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Hi, Bohdan is here. You may also know me as Le Comte, I am person behind some of the most well-known casino affiliate websites and what I'm doing right now is running, so today's one is about Rootbet Casino. 

So it's a promise of two parts of the story.

The first part is that I will try to summarise some of the things that we know about Rootbet Casino and after that I will give them a list of
of questions as a sort of interview or questionnaire and once they get back to me I can record the next part of the video where they can obviously comment or respond to some of my claims, findings or even accusations.

So what do I know about Rootbet?

First of all, they have obviously had two lives or two incarnations, the first of which started back in 2018 and it was obviously a casino run by a team of people and then after 2022/23 there's been another reincarnation and another team behind this casino. 

Effectively, there have been some mistakes made by the first team of this casino and these mistakes (you can google them) obviously concern their work with affiliates as well as a part of their work with streamers (influencers). 

The most notorious things they are known for is making fake money claims when working with (streamers) and so on.

Rootbet has done a lot of negative things in the past but now that they have made this kind of reincarnation we are here to decide whether or not we'd go with them in the future.


So, what we know now is that they have a lot of brand ambassadors. One of them is Snoop (Snoop Dog), they are also getting a bunch of people from MMA and they also continue to work with a lot of influences on YouTube and not only that.

What we don't know about them is that who are the people behind this second reincarnation of Rootbet, but there are claims that the people behind the site are connected with skin gambling or CSGO world.

On their LinkedIn page they write that they have an ethos of advancing the everyday use of cryptocurrency (as this is essentially a cryptocurrency casino) and also supporting the creator community. So from what we have all gathered, it is obvious that they are continue to work hard with the influences on social media and tik tok. So we have to ask them what precautions they have taken to rule away these fake money claims and so on.

Their websites look sort of 'jolie', it is really good and the most important thing about the thing about the design is that it is in blue (joke). So they promise to have more than three thousand slots and I'm sure a lot of crash games (instant win games)

The Snoop personality is also all over the site. They promise a lot of rewards and and they're advertising on Esports and MMA as well, so this is probably the first one you'd see on Roobet casino site.

Let's put a full stop here, let's ask them a list of questions that I have

So let's give them a say and I'll get back to you later.

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