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Reel Rush
RTP: 97%

Reel Rush Slot

by NetEnt
Based on 13 reviews
Users Score
Based on 22 reviews
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Reel Rush Slot Machine FAQ

❓ What is the RTP of Reel Rush?

✅ Reel Rush RTP is 97%.

❓ What are the Reel Rush Slots Game Features?

  • Reels: 5,
  • Paylines: 3125,
  • Layout: 5x3125,
  • Betting Range (€/$): 0.5-100 Bet.

❓Who created the Reel Rush slot?

✅ This slot is developed and published by NetEnt .

❓Are Reel Rush free spins available?

✅ Free spin feature available on the gameplay. 

❓Where can I play Reel Rush real money?

✅ You can play this slot machine for real money in almost all primary NetEnt casinos, but make sure you checked out our advised casinos first.

Slot Features
  • Software: NetEnt
  • Reel Rush RTP: 97%
  • Bonus game: No
  • Free spins: Yes
  • Coins Per Line: 10
  • Reels: 5
  • Coins values: 0.01 - 0.2
  • Pay Lines: 3125
  • Min - Max Bet: $0.50 - $100
  • Max Coin Wins: 10000
  • Max win: $2000
  • Wild symbol: Yes
  • Multipliers: No
  • Scatter symbol: No
  • Autoplay Option: Yes
  • Progressive: No
  • Slot Type: Video slots
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You all know that this is one of NetEnt’s most popular video slots, and with a good reason. Even though Reel Rush may seem as a simple game, with 90’s graphics and an arcade soundtrack, once you start spinning the reels, you will be hooked. Winning combinations are followed by free respins with expanding reel grid, more ways to win, until you get 3,125 ways to win and eight free spins and all of that for a price of a single spin. Of course, it will get frustrating when you get so close to freebies, but the 2013 release throws you back on the very beginning, but it will only make you try again. Every gamer should definitely have a go with Reel Rush. Release year:2013 Available on:Desktop, Mobile ...

Johnslots 2

Play Reel Rush 2 online slot packed with free spins, respins and loads of new features! Read our review to learn why we love this new slot. ...

The Pogg

game ReviewThe games game can be found at NetEnt casinos. NetEnt do make the house edge information of their slots games available and this can be found in the help files of the game (usually accessed by pressing the ‘?’ button at the bottom left of the game window). NetEnt games appear to only have one setting.Hard candy and a different take on a slots game.Reel Rush is a 5 reel game that functions in a non-traditional fashion. Initially the reels are set out so that only the centre symbol on reels 1 and 5, the middle 3 symbols on reels 2 and 4 and all symbols on reel 3 are active. Depending on the symbol either 2 or 3 matching symbols on concurrent reels starting from reel 1 constitute a win. The ‘Wild’ symbol is wild.When you receive a win, the non-active symbols in positions 2 and 4 of reel one will become active and a respin will be triggered. If you win a second time the non-active symbols in positions 2 and 4 of reel 5 will become active and a respin will be triggered. If you win a third time the non-active symbols in positions 1 and 5 of reel 2 will become active and a respin will be triggered. If you win a fourth time the non-active symbols in positions 1 and 5 of reel 4 will become active and a respin will be triggered. If you win a fifth ...


Reel Rush is a 5 reel game that has rewritten the rules of online slots. It offers a unique format that starts players off with 135 ways to win, but with each win offers more up to an incredible 3125 win ways! ...

Casino Online Rating

Are you ready to play a game that increases your chances of winning big money with every spin? Net Entertainment’s newest online video slot release “Reel Rush” promises to have the casino community rushing to join the fun on the reels, since it is one of the most innovative video slots to hit the online market this year. ...

The gambler bay

Play 【 Reel Rush Netent Online Slot Machine Game 】 ➦ ✅ Free (DEMO €5000)/Real Money ✚ ✅ Best Netent Online Casino List! ? No Download! ...


More than 5 years after its official release, the game keeps captivating players with its colourful theme and simple rules. However, the game has not gained its popularity only due to its visual qualities. The slot’s unique re-spins and free spins features grant players with the opportunity to win many big rewards without having to spend too much of their real money. Nevertheless, to understand better the idea behind Reel Rush, we must carefully analyse all its features and details. Thus, we have tested the game and have prepared a detailed review about it, where you can find all you need to learn about the slot. For your convenience, we will cover and explain everything you must know about Reel Rush to help you enjoy the game at its full quality. Have you got any experience with Reel Rush already? Before we move on, we would like to ask you to take a minute of your time and rate the game according to the criteria in the table below. Your opinion is important to us and we would like to hear it! In the table below, you can also see how other players have voted and whether they share your opinion of the game. ...


Play Reel Rush online slot with the best casino bonuses around and read the slot review to compare and maximise your winnings. ...

Netentcasino 2

game Review ♥ Full Game Specs here ⚡ Reel Rush 2 Free Spins ✅ Bonuses ✅ Bonus Codes & more by NetEnt Casino ✓ ...


♥ game Review ♥ Full Game Specs here ⚡ Reel Rush Free Spins ✅ Bonuses ✅ Bonus Codes & more by NetEnt Casino ✓ ...


Review of game by NetEnt, including real players' reviews and ratings, free play mode, winning screenshots, latest bonus codes and promotions. ...



Slot Reviews by Users
22 reviews by users
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1 reviews

Zhangcackle Morrispell

The game can be played across all devices and has a couple of features during the base game.

There are 8 randomly triggered features giving you extra wilds, block breakers for more ways to win, re-spins, symbol multipliers, symbol upgrades, super tokens, more free spins and progressive multipliers.

With colourful style graphics, Reel Rush 2 looks like something from a video game. You’ll see 6 fruits with the strawberry being the most lucrative. 3, 4 or 5 in combination will give you 0.5, 2.5 or 8 times your total bet respectively. There’s also a wild symbol that can appear on reels 2, 3, 4 and 5, and it substitute for all symbols.

The Re-Spin feature: When you win during a normal base game spin the re-spin feature kicks in
• 1st re-spin – 135 ways to win
• 2nd re-spin – 405 ways to win
• 3rd re-spin – 675 ways to win
• 4th re-spin – 1,125 ways to win
• 5th re-spin – 1,875 ways to win

One you win on the 5th re-spin you will unlock 3125 ways to win and trigger the free spins feature. You can either gamble your tokens If you do not have enough to trigger the progressive multiplier or you can just save it and build up more tokens to get a free spin feature with a progressive multiplier.

I must admit that triggering free spins on the previous version was difficult, and with this one I managed to trigger 4 features within 100 spins. I think the random base game features actually helps a lot, especially the extra wilds and block breakers.

The free spins did not pay that much at times, as I hit on average between x60 – 100 during those 4 features. I guess with the progressive multipliers that would increase the games potential and bigger wins can be generated. I actually like the slot and the fact that you can spin it from a minimum of $0.20 per spin.


at's definitely a plus in my opinion. And if I have to compare the gameplay, Reel Rush 2 has much more interesting gameplay due to its many features that also come up during base play.

I've had a few sessions with this slot now and each has been over 500 spins so I've managed to come to a conclusion. I'm not a fan. And here's why. The payouts are incredibly low and even though the way you trigger free spins is the same as the older Reel Rush, the average wins aren't higher than 50x bet. The only thing I do like is the added features- on any spin you can get extra activated reels that help to get closer to free spins, you can also get a cost free respin which in my opinion has been helpful at times, as well as some symbols can be turned into other symbols, added wilds, multipliers etc. That's the only thing that makes the gameplay exciting, but again, not once in my sessions it has resulted with a big win.

Then there are also super free spins- if you collect enough coins that come to the screen frequently, you will get super free spins bonus (yet you still need to trigger it by several consecutive wins). Something that I find an interesting marketing tactic is that you can also purchase more coins to gamble the regular spins for the super ones. It's interesting as it's not a common practice for any Netent games. And to be honest I think it's not worth it at all- it took me less than 500 spins to collect enough coins for super spins, the only difference between super spins and regular ones is that there's an increasing multiplier. Again, I had one super spins bonus and it paid less than 50x bet so definitely not worth paying for.

Overall I have mixed feelings about this slot. I like the added features to the new Reel Rush 2 and the lower bet sizes. But with that in mind, the payouts are low and I haven't had a single 100x bet win after several sessions. I don't think I will continue to play this slot.


Why? Because I have never liked any game that isn’t in the standard format of 5-reels and 3-rows. This Reel Rush 2 plays almost identically as the original Reel Rush game would, and having a 1-3-5-3-1 rows format, which I don’t like.

Well, having said all that, Reel Rush 2 now offers more new features than the original game, to make it more interesting, and with more chances of getting wins. Not big wins though, because the win values of all the symbols are extremely low, except if they are won with the bigger 15x or 20x win multipliers. Most of the newer features can be randomly activated in the base game, ranging from Respins, Second Chance, Symbols Upgrade, Wild symbols, Wild Multipliers, Blocks Breaker, or Tokens. During the free spins, there’ll be additional features for Extra Free Spins and Multiplier Booster. That’s a whole lot of different features in one game, so if you still find Reel Rush 2 a boring game to play, hmm, I don’t know what to say! Hahaha.

As you’d probably already know, the free spins feature is activated when all the Blocks have been unlocked, awarding 8 free spins, with chances for getting additional free spins along the way, but no Retriggering of the game. Alternatively, filling up the Star Meter with 5 Yellow Stars also activates the free spins game, or, you can ‘Buy’ the free spins game, or simply gamble your Tokens to get the free spins game. Phew, so many choices just to get some free spins, huh?!


Unfortunately this review won't allow me to give this game a lot of compliments though.

It belongs to some of NetEnt's recent slot releases that fails to meet its high expectations. At least for me that's the case. I like to be given a chance to have some decent wins. Reel Rush, a slot which has 5 reels and a remarkable 3125 paylines, gives way too little back to the player.

My sessions usually consist of many dead spins, and when you finally manage to trigger the free spins they hardly ever award more than 20-30x betsize. The symbols are made up from several fruits btw and the strawberry is the best paying symbol if I remember correctly. After every winning combination a few cubes disappear, making it easier for you to achieve a winning combination.

On top of the slot 6 stars are being displayed. After each winning combination you get a free spins and one star lights up. The goal is to light them all up, and then you receive 8 free spins. So basically you need a winning combo six times in a row. This unfortunately isn't that easy to do though.

I've had the free spins at least more than 15 times over the past 6 months I believe. During free spins all cubes are removed, but unfortunately that does not guarantee a massive payout. I also think 8 free spins is just a too small number to make it worth chasing.

I don't play this slot very often anymore. The minimum betsize is high too with €0.50, but I also tried this game on €2 and I saw my bankroll vanish in no time. Reel Rush unfortunately is too much of a bankroll swallower.

Pontiwell Rodriguezanic

This slot can award you 8 free spins with huge 3125 lines, but to unlock it player need to collect few wins in a row. From my experience, this slot of course can pay something nice during free spins, because 3125 lines and some stacked wilds it is always big hit potential, but i am personally did not like this game at all. It is just boring, graph is boring, sounds is boring, and my best hit on it was around 50 x bet. I did not play this game these days, and i will not play, there is much more better games for me.

Conclusion: I did not like this game, it is not interesting, and did not funny. Nothing impressive or nothing which will force me to enter this game again, one of the worst netent slots i think. Of course probably some people like it, but not me, for me it is boring game without anything new or 'wow effect'. Many lines, some stacked wilds, but it is just not work. Even such great slot company like netent sometimes make mistakes, and i hope they will not allow such bad slot to be released in future, because like i said, no one like this game, and no one playing, so what the point to do such games?

Zhangcackle Morrispell

The idea of the game is the following: you start with a small visible pattern on the screen, with only one visible symbol on reel 1 and 5 and three symbols visible on reels 2 and 4. If there is a win, the visible pattern will expand. This pattern will be extended up to 6 times for 6 consecutive wins, and the 6th time it will include all the 5 reels and 5 lines of the slot. If a spin loses, the pattern returns to its minimum initial state. If there are 6 consecutive winning spins, when the visible pattern is extended at maximum, you will enter the Free Spins round and will be given 8 Free Spins with all screen visible.

I do not have many observations to make, the slot is nice, the wins are from abundance, may be one thing should be emphasized. This slot, as most of NetEnt slots suffers from the same glitch: too many small consecutive wins and only rarely a bigger win. Maybe it is true, as it is specified the slot return is 97%, but I had to play here nearly 600 spins (that is 300 Euro at minimum bet) to reach at the final this return (i.e. to lose only about 10 Euro). After the first 200 spins (first 100 Euro gambled) the loss was worryingly high and I had 25 Euro in minus.

What brought me back on the track was a lucky round of Free Spins, in which I won over 30 Euro (and I had a “Big Win” of 12 Euro!). If I had not entered these Free Spins, the losses would have been insurmountable. However, in general Free Spins are not so generous and playing with minimum bet of 50 cent, you must settle with only 3-10 Euro.

The design of the slot is simple, elegant and beautiful like the idea itself of the game. For sure this slot is better than many other slots , even if when playing here if you are unlucky you can lose significant amounts.


There are 3125 lines in this game and the minimum bet is €0.50. Some of the spots on reels are blocked and you have to get a win to unlock them. The more you win the more of the reels become visible and you can win much more. The biggest pays on this game are strawberries and they are stacked sometimes. So if you open all of the reels and get strawberries you could win a lot. I won four times and then got all strawberries and won over 100x.

I actually had no clue that this game has a feature. It was paying good enough and i thought that was it. Then i won six times and all of a sudden was awarded with 8 free spins. The free spins are awesome because the reels are all visible. Max i won on this feature was over €90 on a minimum bet. This game definitely can pay, i have seen and felt it but it also can be a super tease. Many other times that i have played it it gave me nothing. Max i got was two consecutive wins and no more. Very bad and very mean to be hones.

The graphics are really good and the sound effects are awesome. the game play is amazing and the feature is great. I would recommend this game to everyone. If i was to rate this game i would give it 8 out of 10.




1 star down.

Looking at the paytable, there’s a Wild symbol but it doesn’t carry any win value, there’s no scatter symbol, and the highest paying symbol only carries 1000x the line bet. Not exciting enough for big payouts, despite the 3125 ways to win in the 8 free spins (awarded after any 5th straight win in the main game). 2 stars down.

Reel Rush is basically a straight game, offering only a free spins feature game consisting of 8 free spins with 3125 ways to win. Sounding very good indeed but there’s a catch, as expected. This 8 free spins can only be achieved by getting 5 continuous wins in the main game, regardless of the win sizes or amounts. All you need to do is to get a win five times in a row in the main game and the free spins game is yours. Sounds so easy but it isn’t. At times, the free spins feature game can come quite often, while at most other times, the 5th win just wouldn’t come, falling short of just 1 more win. 1 star down.

The game starts with a diagonal pattern of symbols, unlike the usual rectangular 5-reels 3-rows grid. As you play, a win will open up an additional section of the reels, and the 5th straight win will open all of the 5-reels 5-rows grid of symbols. Yes, 5 rows, with 25 individual grid blocks. You’d immediately think it’ll be so much easier to win with more rows, but it is actually a lot harder to win! If it is the usual 3-rows with 3125 ways to win, the payouts would really be massive, but no straight game is ever going to do that! As it is, the most I’ve won from those 8 free spins so far was only 55x my total bet, but I’m pretty sure bigger wins are just waiting to be had. Still, the game play was fun and entertaining. 1 star up.

On the whole, Reel Rush can be good to you or it can be bad. Big wins can be achieved no doubt, the free spins can be quite lenient too, the game was rather fun to play, and the lively music kept me entertained, but sadly enough, there isn’t any win for me as yet, so 1 star down.

Poozzt Doshar Elfcollins

My partner used to play it all the time and I used to curse him for doing so, then out of the blue I just started playing it and it did not take long for me to fall in love with this game.

Reel Rush is a 50 line slot with a minimum bet of 50p a spin. Now I have to warn you in advance, this slot really does require a decent balance to start playing with because the spins are so fast and fierce, your money can be gone in seconds. The main base game spins can be boring and more often or not produce dead spins or spins with low wins. But please hang in there because once you trigger the free spins feature, let me tell you they can produce some big big wins. All you need to do to get the free spins is to get five consecutive wins. Every win you get opens up the blank blocks on the slot which also opens up more chances of winning. When all the blocks have been unlocked on your screen you will get 8 free spins with all of the reels fully unlocked for the stacked symbols to come rolling in.

Reel Rush is an extremely fast paced game and once you manage to get free spins wins in excess of x 100 just roll in, and this is one slot that you can play where you really can just get free spins after free spins!


u need to hit several winning combinations in a row to open up the entire play area, and then to begin the free spins round during which the entire play area will remain unlocked for 8 spins, during which you have the opportunity to hit some monster wins.


The minimum bet that can be placed in this game is 0.50$, so before you start playing this game you better prepare some serious money to begin with. So about the game there is only a wild symbol that can appear on reel 2, 3, 4 and 5. Also there is the free spin feature, where basically after five winning combination in a row two by two blocks will shatter getting you closer to the 8 free spin. It doesn't really matter how big the winning in the main are game, any winning will make the blocks disappear. Sounds pretty simple, easy and straightforward but trust me it is not so simple and easy as it appears at all. At many times these free spins may elude you but sometimes they can appear really often. Once you get the free spins they are played with an amazing 3125 possible ways to win.

Overall I must say that this is a really fun and entertaining game to play. It can be really tough, cruel and cold at some times but I think persistence is everything. As much as it sounds negative this game can offer you some incredible winnings as well, it may come at a price or not depends on your luck. But in my experience this fast game chewed my balance before I even realized it, so be careful. The graphic of this game is simply ok and the music was very relaxing for me. 7/10!


reminds me of some candy store because all of the symbols here are related to that. I think the name doesn’t soot it, it should be called Candy Rush or something. The minimum bet to play this slot is 0.50 euros but the interesting detail is that the paylines vary in this game. They can go up to 3125 which is pretty incredible because the payout potential is really big.

From the symbols this game doesn’t have scatters only wild symbols. They can land on reels 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 and can provide some nice winning combinations. The highest paying symbol has a payout of 1000 coins but the rest of the symbols have a very small payout so sometimes the wins can be really small. For every win you get, you get a respin and you unlock more paylines. The more wins you have the better until after the 5-th respin all the reels are clear and you win 8 free spins on the max number of paylines. The wild symbols still land on the same reels and you can have some massive wins. The free spins can’t be retriggered but sometimes come in a row so this game can be great to boost your balance.

The first time I saw that this game can really pay is when I got 20 free spins in some casino on this slot. From those spins I got a solid 40 euros and I was really surprised. Ever since I play this game I had some nice wins of over 200 x bet and more in the free spins bonus.


For me this slot usually was not hard in make wagering, and I was able to wager a lot without losing anything, sometimes even a bit up.

I like that there is 3125 paylines. In freespins of course. During norm play there is much more less lines, and others you need to unlock. Each time you win - more spaces open in reels and you get more lines and more chances to win.

I like sounds in this game. It is absolutely fantastic, and also there is fantastic soundtrack really awesome and pleasure to play this game with sounds enabled.

I like look of this game. Lot of great colors and these impressive symbols which is looks like fruits, but not exactly.

Unfortunately this is all things which I can list in thumbs up category, other things goes to other category. I rate this game with 7 stars - it is decent one, but not enough.


The most interesting part of this game is its structure. It has 5 reels and 3125 paylines, where have you seen such large amount of paylines? That being said, the minimum bets for this slot are 0.50€ per spin so I wouldn't recommend to play it with small balance. I know there's a very popular game called Candy Crush and this slot really looks similar to it, but the design is really simple but at the same time- not childish and that's good.

What really stands out for me in this game is the respin features and the way you get free spins, the first times I played this slot I was really confused and didn't understand it. When you get a winning, you will unlock a little more paylines, and will get a respin. If you win again, you win unlock more and get another respin. If you manage to succeed 5 times in a row, you will unlock free spins. I've had free spins feature enough times now to say it can produce great winnings.

When you trigger free spins, you will play 8 free spins but great thing is that they will be played on all 3125 paylines. Both in main game and free spins there are wilds and they appear on reels 2,3, and 4. At first I thought that 8 free spins is really little amount, but this game has really surprised me, most of my free spins end with at least 60x bet winnings.

Overall I have really changed my mind about this slot. If I had mixed feelings before then now I am absolutely sure this is a wonderful game. If game is in a good mood, free spins aren't that hard to trigger, but even when it doesn't happen, having re-spins is good too and can produce decent winnings to keep your balance steady. Definitely worth trying!


ld symbols substitute for all symbols. When I played I like that there were a few wild symbols, but in every next spin I had less of them and in the end nothing.

The game base on respins. A winning combination in any spin of the main game activates one re-spin, up to a maximum of 5 re-spin. With each respin the number of ways to win increases. I like how the game is set, but I had no luck on it every time when I played. I never reach fifth or even fourth respin. Most of the time I got two respins, sometimes three. And that is all I got from this game. Only small winnings.

There are also free spins feature. It is trigger after the fifth respin and you get 8 free spins. And free spins are played with all active 3125 paylines. Like I said I never reach to fifth respin. I play this game sometimes, because it has interesting free spins. I think there, into free games could be awesome wins but it is really hard to get free spins.

Otherwise I don't have any luck with this game, so I do not know when I will play it next time. It also bothered me that bet is quite high at 0,5€ for me. I like to see that lower, because I like to play games with minimum stakes. Maybe I will try it again, after some good winnings at other NetEnt games. I will rate it with 6 stars because I don't have luck on it.

Benmog Morrisflame

In this game symbols which are the corners are hidden until you get three or more of any of identical symbols, then the position of the drum unlocks, and he is spinning with these fields. Note that I am very bad at explaining things like this, so it is best to visit this slot yourself and see in detail how everything works.

Last weekend I played a lot this slot on Stan James Casino and I won some 40 € for half an hour. This is an excellent result considering that I mentioned on the same day at the casino in just two hours lost € 250 at the Blood Suckers slot, this came to me as a little refreshment and return to life. Reel Rush is no less interesting than the other slots, this locked columns on the drum is really powerful creations, the creator has all the compliments. Good work, guys!


This slot has a candy theme, well, candies were my favorite until recently, but not anymore. I had a few Haribo Bears a few days ago and that was it. But when you start spinning this slot, most likely you may wish to eat something sweet, if not candies, then maybe pineapples or strawberries. I like them both, as I like this game, which I tried last year for the very first time. I had some minor wins then, which I possibly may have uploaded some screenshots of them, but considering the minimum bet size of 0.50 cents per spin, I just couldn't afford me the pleasure of spinning it as I wish. And yes, I was upset back then but not anymore, but who cares, I'll spin it again very soon

The game's theme is about candy crushing and there is an incredible 3125 ways to win during the Free Spins feature game. Have you ever heard of anything like that before? Honestly, I didn't and haven't! This game has exciting Wilds and a multi-way winning re-spins on any win. I love the sound when those reels and Wilds go crazy, with shining reels and glittering little stars surrounding the symbols and on the reels. There is no Scatter symbol in this slot though. The highest paying symbol could pay you 1000 coins for 5-of-a-kind, sounds delicious, don't you agree, but triggering this is not an easy thing to do, in my opinion. Each win awards you with one re-spin, and unlocking more paylines. A thrilling experience and a 'must try' slot in my opinion. As for me, I will still be dreaming of spinning this game for now, but as I've said, my time will come sooner or later and I'll be pressing that 'spin' button once again, believe me.


When the entire reels have become the full 5x5 reels for 3125 ways, 8 free spins are given! I personally find that each win being as it is just minimal in my perspective can give out re-spins, the best thing about this is they do not cost me more bets for each one! I find that upon triggering the 8 free spins, the win potential may go a long way from winning small to a moderate total win to a large win! Think of Microgaming's Terminator 2 only without the T1000 morphing feature for the highest possible wins.

Now I do not wish to stick around with Reel Rush because even after all the Netent games available now, it is one of the least I like to play with! In most cases, playing $0.50 seems rather fair because I do not wish to burn my balances away with $1, half of the time is just does not seem worth running through for 8 free spins at 3125 ways when I can simply find another video slot baring more free spins with multipliers going left to right pays!

The graphics I can appreciate because it looks like it came from the good old Super Mario games I went through a very long time ago! The music, well.......I figured it sounded like for when animals die this would be the heaven they go to. Blissfully peaceful! The pays are fair, a "Super Mario" background re-invented into this slot game, re-spin s being the cool focus for sparing bets and streaks that unlock potential for free spins! A 6 out of 10!


That proof something about this game, right?

There's no scatter symbols and no other feature than free spins but it does not mean that the game is boring, in fact it's the opposite. 5 wins in a row will trigger the free spins bonus and let me tell you this, I always sitting on the edge of my seat when the fourth spin is spinning and there's always a possibility for me to hit the table when it did not hit a win, it's that exciting.

Reel Rush, a fitting title for the game indeed. I always feel 'rushed' when I play this game. If any of you have a bad heart condition, I'd advised you not to play this game. I've been disappointed many times with Reel Rush but also excited the same time. I've lost a couple hundreds euros but also won a couple of hundreds back.

I have to say that NetEnt has and still is doing a great job making great, exciting games and Reel Rush is one of them!
Sure there are some players who are not satisfied about the game but I can assure you that this applies to all games out there.

My luckiest gambling session was also by playing this game, I made a single deposit of 50 euro and spin a few times with the lowest stake. After a while I manage to reach my balance to 150 euro and decided to increase the bet. Within 10 minutes my balance went to 500 euro, made a cash out. It's not bad for a deposit of 50 euro. I was that so hooked with this game and decided to give it another try and hoped for another big win but unfortunately I lost my last winning on the game.
The lesson to learn here is that, know when to quit and I did learn my lesson. It is not the game to blame though, the game is just fine.


t looks like NetEnt once again released fruity themed slot like those in land-based casinos but the whole game looks like fruity candies to me. Not only I want to play I could eat some but there is nothing to eat here, heh. It'been really long time since I last time played this game and so far I remember I made just a few decent wins and after realizing I will not stick with this game, I left it aside and moved on with different games.This is a 5-reels and 3125- pay-lines video slot and it could eat your money really fast if you don't pay attention to you session.The minimum bet is 0.50 cents. On the other hand pay-table doesn't look so pretty as game appearance itself. To be honest I never meant do put 50 euros or more n order to spin this video slot, I tried with lower balance but it would disappear in the blink of an eye. If you start wondering why I am saying this, well, let me explain it. In order to trigger Free Spins feature which you must get 5 consecutive wins and then you get only 8 Free Spins. I know it sounds awful but that's the truth. Seems that we have another awesome game with not only poor pay-table but difficult to reach to. Yes, it seems this video slot is made to eat not to pay-out frequently. Wild symbols comes with zero payout, it doesn't doubling wins or anything. There is no Scatter and the highest paying symbols pays 1000 x your total bet if you collect 5 of its kind.

One thing is sure, if game gets into 'paying mode' you will surely win depending on your stake, but as for me, I don't think so as I never get lucky but still liking this video slot which you should tried out yourself and make up your own opinion.


Reel Rush 2 is okay to play, but not for me.

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