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Play Pimped online slot with the best casino bonuses around and read the slot review to compare and maximise you winnings, only at JohnSlots! ...

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Bling is the name of the game is this hip-hop themed online slot machine, created by Play'n Go. The game takes its inspiration from the world of wealth and luxury made famous by rap superstars and offers players a taste of the lifestyle they could expect if they hit the jackpot for real. ...

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The gambler bay

Play 【 Pimped Play’n GO Online Slot Machine Game 】 ➦ ✅ Free (DEMO 25000)/Real Money ✚ ✅ Best Play’n GO Online Casino List! 🚫 No Download! ...

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Casino Online Rating

Close your eyes and imagine a room full of money, shiny jewellery and sexy girls. Suddenly, two well-known rappers open the door, walk into the room and toss the dollar bills into the air. This is exactly what ”Pimped”, a recently released video slot powered by Plan ???N Go, looks like. ...

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You’re about to enter the world of a racy music video, and there’s one thing that is never missing from that scene: cold, hard, cash, and lots of it! With a setup up like this, it is no surprise that this non-progressive, 5-reel Slot, featuring 10 paylines, is complete with a Wild symbol, Scatter, Free Spins, and a $10,000 maximum Jackpot to give players the chance to win big. ...

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Review of game by Play'n GO, including real players' reviews and ratings, free play mode, winning screenshots, latest bonus codes and promotions. ...

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Pimped is a 5 reel, 1-10 payline slot from Play'n GO with a 96.52% RTP. Click to find out more and try the free play demo! ...

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Pimped mobile slot is a surprisingly well balanced affair, taking your from the hood up to the suite life.As it is, you probably won't get to walk away with a fortune, but a weekend in Vegas in the top floor penthouse? The wins for that are definitely possible.Especially with those stacked wilds and guaranteed wins for company.And hey, better to re-create this lifestyle than having to head to the mountains of Asia in the Pearls of India slot, am I right? ...

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game - with symbols that look like Snoop Dogg and 50 Cent, Pimped players can win up to 1,000x your stake! ...

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Try game online for free in demo mode with no download and no registration required and read the game's review before playing for real money. ...

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Mega BIG WIN - Pimped - Play'n go - Casino slot

No, we didn't cubics, we can do a livestream together, maybe which casino you have deficit today, not a welcome bonus. This is a welcome bonus, we're playing with yes there we go so we'll answer the phone really quick and I can show you the raffle. Meanwhile, here it is hi hi, okay, yeah, okay, okay, good good, bye, bye, hi, sorry! For that guys it was lucky if she want to take the dog from me. So there is a raffle. You can just type exclamation mark raffle in chat and you will get all the info, and that is the site we're playing on at the moment, and those speakers and earplugs are worth like 250 euro each.

So there are some neat prizes. Let'S, let's see what we can do with this free spins, though that isn't the line? Okay, so we got one two spins. Oh, that's a big win. That'S yes, Wow, hello man! We got two bonuses from right here.

I know I think we made my comment box. There 100 euro and if you want to see the prices you can go under the stream on Twitch. There is some links for all the prices as well, but this was an awesome win. Actually can you feel the screen with the wives? Is this my pimple Snoop Dog payout?

I think this will be a good one. Actually tell me next time you go into the AOL casino. I will you're in. I got 150 mile trip north okay, that's awesome! Johnson!

I will definitely tell you mom. You can live in stay over in Monmouth one day or something as well or you can sleep at our place. Nope.

This is seat, guys check the fucking wives. I don't know if that's a line, but of course you want me fucking to this legend. Here. That'S a fucking me. I got big green guys, but it was so much worse than the other pimp team that I think they want that one. The Snoopy was like 2000 coins.

Look at this holy macaroni say hello to you, two guys this is going there. Definitely symmetry I'm gon na put 20 20 grand on green, of course, you're insane say hello to the fucking yo. This is an awesome win guys, never seen so many words before and we get another spins as well with the dollar. Sign there just to dig the music guys. Is this, my pizza? It looks like it man look at this fucking awesome.

We have an ear man, so much wine going on. No, I'm, not gay. I'M engaged with a girl cops 69, but I don't have anything against you know. So this is awesome with 360 Europe bubbly and welcome to the casino film

BIG WIN - Pimped 1-line (Play N Go)

If fuck, you can't trust in that really I mean those winners on those lists, and then you see the one to draw here as well. There we go with the Bonus, oh wow, one more yeah, one love it 25. This can be insane right. This is Queens means as well come on now. That'S the excess things, two extra line with the best elop, the fucking screen with wild smile.

You only need two fights on the middle yeah. What dude? No, not the Queen's!

Why is it always connecting on a third line for some reason, with kings or tensor? Queens, see see that see the Queensland come on. I thought you'd seen. Well, then we no!

No yes long nights on. We don't know. Oh my god.

It looks so small when I see 140 coins do. Do you always get that symbol that you get on the first three yeah? It needs to be a while, your very first okay.

So how much was that it's all religion? I don't know how much for scatters paid it's bad, a ton of fish any higher bits. Today I don't know super galley, maybe you know. If we win up, we would go with some higher bets about 10. Okay and then we can go like 30 40.

I mean we started on 9k, so I don't know. Maybe if you go above like 15k or something go with higher bets 2.5, you recipe high esteem. This bet is pretty high for one line, so I heard you're giving up 10 % or TP with one line. That'S maybe that's maybe, through your master, I have haven't, checked those statistics really, but we have the high roller coming up on Wednesday as well guys. So it's only three days, then we do some high rule and I think, since we lost a lot lately, we I think we are stick with these bets and if we get up above, like maybe, as I said, 13 14 15 K, then we go with higher Bets but we want a stream as much as possible as well guys. Yes, I know.

Therefore, we can't here we go with the bonus again. No look, oh yeah can't count. No you see still here come on.

Can we hit the fucking night symbol? Oh food light airs, are you I think that's a really good one. Actually I mean really.

This is. This is better now than the last bonus on 140 Ellis's or so. This is over 850 for that line. Woah, that's a fucking mega ding ding get in there. Boys so now we have almost maybe 1500 that paid 1,500, something that's been and a rake hello. My friend Bob Lam tuning in enough on the bone.

It'S nice to see you rake come on. No, we lost bin is another one. Two more 1250 d ever says. I believe in you man more, I mean more, I mean come on: hmm yeah, I'm trying bro or the Seattle Bunte fire yeah one more two more spins again come on mmm, two more spins, my beauties.

This is really tense. To do the one line I see, there's two more again, I look what I said. I Bob Oh through language, the Kings, fucking Kublai, my eyes met and two more times at Samia. This is a fucking mega ding-ding-ding-ding just go away black guys.

All the mayor Gong supporter sits down as well. Hello, hello, youtuber, are you doing say hello to mother and father from youtuber mom. Is that fucking nice guys good hit guys getting there boys fucking nice one Ultra is two more spins. Kubla hello. You two things: hmm started white snow, oh nice, one! Two more!

Can we get twin spins? That'S max! Okay, that's the same on Royal masquerade. I think, two more again totally big win.

Lucky Clover from UK awesome to hear Kevin Kevin. You brought the bonus with a big win done: mate hard ASIS. Now we can't get more spins than three more spins now come on get in there move the fucking scatter.

Don'T want to see that one now, then they should remove. That one see. That'S also nice.

I think that's cool I like that that you didn't say much, but I don't want to think about how much you win you're, not fooling with that Snoop Doggy dog, hello, YouTube yeah, get in there guys laughing. That'S been now come on, okay, so four of them. Oh close to the food line, nice one: oh five, five games over 500 euro fucking insane win guys.

This one is going up to YouTube and it since then it's 200 X, your face big ding, ding, congrats, 6006 anger, oh my god, guys up about 15k. No! Let me shake fuck, you know it's that fits so good to black sites.

Right 750 put out dude


Pimped had a 10 next on this bonus once holy shit, that's bad dude is it's so so hard to get still waiting to connect with a premium or the for flying. Let us connect the for flyingyah yah. Ah, here we go. That'S a big one: boom fucking him whoa.

There we fucking go man base symbol, food line, one line max wind, baby, max wind, scheisse, dude 750 X. That'S I could upon dude that's a good onewhoa, unexpected ood Snoop Dogg dang. This is a euro as well. 3,750. Euro and a dollar dollar bill rain, damn whoa one line pimped the theory still works, keep getting the retrievers as well tastes like we're, not gon na connect anything else than three.

No premiums of that hit. Oh whoa, that was needed for his hunt holy shit man. Four thousand fifty five euro that at the time holy shit we need to jackpot this up and maybe Bumi the sweatwhoa beautiful hits.

Can we do the same on Royal masquerade?

Trailer video

Big Win video

Reggie leaving the room = Luck!? | Pimped slot