The Glam life

The Glam life Slot by Betsoft

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The Glam life Slot Machine FAQ

❓ What is the RTP of The Glam life?

✅ The Glam life RTP is 92.02%.

❓ What are the The Glam life Slots Game Features?

  • Reels: 5,
  • Paylines: 30,
  • Layout: 5x30,
  • Betting Range (€/$): 0.01-125 Bet.

❓Who created the The Glam life slot?

✅ This slot is developed and published by Betsoft .

❓Are The Glam life free spins available?

✅ Free spin feature available on the gameplay. 

❓Where can I play The Glam life real money?

✅ You can play this slot machine for real money in almost all major Betsoft casinos, but make sure you checked out our advised casinos first.

Slot Features

  • Software: Betsoft
  • The Glam life RTP: 92.02%
  • Bonus game: Yes
  • Free spins: Yes
  • Coins Per Line: 5
  • Reels: 5
  • Coins values: 0.01 - 1
  • Pay Lines: 30
  • Min - Max Bet: $0.01 - $125
  • Max Coin Wins: 1000
  • Max win: $1000
  • Wild symbol: No
  • Multipliers: No
  • Scatter symbol: No
  • Autoplay Option: No
  • Progressive: Yes
  • Slot Type: Progressive slots

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Slot Reviews by Users

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  • Mixed: 1
  • Negative: 3
6 reviews by users Write Review
Roland Bianco 2020-05-08 20:31:21

Glam life video slot is one of the first 3d video slots by Betsoft, the older version of the recently added Mega glam life slot machine. But this game has more bonus elements, more free spins and more powerful pay lines. glam life is a slot of 25 paylines and 5 reels, where the minimum bet starts from 0.50 euros, only just of any betsoft coin size bet that is 0.2 cents, and by its naming, these come together with the glamorous life of what rich people have. Yet from what I've seen from this video, it doesn't seem like a beautiful title, only because the graphics are average one, too dark with a purple hue on it, and the payoff is just average one, so don't expect this game to even have a jackpot option to get you any huge wealth. the key symbols in this game are the same as the older iteration of super glam life, or just like the netent tech mega wealth slot, only because this game is a cheap clone of the above. Big yachts, luxury watches, jewels, cars, champagnes and, of course, letters and numbers that cost the lowest price. Each game has 3 bonus rounds, which I find fun, but again, you're not going to earn a lot from these games. The first one is for the bonus round bracelet sign, which activates 3 of them on the active pay list, you're going to trigger the Pick me bonus round, which gives you a free cash reward. The second bonus round is Fly around the phrase, where matching 3 mansion symbols will give you the chance to choose from 3 different destinations, so that some cash prizes can be earned again. The third bonus round is for perfume bottles, where you will be given the chance to choose from 15 ring boxes, so you need to match 3 of them, which will reward you again with some cash prize. And not being such a huge fan of BetSoft game has to mean that I'm not pleased by the aesthetics of the title, not its payoff, I don't think it's me because all BetSoft games are low variance payout games, so I'm going to stick with my other gaming tech, which is more generous than these men. i just wonder the how those players will even play a game like that! they actually just play this game to win the jackpot money, without even knowing that there are many other jackpot games that are much better off in any sense of the word! my few plays in this game, on and off through the years, were nothing more than catastrophic. Don't mind having some good wins, I couldn't even get a 7x win of my bet number, and that's completely dumb! the glam life is potentially the worst game in betsoft!


At times, I really wonder how the heck some players can still play a game like this! They probably only play this game to win the Jackpot Prize, without even realising that there are many other Jackpot games that are way better off in every sense! My few plays on this game, on and off over the years, were nothing better than disastrous. Never mind about getting any decent wins, I couldn't even get a win of 7x my bet amount, and that is totally and absolutely rubbish! The Glam Life is probably the worst game from BetSoft!


hen I think about this game, the first thing that comes to my mind is its features, this slot really has a lot of them, but that doesn't necessary mean they are good. Overall there are 4 features, from which 3 features just give coin winnings. In my opinion, they have tried too hard to combine travelling and jewelry, those three features I would have liked to see just as one. They all are triggered whenever you get 3 symbols on active payline. They all are "pick me" bonuses just executed differently (pick destination, pick jewelry box, pick box) that award with coin winnings and so far I haven't got winnings higher than 20x bet size from them. But I think that biggest disappointment is the free spins round. It's activated the same way as other bonuses, just with plane symbols. I would imagine to see at least 10 free spins or more, but no, you can get only 2-5 free spins. Knowing there are no wild symbols in this game, what is the point of having only 2 free spins for example?

Overall I don't like this game and I wouldn't recommend it. I can't see a way how this game can give a decent profit to player. All of the bonuses have paid me up to 20x bet amount, but usually less. If the bonus rounds at first seem interesting than after a few times you get really bored of them. Almost all slots has some sort of a wild symbol but The Glam Life doesn't, the free spins amount is one of the lowest I've ever seen and design isn't very enjoyable.


Even though the slot doesn’t uses too much colours but I think there is too much purple on the screen and it’s so powerful and overused that it really doesn’t good for the entire visual experience and playing the game for extended period of time it’s just getting more and more eye-bothering. I also think the pictograms are oversized and even if the they would be good looking in themselves but collecting them in such small place they can’t express their visual effects and sometimes when I look at the screen all I can see just a very colourful cavalcade. I believe with a better managed colour usage and symbol designing method the game could be an impressive looking product but the old slogan saying ‘Sometimes the less is more’ is very true to this interface.

Most of the occasions when I play with a game like this which has similar theme unfortunately the game segment just can’t follow the footsteps of the theme and usually it’s a massive disappointment because the qualities are very questionable and here at The Glam Life I also would have expected much more. First when I looked at the paytable and the rules I really thought that I missed reading something because the numbers what I saw on the paytable were very frustrating. Even though the game offers Progressive Jackpot amount to win – which is a very great thing – but when I realized the spin which brought that best paying 5 of a kind win with Yachts wasn’t played with maximum number of coins, well, in that unlucky situation it is just worth 200 times of coin value. The other best payouts of winning combinations are even worse and very rarely can be seen such poor rewarding abilities and I couldn’t do anything else just to smile and thought ‘What an authentic representative system of the theme’. To be fair I have to mention the game uses both directions to pay so getting winning combinations starting from the rightmost reel are also counted but it still a bad awarding system in use.

Seriously, I still can’t understand how that’s possible releasing a game with such laughable paying capabilities but at least the slot provides 4 features and bonuses and some of them are not that bad at least if I consider they make the game a little bit more diversified but moneywise standpoint they’re far away to be considered as very usable extras.

Seeing at least 3 Plane symbols on an active payline means the Free Spin feature is activated and 2, 3 or 5 free games awarded and these large number of extra spins are played with absolutely no added plus qualities. Definitely, this is not that feature what I thought about when said ‘not bad’ because it’s really terrible and I can’t quite remember any other product which would have such awful free spin section.

The Bonus game is also an easily forgettable one from every aspect as we have to pick 3 destinations around the world where want to travel and all of them reveals bonus credits, that’s all. If a traditional bonus can’t reward me more than 10-15 times of total bet after several tries I think it can’t be considered as good side game and because the enjoyment factor is also missing there, it’s really not a good side game.

The next feature is the Match bonus which is starting after collecting 3 Perfume symbols on an active payline in base game where all symbols on the table turns into gem boxes and we have to open them one after the other until we can match three gem boxes. Needless, to say that my opinion about this bonus is exactly the same as was with the travel bonus, describing it with two words – boring and bad paying. Maybe the last add-on is the most usable and this is also a ‘pick me’ style game but here the maximum we can win is more than 1000 credits which is quite good amount here at this slot.

Generally, this is a very, very bad game from every aspect. Not just it doesn’t look good - but I think this is the less problematic section here – but it’s unable to entertain me in any way and the average payout of the game is f…ing bad. Maybe I’m a little bit hot-spirited now but this slot really pisses me off when I think about what it should or could be and however hard I try I can’t name anything here (except the Progressive Jackpot) what I could estimate as a useful, good segment and that’s why I advise anyone to avoiding this slot and try the luck on other basically any other game.


I was hoping I could get a few similar opportunities on this BetSoft game, but the chances for that were literally zero! Why? Because there is only one way to win that Jackpot Prize, by getting 5 Yacht symbols on any active payline playing with maximum bet. No maximum bet, no Jackpot Prize, and there's no Wheel of Fortune to win alternative prizes either. Sheesh! Not a good choice at all, if you ask me.

The Glam Life plays with 25 selectable paylines, paying both ways for wins, and with a minimum starting bet of 0.60 per spin. There isn't any Wild symbol in the game, typically of most BetSoft games, which I don't like at all, and the Plane is the Scatter symbol. It's a dumb symbol for not paying anything for itself, but getting 3, 4 or 5 of them on any active payline triggers 2, 3 or 5 free spins without any multiplier. What a load of rubbish, if you ask me, for awarding only 2 free spins, and without any multiplier too! Imagine getting 5 Scatters, not getting paid for them, and getting only 5 free spins that may even pay you nothing in the end! Sheesh! Can anyone even consider this as being reasonable at all?!

Then there are 3 Bonus symbols that are all dumb symbols as well. Getting 3 or more of the Perfume symbol on any active payline triggers a Match Bonus game - match 3 same Diamond symbols to win a cash prize of up to 500 credits, or 20x the total bet amount. Getting 3 or more of the Case symbol on any active payline triggers a 'Click Me' feature - pick one of the Cases to win a cash prize of up to 1150 credits, or 46x the total bet amount. Getting 3 or more of the House symbol on any active payline triggers a 'Travel Around The World' Bonus game - pick 3 locations to win cash prizes. As for the other symbols in the game, the Yacht pays 200x, the Limousine pays 150x, the Diamond Ring pays 120x, the Watch pays 100x, and the rest pay from 75x to 50x, all per line bet for getting 5 of each kind. An extremely low paytable - never mind about that Jackpot Prize, you probably won't even get it after trying for donkey years!


t from all I have seen from this game, doesn't seem like a glamorous game, just because the graphics is average one, to dark with purple color on it and the payout also average one, so don't expect that this game even has Jackpot feature will bring you some big fortune.

The main symbols in this game are as the same as the newer version of Mega Glam Life, or just as Mega Fortune slot from Netent software, just because this game a bit cheap copy of the mentioned above. So yachts, expensive watches, diamonds, cars, champagnes and of course letters and numbers which pays the lowest.

This game has 3 bonus rounds, which I found it interesting, but again, you wont benefit much from this rounds.The first one is with the necklace symbol bonus round, which triggering 3 of them on an active pay line, you'll trigger the Pick me bonus round, which you'll be given some random cash prize.

The second bonus round is Travel around word, which matching 3 mansion symbols will give you the opportunity to choose from 3 different destination, so that way, again some cash prize will be won.The third bonus round is with the perfume bottles, where you'll be given chance to choose from 15 ring boxes, while you need to match 3 of them, which will reward again with some cash prize.

So not being such a big fan of BetSoft game have to say I am not impressed of the looks of the game, neither its payout, don't know is it me or all BetSoft games are low variance payout games, so I will stick with my other game software, which they are more generous then this guys.

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Slot Description

The Glam Life plays with 25 selectable paylines that pays both ways (right to left and vice versa), and with a minimal starting bet of 0.60 per spin. There's no wild symbol in the game, usual case with most Betsoft games, and the Plane icon is a scatter symbol. It's a kind of empty sign for not paying much for itself, but having 3, 4 or 5 of them on every active payline causes 2, 3 or 5 free spins without a multiplier (!).

Then there are three Bonus symbols, all of which are useless symbols. Having 3 or more perfume symbols on each active payline causes a match bonus game-match 3 same diamond symbols to win a cash prize of up to 500 points, or 20 times the cumulative bet number. having 3 or more of the case symbol on any active payline activates a 'press me' feature-choose one of the cases to win a cash reward of up to 1150 points, or 46x the total bet number. having 3 or more house symbols on each active payline activates a 'fly around the world' bonus game-choose 3 places to collect cash prizes.