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Rook's Revenge
RTP: 95.53%

Rook's Revenge Slot

by Betsoft
Based on 1 reviews
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Based on 10 reviews
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Rook's Revenge Slot Machine FAQ

❓ What is the RTP of Rook's Revenge?

✅ Rook's Revenge RTP is 95.53%.

❓ What are the Rook's Revenge Slots Game Features?

  • Reels: 5,
  • Paylines: 25,
  • Layout: 5x25,
  • Betting Range (€/$): 0.25-125 Bet.

❓Who created the Rook's Revenge slot?

✅ This slot is developed and published by Betsoft .

❓Are Rook's Revenge free spins available?

✅ Free spin feature available on the gameplay. 

❓Where can I play Rook's Revenge real money?

✅ You can play this slot machine for real money in almost all primary Betsoft casinos, but make sure you checked out our advised casinos first.

Slot Features
  • Software: Betsoft
  • Rook's Revenge RTP: 95.53%
  • Bonus game: No
  • Free spins: Yes
  • Coins Per Line: 5
  • Reels: 5
  • Coins values: 0.01 - 1
  • Pay Lines: 25
  • Min - Max Bet: $0.25 - $125
  • Max Coin Wins: 62500
  • Max win: $62500
  • Wild symbol: Yes
  • Multipliers: Yes
  • Scatter symbol: Yes
  • Autoplay Option: No
  • Progressive: No
  • Slot Type: Video slots
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Review of game by Betsoft, including real players' reviews and ratings, free play mode, winning screenshots, latest bonus codes and promotions. ...

Slot Reviews by Users
10 reviews by users
2 reviews
2 reviews
4 reviews

Smokey Norman

Because of that, I made a deposit of 40€ to try this slot.

It has 5 reels and 25 paylines, but the minimum coin size is 0.02€ which makes the minimum bet bigger - 0.50€ per spin and that is expensive for a minimum stake. From the first look I couldn't deny the similarity this game has with Gonzos Quest slot. This game also has one main character and exploding symbols, when there's a winning combination and increasing multiplier, when the winnings are subsequent. It's one of Betsoft's 3D slots and I don't really like them and I think the graphics are average.

First of all I really don't like that there's no autoplay option. I always use autoplay option and I like to gamble, while doing other things, so this is a minus for me, I think all slots should have autoplay option. I played with minimum stakes for about an hour and I managed to get 2 big wins of 50x bet. The maximum multiplier you can get on main game is 5x but I didn't get any winning with that, my best achievement was with 3x multiplier. Wild symbol helped me get nice winnings, as it appears on middle reels- 2nd, 3rd and 4th and substitutes all symbols.

In my session I didn't manage to get any free spin round and I think it is very hard to get them, as they need to be in an active winning payline and they appear only on first three reels. In them the winning multiplier for subsequent winnings are higher.

Overall I don't like this game and I know I won't be playing it again. Yes I managed to get few decent winnings and small profit, but there were many cons for this slot as well. I only think it could be a decent fit for wagering, as I managed to not lose anything at all.


Well, I guess such things can only happen in some faraway forest somewhere, where being the tribal chief could mean one helluva good time, at the right time of course! Hehehe. But here, in this game, no such ladies are around, so this Rook of a tribal chief has to handle lots of ancient tribal masks. So, which masks do you prefer, and which masks will Rook give to you?

For me, all I want are those beautiful Golden Masks, as many times as possible, because each time I get 3 of them, I get to play a Free Fall game, where wins can be from 3x up to 15x. Sounds familiar? Yes, of course it does. This BetSoft's Rook's Revenge game plays very much like NetEnt's Gonzo's Quest, alike, but not even comparable. Why? Well, my many plays on Rook's Revenge have failed to give me any decent wins at all, not even once! Be it in the base games or in the Free Falls games, the payouts from Rook's Revenge were nothing like what I could get from Gonzo's Quest. Especially frustrating and disappointing are the Free Falls game. All my wins from them have never exceeded 20x my total bet size! The payouts were usually only 5x to 15x, totally unbelievable and unacceptable for me! Maybe it was not the right time, maybe just not my luck, but I don't buy all that. Personally, I find that Rook's Revenge doesn't play nor pay as good as what Gonzo's Quest can.

The paytable may be identical to that of Gonzo's Quest, the symbols may pay the same amount, the Scatters may appear the same way, and so do the Wild symbols, but the configuration of the game play certainly isn't the same way at all. It cannot be, otherwise it would make Rook's Revenge a duplicate of Gonzo's Quest, or the other way around, depending on which game came out first. So that explains why both games do not play nor pay the same way!


However, Rook's Revenge is one of those slots I could not get used to, and for very good reason which I'll explain in this review.

Rook's Revenge has 25 paylines, 5 reels and 3 rows on each one of them. The game's concept differs from the average slot layout. This game makes use of free falls, and the winning combinations crumble when you won something. Another few blocks replace the crumbled blocks, which gives you another chance to win.

Basically these are free spins, and can be seen as an extension of your playtime. There is also a multiplier that changes from 1x to 2x, 3x and 5x eventually when receiving wins in succession.

But hold up, isn't there a slot that is already very popular using the same concept? THAT'S RIGHT! Net Entertainment's Gonzo's Quest is basically the same slot with 20 paylines instead. This is something that really bothers me as a slots player. I mean how could they make it so OBVIOUS that they are cloning a slot when making this game?

I like originality and Betsoft totally failed here in my opinion. The same story goes for their game called Gemscapades (Starburst clone). Even the wilds on reels 2, 3, 4 and scatters on reels 1, 2, 3 appear on the same spots.

I figure it's only possible to really enjoy this game if you have never heard or played Gonzo's Quest before. I did have a couple of nice wins though with this game, hitting 80x bet size during free spins session and some smaller wins during base game. However, I did lose it all eventually.

Final rating for Betsoft's Rook's Revenge is 5/10.


Rook 's Revenge is a 3D slot with 25 paylines, which could have been very good, but actually it is very bad. The slot presents itself in the form of different stones (Aztec masks) falling from above , and a winning combination makes the stones from the combination to explode, resulting in the fall of other stones from up above, in their place. What could have made this slot great is the presence of the multiplier which during normal spins, every time a winning combination happens, increases by one. So, for the first winning combination this multiplier is 1x,the appearance of a second winning combinations makes this multiplier be 2x , etc. Unfortunately, the existence of the multiplier contributes too little compared to the other bad parts of the game.

First, the game losses are very high. After only 50 spins, I had 40 Euro less in my balance (playing at the minimum line bet of 2 cents).

Secondly, the slot moves very, very slowly. A spin take a very long time indeed because of the unfortunate animation of the 3D character from the right side of the slot, representing Rooke (an extremely fat guy resembling a pig -excuse me the comparison- when dancing and doing different jumps) . In an entire hour I did not managed to play more than 50, maybe 70 spins. Probably because of the clunky animation there is no AutoSpin button in this slot.

Third this slot is bad because the "Wild" symbols and those triggering the Free Spins round are very, very rare.During the time I have played they have not appeared simultaneously together, in the game . More than one "Wild " or "Free Spins" symbol once every 5-7 spins you will meet here . And in addition to this, there is no "Bonus Game" offered here.I left this game feeling bad because I have not got to play the Free Spins round, not even once. From how slowly the game was playing it probably took hours to wait for it.


To start off with the minimum coin denomination here is 0.02p...I have a whole lecture I could give (don't worry I won't) on slots that have this restriction but this is just another example of why I hate it. The minimum bet you can place is 50p a spin. The features involved within this slot are two - you have your normal set of Free Spins you would expect to find on any slot but you also have your rare slot feature here of 'Tumbling Reels'. For anyone who doesn't know what this means, it's simple..when you get a win the winning symbols explode bringing in new symbols which bring in potential new wins every time, whilst only paying for the one 50p spin. As an added bonus every time you do get a win and new symbols appear to give you another win you also get a bigger multiplier! Thus giving endless opportunities for wins. The only problem with Rooks Revenge is...the winning symbols hardly ever appear.

Generally the only time I play Rooks Revenge is if I get free spins on it somewhere! Then if the free spins winnings have to be wagered on the same slot I'm forced to keep playing it. I have actually received loads of sets of free spins on it and can honestly say I think I have only ever got the free spins feature maybe two or three times. And it is for that reason why my review of it is not very good. When I'm being forced to play a slot at a 0.02p coin denomination I at least expect to be getting something back for this which I feel Rooks Revenge does not give. I usually find myself laughing more at the dancing guy at the bottom of your screen with his awesome dandy moves rather than watching my actual spins!

Sometimes I even dance along with him for fun!


winning lines explode and gets replaced by a new set from the top until no more lines make a winning pattern. It gives the idea that a spin gives a second chance of getting a much more better pattern and bigger payout. I have played this quite a dozen of times and usually dance along with the fat animated guy because of big wins. Out of 20 or less times I have played, I have made winnings of about 15 times.

From my experience, I spend around 10-15 euros at 0.01 per line before I get those big payouts. I know it is all about RNG but on average, that is what usually takes me before I get to the portion where you get to leave the machine/game.

Sound is pretty much ok considering it is an Aztec themed machine. Animation is pretty much ok. Winnings are clearly stated and payout is decent. I would rate this over all at about 8 out of 10.


The bad thing about this slot is that because of the 3D animations, is not running smooth and you have to wait a couple of seconds after you made a spin!


There's no autoplay, and the game spins very slowly and I couldn't trigger the free spins round, which seems like the best part of game. I haven’t seen winning screenshots from other players so I have some doubts about it’s winning potential.


Not in my deep freezer though, because once in awhile, my fingers do become itchy for some of Rook's action, preferably with those 2 beautiful ladies to accompany, but no such thing can ever be. I have to go for Rook's treasure for that. In this game, it has always been Rook's Revenge on me! Oh gawd! Hehehe.


the two games were from the same developer you would expect there to be some differences in the paytable to cover this change but as this is a BetSoft game they just went right ahead and created their payout mechanics with an identical paytable. If your going to copy something so blatantly you may as well do it PROPER, right?!

I would have thought the extra paylines could result in a slightly higher RTP, especially with an identical paytable however thats not the case going on the advertised payouts and Rooks Revenge actually offers a full two percent less of payback than the game it set out to copy, making this the obvious bad choice of the two should you have the option to play both.

It's uglier than Gonzo's Quest as well, the colors are way too saturated and brash for my liking and the fat guy in the corner lacks all of the charm that made Gonzo so likable. At least when Microgaming ripped off this title they decided to make the bonus triggers into proper scatters, but BetSoft haven't even bothered doing that so your still stuck with having to get the three symbols on a payline in this game if you want to trigger the free spins. I guess the extra five paylines are certainly a bonus in this regard but of course there are plenty of combinations that can occur whereby you'll have three bonus symbols onscreen but no bonus round.

I'm sure there will be players who will want to play this, after all NetEnt have cut off several territories recently and Gonzo's Quest has lots of fans. For most of us though this is a shameless rip off of the worst kind and I would never play this again now I'm aware of its heritage.

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