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Jekyll and Hyde
RTP: 96.36%

Jekyll and Hyde Slot

by Microgaming
Based on 5 reviews
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Based on 5 reviews
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Slot Description

We've got a bit of Victorian horror for you today we're going to be looking at the Jekyll and Hyde slot, which is based on robert louis stevenson's, classic horror novel. It's been brought to the casino by Microgaming, it's one of their newest slots, and it's pretty to be really pretty popular since it launched it's one of those kind of games that casinos are throwing a lot of bonuses at the moment. They'Re running a lot of promotions around so if you want to try the game out for yourself, as always, we would recommend that you click on the play the game link just below the video, and that will take you through to a casino. That'S currently offering you some kind of a promotion. You know to make sure that you get the best deal when you try the game out for yourself, but now this is loaded up.

Let'S have a quick look at it. As you can see, Jacqueline hide is a 5-reel game. There are no pay lines in the game mode. It'S a 243 way slot. Now, if you haven't played way slots before they're perfectly easy to get to grips with, and the only difference really from the from the more sort of standard pay line games that in the pay line games you're winning symbols need to be connected by an active pay Line for you to be paid out, whereas in a way slot such as this, as long as the winning combination is on consecutive reals, it doesn't matter whereabouts on those reels they are, you know they don't need to be connected by a particular line for you to Get your money so because of that way waste lots have become. You know, really a lot more popular over course, the last few years.

So, let's start by having a look at some of the betting options we've got here, you can see at the bottom here. You know: we've got a reasonable range of coin sizes anywhere from 0 point 0. 1.

Up to point 10 number of coins that you're betting on a particular line can be chosen here and you can see as I increase the number of coins. The overall size of my bet increases too, and that happens automatically. So it's all quite easy to keep a track of exactly. You know how much you're spending on a particular spin.

As I say you can wager up to 10 coins on a single spin and that works out to be 25 credits. So let's take this down a little bit and then we'll take this for a spin and hopefully you'll get a feeling for what the games like, and I can point out a few of the consumables as we go. Alright, it's got a couple of symbols to look out here and the wild symbol, which you can't really miss substitutes for any other symbol in the game. Apart from the scatter symbol - and this is the scatter symbol here now - the scatter symbols. Actually, you know pretty valuable thing to spin. You can spin three of those earning anywhere on the reels.

You'Ll unlock the game's main feature, which is a free spins round, you'll be given 10 free spins and that's can pay up to seven and a half thousand credits based on a maximum bed of 25. So keep an eye out for the definitely keep an eye out for the I. Hopefully, you can sort of see in here as we go through that this is also very much based around the book and it's designed to be a little bit eerie and creepy. We'Ve got sort of like laboratory symbols here and the music here in the background I'll turn this up towards a better feel for it, but it, but it certainly adds something to and that changes if you as in when you get into the free spins round. Now I just want to point out: this is dr Jekyll for those of you who haven't actually read the book, he's the good guy now, what happens is he's worth a fair bit on his own? You know, if you can. Maximum payout from him is 1500, but again based on a on a maximum better 25.

But he really comes into his own in the free spins round. And that's because when you, when you spin through these scatter symbols, Jekyll turns into Hyde very much. As happens in the book and that's where the real money is when he turns into hide, if you can spin five hides while in the free spins feature, that's when you get your seven and a half thousand, so I think there's a lot to admit and I Think that's largely sort of it the key areas of the game.

What I might just do is we'll have a few experts now and i will see if i can i'll up free spins around so that we can go through the main page and you can see how that works from spawn three scatter symbols. Three of the Jekyll and Hyde logos - and I hope you saw there that Chapel turned into hide at the bottom of the screen there. So now what happens is the screen changes? We'Re now in the free spins feature you can see. I'Ve got 10 free spins at the top music changes. It'S something a bit more airy and here is hide to say he is now he's come about.

Jackals turned into hide and he's now that the highest-paying symbol in the game we can get 50 days in this free spins feature, then we'll get paid, the maxima, seven, a half thousand based on a maximum back. So what I'm going to do is just take you through the spin feature. We'Ve got 10 free spins, so we'll get going see what happens. Symbols are still largely the same. Free spins can be retriggered at any time, which is good.

So if we do end up getting another three sketched in jerz, then we will receive an extra will get another 10 free spins and that's very exact that can also be using loops for knives, though now, at the end of this free spins feature, you'll see hi. Turning back into jackal again, the player will be awarded. You know, they're the prizes from the from the free spins wheel, chair and then the game turn back to this time. The screen so last free spring. Well, it's not been a hugely lucrative free spins around, but that's the feature complete. Hopefully it's giving you an idea of how it works and there we go.

You can see how i turn you back into jackal in the top right hand corner, and we go back to the normal game and carry on as usual, but anyway that's the that's the Jekyll and Hyde slot. As I say, it's been a hugely popular game. So far from like gaming, so if you are looking to play yourself, as I say, try clicking on the play the game link below the video here and we'll make sure that you get taken through to the casino that term as offering a good deal on the Game behind me, but anyway I let this play out I'll turn up the volume of it. So you can hear bit more about the sounds of the background and best of luck with it hope you win big.

Jekyll and Hyde Slot Machine FAQ

❓ What is the RTP of Jekyll and Hyde?

✅ Jekyll and Hyde RTP is 96.36%.

❓ What are the Jekyll and Hyde Slots Game Features?

  • Reels: 5,
  • Paylines: 1024,
  • Layout: 5x1024,
  • Betting Range (€/$): 0.25-250 Bet.

❓Who created the Jekyll and Hyde slot?

✅ This slot is developed and published by Microgaming .

❓Are Jekyll and Hyde free spins available?

✅ Free spin feature available on the gameplay. 

❓Where can I play Jekyll and Hyde real money?

✅ You can play this slot machine for real money in almost all primary Microgaming casinos, but make sure you checked out our advised casinos first.

Slot Features
  • Software: Microgaming
  • Jekyll and Hyde RTP: 96.36%
  • Bonus game: No
  • Free spins: Yes
  • Coins Per Line: 10
  • Reels: 5
  • Coins values: 0.01 - 0.1
  • Pay Lines: 1024
  • Min - Max Bet: $0.25 - $250
  • Max Coin Wins: 15000
  • Max win: $1500
  • Wild symbol: Yes
  • Multipliers: No
  • Scatter symbol: Yes
  • Autoplay Option: No
  • Progressive: No
  • Slot Type: Video slots
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We all sometimes feel like there’s someone else inside us. We all sometimes do something completely out of character, and then stop and wonder what brought this up? And when the “other” person within us takes over, we begin to suffer from the split personality syndrome. This is precisely the question addressed in the famous book by Robert Louis Stevenson – Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, a book that deals not only with the psychological condition and morality in general, but also represents a good thriller, which keeps attracting readers from throughout the globe even at present. ...

The Pogg

game ReviewThe games game can be found at Microgaming casinos. Microgaming as a standard do not publish the slots house edge information of their games. However they lease their slots games out to casinos using other software, some of which do publish this information. So far we’ve only found one casino – Virgin – that has published this information for Jekyll and Hyde and they list the house edge as 4.64%. When playing at any other venue, this information should be used as a guideline only as the game may be configurable.Will you meet the man or the monster?The Jekyll and Hyde game has 5 reels and does not use standard paylines. Instead any 3 matching symbols on adjacent reels starting from the left side of the reels constitutes a win. This is equivalent to 243 standard paylines.The ‘Wild’ symbol is wild.There is only one bonus feature when playing Jekyll and Hyde and it is activated when you receive 3 or more of the ‘Jekyll and Hyde Logo’ scatter symbol anywhere on the reels. When this happens you will be awarded 10 complimentary spins. During the complimentary spins all the ‘Dr Jekyll’ symbols will be turned into ‘Mr Hyde’ symbols with a far more generous paytable.в†’ Read MoreConclusionA below average house edge alongside an interesting free spin feature makes Jekyll and Hyde a reasonable game, but does not do enough to make it fantastic.Microgaming Slots•   North Storm ...



Review of game by Microgaming, including real players' reviews and ratings, free play mode, winning screenshots, latest bonus codes and promotions. ...


Slot Reviews by Users
5 reviews by users
4 reviews
0 reviews
1 reviews


The slot for a theme has the famous story about Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. This is also a widely used theme over the industry and almost every provider has one game with a theme like this. I have tried a few similar games but I can’t say I had some success on any of them. The game has a descent design and animations but the background music is simply dreadful and it gets boring after the first 20-30 spins.

This is a 243 payline slot and the first time I played I thought it was a 25 payline slot because the minimum bet to play it was only 25 cents. I have to say I was happy because it is a 243 payline game because they can pay really big. The paytable is descent. The highest paying symbol is Dr.Jekyll and he awards 1500 coins for 5 of them on the reels. The game has a wild and scatter symbol. You need at least 3 scatters to activate the free spins bonus.

The free spins bonus has an interesting concept. Here the main character is Mr. Hyde and in his paytable 5 of them on the reels award a high 7500 coins win. All symbols of Dr.Jekyll that land on the reels turn to Mr.Hyde to award more wins. A nice concept and a possibility for some big wins but the variance or my bad luck in this game are incredible.


at bothered me in this slot that there is no multiplier in the free spins feature, which every player is looking forward to it.

The only thing I wanted to try is the free spins feature. Jekyll & Hyde is the scatter symbol and triggering at least three of them will reward the player with 10 free spins. The good news is that the free spins can be re triggered while you play the first set of free spins round.

During the free spins feature Dr Jekyll symbols will turn in to Mr. Hyde which Mr. Hyde symbols are better because they pay 5 times more than Dr Jekyll symbol. So triggering 5 of a kind or 5 Mr. Hyde symbols there is a big prize of 300 X your bet size. All in all I have given a shot to this slot, seeing it a high variance slot, but I don’t think I will achieve something, I guess it’s not my type of game. In the base game I can’t say you will hit something decent or it’s my luck maybe. As for the free spins feature I think there is possibility to win something bigger.

Might be good slot, with nice theme, although as I mentioned above the graphics is something I didn't like at all, or maybe I am not such fan of this dark, scary theme video slots or maybe I expected more from this software. So far I think I tried this game enough and pay attention to my old favorites and definitely this is not the game of my choice or taste, good luck!


played with 0.5€ bets and I had one bigger winning into free spins feature. The feature is good, when you get three or more scatter symbols you are awarded with 10 free spins. During free games Dr. Jekyll symbols will change into Mr. Hyde symbols. In that way you can expect bigger and better payouts when symbols lands on the reels.

When I got free spins feature I had some empty spins first and later I retriggered feature. I received 20 free games on this feature and the winnings were around 20€ from 0.5€ bet. I think this is a decent payout, but it could be much more than x40 bet. I think this feature is set good, it could provide some good, big winnings.

But I do not like base game so much. I never got any big win while I was playing. I got two scatter symbols many times and I think those symbols should pay out something back. During free spins feature I got them at least twice and I think the result will be much better if they pay out something. Otherwise I think some 5 of the kind symbols could pay out more, I got them many times but i won only around x5 to x10 bet. I think this is not so good.

After all I think this is a decent game, but I do not believe I will play it again. I think there are many better and more interesting games than this one. My ratio for this game will be 6 out of 10 stars!


The novella's impact is such that it has become a part of the language, with the very phrase "Jekyll and Hyde" coming to mean a person who is vastly different in moral character from one situation to the next.

Microgaming picked this story and converted it into a slot game with relevant characters and images, but the background soundtrack is so irritating to my ears that whenever I played this slot, I would turn off the sound effects as I couldn't stand it. I love its overlook but there the loving ends. This 5-reel 243-pay lines video slot is playable from as low as 0.25 cents per spin, which is quite unusual. I played this game a couple of times last year but it was disappointing. After those sessions, I must say that I can't see how this slot could produce any decent wins.

There are no features in the base game and my wins were all too small. Literally nothing. The most I got was 2 Euros wins and I never broke this amount. Dr.Jekyll is the Wild symbol, which is the highest paying symbol, and pays out 1500 coins for getting 5 of them, which is a pretty decent payout. The logo 'Jekyll and Hyde' is the Scatter symbol which pays out 1250 coins for 5 of a kind. The only feature in this video slot is Mr.Hyde Free Spins bonus round. It is triggered by getting 3 Scatters. You get only 10 free spins and that is pretty much all. No multiplier, no Stacked Wilds, no Expanding Wild, but the Free Spins game can be retriggered, and that is all.

Unfortunately, there is nothing more to look for in this game and that maximum coins win remains only in theory, because triggering 5 of a kind seems truly impossible. I wouldn't recommend this game as there are so many other slots out there which can really pay better. Microgaming made a very nice slot but with a very pathetic pay table.


I have triggered the free spins bonus maybe 15 times. Do you believe that the biggest win I had was only 3 x bet? I have never gotten 3 Hyde symbols let alone 5 on the reels. Dr.Jekyll has never landed in the free spins bonus. Simply unbelievable.

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