and watch your bankroll.


example ; Twin Spin, no free spins feature but the game is very popular because free spins is not needed to win big time. Wonky Wabbits is another example, also here there's no free spins needed to win massively. At first I really dislike games with no free spins feature but then again, even free spins features could give you zero winnings and Jack and the beanstalk is a great example of it.

I know there are some mixed feelings regarding this game and I can assure you this applies to all games. No game is perfect but in this case I really had great time with this game. Go bananas doesn't have free spins feature but it does have random wild feature. The bigger the monkey the bigger the prize. In this game, the Gorilla is your best friend but also there's a possibility of multiple monkeys appearing on your screen and flipping those bananas into wild symbols.

There was a time 3 monkeys appeared on my screen which the gorilla was one of them, can you imagine how big the winning was? I love how they give each monkey a character, no matter which monkey appears on the screen, it always makes me smile.

Personally I think Go Bananas is one of the funniest game NetEnt ever made. Most of NetEnt games are so serious, sometimes dark and it is nice to have a fun one for a change. I also hope this game will have a sequel and maybe adding a free spins feature for those who dislike the first game.

Are you a newbie to this game? Go ahead and try this game, the monkeys are more than happy to lead you to a fruitful gaming sessions.

Hughes Mormoondancer

Poor payouts even with wilds.

Cacklegan Harkgordon

Very small winnings!


I did not like that it is hard to get wild monkeys, specially good ones. Also most times monkeys appears on 4 and 5 reels, and did not add any winnings, very annoying. Once I got two monkeys on 4 and 5 reels, and nothing good on first 3 reels, so I have many wilds but payout was zero, of course this land make me very unhappy, but such things happens and you should be ready to this.


The payout rate was very poor in my opinion and I will give only 6!

Regarding the features, nothing good to say because I like the slots with free spins or at least a bonus game but this slot has only 5 wild monkeys that wont give you excitement that the free spins give when you trigger!


Unfortunately this slot doesn’t have a classic bonus round and that’s why I think it failed to be so popular among the slot gamblers. If a bonus round is added this slot will be more interesting and I am sure more people will play it.

Baileycauldron Granglson

Other than giving some fun playing with those monkeys, Orangutans and gorillas, there is nothing much that I like about this Go Bananas game! I play it only with free spins, or in the fun mode. For me to deposit and play on it, sorry, I've got plenty more better games to try and make some wins. This game is a big no-no for me!

Manda Almondy

is game has a maximum payout of just 700x your bet, but the odds of ever hitting that particular combination are probably just as high as the five reel wild desire that returns 8100x your stake in Immortal Romance. I'm unsure of the exact figures, but I do know that I've yet to see ANY big hits worthy of mention on this game and I browse a whole lot of screenshot threads looking for inspiration of new slots to play each month. I think that perhaps the kind of dedicated players who bother to post screenshots in on-line forums have wisened up to this kind of blatant "bankroll bleeder" type slot and that is why the only time you happen to see people posting about this garbage is when they received a few free spins on the game, or perhaps wanted to use up a few pennies they had in their balance on a game they don't usually play.

I'd almost be tempted to give the game a little credit for the "Wild Monkey" system whereby several wilds can be added to the reels if you are lucky enough to hit one or more of these special monkey symbols, but because of this feature there are no regular wilds present on the reels at all! Wilds are only available when "activated" by a Wild Monkey symbol, making for a very unexciting game in regular play. There is no feature, bonuses or free spins modes either! This really is an awful game, and no amount of cute graphics and sound effects can save a gambling game that simply does not like to pay out.

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